Psycho Billionarie - Episode7

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
I know am a prostitute
But dose he have to rub it in my face all the time
Dose he have to remind me about the kind of life am living
I dont even know why it hurt so much hearing those words from him
I am fool for asking,i should have just kept quiet
I quickly cleaned me tears that were threatening to fall and went upstairs
he just succeeded in spoiling my happy mood today
I lay on my bed and soon dozzed off

Kelly pov
I starred at her as she walked upstairs
Some how i felt guilty for the way i spoke to her
Well shes a prostitute right?i dont see any reason for her to be upset because i called her a prostitute
Why am i even bothered about her
I stood up and head to my room part of me wanted to check her
I walked towards her door and placed my ears on it ,there was no noise
Maybe shes asleep i guess
I went back to my room and lay down ,but my mind kept disturbing me about her
Gosh what have i put myself into
Why did i call her a prostitute ,but shes a prostitute right ?
Maybe i should just apologize to her ,,,,,what no way ,how can i apologize her ,who is she that i will apologize
I kept tossing about on my bed till i finally slept off
I woke up as usual took my bath and dressed up ,i opened my door to go have breakfast when i bumped into her
She acted as if she didnt see me and walked ahead of me shaking her butt
This girl is just something else
We sat at the dining and annie came serving our food
"Morning annie"she greeted smiling
"Morning mara"annie replied
so she cant even say good morning to me but she said it to annie ,what nerves ,totally disrespectful am her boss not annie
Since when do i even care about greetings
We ate in silence and she was done before me

"Get prepared we are going somewhere"i said and she nodded
Okay this is really weird ,before she never stops talking and i do the ignoring part not her and i was expecting her to be jumping and be really happy that we are going out
I cant believe shes ignoring me ,this girl is so full of her self,so much nerves
Maybe i should just apologize,,,No, there no way am apologizing to her
Infact am gonna cancel taking her out ,who is she to make me feel bad huh

Mira pov
I ran to my room and jumped on my bed excitedly
My plan worked ,it really did
arrrh giving him cold shoulders was the best idea
But i still have to pretend and make him feel more quilty
I dashed into the closet and began searching for clothes ,i wonder where he is taking me to
i need to dress breathtaking ,i need make up ,i need to do my hair and what shoe am going go wear


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