Psycho Billionarie - Episode8

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
i have turned all the clothes in my closet out but i havent still found the right clothes to wear
my eyes went to a shopping bag kelly bought for me recently
Ohh so beautiful and perfect ,it was a red gown touching my knee
I packed my hair in a messy bun ,applied a red lipstick and wore my shoes
I kept looking at the mirror till i was satisfied with my look
I reached for the door knob and ran back to the mirror again ,arrh nothing is spoilt i still look good
I walked to the sitting room and met him seated operating his phone he was prepared or is he going that way
"am ready"i said
He turned his gaze to me and starred at me for seconds i was beginning to feel weird and nervous
Do i look bad ?
Oh no what is my lipstick is too much?
"i ..Will be right back "he said and went upstairs
Why did he act weird when he saw me or did i over dress ,,,,,,maybe i did
I sat down and soon he came down stairs with a changed outfit
"Lets go"he said and we both we out
He collected the car keys from his driver and we entered the car
I kept a straight face and didnt look at him although the driver but i could feel his gaze on me
Soon we pulled up at a fancy resturant and we went in
Gosh i was feeling hungry because i didnt eat enough earlier today
We ordered and soon we began eating in silence
Gosh i think my mouth is already smelling but if i have to pull this off ,i need to be quiet
I felt like saying something but my subconscious kept telling me not to
"Am sorry about the other night "he finally said and i smiled within me
"Its okay"i replied
"So do you want to go see the city"he asked and i nodded like a child
soon we were done ,he packed his car at a distance and we began walking about ,paris really look beautiful
"Take me picture"i said and posed
He took a few shoot and continued walked
We passed an icecream glittered
"Icecream" i half yelled and ran to the truck
"Two please "i said and the man gave me two icecream cone
"Pay"i said to kelly
He rolled his eyes and paid for them
"Here"i said giving him one
"No i dont want"he replied
"C'mon you will love it,besides i already bought two"i said
"Just throw it away "he said and i glared at him
"Thats waste of money"i replied and shoved it to him mouth while he starred at me angrily
He collected it and licked his lips using his tongue
is he trying to seduce me or what ?
And like a fool i stood there starring at his lips.


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