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The Black Powers - Episode27


the black powers - Episode27

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Benny; sha don’t worry, you will meet him tomorrow

Me; him? So it’s a him? I said raising my eyebrows. Could it be her dad?

It is just as if someone fast forward the time, because the following day came too fast. I was sitting on the edge of the bed in our hotel room when Benny told me that the person she said want to meet me is already in offa and that he will be in our hotel room in few minutes.

About 5 minutes later, a soft knock landed on our door and Benny opened the door for our visitor (or should I say August visitor…. Lolz).
 I was surprised when I saw the guy walk in because the guy doesn’t seems important like I was thinking but the face looks familiar though, Just that I can’t tell where have seen that face before, but I was d--n sure that we have met before, so I had to consult my special adviser on it.

Alaye! Come, where we don see this guy before? Mumu, and you go dey shout say you be sharp and intelligent guy, my adviser replied.
Taaa!!! Comot there, no even try abuse me there, shey no be sake of say make you for dey help me in time like this make me make you my special and personal advisor? Oya answer me ASAP! Or you remain silent for the rest of your life, I fired back…… Mumu, you sha no sabi pass to they threaten me, make I sha help your life small, no be the guy from that forest wey you spare him life for that village be that….. And na the same guy help you breakout from venom and him boys…… My advisor replied..

Hey! Don’t get it twisted! That’s me and my mind conversating there. Of cause! My mind is my special and personal advisor.

So as my advisor Don help me out, I remembered the guy instantly. Though I don’t know his name yet.

Me; are you not the guy from the forest? The same guy that help me breakout from the black powers camp at venom’s base? I asked just as the guy sit down on the couch in our hotel room.

Guy; yes boss, am the guy that you spared his life life back in that forest.

Me; Guy, you did me a great favour, you gave me life when all hope was lost. Thanks bro. and funny enough, I don’t even know your name.

Guy; am Bayo boss

Me; oh Bayo, thanks ones again, I owe you one

Benny; so Bayo, what should I offer you? Benny who as been watching watching us asked

Bayo; big sis, no need for entertainment, please let’s go straight to the reason am here
Me; OK, go on

Bayo; thanks boss. Right from the time that I joined the black powers, I have been hearing about you despite the fact that we are not in the same state, still we can hear and feel your work. And since then, you have been my mentor, have always wanted to be like you.

Me; you wanna be like me? I asked raising my eyebrows
Bayo; yes boss, but few years into the game, I noticed it that this confratanity is not what we thought it is. They normally say we should be our brothers keeper but the reverse is the case. Have been wanting to leave the confratanity for long but I couldn’t just face it, I don’t have The mind cause I believe I can’t face the black powers. But when I had of your case, I decided I was going to contact you, and luckily you were brought to our base. Have been wanting to free you up the very moment you were brought in burning was just too scared of going against the confratanity because I know what the black powers are capable of doing. But when I couldn’t take it anymore cause I see you as my last hope of getting out of the brotherhood, I just thought I had to make a move in freeing you or I live to regret not doing so for the rest of my life. That’s why I did what I did boss.
I see two things in Bayo’s eyes as he speak, I see pain and determination in his eyes, but I wasn’t convinced yet, it all could be a set up so I need to push him a bit harder.

Me; hmm….. I dip my hand to the side of the bed and brought out a pistol that has a silencer fixed to its mouth. I point the gun at Bayo and I cocked it, placing my finger on the trigger.

Bayo opened his eyes in shock and he started shaking visibly, raising his hands up even before I tell him to do so. Even Benny was also shocked.

Benny; calm down love, the guy might be real! She shouted in a low tone

Me; don’t be fooled by his c--k and bull stories dear, this guy is a set up, they sent him here! Please do check outside through the window and see if his colleagues are hanging around. Lay down on the floor!! I shouted at Bayo, which he did instantly. You think you can just walk in here and play me? You no reach at all.

Bayo; believe me boss, am telling you the truth.

Me; I will know now if you are truly for real. You know, like they use to say that the almighty God does not forsake those that are truthful, I said as I emptied the bullet in my pistol on the floor.

The pistol is a 9 round pistol, so I took 3 bullets and place them on different bullet holes of my pistol, I rolled it and fixed it without looking at it then I c--k the pistol and place it on his head then I said, Now let’s see if your truthfulness will save you from the 3 times am to pull this trigger. As I said this, Bayo started sweating even as we are in an Air-conditioned room

Bayo; Trust me boss, am for real

Me; you think you can turn your back on the black powers? You that is even scared of leaving them?

Bayo; boss! The black powers took away my only source of joy on earth. They took what I was living for, so why won’t I leave? What they took from me was the reason I joined the black powers in the first place. So now that it has been taken away, why should I still stay boss???



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