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The Black Powers - Episode22


the black powers - Episode22

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Just as venom was about to pull the trigger, I started hearing the sound of different kinds of guns firing at our direction. Venom quickly took to his heels and the other guy followed behind Him. A bullet hit the guy from behind and he fell down groaning in pain, I couldn’t see clearly because my sight was now getting Blurry.

About 8 masked men surrounded me, pointing their guns at me, another 3 went to where the guy was rolling on the floor trying to get up again and they shoot him three bullets each. The guys around me opened their mask and I was dead shocked on seeing their faces, they are all girls! Then I saw another girl running to our spot. She opened her mask and guess what? It’s my dear Benny! She kneel down beside me crying
Benny; oh my God! My love!! Look at what those bastard did to you!!! Stay with me love, you are gonna be fine ***she was crying uncontrollably***

I opened my mouth to speak but couldn’t, blood was just gushing out of my mouth. The more I try the more blood is flowing out of my mouth.

Benny; don’t speak love! You are going to be fine! Am not going to lose you! ***she was just crying***
I never knew Benny loved me this much, I cant help but shed tears, am going down and am losing consciousness. Help me carry am and let’s get the hell out of here! Benny shouted at the girls that were watching her. And that was the last word I had before I passed out.

The ray of light flashed across my face as I tried to open my eyes, The light was too bright for my eyes so I had to close it again, then I started opening it bit by bit, I looked beside me and I saw Benny sleeping. She sat on a white chair and rested her head on the bed I am on. I smiled a bit on seeing her bedside me. I raised my right hand which was a bit heavy and place it on her chin, she wakes up instantly

Benny; my love! Thank God you are finally awake!! I thought I was gonna lose you!!!

Me; you ain’t gonna lose me, I promised you that earlier, remember?

Benny; I was really scared! This is the third day that you have been out. Thank God you are finally awake now.

Me; ***surprised*** you mean I was out for three days?

Benny; yes love. At first I thought you are not going to make it because you took in 4 bullets at 4 different spots plus a head injury and a knee fracture too. You are indeed a strong guy, even the doctor couldn’t believe it that you are still alive.

Me; Wow! ***i tried to sit up but I couldn’t***

Benny; relax love, you ain’t that strong yet, Just relax OK. The doctor even predicted that you might have amnesia (memory loss) due to the head injury, but thank God that there is no sign of that at all
Me; where are we?

Benny; we are in ikirun in osun state, we just moved here yesterday from ilesa. Couldn’t take you straight to ilorin because a doctor need to attend to you urgently after picking you from that village.

Me; how did you get to know my location?

Benny; your text message love! I tracked the location Of your phone after I received your text and thanks to a guy that calls himself your friend, he helped us to late you faster.

Me; who’s that?

Benny; his name is Segun, we met him at the junction that leads to your location, we stopped to ask him some info about where we are going and it was then i got to know it that he was also coming for you.

Me; that’s so smart of you dear, I would have been dead just like my mum if not for you

Benny; and how did you know that your mum is dead?

Me; I saw her burn in the car! I said as tears started rolling down my cheek

Benny; stop the tears dear, you know you are just recovering. OK, what if I burst your brain that your mum is not dead, in fact she is safe and sound.

Me; ***i was dead shocked*** how is that possible? I saw her burn.

Benny; we splited ourselves into the forest, so Segun and one of my girls were the first to locate you, so they drag your mum out of the car before the entire car blew up

Me; Wow! Unbelievable! Where is she now? Can I see her now?

Benny; she’s in our safe house in ilorin, she has been disturbing me since yesterday that she wanted to speak with you, I just keep giving her excuses because I don’t want her to know that you are not up yet.

Me; Wow! How do I appreciate all these your good work dear
Benny; you appreciate it by getting better and fit love.

Me; thanks a lot dear, am just so lucky to have you
Benny; don’t thank me love, we are in this together.

Benny called her girls in ilorin on Skype And I was able to see and speak with my mum once again



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