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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Seven


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Seven



it's being a week now, I've been locked in this Room, though it was Decorated and Filled with all the Comfort one could get I felt like a Prisoner, I couldn't Leave My room, talk less leave the Damn House, Aiden Had the Best Chefs Prepare the most healthiest Food filled with Nutrients, I wasn't allowed to eat any thing like Junk food, Aiden Forbid it.

I Wasn't allowed to keep any connection with the outside world not even my Dad, so I wasn't granted a phone.

And I haven't set My Eyes on Aiden on the Past one Week, for some reason, I was Disappointed.
It was already Dark I Laid Down on my Bed lost in thought until my Door Creaked Slowly opened revealing Joan, She Was Wearing Laced See through crop top with Blue Denim Shorts, she looked like a Goddess rocking her outfit, Her Hair was Braided down in Pigtails making her look like the all American girl next door she Slowly closed the Door Creaking with her left hand.

On her Right Hand a Paper plate Cover With a paper towel Concealing whatever was in The Plate.

She pinned the Locks to the Door as she Slide her Finger in between her lips Signalling me to keep quiet as She Sat Down at The Edge of my Bed.

"Hello..." She said like a 10 yr old like it was the First time we met.
"Hi..." I waved slightly amused the way she was acting.

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"Aiden will kill me If he knew I was Here so Finish up..." She said as she pushed the Plastic Plate to me like I was some Lost puppy, she was trying to gain it's trust.
I Slowly picked up the Plate and removed the paper towel revealing six big Juicy wings as I immediately started Devouring the Poor Meet.

Joan watch me eat as She giggled lightly .

"You eat like a pig..." She said as I stopped and smiled with my mouth filled with Meat as I Finished eating leaving the Remains of the Bones, as I wiped my greasy mouth clean with my sleeves and drop the paper Plate on my Bed as Joan Picked it up and put it on My Desk as she Jumped on the Bed and Folded Her Legs next to me.

"So do you always eat like this..." She said as I giggled Loudly as she slams her hands on my Lips.

"Keep it Down Aiden Might get Suspicious..." She said in a whisper as she removes her Hand from my Face and I nod affirmatively.

"Sorry I haven't eaten anything like food for a while, with Aiden Forbidding everything and I feel so Sorry for the chicken right now..." I said as she Chuckled quietly

"Don't worry the Chicken had it coming.." She said in an attempt to make me laugh as I giggled again quietly as I bow my head and pull it up and face her as I push my Hair Back.

"Wow your Hair Is Beautiful and really Long that is some really good human hair where did you get it..." Joan asked as I looked at Her In confusion.

"Human Hair???" I asked as She gasped and Comes Close and tries to pull my hair out if it's Scalp.
"This Is your Real Hair..." She said in shock as I nod and she gets up wanting to Touch my Head but I Scoot back a little.

"Please can I Touch it I won't Pull it off your Scalp.." She said as I nod and I sat down and She Brushes my hair with her Fingers.
"Wow Can I weave it..." She asked as I nod so she won't be Disappointed, she brought me real Food, it's the least I could do For Her.

I sat Down as Folded as she Starts Weaving my hair to God Knows what Style.

"Do you have a Boyfriend??.." She asked as I almost choked and Started Coughing as She apologizes.

"It's OK and No..." I said as she Hummed a tone I don't really know.

"Good....." She said bluntly.

"Why Good???" I asked curious.
"Because Aiden Would Have Killed him..." On Mentioning Aiden, My Breath Hitched, as I Clenched tightly to my Shirt, I felt my Heart Beating like it was gonna jump out of My Chest.

"So That Means You are a Virgin..." Joan said as I Looked at Her Curious, how did she know.

"How Did you..."

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"No Hickeys, no kisses or marks No Lovebites no nothing and I bet you haven't being kissed before" Joan said before I could ask, I was amazed on how she knows all of this.

"Are You some Prophet??" I ask as she was Pulling Strands of my hair.

"I Wish, I'm Just Already an expert in the Love Game, Don't worry, Maybe your First Kiss would be From Aiden...." She said done with my Hair as She Hands me a Mirror.

"See we are pigtails sisters.." She said as I looked at myself in the Mirror, she did a great Job, she Picked up the Paper Plate about to exit The Room.

"Wait What do You Mean My First Kiss Would be From Aiden..." She just shot me a wide smile as She Gave me a Hug with one hand in the air holding the paper plate and one Hand Slowly Patting my Back.

"If I'm right Make the First Kiss Count.." Joan said as the Door Handle was trying to open as if someone was trying to get in, my Eyes grew wide In shock when I imagined who might be on the other side.

"Joan are you in there..." I heard Aiden yelled from the other side, as We both disengage from our Supposed Hug as We both wore worried Looks as Joan sent Me to open the Door and hid the Plastic Plate from behind her as I unlock the Door and Open the Door For Aiden.

His Look was Different, His normally Combed back hair was Messy and Scattered as he Combs it Backwards with his Fingers Making him more Attractive Than Usual, His Lips were Parted as I spotted Something silver pinned on his Soft Lips, it was a Lip Ring as his Tongue danced to the corner of his lips where his rings are.

His Dressing was even different as he wore his Oversized Gucci T shirt and Black ripped Jeans.
My Eyes darted To his eyes they were heavy like he was just waking up from sleep.

"Is Joan in Here" the Door was Half Closed as Joan shoved her head out and smiled as His Sleepy expression turns into an Angry one.

"What are you doing in her Room..." He Spat out annoyed.
"Do I look like a guy to you we were having girl time Aiden Good bye.." Joan wanted to Close the door shut but Aiden clog it with his Feet as he scream in pain and I Pull the Door open before Joan Crushes her Brothers Feet.
"Are Those bones???, you brought her Wings..." Aiden asked spotting Joan with it.

"We should have crushed your Feet Instead..." Joan asked
"Get out of Her room Now.." Aiden Growls as She quickly exit the room leaving me in the Hands of Darkness himself.

Aiden took me by my Hand as he led me out of my room to God Knows where.

Soon he Led me To a Dark room as he threw me in.

"You'll stay Here until you learn your Lesson.." He growled as he Slams the Door shut before I could escape.

"You aren't my Father, you Bastard, let me Out, open the Door You Bastard...." I cried as i Slammed my Fist against the Wooden door but all Efforts proved fruitless as I leaned my back against the Wall as Tears Came racing down my Cheek and as slowly rest my Back against the Door as I rest my head on my knee.

Joan was Wrong, he doesn't like me one bit.


I Laid against the Door as her screams died down, I got up from my position and held the Door Knob wanting to open it but I couldn't without turning her Face Sore.

I went to my Room as her Screams fill my head, I brought out my Phone glancing through it until Joan Barged in and Furious.
"Get out.." I yelled

"You aren't Dad or Mom so Fuck you.." She said.

"If you are here to Change my Mind about me releasing her from the Basement then Fuck you, you ain't changing my Mind..." I said
"So she's just your Toy Then, Aiden get your ass up from that Bed and go release her From the Basement..." She threatened but I ignore, she walked up to me and Slap the Hell out of me.

"What the Fuck Joan..."

"I've had enough of your Bullshit, listen very closely, She is not Ava, She is Gold, Just Because she almost looks like Ava Doesn't mean you get to punish her for What Ava Did, Ava Simone is your Ex , she's the one that Hurt You, She is The One that Ran away from the Altar before you two were bounded in Holy Matrimony, Not Poor Gold so don't Push that girl through Hell, you Know what you did is 100% why her Father is in a Comma, So Fucking Move on Ava is Gone, Vanished, Depleted from your Life and not a reincarnation of Gold, now Get the Fuck up and let her out of the Basement before I land you in a Comma.." She said and left my room as I got up from my Bed and Sluggishly went To the Basement and Unlocked it to See Gold Limb in the Floor Fast asleep, I feel bad because I'm the reason she cried herself to Sleep, I carried her in bridal style like she weighed Nothing as I Try to Open the Door to her room and carefully Placed Her on her bed.

Her Cheeks were wet with tears as I was tempted to wipe them away with both my hands and she grabbed hold of my Hands and her eyes were Half Opened like she wasn't seeing me.

"Why Did you lock me Up in that Dark place I was Scared..." She said like a 2 year old like she was in a Dream.

"I have to go..." I said but she held my hands tightly.

"I'm Scared, I saw Monsters in the Dark place, Sleep with me tonight..."


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