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Story: THE INCARNATE - Chapter 11



the incarnate - Chapter 11

Written by

Danny Biitka

When you hear that, there is a strong link between the physical world and the spiritual, you might doubt it, but wait till you experience it.
Kelly, now Fletcher woke up in his new body, He felt so weak and confused, He knew he was harboring someone else’s body, so He has to do his possible best to adjust in other to relate with people who knows the former Fletcher.
New as he is now, he knows a lot about the whole secret hovering about his family, the dark side of Biitka, Dorcas and Milly, and all he can think of is doing his possible best to avert wicked plans that might harm Sena and his unborn child, especially from Biitka and Milly….He knew Dorcas was just a kind of bait, she triggered Chief’s sickness
Biitka, as pretentious as he can be came to Chief’s house, he was wearing a sad face ,he hugged Sena and tried calming her, she fell into his arms and wept more.
Biitka: You know you have to stop crying
Sena: Why should I?
Biitka: I promise to hunt down those who killed my nephew, believe me
Sena: He was huge and wearing a mask, he just shot him like that, why would people be soo wicked and inhumane to others?
Biitka: Hmmm, I have spoken to the police already; they are doing their possible best to track down the killer of Kelly
Sena: Track down? But which kind of technology are they going to use to track down an assailant who was wearing a mask? He’s just going to be untraceable….Ghana Police?
Biitka: You leave the police to do their jobs…..until then, let’s prepare to get Kelly a befitting burial
Sena: Hmmm…
Biitka: Am going for an emergency meeting, call me if you need anything
Sena: Okay
Dorcas appeared from the inner rooms immediately Biitka left, she was hiding behind the closed doors and eavesdropping, she was not all comfortable at the way Sena seems to be complying with Biitka
“Can’t she just see she’s talking to the devil himself”? She asked herself…
Dorcas: Look, he seem to be acting good, but you need to be very careful with that guy
Sena: Look, anything he had was with Kelly, not me, am cool with him
Dorcas: Don’t be silly, act smart girl, wait till he finds out you are carrying Kelly’s child
Sena: What will he do about that?
Dorcas: You carrying Kelly’s child means the bloodline still runs and he planned to end it to his favor okay…
Sena: How do you know all this, what are you talking about
Dorcas: Look, I read everything Chief wrote in his Will, the Groupe of Companies is supposed to be passed on from Kelly to his children, being it boy or girl….Biitka is in desperate search for the Will…
Sena: Wait ooo…and how do you know all this Doc? You seem to know more about this family than I can ever imagine
Dorcas: Look, just keep a little bit distance from him…you know him, but you don’t really know him. He’s more of something else
Sena: And what kind of relationship do you have with him? You seem to be avoiding him…you went into the room immediately he arrived…I saw how he watched you, and it’s not a normal look
Dorcas: Oh, there’s nothing between us, maybe just a common misunderstanding we had some time ago…
Sena: You sure?
Dorcas: Yeah, I am…
Sena: Yoo
Dorcas: And hey, you better stop crying or else you harm that baby okay…
Sena: How do you know that?
Dorcas: Have you forgotten already? Am a medical Doctor jorrrr
Sena: Hmmmm
Sena was kind of enlightened a bit, maybe Dorcas is right, maybe not, but she has to be careful about Biitka, especially when it comes to her baby, if Chief’s empire really would be passed on to Kelly’s bloodline, then she really needs to be on the watch out…
She went straight to Kelly’s room to search; maybe she can find herself some kind of documents or something that has to do with his family stuff….
Biitka was on other total wipeout at the Headquarters, taking out those on the Board…
“Everyone is laid off, I’ll make time and consider some of you back on the Board, until now, I have to check and weed out those who aren’t qualified to be here, there is a lot of mess here on the Board”…He told them in a Board meeting…New Boss, new rules”. He added….
Nobody dared asked him questions,indeed,he’s the new Boss, your files need to be clean in order for him to get you back to the management, but they didn’t also know Biitka was just getting rid of them permanently.
Fletcher was up and looking through the windows, he was feeling uncomfortable leaving the room, he wasn’t in for any convo from anyone, but then, someone tapped on the door
Lady’s Voice: Hey Fletcher, it’s me Ara, are you in there?
Fletcher was more confused now, “who TF is Ara”? Some basic memories belong to the brains, but some life experiences are for the soul and spirit to keep.
He quickly found a way to improvise, he wouldn’t talk much, and he will feign a headache too
Fletcher: Oh Ara, am coming, just a second…
He opened the door and saw this beautiful lady…, pretty to the core and inner cores……
“This guy really had good taste”…He said to himself, but referring to the former bearer of the body…
Ara: I have never heard you call me Ara….you always called me gorgeous…..so why today?
Fletcher: Oh, can’t I mention your real name? C’mon, come inside
Ara: And why haven’t you been picking up my calls, I have been calling you all day
Fletcher: You know, I might have left it somewhere on silence, I have been in bed all day…Headache ad body pains
Ara: Ohh, have you been to the clinic or something?
Fletcher: Not really….
Ara: Not really? You want to die here? You better go die in Nigeria…
Fletcher: You know what, I just got a call from my brother, I have to go check on him now. He was involved in an accident
Ara: Brother? You’ve never mentioned about any relative of yours in Ghana here
Fletcher: Yeah, maybe you never asked, I have a brother here, my cousin
Ara: Okay, You have to drop me at my place then….
Fletcher just got to know he owned a car, and in some way, Ara was his girlfriend or something…but he was not really sure about that…
Ara: I will be driving
Fletcher: Alright
He was relieved, how on earth would he have remembered her place…
Ara picked up the car keys from a place Fletcher knew he wouldn’t have seen it; she went to wait for him outside…
Fletcher dressed up in this casual wear, he was trying to adjust this new body to normality before he can go start his main mission for adopting the body. He found and IPhone 6+ on the couch, on one try, it unlocked…another memory…Look like there are something the dead brain is slowly recovering, with that he can deal with some issues…especially, matters concerning this body and people familiar with it.

To be continued

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