Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Five


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Five


©Author Isabel

I picked up some files as I dropped them again.
I just don't understand the concept..
I need to call on someone..
I walked out of my office as I met others..
I called on the team leader..
"This files, I don't understand the concept"
I explained to him
He collected them as he also scanned it
"You need to see the legal department for this"
He explained
"Who do I see?"
I asked
"Mr Park Jin Ho! He's the legal adviser. The company's attorney"
He said giving the files back to me
"Park Jin Ho"
I muttered to myself
"Okay, kumapuna"
I said to him walking out of our office..
I walked towards the legal department as I saw his office..
His name was boldly inscribed on the door

Legal Adviser...
I attempted to knock but something suddenly stopped me from knocking
What's this spirit?
I gently opened the door as I got some goosebumps..
Hye Ji?
Oh my!
Kissing Park Jin Ho?
This is such a rare sight
I closed the door back immediately without them having to see me..
What's the hell!
Does she love him?
Or what's between them?
I gat something new to talk about!
I thought grinning to myself..
Je na must hear this!

He landed his lips on mine as I stayed in shock..
I felt nothing as I pushed him back immediately...
"I'm.. I'm.."
I landed him a slap with immediate effect
"Are you crazy?"
I asked in surprise
"Hye ji?"
He rubbed his cheeks
"What the hell do you take me for?"
I screamed at him
"Look, I'm sorry!"
"You're sorry?"
I asked in bewilderment
"You deserve another slap like seriously! You crazy punk!"
I shouted at him
He exclaimed
"I hate you Jin Ho"
I shouted
"Hating me won't stop anything!"
He said
"It won't right? You're crazy!"
I said in anger..
"Pushing me away won't stop matters!"
I don't feel anything for him anymore.
I don't love him again
The man I had a crush on for over seven years became someone insignificant to me..
I can't believe this!
It sucks seeing him alone!
"You stole my first kiss!"
I said to him..
"Really, I'll gladly steal more of it"
He said in smiles
"What! You know what? You're a jerk!"
I screamed at him
"Jerk? Say more!"
He still smiled
"I didn't even feel anything for you!"
I said to him
"So, are you gonna feel something if Je Na kissed you?"
He asked
The question and the mention of his name brought my heart racing..
My heart beat missed..
Would I really feel something?
I tried remembering the situation that happened between us earlier
The thought of it alone is making butterflies go wild in me..
It's making me excited
"Well, who knows? I can actually feel something for him"
I said bluntly leaving him in shock
He exclaimed in bewilderment
"Should I try having him kiss me maybe I'll feel something for my boss?"
I asked leaving him in utmost surprise
Should I really try kissing him??
I need to kiss him?
Like should I kiss Mr Kim?


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