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The Black Powers - Episode24


the black powers - Episode24

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


I woke up late in the night with a serious headache. I looked beside me and Benny was nowhere to be found. My body was just too heavy for me to carry, so I just lay still on the bed, Benny phone started ringing on the table beside my bed, I was too weak to even stretch out my hand and take the ringing phone on the table beside me. Benny walked in on the 4th ring and she picked the call. I sensed danger, because her facial expression changed immediately she hear the caller talk.

Me; what’s wrong dear, I asked just as she ended the call.
Benny; we need to leave here right now love
Me; why? I cant even walk properly yet and it’s late in the night already
Benny; the BLACK POWERS OPPS will be here any moment from now!
I was dead shocked! How the hell did they locate us here I asked in my mind because Benny had earlier told me that only the doctor knew our location.
Me; but how? I managed to speak out.
Benny; it seems theirs still another tracker on your body. She said as she start parking our few stuffs in the room
Me; another tracker? Meaning there was one on me before?
Benny; can you please save me the questions dear, at least for now. Benny said with her voice a bit raised.

Yes, she’s actually right, this isn’t the time for questions but actions, I know within me that am being unprofessional and Jewish with the way am acting presently, or is it because of my condition? I tried to lift myself up from the bed, Just the we had a nock on the door.
Benny; who’s there? (no response), who’s there?? Benny said again and still no response.

Benny brought out a pistol from her bag, she motioned me to keep quiet, my heart was pumping faster now. Benny tiptoed to the door and she tried to listen carefully to the sound on the other side of the door. Just then the person on the other side of the door started trying to open the door. I was now sure we are in a deep shit. Benny opened the door sharply before the person outside trying to open it could finish opening it.

The guy outside fell into the room floor and Benny followed up with a heavy to his balls, he groaned in pain, Benny pointed her gun at him and she motioned him to keep quiet. She first checked outside to see if there are more of them outside before speaking out.
Benny; how many of you are here?

Guy; f--k y…………..
Benny gave him another kick on his face even before he could finish up his statement, she then dip her hands into his trouser and grab his balls, the guy let out an audible groan.
Guy; OK! OK!! OK!!!
Benny released her grip on his balls a bit, giving the guy the chance to talk.
Guy; we are 12 in number, came in two cars, the rest are down the street waiting for my signal
Benny; what kind of car are you here with and where exactly are they parked?
Guy; we came with range over sports cars, one is parked at the street in front of this building and the second at the street behind this building. Just then the guy phone started ringing, pick it up! Benny commanded, and you should be a good boy on that call she added. The guy picked the call
Guy; yes ermmm….. They are not in yet but am still searching the room, Will beep you once I sight them.
Good boy, Benny said after the guy ended the call, Now sit on that chair, Benny said pointing to the chair beside my bed. The guy did as commanded and Benny brought out a paper tape and a rope. She tied the guy to the chair and she sealed his mouth with the tape.

Benny; we have to move now love! Can you manage to walk?
Me; yes I will try, I replied, not knowing if I could truly walk.
Benny brought out her phone and initiated a call, “meet me at EKO ENDE junction” she said to the receiver. Benny then help me up, I was surprised I could stand upright though most of my weight is more my right leg. I lean on Benny’s shoulder as I tried walking, and surprisingly I could manage to walk. Benny went to the guy on the chair before we left the room, choking life out of him buy gripping his throat till the guy stopped breathing. Wow! Benny is really a tough bae, see as she just take the life of the guy like say na beans…….
We walk out of the building through the backyard. As we enter the road at the back of the building, I saw a guy close by. That is one of them I said to Benny, Just keep cool and maintain our movement, don’t let him know we have seen him my car is close by. We walk about 10 more meters and we got to Benny’s car, we enter zoom off with Benny driving. I looked back and saw the two jeeps following us. “they are after us” those two jeeps behind us are them I said to Benny.
Benny; don’t worry, we are gonna give them what they deserve!


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