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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep16


Cassandra Season 2Ep16

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

‘’no please don’t do it. Do you really want to kill him?’’ Cassandra suddenly begged, coming to my defense once again. Edwin hesitated for a moment, turned and stared at her.

‘’yes I’m serious about killing him. I’m going to kill him and nothing will happen’’ he threatened viciously while I struggled to regain my strength. I couldn’t believe I was going to die like a fowl. I couldn’t believe I was doing to die by Edwin’s hand. I muttered quick prayers, begging God to forgive all my sins.

‘’I hope you have made peace with your creator?’’ Edwin asked with a smile, slowly positioning the knife he held for the kill strike. I breathed deeply, expecting to the worst. Fortunately for me, my phone rang that very moment, breaking the tension in the room.
The ringing phone gave me the opportunity to play a dry trick as I noticed the suspicious look Edwin gave me as the phone rang.

‘’you said I was silly to come here all alone to confront you but I think you are the most stupid boy I have ever seen. How on earth could you believe that I came here all alone in the first place?. Your house is already surrounded by the police. I was just sent in to distract you. So you better finish what you started and get ready for a lifelong time in jail’’ I managed to mutter with all my strength. For the first time Edwin looked totally terrified. It was very obvious he was scared of the police.

He quickly grabbed my phone from my pocket, switched it off, tossed it away and ran to the window where he took a quick look outside before returning to face me with a weird look on his face.

‘’no one can stop me, not even the police’’ he breathed fiercely, headed to one of the rooms and returned seconds later with a small travel bag. It was as if he already was ready to flee even before I got to the house because the swiftness by which he emerged from the room with a fully packed travel bag aroused my curiosity.

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‘’this isn’t over yet. I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your family. I’m coming back for my Cassandra. I won’t kill you now because it isn’t worth it at the moment’’ he threatened, took a quick look at Cassandra before disappearing through another door. Cassandra quickly rushed to my side, stopping the bleeding with a handkerchief.

‘’you are quickly losing blood. Please don’t breathe too fast, close your eyes and relax. I can stop the bleeding. Thanks for risking your life to save me’’ she muttered quickly, trying her best to control the blood which was dropping from my wounded chest.

‘’get my phone. I think the caller was Chinedu. I came only with him. I didn’t come with the police’’ I struggled to breathe as Cassandra quickly grabbed my phone from where Edwin tossed it minutes ago.

‘’Call Chinedu, direct him to the house and let him in. he knows what to do’’ I managed to breathe.


Hours later, I opened my eyes to see the police inspector and Chinedu smiling down at me.
‘’Hey strong man, you are back in Owerri. Cassandra managed to control the bleeding and we safely got you to this private hospital. The police are now in charge of the situation’’ Chinedu said with a smile while the inspector nodded.
‘’yes Mr. David we are now in charge of the situation and we are sure of getting Edwin in few days. Cassandra is at the station, helping us with investigation but you really did a brave but foolish deed. You civilians should always leave us the police to do our job instead of interfering. You almost got killed. You also allowed a hardened criminal to escape justice’’ he said softly, leaving a great fear all over me.

‘’please protect Nora. Please protect my son. Edwin threatened to come after them. I hope he hasn’t gotten them already. I have to get out of here’’ I suddenly breathed, struggling to sit up while the inspector and Chinedu quickly held me down.

‘’please don’t let him get to them’’ I passionately begged, too weak to do a thing.


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