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Aduke-Episode 3


Aduke-Episode 3

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Lucky means who get the opportunity.

Brilliant means who create the opportunity.

Winner means who use the opportunity. I would rather be a winner.

The two guys were looking as fierce as a wild cat, I’m not a ‘Van Dam’ or ‘commando’ to take down two hefty guys with local and rugged blood running through their vein, and on the same lane, I can’t let them beat a lady.

I knew the area belongs to them cos they are indigen of the town. Any single misunderstanding, they will just call themselves and within a blink, everywhere will be filled up with rascals.

But I’m not ready to take any shit from them, so I stood my ground defending Cindy with everything I got.

The guys never stop barking, and I never stop giving them a ‘voice ‘ in return.

” just they Waka go jeje make I deal with this b---h if not kasala go burst for here ooo” one of them barked.

” it’s like you smoke shit for head, wetin this idiot dey follow me talk self, make I leave my girlfriend for you to beat. Thunder fire you!!! ” I retorted.

” Abi aye Eleyi Fe baje (it’s like your life want to get ruin) Na me you dey follow talk like that? Your mama!!! ” the other added.

” ko de ni da fun e ( it won’t be better for you) ‘shopona’ kill you for there. Ode!!! (fool) ” I fired.
I think I’ve angered them more than they could hold, so they make a fist and made to land me a blow.

Just as they are about unleashing the blow. A guy just came in between us pushing the two guys away from me.

I looked at the guy face and I realize it one of those cultist guy that normally smoke weed in front of my house.

“Ay wetin dey happen for here ” he asked just as our eyes met.

” na these idiots ooo. See na my babe be this ” I said showing him Cindy.

“one of them ask her for number she no con give them, naso dem con dey harass and molest my bae for public. To make the matter worst the idiots talk say dem go beat my babe for where I dey. Imagine that kind level na ” I said with an angry face.

” Aye Mi!!! dey wan beat your babe for this area, Chai!!! you mean dis two maga wan chop your face for where we dey. Don’t worry I dey come ” he said then he brings out his phone to make a call.

“hello!!! E Don dey happen for ‘permanent site’ ooo.( permanent site is an area in Adekunle). Call everybody make them come, some maga wan chop our guy face. Dey come fast fast ” he said then he ended the call.

Just as he finished calling, one of the guys also pick up his phone to call his own guys which he did successfully.

Within one minutes, my backup arrived, my reinforcement came with cutlass and short axe. They call the short axe “seven “.

I was happy and scared at the same time. I knew all the guys cos I do buy them things whenever they ‘tax’ me.

I never knew they can be of help to me in the future, I thought I was wasting my money buying weeds and alcohol for them whenever they ask me to.

” Ay, you and your babe, dey go house like that. These idiots Don die today, Anyone that touch you in Adekunle don touch us be that. Dey go home nothing go happen ” he said then he stopped a bike for us which convey me and Cindy back to my place.

When I got home, I lock both the window and door but I’m still kinda scared.

” Ayo are you a cultist? ” Cindy asked.

“hell No!!! I’m not, I’m good to those guys I think they are returning the favor ” I said as I walk restlessly around the room.

” I don’t think your room is safe for today, why don’t we go to my place at iwaro” she suggested and I agreed.

We took a bike to her place at iwaro, when we got there, I met Rita lying on the bed with a bum short and singlet. She was surprise to see me, I was too.

” oko Adesewa how are you? ” she asked.

” I’m fine. I’ve forgotten that you guys are roommates ” I said as I sit on her bed.

” so you want to f--k my roommate before and you now meet me inside? Bad market Abi? ” she said trying to form a serious face.

” Rita will you just shut up, if you know what happened today, you won’t be saying all this trash you are saying. He’s my saviour, We got to thank him for what he did for me today. Some idiot were harassing me and he came to my aid, I thought it will be a minor case but now as I speak, the whole permanent site is on fire. ” Cindy said.

Rita calmed her nerves as she move closer to me.

” Ay what happened? ” she asked slowly.

I took a deep breath while I narrate everything to her.

” with all the things you said… I will advice you to stay indoor here with us, no one can know your location, cos those indigens might burst your house…you understand what I’m saying na? ” Rita said.

I nodded in response saying I concur.

” welcome to our abode, what should I cook for you? ” Cindy asked but Rita quickly cut in giving Cindy a rapid eye blink.

“he’s my guest, he’s mine so mind your business. You have your own boo, you can’t be dating two friends at the same time. So young woman park well. Oko Adesewa what should I prepare for you jare ” she asked.

I was hungry before, but food will be the last thing I’ll need in that kind of situation.

“I’m okay for now, but you can prepare anything you like later ” I said then I lie my body on her bed.
Few minutes after lying down. Last Don called.

Last Don : Aweedy how far.

Me: I dey, I dey.

Last Don : wetin happen, ‘eyĆ© ‘ dey find you.

Me: as in?

Last Don : I was told you got into fight with one of their members and your guys who be ‘aye’ came to your aid.

Me : yes, wetin con dey happen?
Last Don :gobe Don sele ooo. Just stay for where you dey and don’t pick strange calls.

Me :ok… Hope no casualties?

Last Don : I can’t say but the matter ought to be resolve soon. Just stay low. Don’t worry ‘arora’ dey your back.

Me : okay thank you.

I ended the call then I switch off my phone, I believed the matter will be settled so I calmed myself.
When the evening got deeper, Rita prepared fried rice and we ate together.

After we are done eating, Rita placed her head on my leg and resquted me to tell her a story.

“you mean bed time story?” I asked to be sure of the kind of story to tell her.

“any story that will turn me on badly ” she said with a wink as she move her hand towards my d--k region.

“oh… I will rather tell you a story that will make you sleep very quickly ” I muttered.

“Hmmm… Anyway tell me anyone ” she said as she balance her hand on my d--k.

Cindy moved closer as they both await my story.

” OK… The title is T-t for tat.
There were two gentlemen who lived in the same town. One of them was an Englishman and the other was Bengalee.

The Englishman was a doctor and the Bengalee was a teacher. Once the two gentlemen were traveling by the same train and they were in the same cabin.

The cabin has much space for its passengers but the Englishman captured most of the space with his baggage though the space was not for to keep baggage.

So, it was very difficult for the teacher and the gentleman to sit with comfort. Though they suffered but the English ignored it. Traveling a short distance the Englishman told the gentleman to leave the shoes outside the cabin. But the gentleman didn’t agree. Then the Englishman threw the shoes outside the window of the train and the shoes were lost. The Englishman explained,

“Dirty shoes are harmful for health.”

The Bengalee man was very angry at the Englishman. He looked for any chance. At last it came. When the Englishman began to smoke, the Bengalee man said,

“Smoking is bad for health. You make unhealthy environment. So you should go out from this cabin like the shoes of the gentleman. If you do not leave the cabin, I will throw you out.”

The Englishman was afraid to hear it and left the cabin with his baggage, and that’s T-t for tat and that’s the end of my story . ”

By the time I was done narrating the story, Cindy was already asleep but Rita still place her hand on my manhood while she caress it slightly. I guess she’s trying to wake up the devil. Unfortunately my mind is heavy and disturbed, so my ‘thing ‘ didn’t ressurate.

“Ay I’m h---y ” she finally let out.
” so… What should I do about it? ”
 I asked pretending as if I don’t understand her.

” I want you ” she muttered, licking her lips in a sexy way.

” I refuse to understand you ” I said as I turned my face away.

She crawled up and sat in front of me.

” I want your d--k deep down in my p---y, I want you to suck my breast so hard without mecy. I want to experience the f--k you write down in your stories ” she said as she push me down on the bed.

She climbed on me and then remove her singlet, revealing her two standing breast.

” do you like it?” she said as she hold up her two breast.

” Godamn it, this… It can’t work. Your roommate Cindy is sleeping over there and you expect a f--k? It’s not possible ” I said slowly.

” Cindy won’t wake up even if she does, she will just return back to sleep, she’s not a kid she understands well. So can we get to it ” she said as she bend her head to kiss me.

” oh… Wait… Wait… Wait… I don’t want to… As in its too soon. I don’t want to have sex…”

“then I will have to rape you ” she cut in as she hurriedly unhook my belt.

Within the rising and the falling of a breath, I found my d--k in her mouth.

Gosh! No guy can withstand that.
I tried to cool my d--k, but she was sucking it so hard and fast, and slowly it began to gain momentum.

“Elizabeth of Toronto!!! You are f-----g good ” I didn’t know when that escaped my mouth.

She paused and looked at me.

” who’s Elizabeth? ” she asked then she continue the sucking.

” A Godamn queen of Toronto !” I moaned out in pleasure.

” Good, your turn. I also want to be shouting The queen of England ” she said as she hurriedly remove her bum short.

She ain’t wearing a pant and her p---y was clean shaven and also not smelling.

Well she just passed the test for a f-----g head, cos if her p---y is hairy and smelling. I won’t put my mouth in it.

I positioned myself very well as I made ready for the head. I pull out my tongue at first then I lick the tip of her p---y up and down with my tongue.

After doing this for about 5 minutes, I advanced downward a little to her p---y entrance, here I use both my lips and tongue to oscillate the salty cream in a munching way to produce unimaginable pleasure from the deepest part of an unbearable desire of sex.

“please… don’t stop ” she moaned softly.

I never said I will, I continued this ‘suicidious standoff’ with ultimate desire of ‘frictionlizing’ her lubricating p---y which kept on ejaculating salty crempie all over my tongue and lips.

” that’s enough, please hit me hard ” she groaned as she drag my head up and then fire my lips with a kiss.

She should be able to taste her own p---y through my lips.

After kissing for two minutes, I disengage my lips from hers.

” not yet ” I said then I shifted my eyes straight on her breast.

” I won’t spare those two oranges ” I said as I attacked her erected breast.

I ran a quick probability and my mouth select the right nipples. So I unleashed hell on her right nipples before going to the left.

Firstly, I s----d the nipples as if it got an inside milk, then I began biting them as if I’m chewing a gum.

For more than 15 minutes, I was busy caressing her breast expertly above any form of discomfort.

Finally I slipped my d--k into her p---y without letting her know. It was unaware and the feeling she received will be super-ordinary just like zee world extraordinary.

I went in slowly deep into her p---y just for her to know the length of the d--k she’s taking.

I felt my d--k hitting something that looks like a ball, then I knew I’ve gone too deep.

Yes, that’s what she want.

I carried her leg over then I pin them up with my hand , ensuring that her femur is touching her breast, and then I t----t…

Ouch… That’s the best way to have the deepest penetration.

Believe me when I began to fire her, I had to use my hand to cover her mouth cos her screaming could wake the whole building.
Cindy woke up and saw the way I was hitting her. She sat up and look for a minute then she return back to sleep. I knew she’s pretending and still watching, cos I realized that she’s restless and she kept moving her hand to her p---y region, even though she use cover cloth to cover herself, I can still predict the movement of her hand.

Well it’s not easy to be watching a life XXX movie.

Concentrating back on the p---y I’m f-----g, I decided to be doing 3 things at a time on her.

I was kissing her, On the same note, I got my hand busy with her boobs and my d--k was down during the biggest Pleasurable work.

I wasn’t just f-----g her, I was jamming my d--k on her p---y which kept hitting the balls every time I t----t in and out of her p---y.

” Ay please stop, I can’t take it anymore ” she confessed after she realized the hell she’s into.

” I thought you want it this way ” I whispered, yet I didn’t stop the banging.

” yes, but it’s killing me. I won’t be able to walk tomorrow if you didn’t stop. It’s too deep. ” she moaned out.

” give me 30 minutes more ” I said as I increase my speed.

” I… I… I don’t have 30 minutes, please stop now ” she said slowly.
“okay.. 10 minutes ” I said then I put more effort.

Telling her to give me 10 minutes was a lie, I knew I won’t stop even after one hour. But I have to lie to keep my car on the road. After f-----g her for about 20 minutes. She voiced out again.

“you said 10 minutes, it’s almost 30 minutes. Please stop, it’s paining me ” she grunted.

I knew I have to control myself to stop, if not I might go on like that for hours. So I pull out my d--k and turned myself away from her.

“is that how you control yourself?” she asked after she realized that I turned my back at her for quite long.

” Yea… That’s the hardest way I control myself if I don’t want to use the easy way ” I said without turning to face her.

“so what’s the easy way? ” she asked.

” you wouldn’t want to know, ” I said as I face her. She looked down at my d--k and she discovered that it has reduced back to it normal form.

” tell me the easy way ” she pushed further. I look at her for a while, deciding whether to tell her or not. But I later did, since she won’t stop until she know.

” OK, I’ll just remember the death of Adesewa, and no matter what you do or spell you cast. My body can never move. That’s it ” I muttered as I head to the bathroom for a shower.

” Hmmmm… So what charm did I use on you that worked ” she asked. I stopped and look at her.

“you didn’t use any charm, I just allow myself to. If I should turn you over, I don’t want you to have the feeling of being cheep. So I let myself… Join me in the shower ” I said as I move into the bathroom.

I was woken up by the crows of a rooster At 7 am in the morning.
I opened my eyes to see Cindy staring at me.

“you f--k well ” she said as gave me a Light punch on my shoulder.
“oh… Good morning Cindy ” I muttered slowly.

“Yea… Thanks for yesterday. I wish you will f--k me as you f--k Rita someday ” she said.

I use my eyes to search for Rita, but she isn’t in the room. I guess that’s why Cindy was able to say the shit to my face.

” where’s Rita?” I asked ignoring her former speech.

“she went out to buy bread, while I’m frying egg for breakfast ” she replied. I sniff my nose in the air liked a dog, then I look back at her.

“what’s that smile? I guess the egg is burning ” I said.

She dash into the kitchen to off the cooking gas. I quickly use that medium to sit up and compose myself .

Rita came in with two loaves of bread and before I could say a word, she rush forward and place a kiss on my lips.

” And what’s that? ” I asked pretendedly
” that’s a good morning kiss ” she replied.

” oh… Anyway good morning ” I said then I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Should I say we are officially dating?

After two days, everything died down and I was able to go back to my place.

Before going home, I stopped at drinks store to buy two aromatic schnapps.

I offered it to the guys that saved my ass then I promise to take them go clubbing at the evening time.

A person who can explain color to a blind man can explain everything in life.

Since my ass just survived a trouble, I decided to lay low for some period of time ,so I reduced my movement around and decided to spend more time replying to the ignored messages both on facebook and whatsapp.

I opened my messenger to have some chat with some online friends.

I was chatting with one of my facebook friend Emmanuel Lawrence when a message came in from Aduke.

Aduke : you are somehow arrogant

Me: arrogant? What did you mean.?

Aduke : is this how you do.

Me: young woman, if you can’t explain what the problem is. I suggest you shut up.

Aduke : I knew you have Zero talking courtesy.

Me : you that have, can you please show me.

Aduke : show some respect for women

Me: Really? Even a dog knows the difference between being stumbledover and being kicked.

Aduke : so?

Me : anyway… How are you?

Aduke : now you are talking

Me : so I’ve been barking since?

Aduke :lol, I didn’t say so. How are you?

Me : I asked first. How are you?

Aduke : I’m fine and you?

Me : cool.

Aduke : I called your line one day and you pissed me off.

Me : so it’s you. Why didn’t you pick my call when I called
Aduke : cos I was angry.

Me : OK I’m sorry.

Aduke : no problem, apology accepted.

Me : good.

Aduke : Yea…this is my whatsapp number 081******* we can chat better on whatsapp.

Me : okay, I will add you up.

Aduke : okay. Any gist.

Me : sorry, I got to go. Chat you some other time.

Aduke : OK oooo. Bye bye
” this girl is troublesome” I said as I rest my body on the chair I’m sitting on.

After the day lecture one evening, I sat in the relaxation center looking at the people passing by and giving necessary comment in my mind when I should and when I shouldn’t. Just as I was looking I caught sight of the fat girl had sex with some weeks ago.

She was walking with her friend when I saw her. Our eyes came in contact and she advance towards me.

” what is this hippopotamus looking for bayi? ” I muttered to myself as she walk rapidly towards me with her friend.

When she got to me, she looked at me from head to toe as if I’m wearing a rag.

“sorry, something wrong with your eyes? ” I asked when she kept staring at me in an absurd manner.

” labake, this is the idiot that got me pregnant ” she said facing her friend which is named labake.

” Jummy, you mean he’s the one ” labake, said trowing a nasty look at me.

I was confused so I voiced out.
” what are you two imbecile saying ?” I asked.

” na your lecturer be imbecile. I’m pregnant! The sex we had resulted in pregnancy ” she fired.

“cows of Togo! Unbelievable!! I can’t believe I impregnated a pig!!! ”
To be continued….

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