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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Eight


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Eight



"I'm Scared, I saw Monsters in the Dark place, Sleep with me tonight..."
I couldn't believe it was coming out of her mouth as my eyes grew wide in Shock, my heart Melted instantly, but I can't stay.

The next Day after i kidnapped Gold Hands in my pocket I head to Gold"s room, I got To her Door and Stopped and Took a deep Breath as I hesitate whether to go in, I don't want to do this, I can't believe Me, Aiden Knight is afraid at this situation when I've Shoot people dead, with my eyes closed.
I took in another deep Breath and let it out as I Gently Tap on the Door.

"Can I come in..." I said in a Gentle soft Voice hoping to get a positive reply.

I Heard Noise coming from Her room like she was trying to arrange it before I could see it, I smiled on the Thought of that as she Continued her Ruckus.
"Come in...." She said Panting as I twist my end of the Door knob and Let myself in to See Her wearing the Short Fitted Dress I gave to her yesterday, I almost drooled as she Stood Like a Doll and pull back strands of her Golden Blonde Hair over her Ear.

"Good Morning..." She Finally Broke the Long Awkward silence, bringing me back to reality, why does this girl have to be So Beautiful, I Used my Hand to Rub my Face in an attempt to look away as I went to her Closet.
"Aiden what are you doing at my Closet" She Yelped looking Fragile like someone to protect.
I shook my head, I can't Fall for her, I won't Fall.

I Scanned her Closet ignoring her as she kept shut.

"Take, Wear this they are more Decent..." I said handing her an oversized shirt and Jeans.
"What is Wrong with what I'm wearing..." She asked as her cheeks turned red as I hand her the clothes.

"Everything now Go Change..." I yelled as she went to the Change room and threw the dress on top as she Wore The Shirt and the Jean as she Came out looking like still Beautiful, what is Wrong with this girl can't you just be ugly in Clothes.

"Good it can Manage.." I said trying not to get trapped in her Golden eyes.

"Is there a reason you are in my room other Than asking me to change..." She said twisting the ends of her Shirt.

"Oh yes, since you are Here and Living in this house there are some rules you are to Follow..." I said as I don't know what made me move closer to her but now we were a inch apart.

"No more Junk food, no more Caffeine, no more wearing tight or Revealing clothes, no leaving your room since Joan said we can't lock you up anymore, no staying up late in the Night and Most importantly....." I choked on attempting to say the last part, which led to a violent cough.
"Are you OK.." She said with an illustration of pity in her eyes wanting to touch me but I move back a little like she was some deadly virus.

"Don't Touch me..." I said rudely through a cough which eventually died down
"Why...." She asked in a Pout with her brows furrowed down.

"Look there are many rules to Follow but for me and you to Flow and one of us not to get hurt we both need to Follow these rules they are very important..."


I can't stay, I can't break any of them but she won't let me go.
"I can't stay Gold..." Her Sleepy eyes were half closed as her grip on me tightened.

"Please stay...." She pouted I could not say no I'm the reason she was locked in the Basement.

"Only for some time, when you are asleep I'm gone...." She Nod's in agreement as I got on her bed gently as she let's go of my Hand as her eyes became heavy and tired.

"Goodnight..." she Yawned as her Eyes were dimmed shut I waited for some time for her to be in a deep sleep as I placed her Pillows as a Barrier between both of us.
She Is a slouchy Sleeper, she kept turning and twisting until she Broke down the barricade of pillows between both of us
I Scoot a little away from her but she Found her way to me as her Leg Brushed mine, I got up quietly as I tried to lift her leg successfully and moved it from mine.

I yawned tired it's almost 11, I've been trying to avoid contact with her, but it feels like the Universe wants her on me.

I concluded to head back to my room, a pair of Hands Tugged Tightly clunged to my shirt, I turned to face sleepy Gold we were breath apart as her lips were parted as she breathe calmly.
Her Bangs were over her eyes as her breathe blew them slightly.
Tempted I pushed her Bangs away from her eyes, as she sleeps like a baby, my eyes darted to her red pink lips, unexpected she threw her arms around me and pulled me tightly close to her, I tilt my head down to Face her as she breathe Gently against my Neck, I felt Goosebumps, our uncomfortable slouching on her bed has led to us Breaking one Rule
I tried to Push her off me but she Held to me tight like she knew I was gonna leave in middle of the night as her lips Brushes my Skin leaving her to warm it with her Gentle breathing, the more I struggle to Escape from her grasp the more she Clenched to me Tightly, I had enough of this Game as I wanted to Violently Shook her off me.

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"Don't Leave..." she Whispered as the Moon shone through her Curtains, as the her Golden Features Glister against the moonlight, I slowly Lean forward as a Smirk made it's way to my Face, she looks so peaceful and she's not Bashing me.
Irresistible to control myself I planted a quick peck on her Forehead.
I don't know if I'm blind but I'm sure she Smiled as I buried my Face in on Head as she Burries hers on my Torso, my Eyes heavy I felt Butterflies as I dozed back to sleep.
***GOLD'S POV***

My Head Buried on my Pillow, Drooling, I sniffed a Familiar Scent as my Eyes Sluggishly open, I was trying to make out where I was, I had one of those Aiden dreams but this time he carried me in Bridal style from that Dark room to my room as I childishly pouted for him to stay, I chuckled quietly to myself, it was all a dream as I redrew my head from my pillow, and rubbed my eyes as I noticed a pair of arms encircled round my hips.

I opened my eyes to see Aiden Sound asleep as He Breathe pushing my Bangs slightly, it wasn't a Dream, I can't believe I did that, I Broke a rule he's gonna kill me.

I try to escape his grasps but somehow his arms were locked tight round me like chains as his Eyes Sluggishly opened and He Yawned, until he Fully opened his eyes

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"Good You are awake...." He said calmly not the reaction I expected.
"I'm sorry for...." He pushed my Bangs away From my eyes as he smiled and rest his Head on top of mine as I bury my Head against his Torso.

"You don't have to be Sorry, it was my fault I locked you in the Basement and overreacted, when I shouldn't...." He said ruffling my hair I must have died in my sleep and woke up in heaven or I'm in a parallel universe, or Aiden is Sick, whichever I wanted it to be like this everyday.

He Sighed briefly as he Unlocked his hold on me and Plays with my hair one last time as He gets up from my Bed and head to the door.

I felt a Hole ripped in my heart that wish of it lasting forever, in reality can Never come to pass.
I watched him as he Clicks my Door knob sideways.
"Gold...." He sighs as he turns to face me.

"We broke one rule, I'll let that pass because it's my Fault ....." I breathe calmly in relieve that he isn't mad.

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"I'm sorry, i don't know what came over me ..."

He still glued his eyes on my Door not sparing me a single look as my stomach made flips and turns.
He Opens the door slowly.
"No need to be sorry but I have to inform you we can never do that again before we break other rules..." I looked down to my bed sheets as I squeeze them tightly in an attempt not to cry, it hurts why ??? I don't know, my concentration was cut short as he slams the door Shut still in my room.

"They say rules are meant to be broken, good or bad it doesn't matter how Far it goes..." ,he turned to Face me as I got up From my Bed looking at him confused as he wore a Mischievous smile as he slowly came close as I backed up little by little until he cornered me, as my back slammed against the wall as he slowly took my hands with his...and slammed them against the wall and leaned close as he completely trapped me in his barricade, our eyes locked as he again swipe a taste of the Metal ring pinned on the side of His Lips as he breathe hard against me, I bit my Lower lip as he smile to himself and Pushed his face Closer to mine.
"What do you think Gold???..." he Breathe hard against me having an advantage since he trapped me
"What do you mean..." I questioned trapped in his Barricade.

"How Far do you think we Can Go, How many rules can we break so Far..." my eyes Widened in shock as my Unending gasps Continues.
"Aiden..." he pressed my hands tighter against the wall as if he was afraid I was going to leave or run away.

"What do you want Gold, A Kiss or A Hickey..."


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