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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Nine


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Nine


****GOLD'S POV****

"What do you want Gold, A kiss or A Hickey...." My Heart beat like never before, a second ago he was all Strict, being cold and Forbidding everything and now he's asking me How many rules can I break so Far, he's something else, I don't know what to do as his Body against mine trapped me against the concrete wall as he Breathes in slowly onto my Face, waiting for my answer as we both breathe against each other, as I felt both our palms sweaty, I understand mine why I'm sweaty but for Aiden I'm confused as he leans in closer.

This is it my First Kiss, but wait I don't know how to kiss, but maybe if I imitate it the way they do on TV or I could just Follow his Sync as his soft lips comes in contact with mine, here goes nothing.
"AIDEN... " Joan Barged in kicking down the Door as she spots us both in our awkward position as she Grinned deviously to herself and gave me a Wink, as Aiden let's go of my Hands setting me Free from his Barricade.

"I'm sorry I interrupted your Hot make out session..." She coughed on the last part as Aiden buries his hands in His pockets as one of his hands found it's way out and Combed back his hair Nervously In an attempt to hide it but me and Joan know he's Nervous.
"It wasn't a hot Make out session it was Just a Coincidence..." Joan's Brow curved on his statement.
"So you Pinning her to the Wall and kissing her is just a big coincidence..." She Fold her arms as Her Brows Furrowed.

"We didn't kiss..."

"So you do admit that You pinned her to the wall.." She Screamed in Victory.

"What are you doing here..." Aiden said changing the Topic.

"Richards Engagement is Tonight and as much as I like to shoot him for what he did are we going or not..." She said in a serious tone that Richard name sounds Familiar, like I've heard it before but I can't actually remember anything well, after that time I got knocked down and Aiden always at my Neck.

"When is the Engagement..." Aiden asked uninterested

"09:00pm sharp..." Joan said as Aiden Meditates

"Venue??..." Aiden asked
"Ross Family Hotel, it's at the top of the Building, Mother Will be there with his Fiance or should I say his Toy.." Joan said waiting for Aiden's reply.
"We are going, you and Gold should go Shopping, be Back before 05:00, its an Hour Drive to the Hotel..." Aiden said as he exit the Room Leaving me with Joan who grabbed me by my hand excitedly and led me to my bed.
"So did you guys kiss tell me everything..." My cheeks flushed in embarrassment as I smiled shyly.

"No we didn't kiss...." I said.
"Why???" She asked

"I think it's because he doesn't want to break the Rules..." I said rubbing my arms.

"What Rules..." She asked confused.

"No Physical contact..." I said as Joan Hissed.

"Gold Listen to me Ears wide...." She said as I nod waiting for her to finish her sentence.

"You have to break that Rule...." She said, advising me to sign to my early grave.

"Are you Crazy??..." I yelled
"Didn't you see the way he looked at you when he pinned you, we both know he wants You...." She said as I try to Gasps in for oxygen, I need an oxygen mask right now.

"Breathe Gold...." She said as I breathe calmly.

"How can you be Sure..." I asked
"Leave that all to me...." She said patting me on my Back as she Wore a Devious smile that can't be trusted.
Gold and Joan left A couple hours ago leaving me alone in the House and alone to my thoughts, what the Fuck came over me, I said Gibberish to Gold, every time I get close to her I lose it, not even the rules I set is Working, I told her to her Very face how Far we could go, I'm such a Dickhead I might have made her More uncomfortable around me.
I took in a deep Breath to Calm my Nerves as My Phone Rings, I picked it up without looking at the icon.
"Will I be seeing you and Joan Tonight???...." How typical the Devil calls when I'm frustrated.

"It Depends, is Mother Coming..." I asked .

"It's my Engagement, even if she breaks her hip she wouldn't miss it for the world..." He Gloats on and on .

"OK We would be available goodbye Richard..." I said
"Oh, I can't wait to see who you Bring to my Engagement, I haven't had Any Fun with Your One Nighters, I hope she's good in bed..."

"Fuck you......you Mother fucker" I Cursed Clenching my Fist Tightly as I slammed it against a wall.
"Call me all you want, I may be getting engaged, but your Plus one will be in my Bed tonight..." He said as he cuts the call on me as I threw my phone at the other side of my room.

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Fuck him, he's not Getting Gold, and if he lays a Hair on her I'll kill him.
***GOLD'S POV***

Me and Joan were Back from Shopping, she Did she Shopping part while I just watched her picked out the best quality but the Cheapest Clothing in the each store in every mall, she says and I quote.
"Because I'm rich Doesn't mean I won't buy it cause its cheap..."
We spent not more than a hundred Bucks.
We Came Back before the Deadline as Joan Requested we try out the Gowns they were up to Fifty as we, I mean Joan Selected the best.

She's a Freak when it comes to Fashion, she Chose a Black short Gown, sleeveless exposing her Flat Abdomen and bringing out the outlines of her Tiny Waist as she Wore Black heels to match doing her hair in a Bun.

"How Do I look...??" She asked

"Beautiful I wish, a dress would fit me perfectly like yours.." I said as I unsuccessfully tried out ten dresses so Far and they look horrible on me.

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"Don't worry the goddess of Fashion is Here..." She said rummaging through the dress as she picked one, a red Dress as she Hand it over to me.

"I bought this especially for you go try it on and hide in the Kitchen let me go get Aiden when I say your name you come out to the Living room..." She said as I nod and she left while I tried on the Dress.

The Side of my left leg went up to my tight exposing my Leg, while the other leg was clad down to my knee.

It was Sleeveless with Tiny Hand, as my V neck went down exposing the top part of my Boobs, as I felt cold air against my Bare Back as it was exposed.

Joan should have told me to go naked, instead of Handing me this Goddamn dress what was she Thinking what am I thinking, I'm not wearing this.

I wanted to Take it off But Joan Bust in before I could even pull it off.

"What are you doing are you trying to take it off." She said as she Brushed my Hair and Started applying Make up with her Magic brush.

"Joan I can't wear this, it's revealing too much.." I yelped.
"But Aiden and Jayden are waiting for you don't keep them waiting..." She said pushing me slowly to the Door as my Hands clenched tightly to the Frames of the Kitchen door.

"But Aiden Will see me..." I said as I felt her breathe against my Neck.
"That's what I'm counting on by the way his Favorite Color is RED..." She whispered against my Ear leaving me Stunned an Unguarded as she easily pushes me Past the Door and to the Living room in Front of Aiden and one other guy, Maybe that is Joan's Boyfriend.

They both Gasped as Aiden's eyes grew wide in Shock as He trued to breathe, but Ended up Coughing as he Couldn't take his eyes of me.
"I'm Ready we can now go to The Engagement Party..." Joan said noticing Aiden who poorly tried to hide his expression.

"So How Does she look Aiden..." Joan asked as Aiden got up not sparing me a single look.
"She Looks Beautiful, come in red go, I mean let's go before we are Red, I mean Late to the Party..." I just Broke Aiden Knight as he exit the room first and Joan gave me a high five.
we finally arrived at the Hotel as we all took an Elevator to the Top Floor, this whole time Aiden, hasn't talk to me nor is he even sparing me a look, like he's ignoring me.

When we got to the top floor I was beyond Amazed, the Place was like a gold and White Gala, the person that is hosting the Gala must be rich, I let myself explore the Building, until I bumped into Someone.

"I'm Sorry....." I apologized
"You!!! What are you doing at my Engagement..." I looked up to see Charlotte in Gold Gown putting on Heavy Makeup with her Brows furrowed at me.

"Your Engagement...." It all makes sense now, Richard is that Same idiot that tried to rape me, and I'm at his Engagement, that means Richard and Aiden are Brothers.
"What's the Commotion..." Nana made her way towards us could this day get any worse.

"Gold What are you doing here...???" Nana asked
"Trying to Snatch my Fiance on the Day of our Engagement..." Charlotte said pointing at me as she drew everyone attention
"Excuse me" I said

"Don't, do that your Fake innocent face, This Girl here tried to seduce my Fiance, Security..." She yelled as everyone quietly murmur to their self

"What is The Commotion Charlotte..." Richard asked, this Day could get worse.

"Gold..." Richard added as his eyes darted to my Chest as Charlotte Noticed it and came Forward and Slapped the Hell out of me.

"Who are you to Slap Her???" Out of Nowhere Aiden Show up.

"How is that your Business Aiden..." Charlotte spat

"It's my Business because she's My Bride.." Aiden growled

"How Pathetic, a Prostitute in a relationship with a Gambler..." Charlotte said as everyone in The room glared at me and shook their head in Disgust, even Nana.

"I Told you Nana she's a prostitute she even dressed up as one..." That's it I took the Folds of my Dress as I ran across the room as everyone Eyes were on me.

"Gold, Wait...." Aiden Yelled but I ignored as Tears flicked from my cheeks, I ran out of the Room and To the Elevator as I pressed for it to open luckily it was empty as I quickly got in.

"Gold Stop..." Aiden Yelled but I pushed a button as it Slowly closed but unfortunately Before it shut Aiden Pushed the Door as he got in.

And Pressed a button as the Elevator stops.

"Leave me Alone...." I yelled as Tear still Streamed down my Cheeks.

"I can't..." He said panting like he ran a Marathon Race
"You can't now, the entire evening you avoided me and didn't talk to me so I expect you won't die if you get out..." I said but

"I'm sorry....."

"Too late get out"

"No". He said as he pushed me against the Wall and pressed me against my back gripping on my upper arm.

" you are breaking a rule Don't Touch me..."

"Fuck the Rules, you already broke it when you wore this Dress...." My heart Dropped as on the mention of his last words.

"Well Fuck off, you Bastard I don't want you..." I spat bitterly

"Fuck it Gold, I want you..." he said As he Crashed his lips against mine .......


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