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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 7


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 7

Theme: I've got my eyes on you

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

It's Wednesday! I've spent three years with Mr Gorgeous. Last night he kept his eyes on me like a mother hen, not moving a inch like literally, he sat in my room till I fell asleep and it was cool! Cedric called and told me he's around, I really wanted to go but Mr Gorgeous made me sit in his study as he worked while he also watched me
I don't know what's wrong with him
'Mr Gorgeous please' I begged. He smiled a little when I called him that earlier. 'Please let me go see my friend'
'He's not your friend'
'Okay he's my brother'
'Still no'
'What about the other one, he invited me for a sleepover and it's always so fun being with him...'
'Is he married?'
'Well no....'
'Does he have a fiancée?'
'Well no...'
'Does he have a girlfriend?'
'I don't understand this questions' I sighed
'Answer me' he snapped
'Is he in love with another woman?'
'Mr Gorgeous' I cried
'You are going nowhere' he said irrevocably, I pouted and whimpered. His phone rang and he answered. 'Yes Divia?...what!....I'll be there ad fast as I can...okay' he hurried out with his phone while I thought of something
I waited downstairs for him before he cane all dressed up. I pretended to be having cramps
'Mr Gorgeous, I need to get some sanitary towel, I suddenly started' he frowned
'Are you suppose to tell me that?'
'You won't let me out so buy it yourself'
'Just get dressed and buy it yourself and no mad woman dressing like right now' he eyed my beautiful lab coat and socks. What's wrong? I even wore a nice long skirt and sweater. 'Is that clear?' I nodded hiding my smile. I dragged myself out if his presence before running to my room
I called Nigel
'What's the definition of no mad woman dressing?' I breathe
'Skinny jeans, simple shirt and Nike sneakers'
'Wear a black skinny jeans, white shirt and white Nike sneakers. The one I bought you last year even though you never wear it and yes you have skinny jeans....'
'He didn't let me bring my clothes, I'll find it'
'No funny work, video call' I grumbled and switched to video call. 'Oh fuck! Is this your room!'
'Mm hm'
'Cool! Now to the wardrobe' he ordered. He ended up screaming and jubilating over it and then forced me to dress so weird and uncomfortable. Nigel is my best friend, he's also Kiki's friend but he's more best to me and his relationship with her is creepy.
I bounced outside later and two guard came. Hey were all new because Mr Gorgeous fired all the old
'Come with us ma'am'
'Sir said we should escort you in and out' my joy faded at the mention of that. I felt like crying. I nodded and followed them to a nice car. One drove us to a supermarket where I bought the thing even though I didn't need it yet. I decided to try my luck
'Can you drive me to a restaurant?'
'Sir said only to protect you'
'You'll be there watching me, pleeeeeeeeease' I pleaded giving them my puppy eyes and they obeyed. I walked into the restaurant with them behind me, drawing attention. Guess where I chose? Miles'. He needs to see how cool I am now. 'My love!!!!' I shouted and ran to Cedric. He stood up and hugged me tight
'Step away from her, our orders are to kill any man that goes six feet close to her' one said coldly with his deep voice. I gave Cedric a apologetic look
'Wow! Look at you Alisa! You look gorgeous!!!!' He shouted. Miles' and Eliza's eyes averted to me. 'Look at my big sis'
'Shhhh' I sat down. The guard snapped his finger at Miles and he came. 'Can I please get something spicy to eat?' I asked politely staring at my nails
'And me too' Cedric chirped. He nodded with mouth open
'Order number two, shoot down any man that stares at her for too long' the other guard said with a warning frown. Miles looked away
'And please add something chilled too' I said. He nodded and left. 'How have you been my love? How's bitchy?'
'Mitchell' he groaned
'Who's that?' I asked confusedly
'For the six hundred and twenty seven times, my girlfriend's name is Mitchell not bitchy or the names you keep calling her'
'Mitchell, got it. So how's Mickey?' I asked smilingly. He sighed
'Why do I even bother' he sighed. 'She's fine. How have to been coping with him?'
'He's pretty cool and sweet and nice and hot and dreamy and my future husband' I said dreamily. 'He's strong and young and handsome and gorgeous and a sweetheart and my Romeo. I love that guy and I'll marry him' I grinned
'I forgot you have lost it. You've only been with him for....'
'Three years'
'It's three days'
'Three years'
'I won't argue. Hope he's not bullying you?' I smiled and bit my lip, everywhere will be alright
'He's a total darling! Can't you see the avengers he hired for my protection?' I asked enthusiastically. The guards chuckled
'Nice to hear that. So I plan on going clubbing with my babe, I was hoping you could meet her now we are both around. Nigel and the others will be there too, I just confirmed'
'I'm in! I'll be there' I chirped. 'Wait, what's a club? Is it like a baseball bat?' I asked nervously
'Remind me how again did you finish university?'
'I spied' I said plainly. 'Reading is hard. I tried it but my head almost fell off'
'No wonder you came out with such high degree' he murmured. What is degree?

I walked into my room and threw my suit jacket on the bed. I exhaled and fell face up on the bed. Today was hectic, especially when I was thinking of Sea girl. Hope she's not feeling too much pain. I sighed and sat up
What is wrong with me?
Why am I being so overprotective?
Why do I care?
I stood up and walked to my ensuite, a cold bath will wash this all away.


'What the fucking hell Cole!!!!!' I roared at him. 'I told you to not let her go anywhere!!!!'
'But I was with you all day, how was I suppose to know' he sighed
'It's your job to since you're in charge of...'
'I called them already, they say they are coming'
'She left by 11:39am and look at the time now, almost six'
'Damien calm down please, she's fine and she probably went to see a friend'
'Exactly! What if she went to see that Cedric or Nigel or Clark or Marino' I exclaimed pacing around with arms akimbo. He stared at me weirdly. 'What? Don't you know they are guys? She can get rape or they might kiss her or worst!'
'Are we still talking about the same thing? Like why she's late?'
'What if they already kissed!!!' I shouted panicking. She walked in that moment on the phone. Who's the idiot that bought her a new phone.... Yea me
'Of course my love, I'm home now' she laughed. 'I will love to. I will be there tomorrow night, I'll try' she said happily. 'Okay I lobe you too, by Cedric' she hung up and smiled at Cole and not me. I flared
'Get out' I ordered him. He laughed and walked out. 'Where are you coming from?'
'I went to see Cedric'
'Didn't I tell you not to go anywhere' I snarled moving closer to her
'Remember the ten feet rule and the no talking and the others?' She asked with those cute eyes. I frowned
'I never made such rules, now tell me what you did with him!!!'
'Hugged and kissed and talked about so many things' she said dreamily hugging herself. I clenched my fists, images of her with another gut flooded my head. 'The sleepover still stands, I really want to go'
I closed my eyes and saw her, the one I fear most. I stepped back, painful images streaming in.
'Mr Gorgeous!!!' Sea girl shouted. I couldn't breathe again, I clutched my head and howled in pain. She came and touched me, I pushed her away and she fell hitting her head in the table.
She stopped moving
'Sea girl?' I gasped. 'Sea girl' I bent down, forgetting the pain. 'Sea gi.....Cole!!!!! Sea girl!!!' I shook her. 'Cole!!!!'
He ran in
'What have you done!'
'Alisa....' Sea girl burst into my laughter and sat up. What the hell! She pointed at me while Cole sighed
'To should have seen your face' she laughed. I was going tonhave a heart attack! 'Oh my God! Mr Gorgeous loves me!!!!' She shrieked and stood up while I frowned. 'I'm going to the sleepover and no one can stop me' she sang and ran away.
My heart was still beating out of place, what if I actually did hurt her bad
I'll never forgive myself
Damn! I hate her for making me care
Wait! No one can stop her right? We'll see about that

To be continued


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