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The Black Powers - Episode29


the black powers - Episode29

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


It took shewa about two weeks to get over the shock and she was back to her normal self.

About two months after the death of our parents, me and shewa were sitting in our sitting room planning how we are going to continue our life without our parents.

Bayo: shewa I think you will have to be in charge of daddy’s pure water factory for now o, at least till am done with school ( I was in 200 level then, studying accounting)
Shewa: no now, big bro, you know my jamb result is out already and I want to proceed at once, I don’t want this my 282 score to waste now.
Bayo: then how do we manage our parents business, daddy pure water factory is there, mummy’s mini Mart shop is there too
Shewa: but you can employ people that are capable of managing them now
Bayo: but ………..

I didn’t finish my statement when big John and 3 other hefty men came in. I was pissed off swing him in our house, cause he has not visited us since the death of our parents.

Bayo: uncle, hope no problem??
I asked trying hard to myself down cause am really boiling with anger already
Big John: there is a problem boy, it’s even a big one
Bayo: what is that???

Big John: as you can see, am not the only one here, these guy’s here with me are from elite microfinance Bank. You see my boy, your dad took a loan from them when he was alive and I am his garantor, and now the bank people are here for the money since your dad couldn’t pay up the loan before he died.

Bayo: and how much is the loan???

Big John: it’s 50 million naira, and your father used this house, his pure water factory and his wife shop as collateral, so the bank has decided to sell off the properties in other to get back their money .

The news came as a shock to me and shewa, this can’t be true, daddy cannot do a thing of such without informing me because am his next of kin.

Bayo: that can’t be true, daddy cannot pull this off without informing me because am his next of kin

Big John: don’t be too sure boy, he said as he brought out some documents affirming it that my dad truly took the loan.

My hands were just shaking as I go through the documents

Shewa: it’s actually true big bro
Big John: so you guys have just 3 days to move out of this house, and please don’t make any mistake of taking anything out from this house because am sure none of you will want to go to jail for stealing.

He said as he walk out of the house with the guys following behind him.

Me and shewa were just glued to our spot. We did not move nor talk for about 5mins. Shewa was the first to break the silence

Shewa: big bro, what are we gonna do now???

Bayo: I think I need to see daddy’s lawyer first.

Me and shewa decided to move out of the house because we had no other option, I have visited our lawyer and he also confirmed it that my dad truly took the loan, he even show me his copy of the documents. So we just have to leave the house and all other properties.

And to make matters worst, nobody was ready to help our condition, big mummy was too poor to take care of us and big John that is financially fit is not ready to help so we just have to move on.

I came up with a plan to take some of our parents properties with us, those properties that can’t be easily detected like jewelries, some expensive unsowed clothes, shoes and the likes. We sold off the little properties we took for 350k, we then rented a one room apartment in akure and we paid for two years at 22k. I took 150k to make a part payment for a tricycle (maruwa) and I continued paying the balance installmentally. Shewa processed futa and luckily she gained admission to study architecture.

I decideddroped out of school for shewa to continue for two reasons. 1, she is far more brilliant than me 2. Because as a guy, I feel I can hustle for us,so that’s how I became a maruwa rider. I started hearing about the black powers when I became a rider and I get to feel how powerful they are .

It all started when shewa got to 200level, she came home feeling terrified, she said a member of the black powers on campus was threatening her because she refuse to date him. At first, I didn’t take it that serious but it later got to a point where shewa couldn’t go to school because she was scared. So in a bid to protect her, I had to join the black powers.

When I joined, I started feeling powerful, I was so ambitious that I was always thinking of how to get to the to in the confrataniy.

I later met with the guy disturbing shewa and he stopped disturbing her. It was at that time that I got to know it that my dad didn’t take any loan that it was all a planned work between my uncle (big John) and our lawyer.

I later tried attacking the lawyer but I failed, and it was then I got to know it that the lawyer is the dad of the guy disturbing shewa in school, I had to back off then cause the guy is a black power member like me.i didn’t know what to do anymore and I so much want my vengeance. I didn’t know how the guy got to know his dad story with my parents death, but he later attacked shewa in her hostel in school with 3 other guys and they rape her to death.

To be continued…….


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