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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 7


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 7

Sir Emeka went back to see his Lodge and relaxed on his couch and started thinking on the condition the girls gave him. He also considered Cynthia and the other hand his Job and reputation is on the line too.

He became totally clueless on what to do, he picked his phone and started chatting on Social Media to ease the tension in him.

Cynthia came to school Late while the Disciplinary Held her and was about to flog her but The Labour Prefect came and stopped her.
Labour; Allow her
Discipline; Why nah
Labour; She’s my girl, so please pardon her
Discipline; Ok o, hey you are lucky (she said to Cynthia before she freed her)
Cynthia stood up from the ground she was kneeling down, she thanked Labour before she went towards her class.

The Labour thanked the Discipline Prefect before she left.

Cynthia got to class and by now Teacher is already in class, she took permission from the Teacher for her to join the class which was granted.

She came inside and sat down, The Geography Teacher taught them for another 20 minutes before he told them that their test will be in 2 days time, he ended his lecture and left the class.
One Junior student came to their class and pleaded pardon for her to deliver a message to someone in their class and she was granted after series of questions.

She went to where Cynthia was sitting.

Girl; Good Morning Senior
Cynthia; Morning, how are you?
Girl; Am fine senior
Cynthia; But why are you here?
The Girl whispered it to her ears so that others won’t hear her.
Cynthia; Hmm Ok
The Girl left while other girls where stirring at Cynthia suspiciously.

Ambrose was busy fetching water when his Uncles came and called him inside the house.

Uncle Mike; I know you must be wondering why we summoned you
Ambrose; Yes sir
Uncle Mike; Good, here is the list of what will spent during your parents and brother burial (he said and handed over a paper to Ambrose while he took it from him)
Ambrose; But why showing it to me?
Uncle Uc; lets just make it easy here, we spent a total of 148 thousand Naira, so you should pay up the money to us and besides they are your parents and Sibling.
Ambrose; I don’t understand all this
Uncle Mike; oh you don’t understand now, let me clarify you now, you have to pay the money or else you give us the document to that Land beside the village play ground.
Ambrose; Never will I ever do that
Uncle Uc; Then you will have to pay us the money
Ambrose; You people even surprise me, My so called Dad is your Brother, your blood brother, so why charging me of the expenses?

Uncle Mike; Even if his our brother, must we starve cause his already dead, my friend, make sure you have our money before we return here tomorrow or else
They stood up and left, Ambrose fell back to the chair he was sitting
Ambrose; Am I dreaming? What’s even going on? Are this 2 really my Father’s brothers? (he was busy murmuring to himself.

During Break time, Cynthia went over to Sir Emeka office and knocked on the door while he asked her to come in.

She went in and greeted him while he gave her a seat to sit down and she did.

Cynthia; You sent for me sir
Sir Emeka; Yes I did
Cynthia; ok sir
Sir Emeka; You remember i saved you from those seniors that other day
Cynthia; Yes sir
Sir Emeka; And you never came to thank me
Cynthia; So sorry sir, I was only ashamed of myself and didt know how to face you sir
Sir Emeka; Ok no problem, I want you to do something for me
Cynthia; What is it sir
Sir Emeka; I will be doing Practical for the SS2 tomorrow Early Morning so I want you to help me and convoy the equipment from my Lodge to the Lab this Evening
Cynthia; But sir, well, what time sir?
Sir Emeka; 8:30PM
Cynthia; Haa sir, I don’t think that will be possible
Sir Emeka; Why?
Cynthia; Is too late, and we will be at night class by that time
Sir Emeka; I know that’s why i told you to come and help me, it won’t take time then you can join them once you are done.
Cynthia; Ok sir
Sir Emeka; Thanks dear
Cynthia; Can I leave now?
Sir Emeka; Yes you are free
She stood up and left the office.
During Night time exactly 8:30PM Cynthia told Grace what Sir Emeka asked her and they agreed to go together.

They got to Sir Emeka Lodge and knocked on the door, He came and opened the door for them, he wasn’t happy to see that she came with her friend but he quickly hide his disappointment and gave them some cartons containing the Practical Equipments and they helped him in taking it to the Lab.

Labour saw Cynthia she was about to and meet her when one of the girls stopped her and asked her to look, she saw that Grace also came with her and she became angry and dialed Sir Emeka line.

Labour; What’s all this rubbish
Sir Emeka; Am sorry I……(she ended the call in anger)

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