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Aduke-Episode 4


Aduke-Episode 4

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Not all fingers are of same length, but when they are bent, they all stand in equal length. life becomes easy when we bend and adjust to certain situations.

Firstly, I thought she was joking, but when she show me the pregnancy test result, I have no choice than to believe her.

I thought for a while, how will I present this pig as the mother of my child to my parent. My dad will be the first to shake his head, cos he know my taste better than anyone else.

My mom at the other hand will be willing to accept any baby so far it’s mine, she’s been anticipating for a grandchild for so long.

I looked at the two of them undecided, the look on their faces were like someone waiting to use the ATM.

” so what are you guys saying? ” I said in a very calm way.

” are you thinking of abortion? My friend is not doing any abortion ” her friend labake replied.

” Hey! parrot of Swaziland. What is your own? Is it your pregnancy?
 Or do I mention abortion? Must you always run your mouth? Are you sure you still have a working brain? See don’t ever interfere in my conversation again. ” I said then I face jummy.

” so what do you want me to do ?” I asked.

” just as my friend said. I’m not aborting it, I will give birth to it” she said then she made to walk proudly away from me, but I quickly grab her right arm and drag her back.

” I thought you said I’m an impotent, so how come you are pregnant? ” I asked with a serious face.

“are you not the one that c-m inside me ” she fired back with her eyes widen as a hunter lamp.

“didn’t I ask you to get off me, but you intentionally refused!! Meaning you want me to release inside you!!! ” I retorted back angrily.

“oooo so if they ask you to put hand inside fire, you will put it Abi ” labake said, putting her hand on her waist and also shaking her head as if the head is out of equilibrium.

“hey! Hold it there!! Olofofo of Zimbabwe. Who called you? Who dey follow you talk? See them, pigs of the same mother, grunting together. talk again and see if I won’t ‘ woss’ you. Parasite ” I cursed then I walked out of their sight.

I took a bike home without wasting time. I got home to shower then I run a call to last Don.

Last Don : Roberto
Me : Philippe wahala dey ooo
Last Don : which kind wahala be that again, Sebi you just comot from one ni
Me : this one different jor.
Last Don : wetin happen.
Me : I Don give person belle.
Last Don : so? Se that one con be problem ni?
Me : you don’t understand
Last Don : wetin na!
Me :you sabi that pig I follow you talk.
Last Don : wait ooo…
Me :Na she
Last Don : Aye mi!
Me : I swear
Last Don : Chai! That amoeba!!
Me: I dey tell you.
Last Don : congratulations bro. Baba ibeji
Me : this one no be laughing matter ooo
Last Don : I can feel your pain my Broda (laughing underneath)
Me : Thunder go soon fire you
Last Don : she go remove am ni, Abi wetin she talk.
Me : that’s the problem, she no wan abort am
Last Don : Lobatan of Mexico!!!
Me :the matter weak me.
Last Don : my Broda, you are finished!!!
Me : as in imagine me to that pig.
Last Don : Na serious gobe you enter ooo. What’s the 411 now?
Me : I don’t know. I want to sleep first. It’s her problem jare.
Last Don : it’s also your problem bro.
Me : whatever. call you later jare.
I ended the call then I lie on my bed to sleep, as I was about enjoying the sleep, I heard a knock on my door.

I felt so lazy to stand up but the knocker seems to be determined so I voiced out.

” come in, the door is not locked” I said then I return back to sleep.

” oko Adesewa ” came a feminine voice. I opened my eyes only to see Ruth standing in front of me. She’s looking more gorgeous than before.

” Cinderella, it you… How did you know my room? ” I asked in a sleepy voice.

” your room is not hard to find. Won’t you offer me a seat? ” she asked as she survey her eyes round my room.

“my apology, there’s a chair beside my reading table. I’m too tired to stand up. I’m sorry ” I said as I point towards where the chair is to her.

” you are tired… You need a massage? ” she asked.

“I wouldn’t say no ” I replied back with a smile.

“I would love to, but I can’t give you a massage on a mini skirt, you know… Sitting on your back will pull my skirt up. So forget it ” she said as she head for the chair.

“oh no… That doesn’t mean na” I said trying to persuade her.

“it does mean, call your girlfriend. She will come and massage your back ” she said as she show me her beautiful set of teeth.

” do you know that you are beautiful ” I said trying to cast a charm on her.

“Yea, my boyfriend do tell me that ” she replied.

“Yea… Tell him I’m crushing on you ” I said with a little smile.
” OK help me tell Adesewa that I’m also crushing on you ” she replied back with a big grin. And that really got me smiling.

” Adesewa is no more ” I said slowly to her.

” oh I’m sorry, I…i… But you are oko Adesewa, I don’t get the whole thing, are you married to a dead or why do you choose that name after she’s long dead ” she asked with a confused face.

” it’s nothing, I just love the name. ” I replied trying to avoid some of her questions.

” anyway, you ought to have move on by now, you are handsome and I know some ladies will be crushing on you by now…. ”

“like you. you Just told me that you are crushing on me ” I cut in.
“Yea, I can’t deny that. So who Is the lucky girl? ” she asked .

“I don’t know, I can’t say I’ve found any, my heart still belong to Adesewa ” I answered.

” really? is she that beautiful? ” She asked. I looked at her for a while, without saying a single word. The memory of Adesewa flashed back to me, then I smile.

” do you want to know about her?
 ” I muttered slowly.

“sure, I’ve been wanting to ask you that, but I’m scared since you said she’s dead ” she replied.

” OK… I don’t want to get moody now. I’ll tell you some other time ”
 I said as I restrain myself from crying.

Just like the rising of a sun, Ruth and I became a friend. She started texting me, and I began calling her.

During the fresher’s orientation, I’m always happy cos I do get a job to do that always fetch me little money.

I’m a make up artist and I do enjoy working on the Miss fresher face. Well they do pay me for my services.

Thursday happens to be the orientation day for the department of Banking and finance.

I got the make up contract to beautify one of the contestant face.

Her name is marvelous, and she’s quite marvelous… I mean she’s a beauty. Even without a make up, her natural beauty is exceptional.

When she found out that her make up artist is a guy, I knew the look on her face. She underestimated me, I knew she would prefer a female artist but her sponsor gave a guy the contract and that’s me.

The room was filled with ladies except for me and a guy which was standing closely beside marvelous. With the way I see things, he got highest percentage of being her boyfriend.

All the make up artist are already working on their clients face and I stood there in front mine staring, cos she is busy talking to the guy beside her.

“excuse please, can we get to work ” I said which cut them away from their talks.

She shrugged her shoulders then I set my tools down to begin work.

While working on her face, I observed that her eyes are both on me, and with the way she’s staring at me, you will think maybe my face is a world map and she’s searching for the location of Maputo.

” sorry am I making you feel uncomfortable? ” I asked, but I was answered by the guy which was standing beside her like a body guard.

” yes I’m not comfortable with the way you are touching her body ” he said. I observed that too, and I wondered what his problem is. But if he’s looking for real trouble, he got me fully loaded.

” excuse me who are you? ” I threw back immediately.

” what is that suppose to mean?” he asked with a rather harsh voice.

” and how does that answer the question ” I fired back more calmly.

” what an insolence, marvelous where did you see this moron” he said facing downward at marvelous.

“son of a castrated baboon, do you think I’m her slave or what? if you have no meaningful use of your mouth, I suggest you shut up ” I replied then I continue my work.

” marvelous won’t you say anything ?” he asked with his eyes fixed on marvelous.

” Maybe you should shut up ” she replied. Her response came as a great surprise not only to me but to him as well.

“Mothers of Toronto!!! ” I exclaimed in surprise. He looked at me for a while, then he walk angrily out of the make up room.

” thank you, he’s a bone in my throat ” she said as she hiss a little.

” A bone in the throat? You wasted 15 minutes of my time talking to a bone in the throat and you never get chocked. ” I said as I conceal her brows.

” whatever… Anyway I’m marvelous…”

“I’m not deaf, at least I heard him calling you…marvelous ” I cut in.
“oh, so what’s your name ?” she asked just as I finished the concealing.

“Ayo… Urrrghhh oko Adesewa. ” I replied, then I began searching for my glitters.

“Hmmmm devoted… Anyway oko Adesewa can you brief me how the contest will look like ” she asked.

I stopped and look at her, Of course she’s beautiful but she have highest percent of losing the contest.

” wrong question ” I replied without looking up at her.

“oh so what’s the right question” she asked with a rolling eye.

” how do I win the contest” I replied then I look at her.

She moved her chair closer then she whispered into my ear .

“seriously I’m… I’m new to this, I have no idea how it goes. Can you please help me ” she said pleadingly .

I stood up and then check my watch, she have only 10 minutes left before being called for the beauty pageant.

” OK when you go out there ” I said demonstrating with my hands ” just calm your nerves and smile to the crowd, you don’t walk anyhow. You cat-walk, you don’t walk briskly or leap. You walk slowly with a smile ” I said demonstrating with my body.

” when you reach the judges, you take a 45° turn by your right, do not lose the smile and do not lose your focus. You win this, you win everything ” I said then I realized she got a minute left.

“so… How does winning look like ” she asked.

” Yea I love the spirit… but you wouldn’t want to know…”

“please tell me ” she cut in with a plea. I thought for a while then I gave her what she an answer.

” if you win, you will be the queen, maybe they will call you Miss fresher. They gonna take you out tonight like an after party it’s gonna get naughty. You have to go now, people are waiting for you ” I said then I show her the door.

” let me have your number, in case of…you know I might have work for you one day ” she said. I gave her my number and she gave me hers too. She exit the room and her boyfriend came in.

“hey dude, if you try anything funny with her, you are gone in this school ” he spatted then he walk angrily out of the room.

Sometimes silence are the best answer for a fool, a lion do not shout when attacking his pray, it’s not a act of cowardice, but of Prudence.

I remember Marvelous face, yea she’s beautiful, she reminded me of Adesewa, but she’s not her.

She came in the second time to change her clothes to a native attire. I helped her with the gele and my work was done.

After 30 minutes, I decided to go home since the program is now getting boring, and besides marvelous dog kept staring at me with a fierce look. So I decided to forget about knowing the winner and head home for a good rest.

I was on my way when I heard the winner name, and it’s marvelous. I was happy for her and also sad, but the ‘sad’ was an option.

I took a shower when I got home then I lie on my bed for a nap.

I got woken by an unknown caller around 7pm in the evening. I sluggishly pick the call then I place it on speaker.

Me : hello
Unknown : good evening bro.
Me : Evening sir.
Unknown :My name is opeyemi,
Me : how do you do opeyemi?
Opeyemi : I do do sir. I read your story online and I wish to post it on my website.
Me : which of them ?
Opeyemi :Adventure with the slay queen’s.
Me : no problem.
Opeyemi : thank you bro, you can call me chorus .
Me :chorus?
Opeyemi : yes that’s my nickname and also my blog name.
Me :very nice.
Opeyemi : can we meet.
Me :if you wish
Opeyemi : okay, I will give you a call some other time.
Me : Yea take care bro.
Just as I ended the call, Ruth came in without knocking. She was wearing a bum short and a crop top that exposes her flat tummy.
“hey boo, let hang out ” she said as she tries to pull me up, but I was too heavy and weak to stand up so I pulled her down with my weight.

She landed on me and her breast press against mine, we stared at each other for a while without saying a word.

She moved her eye down to my lips and she began staring at it.
Slowly my head shifted and so was hers, we were close to kissing each other when baba dudu and my school son bang in.

Ruth quickly got off me but she was not too fast, baba dudu and Samson saw her and they began humming like a Mercedes Benz.
” hey you guys could have knock before…”

“Alaye Shut up ” baba dudu cut in. ” see Hunger dey catch me you cook food? ” he asked.

” me too hunger dey catch me, ” Samson added.

I ignored the two of them as I fetch my shirt then I head out of the room holding Ruth by the hand.

” let take a walk down the junction ” I said as I await her response.

” perhaps you can tell me about Adesewa on the way ” she said as she hold my hand more tightly.

“what do you want to know about her ” I asked as I took the lead.

” Something worth holding, your heart is locked. I wanna know who refuses to give someone else the key. ” she said.

I took a deep breath as I begin
“Adesewa was the daughter of a powerful General. How I hate to use the word ‘was’ for her, but using ‘is’ wouldn’t bring her back to me…but I would still love to use ‘is’.

I was born and raised alone, mama couldn’t conceive another, so I got all love and all I wanted.
I used to be a very bad guy before I met Adesewa, I smoke, I womanize, I do alot of bad things. My papa can relate cos he raised me alone.

Adesewa was a challenge. My friend challenged me to win her and f--k her. Like I said, she’s a daughter of a general. Her father is retired, but still very powerful, as if he’s still in power.

Adesewa was 4 years older than I, she was working then at a TV station when I’m just nobody.

I stumbled into her one day and it was a hell for me. I wouldn’t want to say the stress I passed through just to have a conversation with her.

When I tried winning her as a play boy, I failed. And that was the first time I will fail to a lady. I always have my way with them.

I changed statics, change strategy, change formation. Yet I couldn’t win her. But when I did… I didn’t know, I fell into something I never believed in, and that’s love.

The shit called love changed me from my bad ways to good.

I would spat a hundred times on the word love, I never knew I will be it prisoner.

When our love started, my parents supported our union, but the problem was her dad. Her mom was no more, so it was only her dad that was left.

He was very protective of her daughter, he said she doesn’t have a future with me, only if I knew he was right.

He said I don’t worth her, he said alot of crazy things that could make me back off on Adesewa, but I didn’t, instead it draws me more closer to her and our bond began getting stronger.

She was perfect, I see no flaws in her, she was sincere, righteous and caring.

She thought me things I can never forget in my life, she taught me how to put my thoughts down in paper. Somehow she’s the source of my writing, even though I have it in me, she just show me the way.
Our memories together was beautiful, mostly I don’t want to write about it, cos every time I do, everything got delayed.

One day I went to visit her and I met her arguing with her father. When her father saw me, he looked into her eyes and asked her.

” did he know, do you tell him ” he asked. Adesewa couldn’t answer the question, she just ran out of his view with tears in her eyes.

I ran after her but she shut the door behind her before I could hold a grab.

I went back to the living room and her dad was still like
” so she didn’t tell you, so you know nothing? ” he said then he wave his head in a pitiful way . I asked him but he refused to tell me.

I asked Adesewa this question for a month, but she didn’t tell me. She said she just want to enjoy the remaining beautiful part of the world.

Two month after, we were together in the living room watching a movie, when she just collapsed and blood were running out of her mouth and nose.

I was scared, I never experience something like that before, I called on her escort and they rush her to the hospital, that was when I got the answer to the questioned I’ve been asking.

She have leukemia, a cancer she got from birth, the cancer was discovered late due to the fact that she was raised by a man and not a woman. He who lose a mother lost a precious thing.

She stopped responding to treatment a month after we met. And when a cancer patient stop responding to treatment, chance of surviving is reduced to 3%.

We’ve know each other for more than 9 months, all these while she was sick and I never know.

She was scared of telling me, and who am I to blame? Is it God? Or is it the devil.

That was when I understand what his father meant by saying I have no future with Adesewa, he just fails to include memories. And that’s what I got with her, no future but just a memory.

The doctor said she got not 50-50 chance of surviving but 95-5 of surviving If we fly her out to china. I was ready to go for the 3% chance.

I told the doctor to prepare her for extraction that I will get the money to fly her out. Everyone has lost hope in her, but I held on to the little I got.

Without telling anyone, I began making arrangements for the money. The money was quite much, I didn’t have it but I went out to ask for money from people that I know.

When her father saw my determination and commitment, he persuade himself to have the same hope .

He paid for the money while I was still gathering the little that I have which was not up to half of the money needed to fly her out.

When I found out that her father has pay the money, I was so happy that I hug him like my dad.

The night before her departure, Adesewa died right in my arms, exactly 11pm.she couldn’t say a word, she was just crying. The pain was too much for her, when she couldn’t hold it anymore, her heart stopped beating.

You won’t ask me how I survived it, cos I never did. I should have die with her, but people won’t let me.

I wouldn’t want to write about what happened after her death too, cos every line will be written with blood and not tears. ”

****(In the story I wrote about Adesewa, I never disclose her death, but here I do. This is the real source of her death. Leukemia) *****

When I finished narrating the story to Ruth, I turned back and began heading home. Ruth came after me but I couldn’t wait for her.

” Ay I’m sorry if I opened a healing wound. I’m so sorry ” she said.

” no… It’s not a healing wound. It’s never healing. I’m sorry I need to be alone for now. Take care ” I said then I moved.

I went back home and then head straight to bed, I had to sleep to stop myself from thinking.

Around 12:30 in the night, my phone rang, I checked the caller and it was marvelous.

Me: hello
Marvelous : hello Ay it’s me marvelous.
Me : I know, I saved your number.
Marvelous : please I need your help.
Me : my help? As how.
Marvelous : just as you said today…There was an after party today which I attended… See I got three guys here wanting to f--k me.
Me : Sweet hell!!!
Marvelous : please I’m somewhere around supari, I can’t get a bike to take me home. Please what can you do. I’m scared, everywhere is silent and dark .

Me : okay stay where you are and keep your phone on. That area is dangerous at night. Just keep your phone on, I will call my bike man now, then I will be with you in 15 minutes time.

Marvelous : please be fast I’m scared.

Me : relaxed, where are you at supari.

Marvelous : around a filling station like that.

Me : okay stay there I’m coming.
I contacted my bike man but his number wasn’t reachable. I head out and search for bike but I couldn’t get one.

I tried my bike man number again, fortunately it went through.
Me: oga daudu
Bike man: oko Adesewa, I hope no problem oo
Me: Abeg I need your service.
Bike man : tonight? I Don close na.
Me: Abeg it’s urgent.
Bike man : Ohhh god. Where you dey.
Me : I dey my area.
Bike man : okay I dey come.
Me : thank you, Abeg don’t be long.
He got to me after 10 minutes, then he took me to supari.

” oko Adesewa, wetin you dey find go supari this time of the night” oga daudu asked while we are still on the way.

” na one of my friend got stranded there at supari ” I replied.

“hope say no be woman ” he asked.

“why you ask? ” I threw immediately.

” cos dem dey do ‘oro’ (a night festival) at supari, and that ‘oro’ no dey see woman for eyes. Na taboo ” he answered. My heart skipped a beat when I heard it. I began praying to meet marvelous in one piece.

We got to the filling station where I’m supposed to meet her. I didn’t see any sign of her so I picked my phone to call her. To my greatest fear, her phone was switched off. That very moment, my heart began racing rapidly.

“oko Adesewa, wetin happen na, where she dey? ” oga daudu asked.

“I… I… I don’t know, I’m supposed… to meet her here ” I replied with a shaking voice.

We searched around for her but we didn’t see her, I kept trying her number but it still off.

“oko Adesewa haaaaa. Wahala Don dey ooo” oga daudu said in a shock manner as he picked up a sandal from the floor.

” I… I… I hope it’s not what I’m thinking? ” I asked with a stammering voice.

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