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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep14


Cassandra Season 2Ep14

David’s side of The story;
As narrated by David

By 12pm the next day, I was in Chinedu’s shop, nervously waiting for the boy who promised to snitch on Edwin to show up. I just was very impatient as if my whole life depended on the boy’s appearance.

‘’he should be here by now. What could be delaying him?’’ I heard my friend mutter in an effort to start a conversation with me. I only sighed and glanced at my watch, saying nothing to his statement. His phone however rang shortly.

‘’it’s him’’ he informed me happily before answering the call.


The young man finally showed up at exactly 12:20pm, looking very nervous and alert. Chinedu however soon made him feel at home by offering him a bottle of cold beer while I nervously waited for him to talk.

‘’you did a very right thing by coming forward to talk. You just made yourself some money’’ my friend softly said in a bid to make the young man start talking.

‘’so how about my money?. Is it here?’’ he asked searchingly, throwing a suspicious look at me. Chinedu nodded, fetched a bundle of notes from a locker and tossed the money on his laps. He quickly counted the money while I left my eyes on him. He looked no older than twenty four. ‘’Probably a cult member’’ I reasoned.

‘’it’s only fifty thousand naira that I have here. That wasn’t the agreement’’ he muttered quickly after counting the money.

‘’of course you are yet to provide the information we are looking for. You have to talk first my brother’’ Chinedu replied, leaving the young man silent for a while as he probably considered his position.

‘’fine, the information I’m going to give you is hundred percent accurate because I’m from Edwin’s village. I’m somehow like a cousin to him even though we hardly relate in school. I was told that you guys are interested in knowing his background and that is the reason I’m here talk.’’ He said slowly. We all nodded with great interest.

‘’Edwin was born and brought up in Lagos where he attended his primary and secondary school before moving down to the east for his university education. He used to be a medical student. I think he was admitted around 2007 but was rusticated after some years. He stayed behind to run his gang and that has been sustaining him all these while. His parents hardly come home, in fact since my childhood I have only seen his parents twice. The last time they came home was in December 2009 or 2010. I’m not really sure of the year’’ he narrated calmly.

‘’when was the last time you saw Edwin?. I heard he hasn’t shown up around the hostel since this January’’ Chinedu asked intelligently.

‘’well I haven’t really noticed that but then the last time I saw him was two weeks ago in the village. I think he relocated to the village
because of election runs. Moreover his father built a very big one storey building in the village’’ he answered while Chinedu and I instantly shared a knowing look.

‘’can you describe your village and everything I need to know about Edwin’s family house’’ Chinedu asked. He nodded, breathed deeply and took his time in telling us all we needed to know about his village and how to get there.
‘’so how about the balance of my money ‘’ he asked when he was done. Chinedu smiled and shook his head.

‘’of course you are not expecting us to give you hundred thousand naira without first confirming all you just told us. You will get the balance of your money, I promise. But not today, we will first confirm if all you told is true’’ he said to the young man who had no choice than to accept the condition.

‘’so what now?’’ Chinedu asked after the boy left.

‘’let’s go to the police right away, get some men and head to the silly boy’s village. I bet Cassandra is locked up there’’ I breathed without thinking straight. My friend smiled, shaking his head.
‘’what if Cassandra isn’t there with the boy and we arrive with the police?’’ he suddenly asked, leaving me silent with the question.

‘’you know many things still don’t add up in Cassandra’s disappearance. Okay supposing she is with Edwin. How the hell was the boy able to take her all the way to Avutu town so easily?. What if Cassandra wasn’t kidnapped in the first place?’’ he asked. I scratched my head, saying nothing.

‘’I know Avutu town very well because my mother is from that area and I think I can easily find my way to Edwin’s village. I think we should first head there, check out the village and locate Edwin’s house with the description the boy gave us just to be sure. We have to confirm things before getting the police involved’’ he said while I shrugged with resignation even though I totally didn’t buy his idea.

‘’we will head to Avutu town very early tomorrow’’ he concluded.


Early the next day, I woke up to see my phone ringing and it was no other person than Nora calling me. I answered with fear, wondering if Edwin had done something to my child because Nora hardly called me on phone; talk more of calling me so early in the day.

‘’hey what’s up?’’ she greeted.

‘’hope all is fine?”” I asked nervously.

‘’yes I just wanted to make sure you are alright because I just had a terrible dream. Please I know I shouldn’t be saying this but try to pray before leaving the house today. Or if possible don’t go anywhere today’’ she begged.

‘’don’t worry, I will pray my dear. Thanks so much for your care’’ I breathed sweetly.

‘’okay very well then’’ she replied, hesitated for a moment before ending the call. I smiled to myself as I pictured Nora in my head kissing me.

Oh and I forgot to pray like she requested


By 8am, Chinedu showed up at my apartment and together we headed to Avutu town on a wild adventure.


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