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Aduke-Episode 19


Aduke-Episode 19

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
Anger knows perfectly well how to ruin up things out of it ways.
I was burning with anger and at the same time I couldn’t do anything, so I began thinking of how to get my ass away from him.
” you got lucky because you are a soldier, and it’s an offense to beat the officer of the law. if not!!! I know what I can do to you ” I said then I began to move away slowly.
” I can see that you are a big coward, I stand before you not as a soldier but as a man. And if you are man enough show me what you got ” he challenged and that got me totally pissed off, I hate being called a coward. I moved back to him in a close range whereby I can easily trow a punch.
“sorry did you just say something? ” I asked.
” I said you are a cowa..” he didn’t finish it before I landed a fast punch on his nose. The punch broke his nose and he was bleeding.
The best attack is the unexpected attack, and that was my best cos it got him bleeding.
” brilliant, I didn’t see that coming. Prepare for your doom boy ” he said as he wipe the blood coming from his nose.
” I’m used to hell motherfucker ” I replied then I make a fist.
Even though I’m going to go down… It won’t be without a fight.
He Make his own fist and it was massive, that’s if I’m to compare it to my own little fist.
He throw his first punch which came like a tuber of yam. I saw it coming and I blocked it, but it was as if they throw me a bag of cement, cos the punch got me off my balance.
I’m not a trained boxer, neither am I a court wrestler, I didn’t practice karate neither am I a Kung Fu fighter. The very moment I threw the first punch at him, I knew I’m in for a serious beating.
I was been beaten Black and blue, I threw some few punches but it wasn’t as effective as his own heavy weight champion blow that kept pushing me on the floor.
I turned it into a rough fight and I was able to grab his d--k with my mouth.
I pressed hard on his d--k with my teeth and he yelled out in pain.
My intentions was to cut his d--k off with my teeth when I felt a hard hit on my head which shut off my body system.
It was a total black out for me, and when I opened my eyes, my clothes were fully wet with water and I was being surrounded by unknown crowds.
Immediately I regained consciousness I looked around for Franklin but he’s no where to be found.
My face has been well disfigured by the numerous punches I received from Franklin, my head hurts and there are bruises all over my body.
Part of my face has been swollen and I have some little injuries on my right leg.
I tried to stand up but an unbearable pain hit me up from my brain and I fell back on the floor.
A woman came to my aid and then help me up to my feet.
She took me in and gave me some first aid. She treated my cuts and also give me some drugs to ease my pain. She asked me to relax and while relaxing, I slept off.
I slept for hours, and when I woke up, I was feeling quite sick and it’s already getting dark.
When I opened my eyes, there was a girl sitting on the chair opposite to me, by my calculation she will be in her 18’s . Immediately she saw my eye opened, she called on her mom which came out of the room along with someone I’ll call her husband.
I tried to talk when I noticed the nature of my cheeks which is ‘punch-fully’ big
The woman came with hot water and towel and then began massaging the swollen part of my face.
“Thank you ma ” I managed to say out and she replied by smiling. I slept back and I wake up the following morning and I was feeling quite relieved.
I greeted the woman and her husband when they came to check on me and I also thanked them for the help they render unto me.
My presence seems to terrify their daughter, so I made ready my leave speech.
I was still constructing my speech when the woman read through my thoughts.
” are you feeling somehow because of my daughter behavior? ” she asked, and which came as a surprise to me.
” oh No… I mean not really… I’m just wondering why she isn’t talking all this while ” I mumbled.
” oh never mind, her name is flourish…just that she have a phobia ” she said and that got me perplexed. My curiosity pushed me to ask the question of what.
” what kind of phobia? ” I asked .
” she’s scared of the opposite sex. I mean the male” she said in a sad tune but that sounds so funny to me.
“maybe she needs you to give her a baby brother ” I said with a widen grin but the woman wasn’t in anyway smiling.
“have you ever wonder why I’m helping you?, I’m doing all this because I saw you fighting that bastard ” she said and I quickly turn off my smiling face.
” I’m sorry if I’m inconveniencing you ” I muttered slowly.
” no, that’s not it, I’m just happy you fought him ” she said calmly.
I was so surprise by what she said cos I wasn’t expecting such a response from her.
“how does fighting him brings joy to you ?” I questioned with curiosity.
“when I saw you bitting his manhood, my joy has no bound. I pray that thing never works again ” she let out and I almost burst out into a great laugh but I was able to restrain myself from it.
” seriously, if this is a kind of jokes to makes me laugh, I’ll say you are seriously good at…”
” no I’m not joking ” she cut in ” we do call him oga soldier and everyone in this area feared him and that gave him the power to ride everyone anyhow and no one dare talk to him. He has once embarrassed my husband one day by slapping him on his human right, just because my husband park his car in a parking spot before he does, he asked my husband to move away his car and my husband refused. So he slapped him and tear his shirt. As if that was not enough, he have no respect for women cos he beat me too when I tried to stop him from embarrassing my husband. That was nothing compare to what he did to our only daughter, he gave her the phobia.
We came back from work on day to see our little girl crying, and when I asked her what happened, she said oga soldier raped her. I took up the matter and reported him at police station. I was shocked from the response I got from them. they said they don’t have any strong evidence to arrest him because my daughter has taken a bath after the rape, they said she shouldn’t have taken a bath, that she should have come to the police station immediately after the rape happened, they said that the bath washed all the evidence away. I was left defeated with pain. And yesterday I saw a young boy trowing punch at him without any fear, that got my attention from where I stood to watch the fight, and I was so happy when I saw you bitting his d--k…the way he cried in pain gives me pleasure… I don’t know the reason why you fought him, to some they called it foolishness cos he’s a soldier and he’s stronger than you, but to me and my family and to most people in this area, we call you our hero cos he won’t be out for some weeks now. You embarrassed him and you also got him injured right on his face and down on his penis cos he bleeded from there before he knocks you out ” she said.
I took a deep breath as I digest what she told me.
They said that everything happens for a reason, I realized I got beaten up for a reason and that reason is going to be his end.
I narrated my own story to her, then I made her a promise that I’ll avenge what he did to her daughter.
I put my hand in my pocket in search of my phone but it’s no longer there.
” looking for your phone ” that came from their daughter.
“yes ” I replied.
” I helped you keep it, let me go get it for you ” she said as she run inside to bring the phone.
“thank you ” I said immediately I collected the phone from her.
” Can I ask you a question? ” she asked and that got me surprised as I look at her parent eyes before replying her with a nod.
” on your screen wallpaper oko Adesewa was written there. Are you the oko Adesewa that’s write poems? ” she asked.
” I guess my face is too disfigured for you not to recognize me, it’s me ” I replied and for the first time I saw her smiling.
” seems the two of you know each ” her dad said as he looked at us.
” actually he don’t, I’m the one that know him. I do follow his post in a group on facebook…”
” campus stories right ” her mom cut in and we found myself and her daughter saying the same thing.
“how did you know? ” we both echoed.
” most of the time you slept off with your phone on, so while helping you to close down the opened application, I do see the name of the group, and that’s how I got to know ” she replied. I was about saying something when a call came in form mercy, I ignored it but when flourish said that she’s been calling all day, I decided to pick up her call.
Me : hello
Mercy : thank God!
Me : why are you calling me?
Mercy : Ay calm down and let settle things
Me : and who said that I’m not calmed
Mercy : are you mad at me?
Me : yes! And that’s for supporting that beast.
Mercy : I’m sorry, I don’t care what you call him, I just want us to settle our indifference.
Me : I have no quarrel with you.
Mercy : I know but you love me, don’t you.
Me : please don’t mention anything about love to me now.
Mercy : ok…ok… Ok… Just remain calm. Emmm Franklin called me.
Me : I hope he told you everything.
Mercy : yes he did and I’m very worried about you
Me : oh really?
Mercy : yes he said he left you dead.
Me: oh really, tell your stupid husband that I’m not dead and that I’m still coming for him.
Mercy: he’s not my husband.
Me : whatever!
Mercy : Ay calm down
Me : can you for once stop telling me to calm down.
Mercy : where are you? Tell me I’ll come and meet you
Me : no need for that.
Mercy : Ay please na. You need me.
Me : no I don’t…I don’t need you.
I hanged up the call then I blocked her line. She can go talk to the voice mail for all I care.
” I’m sorry to pry but is that not the lady you did all this for? ” that came from the man of the house and I nodded slowly in response.
” why are you so harsh on her ?” he asked. I took a deep breath before replying him.
” he choose him over me, even after the horrible thing he did to her, she still love him. I’m felt so jealous that I didn’t even know what to do ” I replied.
” if I can advise you, I’ll say you should go easy on her. I believe she still love you and you love her too. If she’s going to be yours, she will definitely come back to meet you herself ” he said and I thanked him for the advice.
” back to Franklin issue, can you repeat all you told me if I asked you to do?” I asked and they all nodded.
I collected their contact then I left their place to the hotel I first lounged in.
I made a call to Adesewa dad, the general but he didn’t pick up so I left him a message.
I called my mom and dad to check on them then I call last Don to explain the situation to him.
Me : how far
Last Don : Aweedy wetin dey sup na
Me : alot of things Don sup my guy.
Last Don : this your babe call me
Me : mercy?
Last Don : yes, if you see the way she dey cry on top phone
Me : oh
Last Don : Aweedy wetin you do that girl, the girl dey cry gan
Me : forget about her for now jor.
Last Don : make I forget about something like that, Aweedy you don dey become heartless ooo
Me : OK I’ll call her, is that fine by you?
Last Don : why you go dey Make a beautiful girl like that cry, do the right thing Abeg.
Me : OK.
Last Don : so how far
Me : neither good nor bad, but I chop beating yesterday.
Last Don : seriously
Me : Yea that’s gone, but the beating uncovered some bad ass secret to me.
Last Don : how?
Me : mercy is not the first girl that she will rape
Last Don : you mean that’s how he use to do
Me : I tell you
Last Don : so what will you do about it
Me : I’m doing it again
Last Don : doing what again?
Me : confronting him again.
Last Don : you are a goat oo
Me : no I’m Just like Captain America, I can do this all day
Last Don : e be like say suffer no dey tire you.
Me : this is nothing compare to what I received doing Adesewa’s
Last Don : that’s true, na military training dem give you that time cos for 3 days you dey lock down for inside guide room with hard punishment and beating, I pitied your ass Back then .

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Me : Yea, I’m going back to confront him with a power greater than his own
Last Don : e be like say your Captain America don turn to hulk abi?
Me : don’t worry, you will understand soon enough.
Last Don : just be careful and don’t get your ass killed
Me : don’t worry, I’m winning this fight this time around.
I ended the call then I went outside to grab some lunch.
I was about eating when a call from Adesewa dad came in.
General : hello
Me : good afternoon sir
General : I got your message
Me : yes sir.
General : I want you to text me his rank and the battalion that he is.
Me : okay sir
General : and I want to have some words with the victims.
Me : there’s no problem about that, I’ll arrange for that sir.
General :very well then, if anything happens just call me directly
Me : no problem sir, thank you sir.
General : take care.
I remembered I collected his details from mercy phone so I quickly text it to Adesewa dad.
” let see who wins this time ” I soliloquised as I began eating my lunch happily.
I remembered what last Don told me about mercy so I unblocked her number. Few minutes after I unblocked her number, a call from her came in.
Me : hello
Mercy : Ayomi (sobbing)
Me : why are you crying?
Mercy : I’m not crying again
Me : you are still
Mercy : don’t worry, I’ll stop. How are you
Me : I’m fine and you?
Mercy : I will be fine, have… have you eaten?
Me: yes I just finish eating and you?
Mercy : no, I don’t have appetite
Me : why?
Mercy : cos you said you don’t want me anymore
Me : oh
Mercy : I’ve been crying ever since you said that.
Me : OK I’m sorry, if I hurt you. You hurt me first, anyway let put the past behind us, you remember what I told you about Kung Fu Panda?
Mercy : yesterday is history
Me : tommorow is mystery
Mercy : Today is a gift
Me: that’s why it’s called the present, it’s all we’ve got.
Mercy : are you still going to do what master Shifu said?
Me : “let someone take care of your past ?” Master Shifu never said that, I did.
Mercy : but master Shifu said something In Kung Fu Panda 2
Me : what is it?
Mercy : inner peace
Me : that will be after I’m done with him.
Mercy : Ay be careful, I love you.
Me : we will talk later.
I ended the call then I head straight to Franklin house. But before going, I put on my apple wrist watch and then put Adesewa dad number in quick dail. After that, I set off to his place.
On getting to his place, there’s an armed military vehicles in his compound but I ignored it as I proceed inside.
I knocked on his door and a man in military camo came to open the door.
” what do you want? ” he asked.
” I’m here to see Franklin, I got an unfinished business with him ” I replied.
” Hello boy ain’t you taught how to give respect to elders by your parents.? ” he asked in an annoying way.
” sure I am, and with due respect sir, you don’t know my age and will you please call Franklin outside for me? ” I requested with a serious face.
” I can see that your parents failed badly and I’m going to teach you how to be respectful ” he said and that makes me chuckle.
” anyway, my fight is not with you, it’s with Franklin, so get out of my way or you let me in” I said confidently. He looked at with a frown face and he waved his head pitifully.
” so sad that your parent is going to cry over you ” he said and that got me pissed.
” you mention my parent again and I’m going to hit you hard on the face ” I said then I move closer to him in a challenge.
” Obudu, Peter, Franklin come outside con see this brat wey wan fight me ooo ” he called out and the three of them rushed out, except for Franklin who came out walking like someone with a bondage d--k.
” wey the bastard? ” they echoed as they rush out.
“see am for here ooo”
“you must be stupid, start doing frog jump ” one of them shouted as he move closer to slap me but I quickly dodge it.
” Obudu wait.. wait. Na that idiot wey bite me for d--k be this ooo” Franklin said as he stopped obudu.
” and he have the mind to come here again! ” Peter screamed out in disbelieved.
” seems you don’t like your life” obudu added. I moved closer to them confidently without fear then I spit on the floor.
” like I said earlier on, my fight is not with you guys, my fight is with Franklin ” I said then I face Franklin eye to eye.
” you amaze me, how do you think you are going to fight your way through the three of us ” Franklin said and that got his friends laughing.
” I’m going to fight you with a power greater than you” I muttered bravely and they all began laughing again.
“seems he wan throw charm for here let give him the chance to perform his oblagata-oblagata” obudu said and they all echoed again in laughter.
While they were still laughing, I Systematically dail Adesewa dad number on the apple watch that I’m wearing, and he picked on the first dail.
” seems you got no magic to perform, let me now tell you what we will do for you, it seems that you are tired of living. We are going to drive you to a bush and we are going to kill you there, and that will be the end of your rude life ” they said and that planted a fear into me.
I was very sure that they are going to do what they said and the fear of death began to ring through my head.
I checked the watch and I saw call ended, I wasn’t sure if Adesewa dad heard what they said. I tried calling him back but his number was busy.
My fear increased when they dragged me inside the military vehicle with their guns around their neck, I knew I’m in for death.
They drove me out till we reach a bushy area along the road.
They dragged me out of the vehicle and dragged me forcefully inside the bush.
I thought of begging for my life but I knew they won’t listen so I gave up on life for the second time in my life.
After walking for about ten minutes, we got to a less bushy spot and they knelt me down on my kneels.
” we soldiers are trained to fight and kill, and when a civilian like you passes his boundaries towards us this is what we do to such person, we kill such person, but we will give you the grace to ask for forgiveness of your sins so that you won’t go to hell, I think that’s fare enough ” Peter said. I cleared my throat even though my lips were trembling.
” if you are going to kill me, do it when I still have the confidence, the moment you brought me here, I gave up on life, so do whatever you will have to do” I muttered slowly in a shaking voice.
Obudu gave Franklin his rifle and he was about aiming at me when his phone rang. He lower his gun as he checked the caller.
He looked at me and his friends before responding to the call.
I heard him talking officially on phone for some seconds before ending the call.
His eyes came burning like a fire as he roam about scratching his head in confusion.
” Franklin wetin dey happen? ” obudu questioned.
” a call from above, we’ve been exposed ” he muttered.
” how come? ” Peter asked but he got no response from him.
Franklin looked back at me then he move closer to me pulling me up by my collar.
” I don’t know how you do it, but you did great. You want to ruin my life, I’ll end yours here first ” he said then he point his rifle at me.

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