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The Black Powers - Episode28


the black powers - Episode28

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


His words hit me so hard, I mean really hard! But as a sharp guy, I can’t just fall for him like that, cause if there is one thing have learnt from this game, is that trust is not something that should be earned easily, that is if it is possible to earn mine at all sef. So I pushed on further with Benny just watching our little drama.

Me: nobody yarning for the top spot in the brotherhood that haven’t lost in one way or another, you should know that. This is the hard way, and we ourselves chose to wine and dine with the devil, so why complaining?

Bayo: you are. Motivation to me boss, I couldn’t do what I was suppose to do because of fear, yes I know it that in this game, lost is inevitable but we are not suppose to be losing on the hard side. I lose time and other valuable things because of this brotherhood, but when it now get to the level of losing the ones you love, I think that is just way out of it, it shouldn’t be happening in the brotherhood.

Me: hmmm….(bayo is actually right though)
Bayo: yes boss, what you are doing right now is what I should have done, I should have stand and fight for her too. Maybe she would still be alive today if I had stood by her, but I was a coward, I did nothing than to watch as dey took away her life.

Now that got me, didn’t even know when I lowered my gun and sat on the bed.

Me: stand up and wipe your tears bayo, and please do have your sit.
Bayo: thanks boss! He said wiping off his tears as he sit down.
Me: just calm down bayo ok. Now I need you to tell me your story, who did the black powers took from you and how did it happened.


I was in deep sleep because I was having a lecture free day, so I decided I was going to rest all through that day. My ringing phone woke me up, I stretch my hand lazily picking up the phone, I checked the caller and it was my kid sister ( shewa) calling.

Bayo: bawoni aburo(how far sis)
Shewa: *****crying**** bro, you need to come home right now o, mum and dad just had an accident on their way to mum’s shop.

The sleep in my eyes disappeared instantly as I jumped off the bed.
Bayo: how? When?

Shewa: just come now bro…….she manage to say before hanging up.
In a speed of light, I picked up my shirt and wallet as a race out off to park. I was a student of Obafemi Awolowo University ( OAU) in ile Ife then, but my parents are living in akure which is about an hour joirney.

I rushed down to the motor park and luckily for me I met a bus that was waiting for just one more passenger for it to be full, I hoped in, payed the driver and we started the journey immediately. I was just praying in my heart that my parent survive the accident all through the journey.

I got home around past 12noon and I met nobody at home, I called my sister at once……

Bayo: ***on phone**** am at home, where are you
Shewa: we dey for God the healer hospital at oba adeshida road.
After the call, I ran outside and stopped a bike Since our house is not that far from the hospital, it’s just #70 for bike. I got to the hospital in less than 10mins, I paid the bike man before rushing into the hospital. I met shewa in the waiting area crying profusely. Shewa ran and hugged me on sighting me still crying.
Bayo: calm down pie, all will be well, your big bro is now here. (Pie is the name I gave her since when she a child.

Shewa: I pray so.

Bayo: where are they now?
Shewa: they are in the theater presently, the doctor is still with them
Bayo: What about big John? (Big John is our father’s younger brother and his business partner)
Shewa: I called him immediately after calling you and he said he’s busy that he will come later.
Bayo: busy??? He’s busy when his elder brother is in the theater? Well, we will attend to that later.
Just then, our mother’s only surviving family came in
Big mummy: my children, is what am hearing true?
Bayo: yes mam, I just got here now too, I was in school when I received her call, I said pointing to shewa
Big mummy: olorun konije Kari laburu (we will not witness bad thing by the grace of God)
At that point, the doctor came out wearing a sad look, at that point I knew something was wrong
Doc: please where is the elder of this family? The doctor asked
I pointed to big mummy and the doctor said she should follow him to his office.

Big mummy: please doc, say whatever you want to say here, there’s no outsider here, this is their children and am a sister to their mum
Doc: ok, if you say so. You know in here, we are just trying our best, God is actually the healer.

Big mummy: yes we know
Doc: we tried our best but it’s so unfortunate that we lost both of them.

On hearing the news, big mummy shouted ****MODARAN OOOOOOO*** Shalewa fainted on the spot and the doctor and nurses rushed her instantly. Me I don’t even know what to say or do, I just stood fixed on a spot cause everything just seems as if am dreaming. This can’t be true, or is it?



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