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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 8


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 8

Theme: sick

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I don't understand Mr Gorgeous again. When I thought I could escape to the sleepover he fell sick and I couldn't leave him like that. My baby is so cold and shaking
'Are you sure you don't want to eat anything?' I asked pulling the sleeve of his sweater to cover his hand well
'I don't want to eat' he said weakly. His other hand held mine tight as if I was going to run, I like it!
'What if I cook it myself?'
'I don't want you to leave me, I might fall sick more'
'But I need to cook' I whined. 'You need to eat someone so you can take your drugs'
'Then I'll come with you, I'll sit quietly and not disturb you, I promise' he said with a cute pout. I blushed and nodded. 'Yes!....er I mean, yes' he said weakly, cutting off his earlier enthusiasm. I eyed him suspiciously but shrugged it off as nothing.
We went to the kitchen and I prepared vegetable salad for him. He disturbed me too much, eating all the ingredients and not letting go of my hair, I got tired of swatting his hands off. Sickness made him so nice and playful, I pray he never gets well again
After cooking, he insisted I feed him because he was too weak and then we made popcorn and sat down to watch a movie, he sat so close, really really really close. I wonder what happened to the ten feet rule. It was a scary movie, I kept screaming and clawing at his bicep, he didn't even move and inch
Isn't he scared?
'Stop screaming and squeezing my bicep, your nails have injured me' he said calmly. 'Why pick movie you can't handle'
'You picked it out yourself!!!'
'I did?' He asked scratching his head. 'Oh yea! I did' he said with a half smile, why can't he just smile for once or even laugh? Mean Mr Gorgeous


I cleaned his wound carefully, he didn't even flinch or cry or beg. He just sat on the floor with legs stretched and crossed just like his arms, eyes closed and back pressed into the chair
'Are you made of stone?' I huffed, he smirked. Ugh! I picked the whole bottle of methylated spirit and turned it into the wound
'Aaaaah! Are you crazy!' He exclaimed jerking away from me. I laughed him. 'What was that for!'
'Testing if you are made of stone' I said still laughing
'You just smashed my cool' he whined and pouted
Oh my God!
I screamed and clapped my hands
'What?' He asked startled
'My future husband is so cute!!!' I shrieked and hugged him, putting my head on his arm but careful not to touch his wound. 'You're so dreamy' he chuckled
'Future husband?' He asked chucklingly
'Yes, we are getting married in the future'
'And why do you think so? This is just a contract that will end in two or thee months'
'But you proposed to me and said you forgot the ring. It was one cold night, you took me out to candy land and made us dance under the moonlight and then you knelt and said "My dearest Alisa, the most beautiful girl in my life. I remember how you came into my life, how we met, you were singing and I was drooling....'
'Shhhh, don't interrupt' I snapped pressing my fingers on his lips. 'As I was saying " we talked and somehow we fell in love and became friends and then we later started dating after I asked you to be mine. Alisa, I'm nothing without you, I'm a hopeless man without you. I was such a grumpy mess until you came and change me. My life would have still remained lame if not for your presence
I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I wanna be able to wake up with you beside me every morning. I love you so much my Alisa, I love you so much my sea girl. Will you do me the honor of accepting my heart? Becoming my bride? It will kill me if you say no" then I cried and shouted yes! You wore me the ring and we kissed and made love and here I am taking care of my baby boo' I cooed hugging him more. 'See the ring you gave me' I showed him the ring he bought me. I remember that day so well, sometimes I think I was hallucinating but nay! He proposed to me
'Wow' he breathed. 'I bought this?' He asked taking my hand. I looked at him and he chuckled. 'So I'm your fiancée?'
'Yes and you'll marry me'
'I'll dump you' I laughed humorlessly
'You already slept with me so no, you will marry me of die. I'm not joking' I said seriously
'When did I...'
'Shut up'
'You have really planted the idea deep, how long have we been together in that head of yours?'
'Four, why?' I asked plainly
'This is incredible. Now tell me about your boyfriends'
'But you're my fiancée, that would be cheating' I said poutingly
'Who's Cedric?'
'My brother, younger brother'
'And Nigel?'
'My best friend'
'Liar' he muttered. 'Are you on love with him? One of them?'
'Again, Cedric is my brother and...I'll show you' I brought out my new phone and showed him the pictures I took with him the day we went out. Cedric and I are identical, the only difference is that his eyes are cerulean. I'm the only one who took dad's electric blue eyes and chocolate hair. The rest took mom's dirty blonde hair and cerulean eyes. Cedric and I look like dad's dead mother
'This is him?' I nodded. 'Oh' he mouthed. 'Bit I still don't like Nigel'
'He's my best friend' I whined
'He's unmarried and single' he narrowed his eyes at me. 'Who was your first man?'
'What?' I asked confusedly
'Who's the first man that touched you, I want his name, number and address' I bit my lip and whimpered, his image entering my head. Those murderous black eyes. 'Sea girl!'
'Oh my God! I'm pregnant! We're gonna have a baby!' I chirped and stood up. I ran around screaming with joy until he forgot the question then I sat down. 'Tell me about you, did you get your head' broken by a woman?'
The Mr Gorgeous I met returned, his azure eyes darkened, I moved back
'Go to your room' he ordered venomously
'Okay' I stood up, took my phone and fragged myself to my room, the stairs again. I fell on my bed and sniffed, tears running down my cheeks
He was happy and I spoilt it, Alisa you are a fool. Now he won't love you again, he will become that horrible Lieutenant Levi again
I went to the bathroom and cried as I showered, I came out and wore red socks on my hands and yellow socks on my feet. I wore a pink knee length skirt and two rainbow sweaters. I miss my scarf, I miss my Kiki. I got under the bed and cried again, why did he ask me that question? Why did I ask him that question
'Sea girl? Are you asleep?' I heard him whisper. I cleaned my tears, sat up and turned, he stood at the door with a nervous smile. I pouted and cried. 'Why are you crying?' He asked walking closer to me
'You don't love me again'
'I never d...' I increased my cry hugging my knees. 'Okay I'm sorry for being like that'
'You're sick, you should sleep' I cried. He smiled and got into the bed. 'What are you doing?'
'Sleeping with my fiancée, I'm too sick to sleep alone' I gnaw on my finger sheepishly, my cheeks heating up. 'Please stop crying'
'Add my Alisa'
'No' I cried more at his words, he's so mean. 'Okay don't cry my Alisa' he murmured. I squealed and fell on the bed
'Come' I pulled his arm, he laid down and pulled me close. 'Now say goodnight my Alisa and kiss me here' I pouted pointing at my nose' he chuckled
'I can't believe I'm doing this' he muttered and kissed my nose. I sighed and held his shirt, then buried my face into his chest. He wiped my cheeks dry and kissed my temple and I slowly dozed off

To be continued


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