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Psycho Billionarie - Episode9

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Kelly pov
I watched her as her starred at me or let me say at my lip in particular
I waved my hand across her face and she turned her face to another direction feeling embarrassed
Such a clumsy girl
I kept taking her pictures while she makes funny faces till we were both exhausted
"Lets go back"i said and she nodded
we went back to my car and i drove back home in silence
She never keeps quiet maybe something is wrong with her
I looked at her properly and noticed shes asleep already
No wonder
But what this girls problem with sleeping ,i warned her the last time not to sleep else shes going to find her way back home
i arrived at my house ,parked the car and went upstairs leaving her there
Next time she wont sleep in the car
I entered the shower and my mind drifted back to what happened earlier today
After making up my mind to cancel the outing
But seeing her all dressed up and prepared the words refused to come out of my mouth i had no option than to take her out

Mira pov
I opened my eyes gently and my body hurts so bad
Jeez its as if i slept on a bed of rock
That was when it hit me that i was in a car not just any car but kelly's car
The event of last night came back
Gosh i remembered when i felt sleepy on our way home and slept off in the car
Jeez he couldnt even wake me up or even carry me like a gentle man instead he left me there
I cant believe that guy is this arrogant and heartless ,who leaves a girl in the car because she slept off huh?
I checked the time it was 10:00am in the morning already ,i really over slept
i opened the car door and dragged me self into the house ,kelly was already there operating his phone
i walked gently and collapsed on the floor like someone who fainted
Incase i dint tell you guys i have once won medal for best school actress back then in high school
And this is just a payment for what kelly did to me last night
"When you are done pretending to faint you get up and go take a shower because you stink"kelly said and went upstairs
Arrh this guy is evil,how did he know i was pretending
I sniffed my self ,,yeah i really stink
I dragged myself to my room and entered the bathroom thinking of a perfect revenge for kelly because what i just did was epic fail
Soon i was done i ran to the kitchen because i was really hungry and searched for food but there was none
I felt like crying
You know that situation where you are really exhausted to even lift a pot ,all you want to do is to just see food and start digging in right

Well thats the situation am in right now ,not seeing food makes me want to cry and i dont have the strength to cook and i sat down on the floor
"your food is in your room already before you start crying"my eyes and mood light up immediately i heard food
I quickly ran upstairs and slipped and my butt landed on the floor
I quickly stood up adjusted myself ,avoid looking in kellys direction and ran back upstairs
Jeez that was so embarrassing ,,stupid stairs ,,,,it just made me embarrass myself infront of kelly well this isnt the first time
imagine I got lost starring at him lips ,gosh i need to stop embarrassing myself
I entered my room and saw my food on the dressing table ,how come i didnt see this earlier today
i dropped the food and began eating

To be continued


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