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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep15


Cassandra Season 2Ep15

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

We got to Avutu town around 10:15am and with a little asking around we were able to locate Edwin’s family house which was strangely built in an isolated location.

The house was a massive one storey structure which sat like a king in a vast sparse of land with no other houses surrounding it. It was just as if the owner of the house bought all the lands surrounding his property in a bid to turn the whole area into a super estate but ran short of money before being able to complete the project. The whole area was overrun with weeds and trees but the path leading to the main gate of the house was well maintained and clean which made us to believe that someone was inside the building even though the environment looked deserted.
I was unable to drive any nearer to the house to avoid being noticed which made me stop my car a distance away from the house.

‘’now we have seen the house, I think it’s time to get the police involved. The house is bigger than I thought it would be and there is no way we are getting into it on our own’’ Chinedu breathed with resignation while I shook my head.

‘’I’m going to take a closer look at the house, just stay behind in the car. I’m coming’’ I said courageously, opening the car door.

‘’you can’t be serous!’’ he exclaimed with disbelief.
‘’the whole area looks quiet and deserted. What if we come with the police and find the house locked?. I have to take a good look bro, just to be sure.’’ I said seriously. He shrugged and nodded.

‘’just don’t be long’’ he begged. I smiled at him, alighted from my car and quickly headed to the house, using the trees surrounding the driveway as cover.

I grew up in the village and I was very much used to such surroundings. I used to steal mangos, pears and even coconuts back then from houses with even higher fences. But this time around age really wasn’t on my side and so I had to be overly cautious.

I slowly headed towards the back of the house where I knew I could find a second narrow gate. I knew such houses always have a second gate hidden at the backyard. Moreover I knew backyards to be the easiest way to gain access to a house. It equally could be a place to know if there is any activity going on in a building.

I slowly found the second gate and placed my ear on it to see if I could hear any voice coming from the building but I heard none. I wiped out sweat from my face as I thought of what next to do. That exact moment, I heard Edwin’s voice from behind.

‘’Mr. David what a surprise!. Are you so stupid or what?. What are you doing here?. Trying to rescue Cassandra, I guess?’’ he asked with a sneer while I faced him with great fear. I really wasn’t expecting to confront him so soon. I never even knew where he emerged from.

‘’you suddenly can’t talk huh?. Haven’t you heard that heroes get killed in real life?. Are you really so dumb to even come here alone?. Tell me what you can do supposing you find Cassandra in my house?’’ he asked while I silently weighed him. I just couldn’t say a word. My head suddenly went numb.

‘’you want to see Cassandra?. Fine, let’s go inside’’ he said with a smile, opened the small gate and virtually dragged me inside the building. I tried my best to remain calm as I slowly built back my confidence.

‘’after all it’s only him. I can’t beat him in a one on one fight’’ I reasoned as we headed into the big building.

‘’Welcome to my castle, Welcome to my palace where my beautiful queen resides. Here is Cassandra!’’ he exclaimed as he opened the door leading to the sitting room. My eyes instantly enlarged as they fell on Cassandra sitting on a couch with her attention focused on the TV she were watching. She instantly froze with surprise on seeing me, quickly sitting upright while i swallowed hard, unable to say a word.

I couldn’t help but notice that her face was very swollen and deeply colored. Yes she wasn’t in chains and appeared to be free but one look at her told me that she was definitely under captivity.


‘’my love, your David came to save you. Can you believe that?’’ Edwin said to Cassandra as he kissed her on the cheek while I watched on silently.

‘’you can’t imagine how much I have yearned for this moment. My greatest wish has always been to kill you before my Cassandra. To see you die before her eyes and I can’t wait any much longer’’ he said, grabbed a big kitchen knife and walked towards me with a murderous smile.

‘’a knife is a very silent killer. It lets you watch your blood as you bleed to death. I so much love knives. You can’t imagine how many people I have used it on’’ he breathed, drew back and tried to drive the knife into my stomach with a fast t----t but I already was waiting for that moment. I quickly drew back, narrowing escaping his blow. My swiftness left him stunned for some seconds. He raised his hand with the knife, this around with the intention of stabbing me with it from anywhere. I tried stopping him by trying to grab his hand but miscalculated. His knife almost slit my right hand into two while Cassandra screamed, rushed forward and dove at him from behind, pushing him forward and sending him flying towards me.
I ducked as he fell on a chair, and quickly plunged at him to finish him off before he could recover from the shock. But unfortunately he never let go of the knife as he fell and as I plunged at him. He buried the knife into the left corner of my chest, leaving me immobilized.

‘’Die David. Die you bastard’’ he breathed as I fell backwards.
He licked his lips, got up and watched me bleed while Cassandra cried from a distance, too scared to attempt attacking him again.

‘’it’s now time to finish you once and for all’’ he breathed, bent over and pulled the knife from my body, ready to stab me one last time.


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