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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode12


Raquelia - Episode12
Age of her powers

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

Nothing happened to me for the next one week except the weird dreams I kept having, I couldn't tell anyone, I was scared. The school was taking the first to third graders camping to learn about nature, my specialty. Jena was so happy because they included the first graders but sad because her siblings couldn't come, Jinora was Ill and Jayden was pretending to be

'Remember Jena, don't beat up anyone there, please in the name of God, I'm begging you' aunt Felicia pleased with two hands clasped together in a pleading manner

'Mom I only give troublemakers what they deserve but I promise I work fight this time, at least if they back off' she smiled, aunt Felicia sighed and dished our jammed toast for us

'Raquelia you don't seem excited about it' uncle Marion said calmly
'I'm not excited about anything, I have no reason to' I said coldly, I was really worried about myself, they kept quiet at first before aunt Felicia laughed

'I remember the first time Melissa and I went on a trip with our dad, Lisa kept complaining that she don't want to go because there would be so much dirt there, dad ignored her all through then the moment she got out of the car, she got sprayed by a skunk, a perfect welcome present' she said laughingly, I frowned, do they have to talk about mom now
'She must have felt horrible' uncle Marion laughed

'Are you kidding me! She fainted' I stared angrily at the glass of milk she was holding, the glass started turning red, she screamed and let go of it, the glass broke

'Honey what's wrong?'

'The cup burnt me' she sobbed, uncle Marion looked at her like she had grown an extra head. 'I'm serious' her hands were red and one could easily see that she just got burnt, I gasped and ran to her
'Aunty please don't cry'

'How can a cup just burn you like that? A cold glass cup' uncle Marion said quizzically

'Here mommy' Jayden said anxiously, handling her a bowl of water, Nelly was sucking her thumbs and Shelly crying. 'Stop crying Shell fish' she dipped her hand into the water, nothing was happening, I stared at the water as if I could control it

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'The water is getting really cold!' Aunt Felicia exclaimed, she removed her hand sharply and gasped, the burn was gone. I moved back to my seat, the confusion was great, I know I did it. Jena was quiet, I didn't know she was observing my every move
'We are getting late dad' she finally spoke up, she pulled my hand to go wait by the car, she said nothing to me, not one word

 fast_forward >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

'On the road again
We are singing on the road again
The student of Caravel high is on the road again
To go see places we haven't been before

We're happy because we're in the road again...' everyone except me sang, my focus was out of the window, at the trees and sky
'Raquelia' that voice again whispered, I closed my eyes and found myself in a forest, that lady with yellow and white hair was there on the grass. 'Hello Lia, sit'. I sat down far away from her, she chuckled 'I won't hurt you'

'Who are you?' I asked coldly with a frown

'You have her boldness, I can see her through your eyes' she smiled
'Who?' I asked curiously

'Maisie, it was said that she was the bravest next to my sister Genevieve but of course, Genevieve was straightforward and cold, they both live in you along with the three others before Maisie'

'You are getting little me confuse' I said complainingly

'Do you wanna know why I saved you from the accident?'

'And not save my parents? Yes'
'I am in your mind my dear, I could only save you' she said sadly
'What is happening to me?'

'Your powers are awaken, you are far stronger than any being in every single universe, those crystals made sure of that, the seven crystals of balance' she smiled

'Now I feel like I'm in a movie' I grumbled

'And like every movie the chosen one must save the world, take my hands Lia, let me show you everything from the beginning' she smiled, I crawled to her and took her hands, wind surrounded us and when it died down, we were in a room, two men were fighting

'Why are they fighting?' I asked curiously

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'The one with the black hair is Vector, evil twin brother of the blonde one, Victor, they are the sons of Alexander, creator of my universe'

'Why are they fighting?'

'Alexander gave the throne to Victor but Vector wants it so Victor is trying to protect it, Alex is dead. Victor is the light of my world and Vector the mistake, darkness' Victor threw a blast at Vector and it got him in the heart

'I promise I'll be back, not in this form but certainly in another, I'll destroy this world and every other as well, mark my words brother' Vector coughed, Victor hissed and thrust his sword into his brother's heart, I screamed and hugged the lady's leg

'No look Lia' she whispered, I looked. 'See that little smoke leaving Vector's body?'

'Yes, that's his soul, Victor was foolish, he didn't notice it, that smoke hid in a cave for thousands of years, the same cave Massey ran away to when her sister married the man she secretly loved, that smoke, infected her and replaced hers with his' she explained

'Who's Massey?'

'Vector in the form of a woman, your enemy. Take my hands and I shall show you'

 Jena's POV

Raquel was sleeping soundly, I couldn't help but remember what happened at home earlier, something is wrong with her, is she a witch? I remember when she was in the hospital, her hair glowed, she was indeed weird, from her hair to the strange star in her eyes to her musical voice that calms down the angriest soul
Whatever it is, I'll protect and stay with her

'Okay kids, we're here, wake up your sleeping seatmates' the teacher announced

'We are not here, I just stopped to buy fuel and let the children take a break to stretch their legs' the driver corrected

'Okaaaay, out kids, who wanna pee, go pee' the teacher shouted, I stayed back of course. 'Are you sure you don't wanna go Jena?'
'I'm positive, thank you Miss Helene'

'No probs, I'll buy you something' she smiled and left, I stayed there for twenty minutes before I went to pee and take my ice cream and snacks, an hour pass before everyone got back in the bus, it started and the song began
The driving was smoothe until two of the tires exploded close to the camp site, we screamed, the car was spinning in the air, if it crashes, we die, everyone's eyes were closed in horror except me. Raquel jolted up with glowing white eyes and the bus landed on the ground gently, not a single soul hurt, I pretended I was closing my eyes too

'Is everyone okay?' Miss Helene asked in tears

'We're fine' we all shouted except Raquel who was quiet with a blank face

Yea just fine

Raquelia's POV

'This is where Massey is hiding now, when Genevieve removed her from me, she hid here, she will return and will be close to you, she'll try to possess you by hurting the ones you love so you'll be sad and vulnerable but you must protect them, seal yourself to the one who will steal your heart for if he should get hurt, I fear what will happen and leave the amulet with Emma'

'I thought Emma died at a ripe age?' I asked puzzledly

'But is reborn as Jena, you'll need a friend like her because in my days, she saved my life' she smiled to herself

'And Mark?'

'Rightfully dead, anyways, your cousin is in danger as well as you, wake up and stop the bus from crashing'


'Close your eyes and reopen them' I did as told and when I did, I was back in the bus which I just stopped from crashing, everyone's eyes were closed. I now know who and what I am, all I need now is learn how to use my powers

So who is the lady?

Emma is also here but as Jena

What do you think about this episode


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