Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Four


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Four


©Author Isabel

He brought his lips towards mine as I dropped the files in my hands in shock..
I stared at his lips as I became lost in his handsomeness ..
He's hot and handsome
His lips looks red and milky
Like that of a baby ...
He came so close as I became embodied with his spirit..
My heart beats raced fast..
He almost landed his lips on mine but his phone rang up breaking into our burning emotions
He muttered silently as he stood up to receive the call
What the fuck!
Mr Kim almost kissed me?
I should have slapped him!
But why didn't I try to stop him?
Was I lost in his spirit?
"Sorry I had to receive the call"
He said smiling..
My heart beat missed when he smiled
Why's he apologizing?
For almost kissing me?
For not being able to kiss me?
"It's okay Mr Kim"
I can't believe I said that!
It's okay?
This is crazy
I stood up as I was through packing the files..
"I'm through "
I said to him
"Oh! Take them to the legal department"
He said sitting down
"Yes Mr Kim"
With that I walked out of his office
Why did he behave like nothing happened?
What if he kissed me?
I wouldn't try to stop him, would I ?
My heart beat so fast by merely thinking of him..
What am I feeling?
Possibly it's not..
It's not love right?
"Not love"
I said smiling to myself
I'm catching crazy feelings for him!
I said walking towards the legal department as I opened the door to Jin Ho's office
I don't know why but..
Coming in here ain't making me excited..
It's sucks...

I looked up immediately the door opened
She walked in..
Hye Ji!
Very beautiful..
I haven't been noticing her beauty all this while!
Very elegant, cute and smart!
She walked towards me as she dropped the files on my table
"Mr Kim asked me to pass them to you!"
She said without smiles...
"Hye Ji"
I called her
"I think that's all so I'm off!"
She said trying to walk away
I was fast enough to grab her hands..
She turned immediately
"I'm sorry Hye Ji"
I said in a worrisome voice
She blinked her eyes sexily
My heart missed a beat!
"You used me so?"
She said dragging her hands away from mine
Those words I hate to hear
Using !
"Hye ji stop this bullshit!"
I said in fury
"I didn't use you!"
I shouted
"You could say that again"
She said grinning
"Stop this Hye Ji!"
I said
"What if I don't?"
She asked in smiles
Her smiles are tempting!
"Don't make me do something crazy"
I said trying not to stare at her lips
"Do it! Go ahead"
She said folding her arms together
"Hye ji!"
I screamed out again
She's trying to make me lose my senses!
I'm going crazy!
"Try it Jin Ho! Try something crazy!"
She said
I think I'm in love with Hye Ji!
I'm in love with her..
My heart is beating so fast for her..
I'm not letting her go
Not now
Not forever!
It's love!
I thought to myself before landing my lips on hers....


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