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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 9


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 9

Theme: club and run

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I was so bored at home, Mr Gorgeous traveled two days ago and I was all alone. I really wanted to go hang with the guys but his orders were not to leave the house, I don't want him to get angry again. The stupid fundraiser was coming up soon, like in five days. I was so nervous but excited
My phone rang
Mr Gorgeous!!!!
'Mr Gorgeous!!!!!! Oh my Mr Gorgeous I missed you so much where are you and why did you leave me alone I'm so bored and I miss my best friends my Kiki and Cedric...'
'Calm down' he said chucklingly. 'I called you to tel you I'll be back tomorrow night, you can go see your family but not that Nigel guy, don't leave the house to anywhere and don't let any stranger touch you, okay?'
'Okay, thank you so much'
'Winifred will take you there'
'Wilson' I corrected with a giggled
'Winnie will be there to take you in thirty minutes so be ready and don't wear anything stupid. Just a skirt with one color and a top too, no crazy stuff'
'Aye aye captain, bye Mr Gorgeous, I love you' he chuckled and hung up
He won't say he lobe me too, he's selfish
I walked into my family new house with a smile, mom was sitting on the couch with Kiki and a girl, probably Minnie, Cedric's girlfriend
'My Kiki!!!' I shouted running to her. She stood up and hugged me, I hugged her back and cried. 'I've missed you'
'I've missed you too' she sobbed. She turned and checked my body we'll. 'No extra scars or bruises, he didn't hurt you?'
'He loves me' I said blushingly, mom snorted 'he loves me so much that if I tell him to take back everything he have given to the sick people that brought me into this world, he'll do it' I said sweetly. She smiled while mom scoffed
'You are just being used. I'm pretty sure you must be opening your filthy legs for him. That's why he can tolerate you' I clenched my fist
'Mom!' Kiki exclaimed, I closed my eyes and smiled
'I guess my body brought something good to me, it gave me a wealthy man to clear up the debts of my poverty stricken parents. What did your body give you dear mother' I asked battering my lashes, her jaw dropped. Kiki smiled. 'Be careful what you say to me from now on mom, I won't let anyone insult me again. To he'll with trying to prove myself to you or anyone else, if it want for me, you won't be so comfortable in this big house. I was also the same girl whose life you ruined and yet you blame me everyday and every time, yet I never stopped loving you. To hell with you Laurel' I yelled
'Alisa you are talking to mom' that stupid James said angrily
'No, I'm talking to the bitch that ruined my life' I yelled tears rolling down my cheeks. She slapped me
'What crime did I commit by trying to give you proper training!!! I sent you to my brother to teach you some lesson for your own good and you dare blame me' she yelled. I smiled and tasted my salty tears
'He did train me, he taught me good lessons, once I will never forget and ever stop blaming you for it. You're a witch and the next time you touch me, I'll break your head...' She tried to slap me again but I caught her hand and pushed her
'That's enough' James shouted pulling me forcefully, I turned and kneed him
'You're just like her!!!!' I picked up the vase on the table and smashed it on his head.
'Alisa!!!!' I threw the pieces away and stomped out. My day is ruined, she don't know what I went thru in Lieutenant Levi's hand and she don't care to know.
'Alisa wait!!!' I stopped at Cedric's voice, he was with Kiki. 'You can't go with this stem, let's go somewhere'
'Why you break his head girl?' Kiki sighed, Cedric nudged her. 'I mean, let's go to Nigel. I'll pack something up first'

Fast_Forward >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

'No! I don't want to go, Mr Gorgeous will kill me' I cried as Kiki dragged me to Nigel's car. So they decided to go clubbing and she wore me a bright blue denim jean bum short, a red V-neck top that showed off my cleavage and upper boobs and red vans. She wore me make-up and styled my hair to a middle dutch and fishtail combo. I even wore earrings. The colors are so lame, what happened to my rainbow!
'Don't sweat it, he'll be back tomorrow right?' Cedric asked grinningly
'But I promised not to go anywhere especially this club place whatever it is. Please don't' she pushed me into the car, they drugged my guard and now I'm hopeless. I sighed with defeat and he drove off
Cedric drove his own car with his girlfriend, best friend and a weird boy while Kiki, her best friend Martin, my other friend Neil drove with Nigel. We got to the club and I was forced out and pulled inside. I squealed at the music, so loud and cool and the COLORS!!!!
I ran to the dance floor and danced, hooting and whooping joyfully and swaying my hips. Neil joined me and we danced like drunk idiots.

I laughed at Mickey, Cedric was trying to reach her how to grind him but she's too shy, Kiki was dancing with some random guy somewhere and Nigel was arguing about something with Martin and the weird guy, Kaycee. I turned my attention to them
'I'm telling you guys, that girl is so cute' Nigel chirped girlishly with a post. He's a girly dude, courtesy of being born in an extended family flooding with females. You'll think he's gay but he's not.
'She's not that cute' Martin argued
'I think she's hot and likes you' Kaycee said chuckling
'What are you guys talking about?' I shouted over the music
'That girl' they used their eyes to point at some girls sitting at the bar
'That's Justina, my crush' Nigel said dreamily
'The ugly one?'
'The red haired'
'And these fools think the blonde one likes me' Martin scoffed
'You're blind, she's always giving you the signs'
'Okay I don't get you all'
'There are best friends and the blonde one, Barbie likes Martin but he don't believe and I like the red haired but she thinks I'm gay. How could she think I'm gay, I'm so muscular and handsome' he said flipping his hair girlishly
'Maybe because you always polish your an is with glitters and sparkles and you smear lipstick on every time. Most time you wear female wig and you always blabbed about cute boys and high heels' I said with a giggle. He frowned
'I'm not gay'
'Sure' I smiled. Kiki staggered to us with a bottle of vodka 'you drank?'
'Pretty boy' she cooed sitting on Martin's laps, she flung her left hand around him and placed the bottle on her lap. 'I missed you'
'I've always warned you to stop drinking' he sighed collecting the bottle, he dropped it on the table and I eyed it. 'Let's get you home'
'No! Lissy baby, you know that cute celebrity crush of mine?' She whispered, I leaned forward
'Mr cutie, why?'
'He said he's sorry for speaking nonsense the other time and wants us to be friends, I'll accept him because he's cute'
'And then you'll fall in love and get your heart crushed' I whispered back. 'Live and learn'
'Bah! He's too sweet for that'
'Your problem' I whispered stylishly taking the bottle. She laughed and kissed Martin. Their best friend relationship is weird, they kiss a lot and sometimes make out yet act like nothing ever happened
He pushed her away gently and caressed her hair. I stood up and snuck out to a corner.
'How does this taste?' I asker myself, I drank a little and shivered. The liquid burnt down my throat to my stomach


'I'M THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I shouted from the high mountain, the tall tall mountain. 'Whooo!'
'Who the hell gave her alcohol!!!' Cedric yelled, he was at the bottom of the mountain. 'Alisa please get down from there' he begged
'From where? It's so cool up here and I feel like jumping'
'No!!!!' Nigel, Martin and Kaycee shouted.
'Whaaaat? It's just an harmless jump' I smiled swaying to the edge
'Someone get to the roof and carry her down before she jumps' Martin shouted. Kaycee and Nigel ran out
'Mr Gorgeous' I sang 'you're so far away
Are you in heaven?
Should I come up there and play
What time with will I get there?
Is it at six or seven?
If I come will you care
If I come will you be near.....' I dang reaching up for the sky. 'Oh my Mr Gorgeous
Do you want me to come?
Do you want me to come
Let me come' I sang and jumped down but someone stopped me from jumping and ruin my coming.
He pulled me up and I glared at the man who looked like he was going to kill me. Awwwn! He looks like Mr Gorgeous, he's so cute! He carried me and walked out while I laughed and played with his head, we passed the rainbow light room and got outside where my friends were
'How could you let her get drunk' he snapped at Cedric
'I don't know how she...'
'Who's Nigel?' He asked glaring at Martin
'Hey not me man, him' he pointed to Nigel. Copy Mr Gorgeous sighed and walked to a car, so shiny. I yawned and closed my eyes
I want to sleep

I finished up early and returned by my private jet, I bought something special for Sea girl, she'll love it.
'Sea girl!!!! I'm back!!!!' I shouted walking into her room, funny, she wasn't back from her parents'. I dropped the gift on her bed and called William, no answer. I sighed and called her father
'Good eve...'
'Good evening sir' I beat him to it
'Sir is Alisa still there?'
'Er.....er....no, she had a fight with her mother and father so she left early with Kiki and Cedric'
'To where?'
'I don't know sir' he said nervously
'Thank you sir, goodnight' I murmured and hung up. I clicked my watch and the tracking device I installed in all her shoes, jewel, bags, hats, phone and hair turned in. I walked to my room and brought out the laptop specifically bought for it. I checked all the location and only two were out of place. Her shoes showed a house and her phone was in a club
This better not be true
Night Crawlers
That's my club
I called the manager
'Good evening sir'
'Check around to see if a girl with dark brown hair and...I'll send you the photo, if she's there report to me but don't disturb her'
'Okay sir' I hung up and sent him Sea girl's photo. I rushed to the bathroom, took a bath and dressed up in a pale blue stock jean and cranberry shirt, I threw a pale jean jacket on and walked out with my phones and key. He called me back. 'Sir we found her and she's drunk'
'Drunk!!! Gosh!' I hung up and ran to my car, got in and drive off ignoring Cole. I drove to the club fast, I got there and parked. Behold! She was on the roof with four guys yelling at her
I ran upstairs, ran all the way to the roof and caught her before she jumped. I carried her out, my heart was beating fast. I almost lost her, I will kill her myself tomorrow

I ran around the house screaming with fright as Mr Gorgeous chased me, he'll kill me. I woke up, found myself in his room and then he shook me asking if anyone touched me, I said yes and now I'm going to die
'I said I'm sorry'
'Shut up and come here!!!'
'What are you going to do? Kill me? Flog me?' He will throw me off the building like he almost did two minutes ago.
'Sea girl come here'
'No' I ran again and he chased me, he pushed me when we got outside and I screamed and fell into the swimming pool. I pretended to drown, maybe he'll leave me
'Sea girl' he yelled and dived into the water, I closed my eyes and waited till he pulled me out. I watch in movies were the person give the dying person mouth to mouth something. He placed me on the floor and I waited for my kiss but he poked my cheek. 'Psst, Sea girl, are you dead?'
'Are you dead?' He shook my head. 'Shit! I've killed her' I wanted to cry. 'Sea girl wake up' he panicked and poked my stomach. 'What do I do?'
Kiss me you fool
'Yes! Turn her upside down'
Mean man
I coughed and opened my eyes with a frown
'You're okay!' He exclaimed and pulled me into a hug
'Fool' I mused
'I need to stop doing this before I actually kill you' he stood up and carried me like a bride. I whimpered, he carried me upstairs to his room and sat me on the bed. He ran into his ensuite and came back with a towel
I'll teach him a lesson
'I'm sorry, I overreacted but I was worried, you almost jumped off a building' I slapped his hand away and stood up. 'Sea girl' he whimpered
Silent treatment
'Sea girl' I walked out of his room. I walked to my room and saw my scarf on my bed
He bought it back!
I love you!!!

I sat on a chair in my study, reading a book with my glasses in and legs crossed. I tapped my foot on the air, humming along. The door burst open and Damien ran in a mess
He knelt in front of me and held my shoulders, what's going on?
'Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom m....' He called shaking me like a marasca
'What what what what?' I said back shaking him off
'You have to help me! Sea girl won't talk to me again for two days now! Mom you have to help me. I've tried everything but she won't talk, she won't talk for two days, I'm going to run mad'
Is this Damien or Zane?
'What are you talk....'
He stood up and paced around
'I returned and went to see her but she went clubbing and I tracked her and saved her then almost killed her and now she won't talk to me I've tried everything flowers chocolates teddy bears cartoons food but nothing is working! I've tried everything but Sea girl is still mad and now she's not eating....'
'Damien breathe' he inhaled. 'Now tell me who sea girl is'
'My fiancée'
'Your fake one'
'She's not that fake' he murmured. He crouched in front of me and entwined our hands. 'Mom do you know I love you?'
'You have powers, help wipe her memory of three days ago and make her only listen to what I say. Keep her away from men and focus on just me....' I blinked
'You love her!'
'Of course not! Stop spitting out nonsense...will you help me?'
'Sure' I smiled. He shrieked and hugged me ranting about how much he loves me. He hugged me, first time in nine years and said he loves me
Sea girl, whoever you are, thank you

To be continued

Damien wants to wipe Alisa's memory
The love don dey strong o
Sharice has powers, what powers?
Pray that the power supply will turn on because I don't see any hope yet but I will surely find a way to post, no promises though
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