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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode16


Raquelia - Episode16
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Jena's POV

Hollywood young stars a university created only for art courses, everything you want about art is there, music, dancing, fashion, acting, pottery, even how to be better script and song writers, it had it all. It was THE most popular college in LA and they offer the courses for three to four years, depends on which one you are

Coolest part, you can study a lot at the same time because your schedule will be properly fixed. I loved the school, I'd tried to get in for three straight years but no luck, it's super hard to get in, only extra ordinary talents are allowed there

I walked happily into the school while chatting with Nia, Quelly was quiet as usual, she just don't like talking at all. We heard screaming and I knew it must be one of the celebrities passing, tons of them attend this college, the second main reason I came here, was to meet the guy I've been in love with since forever
We walked to a corner, well, Quelly left me there, then I saw him, my love and my crush, Kyle McGee and Arthur McKnight, they were so hot, Arthur especially but since I'm in love with Kyle, I'll chose him always. Arthur had a gold headphone on and his hands in his pockets while kyle was waving flirtatiously at every single girl

I frowned at that, not until he winked at me, I went crimson and giggled like an idiot, if Quelly was here, she would have smacked my head with her shoe, he walked pass me, his cologne raping my nostril or maybe it was Arthur's, nevertheless it made my mind turn blank

Just as they were about entering the next hall, Quelly ran in and bumped into Arthur, I snapped back to my senses and ran to her

Arthur's POV

I walked with Kyle as usual, he was flirt waving to every girl, someone bump into me, like seriously, she fell on the floor in a thud, I looked down at her and froze. Same cream hair and silver cat eyes, it can't be right?

'Quelly' a voice shouted and a orange haired girl or whatever that color is knelt beside her and held her hand 'are you okay?'

'My rings, I forgot them, I can't find them' she said panickingly
'Relax, here it is' the orange girl said calmly and brought out a necklace, cream girl snatched it from her and hugged it, before sighing with relief. 'I told you to stop running'

'I'm okay, I just fell, she looked at me and tilted her head thoughtfully. 'I'm sorry for bumping into you' she apologized, I smiled and walked away before I would do something stupid.
'It can be someone else' I muttered but those eyes, those lips, it has to be her, I've been looking for her for years now, five years to be precise, please Lord, let it be her. 'Quelly' I muttered

'Say what?' Kyle asked calmly
'Nothing' I said smilingly, he shrugged

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'Did you see that orange haired girl, she's pretty, I want her'
'Okay Kyle, whatever you say' I said unenthusiastically. We went to class and signed some autographs, then we went to general music class for all year students

'Hello class, we have some new students, as you all know, only twenty music student made it into the school this year and this is them, please introduce yourselves'
'My name is Mickey Joe, nice to meet you all' a guy introduced
'My name is Sheila Mick, Arthur I love you' I rolled my eyes mentally but smiled at her

'I'm Julia Wales, I'm so happy to be here with you Kyle, I hope we can see more' Kyle winked at her, I smiled, she's not his type so that is never happening. The rest introduced themselves either saying how they love our work or want to marry us, girls

'Where are the remaining two people?' Mr Morris asked with a frown

'Sorry we are late' that orange girl yelled while running in. 'We lost our way, my name is Jena Zachary, I'm so trilled to be here, I hope everyone here will be nice to me so I would be too' there was a serious warning in her voice, that creamed haired girl walked in nonchalantly but went straight to an empty chair

'Your highness, don't you have a name?' Mr Morris asked sardonically, she shook her head negatively. 'Really?'

'Yup' she said smilingly

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Raquelia's POV
I kept glancing at that guy I bumped into earlier, those eyes were ringing a very loud bell but I couldn't just pinpoint where I've seen them, my heart was beating in a familiar way, a way I know it has beat once for someone, someone I locked out because I don't want to remember that person, he kept staring at me glancingly

'Mrs No Name, can you tell us the main source of music?' The teacher asked jokingly

'Cupcakes' I replied with his tone and they laughed

'It's love' a girl said dreamily while staring at that guy, I got upset, don't even know why
'No, it's the voice' a guy shouted

'No, the instrument' another shouted

'Fools! Was I even talking to you busy bodies' the teacher yelled annoyed, everyone laughed 'now no name, answer'

'Well, I'm sure it's inspiration and passion' I answered certainly
'And why is that?'

'Well, music cannot be written without any source of inspiration, like you can get it from your mom, your lover, nature and even food, it can come from anything and then with passion, the motion is added, passion for music is what leads to inspiration'

'Impressive now your name?'

'Anybody' I replied cheekily
'Lady Jena, will you do this humble man a favor and tell me your friend's name?'

'Sure, her na...' I gave her a 'don't you dare' look, she rolled her eyes. 'She'll have me for lunch if I tell'
'And I'll have you for dinner if you don't tell me' Mr Morris said playfully, he's so bright and free
'My name is Becca Isla Jillian Piper Chocolate Beaver' the whole class burst into laughter

'You're lying' Jena said in a sing song. 'Her name is R.....'

'Big mouth shut it'
'No, you're not the owner of my mouth'

'I rather don't have any than have yours' I snapped

'Oh come on, I know you love my sexy lips so don't act indifference'
'Who deceived you, gullible'

'And yet you love me sunshine' she said cockily, I rolled my eyes, the class were laughing, we always argue like this

'My name is Raquelia' I answered the teacher

'See, that wasn't so hard was it?' He asked playfully, I smiled, I like him

'I haven't your gotten your name Mr Sweet' I said teasingly
'You see! she's a smart girl, she knows I'm sweet, I love that name so from now on I'm Mr Sweet not Morris' he said screamingly, I giggled. 'You can sit Queen Elsa' he added smilingly, I chuckled and sat down. 'I'll call you Quelly'

'Never! That's my thing' Jena exclaimed

'Okay ma'am, Raquel it is'
I saw that guy Jena is going gaga over, what's that his useless name again? Nyle? Pie? Lyle! Yes! I think, anyways, he winked at her but she rolled her eyes. That's Jena, she'll act like she don't like a guy even if she's obsess with him
Jena had a weird personality, one minute she's the flamboyant type giving flamboyant gestures to everyone, next she's strict, caring, childish, sassy or cheeky but she's always bright and jovial, always fastidious and fashionable and those were her main charisma
I looked at that guy and our eyes met, the sparks I felt was so strong that I couldn't breathe, I looked away immediately with my heart pounding furiously, I closed my eyes as I held my chest

Hey loves, I'm sorry if I made mistakes in my typing, I'm in a hurry

Tell me what you think about this episode

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