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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 6


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 6

Sir Emeka was teaching in class when he got a text message on his phone, it was from unknown number, he opened the message and was shocked on what he saw, he quickly closed the message and told the students that his teaching that he has to attend to something serious. He left the Class in a hurry, when he got to his office, he reopened the message again and it was a picture message of him having sex with Ivy and there was a text that reads ‘open your whatsapp’ he hurriedly opened his Whatsapp and saw a video sent to him by the same number, he played it and it was a video of him having sex with Ivy, he became frightened.

He called the number 4 times before it was picked.
Sir Emeka; Hello, please who is this?
Girl; Your worst nightmare
Sir Emeka; How? Please who are you and what do you want from me?
Girl; shut up and meet me at the back of Chemistry Lab by 9 in the night.
The line went dead while Sir Emeka tried calling back but it was now switched off.

Stephen and Caleb was still in class when their Physics Teacher came in and wrote Test on the board.

He now told all of them to keep away anything that will implicate them in the text and also tear a piece of paper for the text.

Caleb tore 2 piece of paper, he wrote his name and other details on one and wrote Ambrose own on the other one.

The Text kicked off, while Sir Gab started going round the class inspecting the Test, Caleb tried all he could by writing for himself and also for Ambrose.

After 30 minutes Sir Gab asked them to submit which they did and he said he will mark it in the class and give it back to them, Caleb became frightened cause that will make the teacher to notice Ambrose is not in class.

Sir Gab started marking the test and when he was done, he started calling the names of those that scored highest when he got to Stephen, he said he got 17/20 everyone clapped for him and he called Caleb and he also got 17/20 they clapped for him also.

Sir Gab stopped and said that Ambrose scored low this time cause he knew that Ambrose should score at least 19 and half since he knows Physics very well but he also got 17/20.

He now asked Ambrose to come and collect his answer script but Ambrose was no where to be found.

Sir Gab; Where is Ambrose?
The whole class kept mute
Sir Gab; I ask again, where is he?
Caleb; Sir his not in school
Sir Gab; Then who wrote for him?
Stephen; I did sir
Sir Gab; Come over here
Stephen went over and Sir Gab brought out cane to flog him when Caleb rushed out and said his the one that wrote for Him.
Sir Gab became amazed at the level of their Friendship and he now asked them to follow him to his office while he passed the remaining Answer scripts to the Assistant class rep to share to those who haven’t receive theirs, since Ambrose is not around who is the main class rep.

They followed him to his office and he sat down on his chair.
Sir Gab; Now tell me, where is Ambrose?
Caleb; At home
Sir Gab; Why didt him come to school today?
Stephen; His parents and only brother died last week and the burial was just yesterday (he said while tears ran down both him and Caleb eyes)
Sir Gab; Jesus, this happen and the school authority don’t know anything about it?
Caleb; It happened suddenly, they were poisoned the day Ambrose went home to see them dead and since then, he haven’t been to school.
Sir Gab; No this is bad, you two should follow me.
He stood up and they went straight to the Principal office and Sir Gab told the Principal what happened while the Principal asked his assistant and 4 other Teachers to go with Stephen and Caleb to see Ambrose immediately.

Ambrose was sitting infront of his house lost in thought, he didt even know when a siana car stopped infront of him while Caleb and Stephen came down and ran towards him. The other Teachers came down together with the Vice Principal and Sir Gab.

They got to Where Ambrose was now with his 2 friends. Ambrose was happy and shocked to see them in his house, he ushered them inside.

They sympathized with him and encouraged him on many things while The Vice Principal asked him to resume school next week that life continues, They gave him a sum of 20K for his upkeep before they all went back to School.

Ambrose felt relaxed and he hide the money so that his Uncles won’t come and see it.

During Night time exactly 9PM, Sir Emeka went over to the Chemistry Lab and met 5 girls there.

He recognized all of them including, Ivy and Labour.

Labour; Surprise Surprise Surprise Mr Know all
Sir Emeka; So you girls are the ones behind this right?

Labour; Shut up and listen, you will bring Cynthia to this place for me tomorrow night, if not! The Video will go Viral on net

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