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DILUTED Bullet-Chapter7


DILUTED Bullet-Chapter7

Theme: Weeping Love




” please talk to dad, I’m not going anywhere again, I just want to stay here ” she said with a melancholic voice, not the first time she’s having that conversation with her mum even tho she knew their was nothing her mom could do about it.

” but you know it’s not safe there in Nigeria right now, it’s the election period darling and your dad’s opposition are going to try to explore all his weakness, just come here and stay with me , I’ve really missed you ” the lady who seemed to be in her late thirties said on the big flat screen TV which was connected to the young girl’s laptop in her room.

” I’m not coming there, if you really miss me, come down to Nigeria and help in my petition to dad for him to let me be ,to live my life the way I want to.

I only want to stay in Nigeria, I’m sick and tired of staying abroad , i like it here ” she whined as she squeezed her face smearing her beautiful face.

” stop doing that love, I’ll try and talk senses into your dad tho I know he won’t yield to it ” the young woman speaking from the TV said with a tone of defeat.

” please do and also tell him to free me from the home arrest he’s placed me on, I’ve to go and see my friends and cool off ,anywhere different from home or else I’m going to do what y’all going to regret ” she warned with a serious tone.

” don’t try any funny thing darling, I’m going to talk to your dad, but promise me to keep yourself from any danger ” the young woman said in a tone that depict her concern for the girl.

” okay mom, I love you ” she said smiling.

” I love you very much mom, bye for now and remember to call your husband. She said smiling as she picked a remote, pressed a key on it and the TV switched off.

She carried her laptop and started surfing through the internet.

Joy Gina David is the second and last daughter of Mr David.

19 years of age but more close to 20 than she’s to 19.

She’s loved and cherished by her parents, more than they do to the other kids.

She was extremely beautiful with a babyish oval face, fair in completion and had an average height for female.

She was given birth to in London where she stayed till she clocked 7 before she came down to Nigeria.

She fell in love with Nigeria after staying two months and refused to leave.

She’s been forcefully sent to different countries in order to erase the love of Nigeria but she always find her way back to Nigeria one way or the other.

We’ll know more about her as the story moves on.

The tone of Dave Sham just released single * Outskirt * filled her room, playing from her phone as her phone rang.

She picked the call grudgingly.
” okay, I’m on my way ” she said somberly as she replied the recipient and dropped the call.
Mum did it she screamed joyfully as she quickly checked herself out in the mirror.

She had on a grey bump short with a blue off shoulder crop top which was exposing her midriff.
She opened the door of her room but was a little bit startled to see Tabitha at her door step.

Tabitha was about to open the door by scanning her finger print then place eye in front of the eye scanner so that her retina can be recognized , but she was saved of this stress as Gina opened the door from inside.

” oops ” Gina gasped as a collision almost occurred.

A trolley filled with fried drumsticks, juice, fork, cup etc.
Gina had ordered her to get her this things.

Tabitha’s the personal maid of Gina, tho a maid but also a beauty to behold.

She’s also light in complexion , her hair always tied in a ponytail, and always look smart in her hot uniform, a skimpy gown which was barely go beyond her thigh.

” have it , I’m going to 5th floor ” Gina said stylishly as she swayed passed Tabitha.

” has the elevator being activated ” Tabitha asked Gina as she walked pass her.

” yes, dad asked me to come see him ” Gina replied happily without stopping.

Tabitha closed Gina’s room door as she pushed the trolley to her own room.

Gina walked happily to the elevator , clicked a button by its side,
It took some seconds before the elevator dung and it opened, she entered into it and frowned her face at once, she clicked on one of the numerous button, each portraying numbers labelled to 10 , one portrayed an alarm symbol.
She clicked on the 5 key, the elevator jerked a bit before it started descending.

A camera hung kingly at the left side of the roof of the elevator blinking red light.

Ding, the elevator sounded as its door opened and Gina came out of it.

Two securities putting on black suit were at the entrance of the elevator, they bowed their head as they saw Gina stepped out of the elevator.

She rolled her eye as she walked magnificently passed them.

The fifth floor is the strongest floor in the DAVID CASTLE.
Mr David possessed many buildings but DAVID CASTLE is where he spend most of his time with his family, each floor belonging to his children.

Every floor was designed to correspond to the wealthiness of the family.

Every floor has at least three rooms with a large sitting room and kitchen except the first floor which was just the main sitting room where the families have a good time together and the fifth floor which consist of two rooms only with a large sitting room.

It posses a long hallway which was always stationed with at least 10 securities in black suits.

They always stay glued at their position, staying beside the neatly designed enclosed wall forming the hallway.

Gina walked with elegance as she thread softly on the Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring used in the flooring of the floor.

The securities all bowed their heads as she walked passed them.
She walked as if she doesn’t notice them, her face frowned ,her head straight and her breath steady.

At the end of the long hallway was a golden door also guarded by two securities in black suit.

They bowed their heads as she got to closer to them.

Like she’s been doing, she pretend not to notice them as she placed her thumb on the finger print scanner that was beside the door, it blinked a green light thrice and it displayed monitor showed
” match found successfully, place your your eye in front the scanner for scanning.

She placed her eye directly in front of the scanner as a red light appeared moving up and down as it scanned her eye.

After few seconds, the light changed to green and the door opened automatically by itself.
Gina entered and the door closed by itself again.

Mr David sat down on a sophisticated looking divan, it was made with a tiger’s hide.

He was about to place a glass cup filled with wine in his lip when Gina entered, he dropped the glass cup on a
glass table placed in front of him and smiled widely as he looked at his daughter, his favourite child, he always see his young wife which he wedded twenty five years ago in Gina and this made him like her more than the other kids. Gina is just a replica of Mrs David.

Three securities were in the room with him, one standing at his back, another one at his right hand side and the last one beside the blind inside inside the room.
He had a binoculars in his hand which he was using to view the surrounding through a small hole created in the blind.

A walkie talkie could been seen vividly, attached to their belt.
They all bowed their head as they saw her.

Gina with a frowned face made her way to one of sofa on the right hand side of Mr David.

” looks like you came all the way here to frown at your lovely kid ” Mr David said mockingly not letting go of the smile on his face.

Gina couldn’t help but simper as she rolled her eye and frowned again.

” you’re not getting me with that ” Gina said trying to feign anger but s----d at it as her dimple was already reflecting a hidden smile which was ready to be released from her lip.

” I think I’ve gotten you, you know only I ,know how to do that ” Mr David said now laughing.

” stop that kid, I’m darn angry with you now and if you use this cheap means in order to let me forgive you, it’s only going to escalate ” Gina said trying to be serious but s----d at it again as she started smiling as her dad made some funny face to her.

” dad seriously ” she lightly fumed up

” okay doll, I’m sorry, but you’re just too stubborn, I think you inherited this trait from your mom, because I’m a gentleman ” Mr David said as he picked the glass cup filled with wine which he was about to drink earlier before Gina entered.

” keep lying, I got it from you and dad , you disabled the elevator from getting to my floor for a whole two weeks, two weeks dad,it’s unfair ” Gina screamed at her dad.

” I know doll, but you caused it, I want you to stay anywhere you wish but not Nigeria, Nigeria isn’t safe for you now, at least for now ” Mr David tried to instilled into his daughter the dangers of being Nigeria.

” but dad, you know I only want to stay in Nigeria, stay with you, you know that I can’t stay anywhere without you, please just let me stay here ” Gina cried out
” it’s the election period doll, if the opposition party get to know you’re my weakness ,it’s going to get messy, and you know I can’t lose you ” Mr David said with a serious voice .

” but dad, it’s still almost 11 months to the election ” Gina said in a taunting tone as she lightly hit her leg on the floor.

” yes I know doll, but 11 month to the election is like a day to the election “Mr David said staring into her Gina’s eye.

” I don’t care dad, just let me stay here ,I want to stay here with you ” she said squeezing her face.

” I’m sorry doll, you’re going back to Spain next week ” Mr David dropped the bomb as everywhere suddenly got awkwardly silent.


” since I’m going back soon, I want to hang out with my friends and I’m not going for a NO kid or else I’m going on an hunger strike ” Gina said with a serious tone.

” alright doll,but you’re going with DF security team , please accept or else you can just turn your hunger strike into fasting and prayer ,to help me in the next election so that I can be reelected ” Mr David said humorously as the three guards almost bursted into laughter but were stopped by the swift reflex of Gina’s eye to them.

” okay, tell them to get prepare, I want to change my dress ” Gina said accepting defeat as she stood up and started heading to the door.

” not even going to peck your kid ” Mr David said smiling.

” kid needs smacking not pecking ” Gina replied not turning as she exit the room.

” that girl is very funny ” Mr David said as he took a sip from the cup filled with wine.

” yes sir, she’s very funny ” the security standing at the right hand side said procuring a shocked glare from the president.

” I’m sorry Sir ” he quickly apologized and Mr David bursted into laughter as well as the other guys.

The urge to cough was growing violently in me, I knew a good amount of blood was also going to flow out of my mouth if I did reducing my chances of survival.

I was sweating profusely as I battled for survival inwardly while I think of how I was going to prove my status to the securities.

I heard the sound of a car speeding towards me, I turned my head and I was surprised to see a black range Rover car heading towards me.

To be continue…

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