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The Black Powers - Episode23


the black powers - Episode23

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


What can I do to appreciate Benny? Am a very lucky guy I must confess, girls like her are very rear. My life would have been like that of Solomon Grundy if not for her timely intervention. I will be forever be indebted to her.

I need to take this fight to the black powers, I cant sit and just be watching them, because am very sure that they are still coming for me, I know the kind of people am dealing with, they won’t stop until they see me go 6 feet under the ground. So will I now sit and let them take my life just like that? Hell no, not without a fight!
I was still in deep thought when Benny entered the room.

Benny; what are you thinking about love? You know you are suppose to be resting, I need you back on your feet soonest.
Me; am just thinking about the black powers dear, am sure they are still coming back for me, it’s just a matter of time.

Benny; yes I know my love, I surely know that this is not the end, but your top priority now shouldn’t be about the black powers, it should be about you getting fit again.

Me; surely I will be back on my feet in no time dear, but I need to start planning my move right from now.

Benny; yes you are right about that, so what are you thinking?
Me; I brought and established the black in Kwara state, so am thinking of wrecking them and their business activities in kwara state first, that should send a great message to them.

Benny; Good idea, then I think we should start with Ilorin then, Since it is the center of their activities in kwara state.

Me; yep, that’s perfect.
Benny; so all you need now is getting fit now, so that we can swing into action soonest.
Me; I will be fit again, even before you know it. Lolz
Benny; you need to eat now
Benny brought out a cooler under the table beside my bed, she opened it and the sweet aroma of the fried rice and chicken filled the room and it gat me salivating already. I ate my food and just as I finished eating, the doctor came in. Wow! She’s supper hot!
Doctor; how are you doing today Mr Mike
Me; am fine, you can just call me mikelrado, I hate it when people shortens my name
Doctor; am sorry about that sir
Me; lolz…… Just kidding though, thank you for taking good care of me, I really appreciate it
Doctor; you are welcome, but it is my friend here that you should be thanking ***pointing to benny*** it is because of her that you are still alive today
Me; yes you are right Doc, I will forever be grateful to her
Doctor; but you are really a strong guy I must say Mr Mike, I still find it hard to believe it that you made it, 4 bullets! That’s no joke, a head injury and a fractured knee. How did you even survive that? I need to ask
Me; let me just say it is not my time to die yet.

The doctor bend down to check my injuries and that gave me a clear view of her cleavage. D--n it! Those oranges are just too fresh, I couldn’t help but lick my lips as young mikelrado started raising down there. The doctor caught me staring at her melons, so she stylishly repackaged her clothes well. She gave me two injections and some drugs before leaving.
Benny; I saw the way you were looking at my friend ,do you like her?

Me; like her? What do you mean?
Benny; stop pretending mikelrado, you know I can read you like a book. I saw the way u were looking at her, even your mamba was moving up and down in it’s cage.
Me; hmmmm……
Benny; you can f--k her if you want to, but no string attached ooooo.
Me; abeg leave me jare.
Benny lay beside me on the bed, she brought out her phone and made a video call with her girls in ilorin, I was dead shocked when I salute girls all necked and fingering themselves. She spoke with a girl there for about 5 minutes. Benny ended the call after giving the girls some instructions. By now young mikelrado was already up. I placed my right hand on Benny’s breast and started fondling them
Benny; you know you are trying to start what you can’t finish
Me; I don’t start what I know I can’t finish
Benny; you sure about that? You know you are not fit yet for all these.
Me; yes I know, but I want it right now, have d--n missed it.
Benny locked her lips with mine while my hands find it way into her bra, I brought out her two melons, I then take one of the tip into my mouth, started sucking on it as if my life depends on it. Benny let out a soft moan, that should surely be the effect of my sucking, she then took off her top, revealing her pink bra. Wow! I love pink bras. She unhooked her bra, freeing her two melons in the process. I started squeezing her melons as hard as I could.
Benny got up to a kneeling position on the bed, she reached for my my short nicker, pulling it off carefully so as not to touch my injured knee and thereby free my rod. She first took the tip of my mamba into her mouth sucking it gently before taking the full length into her mouth, I could feel my tip touching the innermost part of her throat. How she was able to take my 7.4 inch rod into her mouth/throat I can’t say, but the feeling was d--n awesome. She was giving me a professional blow job.
Me; ooouuuccchh! Baby you are too good, am building up already.
Benny; you are free love, I want your milk in my mouth. She said as she continued sucking me.
In about 2mins more I explode into her mouth.
Me; I need to taste that p---y dear
Benny; it’s all yours
She stood up and remove her trouser, she then spread her legs across my face, her p---y was up high on my face. She then sat on my face with her p---y in my mouth. Hmmmm….. She let out an audible moan as my tongue touched her pu**y, I started sucking and tongue f-----g her sweet pu**y. Ohhhhh! Auuuuucccchhhh…… Yeeeeaaahhh…., suck on it! Come on boy, lick it dry, that pu**y is yours forever! Take it on! My God!!! Benny continued speaking in parables (lolz) and those words are really making me wanna do more.
Benny; aaaahhhh…… Ouchhhh am building up love, am about to c-m on Your face, am cumming on your face! It’s really heavy! Ooohhhhhh my gussshhhh!!!!
Just then Benny started shaking in no seriously as if she is having epilepsy, I had to support her with my right hand to prevent her from falling, and then suddenly, Benny shouted OHHH! AM DYING!! MIKELRADO!!!! and she started squirting heavily, I never knew Benny is a squirter because she has never squirted with me before. The squirting was so heavy that she wet all my face, head, body and the bed too, I had to shut my eyes because the liquid gushing out was just too much.
It took her about 3 to 5mins to recover, she looked into my face when she has recovered and said, am so sorry love, you really pushed me over the edge” thanks The feeling was amazing
Me; I never knew you are a squirter
Benny; this is my first time of experiencing it. You are just too good.
Me; and you are too sweet too
Benny; are you satisfied?
Me; am yet to reach the promise land now.
She stood up667 and sit on my mamba guiding it into her pu**y.



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