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Aduke-Episode 18


Aduke-Episode 18

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Rape!!! I hate that shit.
Taking advantage of the weaker vessels sexually is an horrible thing.
I was burning tremendiously with anger, I couldn’t even console mercy that was crying bitterly like a lost child.
Saying I understand her pain will be an understatement cos it takes only a victim of such to understand her pain. It’s not about putting ourselves in the shoes, it’s about ” I was in the shoe “.
I gathered all I have together then I helped her in, I put my anger behind me as I hug her to stop crying. Telling her to stop crying isn’t going to work, all she needs is a shoulder to cry on.
I couldn’t tell my parents what happened, I had to do alot of cover up for her by lying that she’s sick.
Whenever my friends mention that I’m getting weak, my response are always the opposite, telling them that I’m still the Aweedy that they knew.
But I guess I’m wrong, I’m no more the Aweedy I used to be. I’m just oko Adesewa, pretending to be the bad ass I was once.
Aweedy will laugh at Mercy when she said she got raped, and the next thing on Aweedy mind will be how he’s going to have his own sex with her willing and not through rape. But this oko Adesewa is just emotional annoyingly .
I forgot about all what Mercy did in the past, I ushered her in like a prodigal daughter in need of a help. I never mention anything about what she told me, cos I know it’s going to make her feel bad, so I choose to make her happy. I made her feel loved again, even though she hardly talk to me as she used to, She is probably feeling guilty and didn’t know how to talk things right back, but I understand every of her unspoken words.
Three days after her arrival, I was in the kitchen storming for food to eat when I heard my name in a very low voice, just like a whisper.
” yes Aduke, you called me ” I said as I turn around to face her. I observed her mood which seems to be quite uncertain.
” you wanna tell me something ?” I asked after a prolonged silence of two minutes.
“yes… No I’m just checking to see if you are fine ” she replied swiftly. I raised my brows as I rest my body on the kitchen cabin.
” yes I’m fine, I just want to grab some… I’m kinda hungry anyway so I want to… ”
“should I cook noddles for you ” she cut in.
” oh noddles…good idea but I think I’ll go for gari. Thank you ” I said then I head towards the gari bowl to get some gari to drink.
Ever since she returned I’ll say, that’s her first time talking to me, all the while she has been moody and I’m always the one doing the talking, and mostly I begged her to eat.
” I’ll be going back home tomorrow” she said while I was drinking the gari. I took a deep breath as I remain mute.
She moved closer to me and touch my shoulder lightly.
” Ay… I want to apologize for what I said to you, I’m really sorry. And I want to say thank you for everything, thanks for being my comfort. when I got raped, you are the only person I trust not to judge my stupidity. I want to say thank you for being that good friend ” she said.
” it’s okay, That’s long gone. I was watching a cartoon some years ago Kung Fu Panda. When poo the panda was depressed, sad, feeling unwelcome, thought of giving up, feeling disgust of himself, then master orgrey came onto him and said that very special quote, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present. What happened to you is now the past, tomorrow await a greater things for you, but you have to realize that the present moment is all you’ve got, don’t let things from your past ruin your way out of the future. Just smile and be happy, let someone else take care of your past ” I said with a smile.
” thank you but what do you mean by someone else taking care of my past? ” she asked.
It Seems she’s quite brilliant but I’m not going to tell her any shit.
” it’s nothing, just another quote ” I replied.
” and who quoted that? ” she threw back.
” emmm… That’s master Shifu ” I mumbled.
” master Shifu? ” she questioned.
” yes… Same Kung Fu Panda ” I replied. That was actually a lie cos master Shifu never said that, oko Adesewa did. no one rape my beloved and go scot-free. The whosoever she called her fiance just included himself in my top list.
While she was sleeping, I quickly unlock her phone and download every details of her fiance down to my phone. I was able to get his address through her chat with him on whatsapp. After getting all I want I dropped her phone and then began drawing plans on how I’m going to meet him.
The following day, I helped mercy with her luggages to the park where she will be boarding a bus back to Akungba.
” I’m going to miss you ” I said after she is settled in the bus.
” I’ll miss you too, I know f----d up, I don’t even know if you will ever love me again” she mumbled slowly.
” I never stop loving you… But right now I got an unfinished business with someone. Tell me something do you still love him? ” I asked. She took a deep breath as she look into my eye.
” I don’t know… Somehow I still do, it crazy but I still do ” she said and that moment I got nailed with anger.
” seriously? Unbelievable!!! Let me tell you something, by the time I’m done with him believe me you will hate him more than shit! ” I let out angrily. I tried to move away but she hold my hand tightly.
” Ay please don’t do anything stupid, he’s in the force he’s an army ” she said. I found myself cooling down when I heard ‘he’s an army’ I felt cheated and my anger arise again.
” so what? He’s an army doesn’t mean he can’t be dealt with and I’m going to do it! ” I said loudly.
” just stop, please don’t touch him” she pleaded.
” oh really I’ve began to wonder if he truly rape you or the two of you just have a nice time together. I mean nice rough sex!!! ” I voiced out angrily.
She look at me with tearful eyes, then slowly she muttered.
” he took my innocent, he took my virginity forcefully, and you think I have a nice time with him, I didn’t expect that from you ” she said with tears rolling down her both eyes. I felt sorry for her and I know I need to apologize. Maybe I would have apologize had it been I wasn’t angry. But when ever we put anger in charge, our sense of reasoning will be different.
” you mean he took your virginity! I swear he won’t die well ” I said as I move angrily away from her. My head was full of anger as I walk rapidly away from the car park.
I run a call to apple boy on my way back home to inform him about my plans.
Me : how far
Apple boy : I dey baba. Wetin dey sup na?
Me : I got things to tell you.
Apple boy : Ehen, you wan see me in person ni Abi what?
Me : I suppose tell you in person ni but time no too dey.
Apple boy : okay Oya halla me for here then.
Me : you know when Aduke went to meet her fiance in Abuja.
Apple boy : yes I know, wetin happen
Me : you won’t believe what the guy did to her.
Apple boy : wetin he do?
Me : he raped her
Apple boy: ogun ooo
Me : I’m telling you.
Apple boy : that’s bullshit men
Me : serious one.
Apple boy : anyway sha she deserve am. With that her mouth wey dey run like pepeye leg…
Me : Alaye shut up jor. You no get sense ni
Apple boy : thunder tear your ass for there. You smoke weed ni.
Me : you dey craze is that what you suppose to say.
Apple boy: bomb dey your head, wetin I for talk? Bi Omo eni ba da kawi, bi omo eni osi da, kawi na.
Me : na today I know say you be idiot you don forget say Omo eni ko le buru titi Kà fi fe kun je.
Apple boy : Ehen this small boy of yesterday dey yan me proverb for phone ooo. Anyway I won’t say anything cos Omo buruku lojo tie.
Me : you daft gan, so na me bi Omo buruku. Well ko buru. Now let me tell you something. Iru ni pe oun ko te ri, oni oun ko kan abukun ri, amo ojo ti olosi okemesho. Kini won pe? won pe legbon.
Apple boy : Aye MI. Iyen Emi naa
Me : Yes you!
Apple boy : Alaye calm down na. Ori bibe koni ogun ori fifo nau.
Me : ori bibe ni ooo.
Apple boy : lol Pele abeni Lori, wetin you wan come do now.
Me : you just dey talk sense since morning.
Apple boy : na me go kill you last last
Me : I want to deal with that son of a bicth
Apple boy : na so, I dey with you.
Me : but one thing dey ooo.
Apple boy : wetin be that?
Me : the guy na soldier.
Apple boy : he be sojo?
Me : yea
Apple boy : boss I no dey with you ooo
Me : wetin dey do you self, sojo no be human being.
Apple boy : e be like say village people don dey enter your matter, you wan go fight soldier, you Don die finish niyen.
Me : it’s a matter of who kill who first
Apple boy : Boda ode you don kill person before?
Me : he will be my first, there’s always a first time for everything.
Apple boy : Chai, your anger don dey blind you. For what reason gan na.
Me : for every reason, I felt cheated. And I won’t let it slide away.
Apple boy : you better let this one slide away cos it’s a suicide mission.
Me : I’ll decide whether it’s a suicide mission cos I’m fighting for what I believe in.
Apple boy : and what the hell do you believe in ?
Me :love and I’m fighting it!
Apple boy : what? Are you so stupid ? Is this how you fight for love?
Me : so how will I?
Apple boy : I just realize that you are a big fool, all dos story wey you dey write don dey enter your head, cos you are always the hero like a superman inside it. Wake up bro, this is reality. You wanna face a soldier with what back up?
Me : I can see that you ain’t on my side you can go f--k yourself. I’ll do it alone.
Apple boy : Aweedy give yourself brain ooo. Na soldier we dey talk for here ooo.
Me : I know and that’s the more reason why I’m going after him. No one is above the law, but I got to confront him first. He got to know the shit he’s into.
Apple boy : I would advise you not to go anywhere.
Me: thank you. You can hide in your f-----g shell. You are just a bloody coward.
Apple boy : yea that’s me. I’ll take that as a compliment. But he who run live to fight another day
Me : Sharap! Rubbish. Oponu. he who run live to fight another day. Have you been into one? Get out jor.
I hanged up the call then I stop a bike which conveyed me home.
I felt the need to rest my brain so I lied down on the floor and before I knew it I was already gone in a sleep.
*********** ********** ******** *********
I was in a cathedral reciting the Holy Mary mother of God, I’m not a Catholic but I found myself reciting it, I guess I’m acting like a Roman cos I’m in Rome.
Just in the middle of the Holy prayer, my eye caught sight of a lady exiting the cathedral. The back view looks familiar so I stood up immediately and head for the door. On getting outside I met no one.
I searched all around but the lady was no where to be found.
I got confused as I began asking myself several question.
“no-no-no I’m not crazy, I saw her, no it’s not an illusion, she came through that door. She couldn’t have gone far. ” I soliloquised.
I saw someone passing so I quickly stop him.
” excuse sir, did you see a lady out here? ” I asked. He waved his head giving a negative response.
” I’m not blind, she’s the one that I saw ” I mumbled to myself.
“looking for me ?” that came a voice behind me. My heart skipped a beat cos my doubt is gone. There’s only one person in the world with that voice… It’s Adesewa.
I tuned to face her then I felt a pain on my head as if I made a hit with something. I opened my eyes and I found myself on the floor.
It was a dream, I got woken by hitting my head on a stool that was beside me, just as I turned in the dream, I turned in reality but I hit my head on stool insted.
” so it’s all a dream, but what kind of dream is this, it felt so real as if…”
” what dream is that? ” that came from my mom, I don’t even know when she returned from work.
” welcome ma ” I greeted.
” I heard you talking in your sleep ” she said and that got me confused.
“no I’m not, I’m actually up when you see me talking, I was soliloquising then ” I said.
” no I know what I’m saying, when I came inside, you were sleeping then and you were talking. It’s been a while I see you that way, I’m your mother and I know what I’m saying. Ayomide what’s happening, who are you looking for in your dreams, cos all you said, tells that you are looking for someone ” she said and that got me thinking.
“you won’t believe it if I tell you mom ” I muttered.
” just tell me what’s happening to you ” she said slowly.
” it’s Adesewa, I saw her, but not for long, I got woken by this stupid stool” I said as I hit the stool angrily. She looked at me strangely for some minutes before talking.
“you are angry, but the anger is not from your dream. What’s happening to you, I knew you well to be a master of your anger, I can see the burning flame of an anger in you. It’s controlling you… ”
“mom it’s okay ” I cut in ” I don’t know how you always do that, just stop it for today please. About the dream, what do you think? ” I asked.
” it’s a bad omen, seeing the dead in your dreams is not a good thing, perhaps she want to tell you something ” she answered.
” what could it be? ” I asked.
” I don’t know, how will I know. Maybe you should just visit her dad, it’s been long you do that. And he always ask of you. ” she said then she head inside her room to change her clothes.
I gave what my mom said a big thought then I decided that I’ll go and see him the following day. I called Adesewa dad in the evening to inform him about my coming and he was so glad to hear me say it.
I went to see him the following day and he welcomed me with an open arms. Except for his gateman all his escort has been replaced.
He arranged for me to be cared for with a good acholic wine, one of my favorite taste “Assi puglia” but I get to drink such once in a blue moon cos it’s quite expensive, around eighty six thousand naira per bottle. A good taste comes with an expensive taste. And my most favorite is “chateau cheval Blanc ” around three hundred and forty three thousand naira. I can’t buy those drinks but Adesewa dad can, and those were the moment I always enjoy with him. He’s a man of good taste, and those are part of things I learnt from him, he made me realize how worthless beers are. Real men drink real alcohol, not sorghum.
” where are your former escort ?” I asked.
” oh you mean kabiru and co, they are long gone, even after them another set has come. In military you don’t serve one boss forever ” he replied. I smiled as I remember how he once detest me because I’m dating his daughter, I never for once imagine that I will be this close to him.
After talking randomly for some minutes, I decided to ask him some stuff about Adesewa in relation to the dream I had.
” I want to ask you something sir… When Adesewa is still alive, is she a Catholic member? ” I asked.
” Hmmm actually she is not, it’s her mother that do go to catholic before she was born. But sometimes she do go to the cathedral church around the market side sometimes. Why are you asking? He asked.
” nothing… It just came to my mind. I might need your help with some things sir ” I said then I began staring at the floor.
” what is it? Is it money? Just send me your account number I’ll transfer to you ” he said as he brings out his phone.
” not exactly sir but it’s another thing different. A military man raped my friend and I couldn’t do anything due to the fact that there’s no evidence against him and besides he is a soldier ” I said. He took a deep breath as he take a zip from the wine he’s drinking.
“so what did you want me to do? ” he asked calmly.
” I don’t know how to bring him to justice ” I replied.
” it’s okay, I understand you. Don’t worry I got your back, if any of such happens again just let me know I’ll know how to handle it. ” he said and I thanked him for the support.
I waited till evening before leaving his side, he’s quite an old man that needs someone to always talk to. He’s living quite a lonely life.
I’m not the church going type but I felt the need to go to church on Sunday, I went to the same cathedral church I was told by Adesewa dad.
The service was quite boring that I didn’t know when I doze off. Perhaps it’s boring to me cos I’m not use to the catholic ways.
I got woken by a tap on my shoulder, I opened my eyes to see a sister beside me.
” the Lord says you should take things easy, either you win the battle or not what has been written cannot be changed. Make peace with your path. May the Lord be with you ” she said then she make a cross sign.
“thank you ” I muttered slowly as I head out of the church.
“No this won’t change my plans ” I soliloquised as I stopped a taxi.
I got home and I began making preparation to meet the so called fiance in Abuja. Actually his name is Franklin. Quite a bastard to me.
I lied to my parents and they allowed me to go, so I set off on Monday.
I was on my way to Abuja when last Don called me.
Last Don : how far Aweedy
Me : I dey jare.
Last Don : this idiot follow me talk some talk yesterday I want to ask if it true or not.
Me : it is.
Last Don : Chai that’s bull shit. So what’s up now?
Me : I want to go and confront the bastard. I’m on my way to Abuja now.
Last Don : Aweedy why you dey do like this na. At least you suppose let me know how the thing dey go nau.
Me : no vex
Last Don : I no vex but sha take things easy. I hear say the guy na soldier.
Me : yes.
Last Don : sojo no be Moi-Moi ooo. I you got to have a strong back up.
Me : I got one.
Last Don : who?
Me : Adesewa P man
Last Don : naso, the man self na general.
Me : yea.
Last Don : any how sha. Let me know if you will need my assistance.
Me : alright bro
Last Don : take care.
I got to Abuja quite late in the evening, I couldn’t do anything so I just lounge in an hotel to rest my body.
I set off the following day to search for Franklin, I have his house address so locating his place was very easy for me.
I knocked on his door and I was lucky to meet him at home. He opened the door and what I saw was quite enormous.
He’s big, taller than am I, broad chest, big muscles and quite a terrifying face.
” And who do we have here, the stupid motherfucker that kiss my woman in the cinema so good to see you ” he let out loudly.
” how interesting will it be if I can just drag your balls out of your pant then made it ready on a toasting machine with a nice bread. ” I threw back directly.
” are you done blabbing. I know you will come, it was such a nice sex with her. The p---y was so tight…”
” I’m going to take that metal stool, shove it sideways then chop it right through your throat if you keeps saying that shit ” I cut in.
” oh really, but you seems too little to do that ” he said in a boastful manner. I looked at his well builded body with muscles, mine is of no match to him but somehow I wasn’t showing fear.
” it’s not the size of a dog in a fight, it’s the size of a fight in a dog ” I muttered bravely. He chuckled as he moved closer to me and almost hitting me with his broad chest but I stood my ground without fear.
” you are wrong boy, it’s always the size of the dog, and I’m gonna crush you down cos I’m no dog. I’m a tiger!!! ” he voiced out.
“very well then, we will see about that ” I muttered.

To be continued….

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