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Aduke-Episode 20


Aduke-Episode 20

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

When you are a step between life and death, don’t be afraid to talk. Your speech can make a difference.
” he’s going to use his ruined life to ruin yours if you allow him. ” I muttered.
” what do you mean?” obudu questioned immediately.
” let me say I know someone powerful that know someone more powerful that can get you cut off, and if he finds out that I’m dead, he’s not just going to ruin your life, he’s going to kill everyone of you along side with your families. You guys are soldiers you know your breeds and you know I’m ain’t lying ” I said confidently and Peter quickly grab the gun away from Franklin.
” give me the gun!!! ” Franklin shouted.
” No bro, I’m ain’t giving you no gun. We are going by the order. What’s the order given to us?” Peter asked.
” we are asked to report at the state ” Franklin mumbled.
” and that’s what we are doing, let grab everything and move out ” obudu said then we head out of the bush.
Franklin was feeling unhappy about how things turned out and the fact that he can’t touch or do me harm got him totally comfortlessness.
I was being taken to where they call the state, but while on the way, they pleaded with me not to talk them bad, everyone of them begged me, except for Franklin but I didn’t say anything, I just remain mute, and besides I don’t know the person they are taking me to, I was just glad that I didn’t hit the full stop of my life.
I was being presented to someone they rank as captain, his face wasn’t the smiling one, he look fierce as a bull dog and his eyes were burning red.
” the four of you just disgraced me!!! Do you know who I’ll have to answer to right now, do you know what your stupid act just caused.!!! ” he roared and that got me scared, I wanted to talk but it doesn’t feels like the best time for me to do, so I remain mute.
He moved away from his desk them walk slowly to where Franklin and the rest stood.
” do you know how we eliminate junkers like you, we’ll send them to the war front with an instruction never for them to return.
You know what it means, it means death, I was giving an order to send you to the northern part where insurgency is high and you know what that means, it either you got killed by the terrorist or I order fire on the four of you in battle field, the order is just for you not to return back alive….”
” we are sorry sir please forgive us ” Peter cut in.
” how dare you talk when I’m talking !!!” he roared out angrily.
” you fools!!! Do you know how I pleaded for your lives, the four of you have been dismissed of duties, leave my office! ” he said and the four of them head out leaving me behind.
From what I saw, I was so scared that I can’t even raise my head up.
” are you okay ” he asked calmly. I nodded my head vigorously in response, I can’t even say yes.
” your ride will be here soon, so feel free and if you need anything just ask me ” he said and I nodded again in response.
I was still shivering in fear when the captain gave me a phone telling me I have a call.
I collected the phone from him and I began wondering who the caller might be.
Me : hello
unknown : are you okay
Me :yes…yes sir
Unknown : Hope they didn’t touch you
Me : not at all sir.
Unknown : OK a car is being arrange to take you back home
Me : OK sir… May I know you sir
Unknown : that’s not neccesary, anyway I’m major general Ahmed of the 79 battalion security forces.
Me : oh… Yes sir, thank you sir.
Major : have a nice day
Me : thank you sir.
I handed the phone back to the captain and he collected it. Not quite long, another call entered and he picked it up. After talking for about some seconds, he gave me the phone and I began wondering who the caller might be, but immediately I heard Adesewa’s dad voice, I smiled.
General : how are you son?
Me : I’m fine sir, I really appreciate what you did sir
General : don’t mention, you acted like a man
Me : I don’t really think I did sir.
General : of cos, it only a real man that take a real risk
Me: oh…
General : but that was too close, I could have lose my only son
Me : I’m sorry sir.
General : you don’t need to be sorry, or do you want to join the army ?
Me : I’m not fit to join the army sir
General : And you will never be fit cos I don’t want you to join the army. It like giving you a death wish.
Me : I know sir.
General : so do you intend staying more in Abuja or you are coming home direct.
Me : I have no business here again, so I’ll be coming home.
General : OK, I’ve sent two of my boys to come pick you up
Me : thank you sir
I ended the call then I return the phone back to captain.
” you seems to know quite alot of powerful people ” he muttered as he collect the phone from me.
” no I don’t, I only know someone that know more ” I said then I relax back on the chair.
” can I request for a favour? ” I asked and he nodded firmly.
” can you pardon Peter, obudu and… ”
“no I can’t ” he cut in ” it is not for me to decide. Their fate has been sealed from above, there’s nothing I can do ” he muttered then I gave up the try.
The vehicle arrived and I was being taken to the hotel to pack my loads then later drove out of Abuja back to Akure.
Before leaving Abuja, I visited the family that helped me and when I narrated everything to them, they smile cos Franklin is no longer the soldier they used to fear, he’s now a nobody without a job.
I asked if they still want to take up the rape case of their daughter and I was shocked when the woman said the opposite. Her husband cleared his voice then he finalize everything.
” the deed has been done, there’s no joy in vengeance, bringing him to justice won’t change what has been done. We’ve hand him over to God we believe he’ll ripe all what he have sow ” He said.
I thanked them once again then I made to take my leave. They see me off to the door post and when they saw my military escort, they were all surprised.
I said goodbye and I journey out of Abuja back to home.
So good to be home to meet my lonely parents, I wondered how they will survive if I didn’t return…
I visited Adesewa’s dad to thank him personally for his help and also for the ride.
I distanced myself from mercy, most of the times I ignored her calls and even when I picked, my response are always cold. Somehow I don’t want to have anything to do with her, but somehow my heart always long for her.
Mercy has returned back to ilorin where she’s schooling and I have less than a week before resuming back to school for another semester.
My friends and I planned a meet up before the resumption date just to catch fun and also for me to narrate my Adventure with the army boy.
We decided to roll it over in a club house where we know we can as well throw our hook to catch fish.
Balling at club house is sometimes challenging, anyway our table is not looking bad, My friends ordered for Beers while I ordered for Hennessy. I’ll rather drink raw alcohol than to fill my stomach up with beers. Anyway beers are cheep but good alcohol are expensive.
We came with Arizona kush cos selling of weed is not allowed in the club where we are, but smoking is allowed.
Last Don mole up the Arizona kush then we began smoking using our drinks to maintain balance.
I gisted them about all what happened and we laughed and jokes about the funny event in it.
I was still talking when apple boy drew my attention to the three girls sitting next to our table.
“Aweedy those girls they look us now, go call them come na ” Apple boy said and before I could reply him last Don did.
” wetin do your own mouth, Aweedy na your slave? Alaye go carry the girls come jare ” last Don shouted and apple boy stand up to meet the girls.
After talking to them for some minutes, I saw him coming back alone and I began wondering why the girls ain’t following him.
” apple boy wetin happen? ” I asked.
” those babes no get sense jor, they said they are waiting for their boyfriends, Radarada sha ” he mumbled as he sat down.
” And I like that babe wey dey in the middle ooo” last Don let out as he point stylishly at the lady.
” me self like that black one ” apple boy added.
” I can help you go control them come if you want them ” I muttered as I take a sip from the Hennessy that I’m drinking.
” their boyfriends dey come na, how you wan take do am? ” apple boy asked.
” watch and learn boy ” I replied then I finish the cup of Hennessy infront of me and then refill the cup with another liquor from the bottle.
I stood up to meet the girls when I noticed that my balance is not stable. (oja ti burst)
“Aweedy you dey okay ?” last Don asked when he noticed the way I am.
“bros make I no lie you… I no dey okay ooo, I just they use smoker instincts, the Hennessy don dey hit me bad, Abeg give me that Arizona make I use am see front ” I said then I collected the smoke from him.
I head directly to the girls with alot of self control. I sat down slowly besides them and I began to look at their faces.
” care for a smoke? ” I asked as I raise the smoke I’m holding up.
” I do ” one of them said as She collected the smoke from me. I can feel the alcohol taking effect on me so I decided to play along to the trip of the alcohol.
” You ladies are too beautiful to be sitting alone here, why don’t you follow me to my table over there to catch some fun, you can order for what you want to drink there and we can even get to know each other better ” I said and they all laughed at me.
” we are sorry to turn you down but our men will soon be here ” one of them clarify.
” Seems your men are coming from heaven cos they are taking forever to come, in the main time you guys can just come over to kill some boredom, what do you say? ” I asked and I began casting my charms on them with my looks.
” alright stop looking at us that way, that look is making me wet already, just go we will come and meet you ” says by one of them .
I stood up then return back to my friends.
“Aweedy how far “apple boy asked impatiently.
” your girls are coming bro ” I replied.
” naso I trust you, Aweedy as I dey so, I don enter another planet, na Jupiter I dey see for my front like this ” apple boy shouted and that got me thinking. I realized that he’s high and I noticed that the Hennessy that I left on the table has been reduced so I decided to calm him down before his situation move out of hands
” naso !! we gather dey ni olorun, me too just return from Boronu… ”
“wetin you go do there? ” he shouted as he cut in.
” Omo iya mi, na p---y I find go there ooo” I replied
“wa sere, how many you come f--k? ” he asked.
“baba mi, I no fit na. You be boss for here na. Na you I carry the p---y come give na, look behind you, na the p---y dey come ” I said while pointing at the three ladies coming towards us.
I moved closer to last Don then whispers slowly to his ear.
” se this guy drink my Hennessy ni? ” I asked.
” yes na ” he replied swiftly
” Ohhh that’s f--k up na. Why you allow him drink am, you know say he don dey drink beer before, drinking Hennessy with am na mixture na. You for no allow him ” I complained.
“I told him na. But his ojukokoro too much, he never know anything, na today I go show him pepper, na since morning he don dey talk rubbish na. I go soon video am self ” he said then he began searching for his phone.
” no do am, he be our guy ” I said then I sat back normally.
The three girls were already sitting beside us and to my surprise, apple boy wasn’t saying anything, he was just looking at them from eye to eye and he was smiling. Looking at him almost make me burst crazily into a big laugh but I was able to control myself.
” apple boy wetin happen, why you silent? ” I asked.
” na you I dey wait for na, I no sabi anybody from boronu, na you pack them come, I dey wait make you give us dramatic entrance ” he said. And at that point, I lost it. I found myself laughing along side with last Don and the girls.
” dramatic what? ” I let out in the middle of the uncontrollable laughter missed with Arizona trip.
“dramatic entrance na ” he replied swiftly and we all increased our laughing speed.
” For where? as in, I no understand, se make I use traditional dance enter ni ,Abi make i fly like enter like Spider Man returns, last Don you dey reason wetin I dey talk? ” I said but apple boy quickly answer before he do.
” come do the introduction na, Abi why una dey laugh na ” he said then I quickly control myself.
” ok ladies let get to know each other, my name is Ay and this my funny guy here is apple boy and that young man over there is last Don may I know yours? ” I asked and one of them took the lead.
“my name is Anita and the fair lady sitting beside me is Ifeoma while the dark skin ebony sexy girl right beside me is shayo ” she said and I leave my friends to do the remaining since they only need dramatic entrance.
We asked them to order for what they want and they ordered for Two bottles of Elliot With an hollandia yoghurt and pepper soup.
Last Don gave them Arizona and they all began smoking as well.
The ladies began flowing well with us and everything was going steady until their so called boyfriends arrived. They where four in numbers and looking at them I could Identify who they are.
They sat at the table next to us then one of then signalled for Anita to come. She went to them, then she later came to call the rest, but apple boy stopped them from going.
One of the guys saw what he did so he moved to our table angrily to challenge apple boy.
” hey dude these girls are ours so respect yourself if you don’t want embarrassment ” he said calmly.
” who is the owner of the cow making noise ?” apple boy asked facing me for a response, I knew things will go bad if I didn’t intervene so, immediately I stood up to meet the guy.
” whats up my nigga, no vex about what my guy said he don dey okay no vex. Emmm Anita here is my secondary school mate, I saw her and I asked her to join us since they are alone, we met no harm or whatsoever. You guys can come over to our table and make it a big one, levels don dey already go for here , Oja wa, just roll in with your guys, the ladies are yours I can even control more girls for you guys. I don’t know if you guys do smoke but Arizona dey if you wan smoke. What do you think bro ” I said as I look at him for a reply.
” you be real gee, The fact say you be smoker, that one na respect. I no vex, I understand. We don book seat for VIP before, but what you said make me change my mind, we too carry Mali kush come na. but I go reason with my guys for there we go come join una. ” he said then he gave me a hug.
I returned back to my seat to tell them about the latest development and they all agreed to it.
The guys later came and we all introduced ourselves to each other.
One of them spoke with the bar man and after like five minutes, the DJ stopped the music and began playing undertaker soundtrack. I know what that is, but I didn’t know where it’s going to.
” why the DJ go dey play funeral song for here na” apple boy complained and the new guys began laughing at him.
” it’s not funeral song bro, someone is carrying casket… Wait it seems they are bringing it towards us, who ordered for casket? ” I asked and one of the guys raised up his hand.
” I did, today is my birthday and that’s just 100k casket, just for a start. the next will be 150k and it will keep multiplying ” he answered.
I looked back at my friends then I picked up my phone.
I dail my mom’s number and she picked.
Me : hello iya Ayo
Mom : hello, where are you that is noisy like that.
Me : at a birthday party, I might not come tonight.
Mom : iwo Omo yii ma pa mi
Me : I’m fine mom, just tell dad I’m not coming back home tonight.
Mom : Hmmm. Be careful ooo.
Me : I will mom. Good night.
I ended the call and I saw my friends both staring at me.
“Aweedy you know what we lack in this gathering? ” last Don asked and I nodded firmly.
“we need for more girls bro ” one of the guys let out.
” maybe you don’t know who you have in your mist, This guy here is named Aweedy to his real gee but to ladies he’s oko Adesewa, which one do you want, kiki, sisi, yetunde pawon. You want girls you speak to him ” last Don said and apple boy began shouting like a molested pig.
” Ok… OK… OK.. I got you guys ” I said then I removed out my phone to make some calls
********* ******** ********* ******* ********
Sometimes, we forgive people simpley because we still want them in our life.
I resumed back to school the following week to receive alot of query from my abandoned girlfriends.
Marvelous showed me hell the first week of resumption and Ruth took me to doom that same week of resumption but they later cool down after I apologized to them.
After the day lecture, my friends and I were at the relaxation center looking at the different babes passing when I felt my phone ringing. I saw the caller who happens to be mercy so I ignored the call.
Last Don saw what I’m doing so he asked me to pick her call.
Me: hello
Mercy : hello Ayomi
Me : Franklin won’t like that.
Mercy : wait all this attitude you are giving all this while is it about Franklin.
Me : who else would it be, you choose him over me.
Mercy : I met him before I meet you, what do you think.
Me : so why dont you go back to him?
Mercy : why are you acting as if you don’t know what happened
Me : he raped you or you guys had a nice sex?
Mercy : this is the second time you are saying that shit to me…(sobbing) I trusted you not to judge me, I made a mistake by trusting him not to hurt me, now I’ve made the same mistake of trusting you not to hurt me too. But your words are hurting me…
Me : will you please stop crying
Mercy : how can I, listen to what you said
Me : OK I’m sorry… I shouldn’t be hard on you, I’m sorry please stop crying.
Mercy : I wish… (sobbing)
Me :ok… Everything in life happens for a reason, That’s why there’s a reason for everything, a reason to live , a reason to die, a reason to be hurt and a reason to cry. But if you can’t find a reason to smile, can I be the reason for a while.
Mercy : are you sure.
Me : yes anything.
Mercy : what if I ask for something you can’t give me?
Me : tell me first
Mercy : I know this might not sound right, but I want you back. I want that love we shared in the cinema back. I want the Ayomi that fell in love with me back. This might sound wired but I want to have a relationship with you. I want to be your lady.
Me : oh…
Mercy : so what do you say?
Me : hold on for a seconds.
I covered the mouthpiece of my phone with my hand then I face my friends.
” you won’t believe what just happened? ” I threw out in a whisper.
“what? ” they asked together.
” mercy just… I mean Aduke just… You guys should forget it ” I said then I made to return back to the call when apple boy speak up.
” you better talk, this one that you are doing like a tadpole ”
” na you sabi, anyway it’s mercy she said she want me back in her life…”
“tell her to f--k off ” apple boy cut in.
“excuse me? ” I spatted
“tell her she’s a douche ” he added.
” A douche?” I repeated.
” tell her she can go kiss my ass.. ”
“oh shut your trash ” last Don cut in. ” your head is just like a trunk filled with junks, Aweedy where you meet this guy self, person wey suppose get room for yaba left. Aweedy don’t mind him jor you don’t need to seek this idiot wey do head like India cashew advice before saying yes to mercy. Let her roll in back ”
” alright then ” I muttered then I return back to the call.
Me: hello are you still there
Mercy : yes I’m still.
Me : OK… We are good
Mercy : you mean?
Me : hell yeah
Mercy : I’m the happiest lady on earth now.
Me : it’s okay, everything is looking awkward, just stop it.
Mercy : ok, OK I’m just happy that’s all.
Me : so?
Mercy : can I asked you out on a date?
Me : pardon?
Mercy : yes.
Me : that’s not possible, I’m in Akungba and you are in ilorin and besides it’s man’s saying not the ladies.
Mercy : surprise!!! I’m in Akungba?
Me : oh really, nice joke.
Mercy : I’m serious, I came home yesterday to pack some food stuffs, so I’ll be around for two days before returning back to school
Me : oh…
Mercy : so what do you say? Should we go on a date tonight
Me : not bad, let meet at P and P tonight.
Mercy : alight dear.
Me: see ya
Mercy : one more thing
Me : what’s that?
Mercy : I love you
Me : oh… I love you more.
My friends were patiently waiting for me to end the call since they heard me saying P and P, they began curious of my mission in P and P.
“what’s up about P and P?” last Don asked.
“Yea… I got a date with mercy there tonight ” I replied.
“Shuuuuu, so fast !” apple boy exclaimed .
“naso me too see am ooo, I got to run now. I’ll see you guys tomorrow ” I said then I hit my way home to prepare for my evening date.
On getting home, I meet baba dudu sitting outside my door post.
” baba dudu how far na? ” I greeted immediately I sighted him.
” I dey jare, you help me see school son (Samson)” he asked.
” as you can see I’m just returning from lecture, I don’t see any school son ” I answered.
” na me go kill that your school son for you” he exclaimed loudly.
” wetin happen again? ” I questioned.
” I don iron one cloth say I go wear am today, so as I go bath like this, na im your school son com enter my room, he did not see any clothes ooo, na that cloth wey I iron, na im your school son con see, he con wear am comot before I finish bathing. I swear if I see him today, na me go kill him ” he let out loudly.
” are you done blabbing? go and settle your problem with him I have an important outing tonight, don’t infect me with una problem ” I said as I make my way to open the door.
” omo-ale (bastard) I know say you no get better talk for mouth, I hope say food dey house sha ” he said then he entered in with me.
” I know say na food you find come here and not school son, you just use that school son matter as opening speech. Ounje labi ” I said then I head into the bathroom to have a shower.
Around 6pm in the evening, I made an arrangements with the bar man and a table was being set aside for me with proper arrangement.
I waited for mercy arrival and she arrived around 6:30 pm.
She was looking extra ordinary beautiful in the dinner gown that she wore.
She radiate an air of calm that everyone began to look at her. I felt so honored knowing fully well that the lady everyone is stealing stares at belongs to me.
” My lady ” I greeted in a British accent as I draw back the chair for her to seat.
” you are looking so glamorous ” I added.
” you ain’t looking bad my lord ” she replied and that got me smiling.
” maybe we should act like an African ” I said as I hold her hands.
” yes, then I’ll call you Ayomi instead of my lord ” she said and we both smile again.
” let makes some order ” I said then I call on the bar attendant.
After making the order, we got talking and I decided to throw some questions at her.
” so how far about Franklin? ” I asked.
” we are no more together, I broke up with him since that very day he raped me, I just found it hard to hate him cos I love him for a very long time, but now it over between us…for good ” she replied.
” very well then, our order is here, let eat ” I said then we began eating.
We talk and gisted and slowly the lost love returned back to us.
Around 8pm we set to go back home since the place is now getting crowdy.
” you know as a real man on a date, you are suppose to drop me at home ” she said. I looked back at her then I smiled.
” you know I don’t have a car ” I said slowly.
” you don’t have to have a car, a bike can do, we can even walk ” she said and I knock the idea of walking off.
” no, we ain’t walking, we’ll take a bike ” I said then I stopped a bike which conveyed us to her father’s house.
” Yea I think it’s the time to say goodbye in a date like this, can I get a kiss? ” I asked.
” sure you can, but come get it inside ” she said as she drag me in.
” prof no dey house?” I asked just as we entered inside.
” Yea my dad is not home, he traveled yesterday ” she replied.
” so… The kiss? ” I asked stylishly.
” Yea… That’s what I’m going to do right now ” she replied as she flew at me with a hot kiss.
I tried to stop the kiss but she kept requesting for more by not stopping. And slowly, the kiss kept getting hotter and along the way she stopped.
” Ay… I want you to make me feel like a woman ” she said then she began staring at me.
“what? ” I retorted.
” I want to feel the pleasure in making love, my first was a rape and…”
” that’s enough ” I cut in then I return back the kiss.
” are you sure you want this? ” I asked just as I broke off the kiss.
” yes I do, with all my heart ” she answered. I smiled at her then we continued kissing.
It was a nice moment with mercy, and whenever I remember that night, I always smile to myself .
Mercy left for school the day after and I continued my studies as well in Adekunle. The closeness between the two of us was so greet that I began thinking of how to break up with my other girlfriends.
A month later, I was going to a morning lecture when I received a call from mercy.
Me: hello Aduke
Mercy : Ayomi
Me : what’s up my love
Mercy : I’m not fine
Me : why? What’s wrong
Mercy : I don’t even know how to say it
Me : just tell me what the problem is
Mercy : I missed my period
Me : oh… Have you run a pregnancy test
Mercy : yes
Me : and?
Mercy : it’s positive
Me: okay is that why you are scared? That’s not a problem, you are keeping it cos it’s my baby. You should be happy somehow, if it’s about your dad, I will call my dad right now and he will make an arrangement for everything. Please cheer up
Mercy : Ayomi that’s not what I’m scared of.
Me : so what is it again?
Mercy : I don’t know who owns the baby
Me : WTF?

To be continued…

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