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Story: THE INCARNATE - Chapter 12(chauffuer)



the incarnate - Chapter 12(chauffuer)

Written by

Danny Biitka

Days and weeks weaved into months, the dust were looked settling, Sena was contemplating about the site for Kelly’s burial, Biitka had suggested he should be buried in their family cemetery back in the village, she wasn’t too comfortable with that idea, but she couldn’t protest because she isn’t a member of the family. She was missing in her own thoughts until the sound of vehicles stopping brought her back to her senses, she peeped through the windows, and as she witnessed some time back with Kelly…It was the widows. She was surprised…”But what do they want? , or someone told them about the demise of Kelly?”
She composed herself and went out to meet the men who were standing majestically in the compound, a bit shy and more afraid.
1st Widow: Young lady, I believe you are Sena right?
Sena: Yeeah yes
2nd Widow: Speak up
Sena: Yess Sir
1st Widow: We got Intel that Kelly, the heir passed on
Sena: Yes please
1st Widow: So unfortunate. He couldn’t live to see the glories
Sena: I don’t get you
1st Widow: You are not supposed to get me anyway
Then coming towards Sena was this woman in her sixties, she went around her in circles before looking straight into her eyes and smiled slyly
Woman: How many months now?
Sena: I don’t get you, months?
Woman: I mean the baby, how many months
Sena: Just two months
Woman: Good, protect it with your blood
Sena: Okaay Ma’
Sena was left more puzzled after they left, to her, it seem some people are spying on her or something..
“How on earth did that woman get to know am pregnant, or the maternity dress am wearing?”, but still it’s not visible”…she said to herself as she walked to Kelly’s room.
Staring to the ceiling, she’s been looking for some kind of clue, she searched through Kelly’s stuff, but still nothing was there that had any information about the family…She feels Kelly held back somethings from her when he was alive.
She walked to Chief’s room to see if she could lay her hands on some vital information, the drawers, the wardrobes and documents were just nothing strange to her….Then this brown envelope caught her attention, it was stashed in between a graphic and sitting silently in Chief’s safe…
She tore it open, and looking through it, it was just some kind of random words jumbled to form some art or something…she sat back with the paper on her laps….Then entering the room without knocking was Dorcas..
Dorcas: Hey Sena, you are in here, I saw the door ajar
Sena: Yeah, just come to search for clues
Dorcas: You have been searching since yesterday, and have you found anything yet?
Sena: Nothing reasonable, just this sheet of paper with some weird writing…
Dorcas: Let me see that…
Sena handed the paper to Dorcas, upon a second look, her eyebrows raised
Dorcas: Sena, this is not just a common sheet, this is what you have been looking for
Sena: Really? How did you know that?
Dorcas: I don’t know, but Barrister can decode whatever is hidden in this, is a message that leads to something
Sena: and do you think Barrister can decode that?
Dorcas: I hope so, because Chief gave him a copy of something like this before he died…look, am going to see him immediately, I’ll get back to you immediately
Sena: Ah, like that
Dorcas didn’t wait to hear any more questions from Sena, she went straight to Barrister’s place, they have not met since she left, but they keep in touch, but not like first…
Barrister was sleeping on the laps of a lady when Dorcas got in, she stood her grounds, surprised and angry at the same time, but she mastered courage and cleared her throat in other to draw their attention.
Barrister: Oh Dorcas, why are at the doorpost, come inside
Dorcas: Thank you
Barrister knew the lady was pissed off, she leaving didn’t mean she was done with him and he knew it
Barrister: Dorcas, meet Mansa, my sister, the one I told you about
Dorcas exchanged pleasantries with Mansa before inviting Barrister to a quiet place, and pulling out the sheet, Barrister opened his mouth in surprise
Barrister: Where on earth did you acquire that?
Dorcas: Is that what Biitka destroyed?
Barrister: Yes, the same codes, where did you get that?
Dorcas: He left it in his safe, I don’t know why
Barrister: It’s like a map
Dorcas: A map? Leading to where and what?
Barrister: I need time to decode and translate it
Dorcas: Alright
Barrister: Hey, you thought I went for a different lady?
Dorcas: Of course, am human
Barrister pulled her to himself and engaged her into a bliss of kissing
Fletcher had been tailing Sena who was on her way to the super market, He was able to drive to his former house just to take a glimpse of the environment, but he didn’t know Sena will be appearing, so he followed her to wherever she was going. He pretended to be shopping, but spend all his time looking at the love of his love….then he just imagined the
“How I wished her goods fall from the basket”….then it just happened, that was when he realized he didn’t just reincarnate, he also came back with some powers…
He rushed to Sena who was finding problems bending, he went ahead to pack the stuff back into the basket and volunteering to carry it for her as she shopped….she agreed anyway, but was also nervous around a stranger, she also felt she’s not in for any relationship now because her fiancĂ© is yet to be buried.
After shopping, Sena was trying to stop a taxi home, but Fletcher protested
Fletcher: Oh C’mon, I can drop you at your place if you wish, I have a car here
Sena: Oh am okay, I’ll prefer a taxi, am grateful for your kind gesture back there
Fletcher: Thank you, eerm, by the way am Fletcher
Sena: Oh, am Sena
Fletcher: Nice meeting you
Sena: Yeah, I should be on my way
Fletcher: This is my card, am a professional chauffeur, call me anytime you need a ride
Sena: Oh okay, thank you
Fletcher: Remember to call ooo
Sena: Alright I will
Fletcher congratulated himself for being smart on that, he also knew he wouldn’t have been able to approach a lady if he were alive in his original body.
Sena on reaching home rushed to the washroom to throw out, look like the pregnancy was now on the leash
Dorcas: Hey, you know you don’t have to be disturbing yourself
Sena: Yeah I know
Dorcas: Good
Sena: What did you get from Barrister?
Dorcas: He is still going to work on it, but he said is a kind of map that leads to something
Sena: A map?
Dorcas: Oh yeah
Sena: Okay…I hope it holds vital information
Dorcas: I hope so…

To be  continued


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