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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 8


I want a home- Episode 8

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“You guys cannot just continue doing this now, we have limited time or this isn’t gonna happen” Alex shouted immediately to stop Steve and Charles argument, he brought out a pistol straight forward with a silencer on the tip and fired a shot into the chest of the gunman that entered the room unexpectedly, he peeped outside instantly as Charles followed him before Vivian and Steve followed after.
“Now listen to the plan. I stationed two men outside the building to help you safely out, a man to watch your back from the control room and three men inside the building to help you escape successfully. Steve I’m sure you know your way out of here and that should really make it easier, you’ll have to use the route through the drainage passage to escape and that’s where my man at the control room will turn off the ventilation blade for you to go through and my men will help you out” Alex whispered and turned to Steve. He brought out two revolvers quickly almost immediately Lord Nathaniel appeared at the corridor unexpectedly and more footsteps sounded behind him.
“Bulls***…. Move now” Alex shouted as Steve collected the two revolvers and they all ran out through the other end gunshots instantly began. The first bullet Alex shot went directly into the drug lord shoulder as Sunny and the men behind lord Nathaniel rushed forward almost in seconds and fired back.
Alex sent another shot and Sunny along the four men fired too with none of them taking cover.


“Vivian we have to get out of here before I can explain all this better to you” Steve finally said to persuade her when she seemed so reluctant. They were already at close range to the exit that leads to the drainage passage Alex instructed them to take and Charles hurriedly rushed towards the rolling Ventilation blade.
“I said your parent are safe Vivian” he shouted and repeated the same word emphatically.
“And how do I know they are safe Steve? Uh okay just… I mean” Vivian countered him almost instantly and stammered.
“Vivian… Viv listen.. Just listen okay. I’ll tell you everything you need to know but I need you to calm down first”
“Don’t touch me Steve” She shouted on him when he moved close to her before Charles interrupted them.
“When is this thing gonna stop now?” Charles shouted loudly due to the heavy noise as Steve made another glance at Vivian and stepped back. He took a brief look around and saw the tiny surveillance camera placed at the top angle of the roof as the ventilation blade began to reduce its fast speed In seconds.
He stepped back immediately it’s finally stopped and Charles quickly made his way through one side of the big blade carefully before Vivian quickly followed after Charles.
Steve was about to step through himself when suddenly the ventilation blade began to roll unexpectedly while Charles and Vivian were safely at the drainage passage.


“So what do you say Margot? The deal or the Drive?” Uzza asked and made a chuckle as he walked clockwise, he took different looks at the five men behind the middle aged woman pointing guns on him and smiled again.
“You are outnumbered Margot, don’t be stupid and lose your men cheaply. Answer my damn question now or let’s settle the core between us here, either way you want it”
“Uzza we had a deal, I did what I promised you in exchange for the drive in your possession. Do not do make me do this” the middle aged woman said courageously even though her sound seems like a good plead to Uzza.
“OH keep on repeating those phrase Margot, how many times will you keep on saying it? Yeah just keep on moving your lips and continue saying We had a deal and you did your own side of the bargain like you do always. For goodness sake can’t you rephrase yourself and find another two more different lines to say? but you know what Margot, I can’t give you the drive, I want it too as much as you do so ‘you’ listen to what I’m gonna offer you and walk out of here peacefully without having to get dead” Uzza said and walked back to sit despite the fierce situation.
Margot turned back immediately he walked to sit and she signaled to her men who pointed their guns down under her instruction after she calculated Uzza’s men in the hall. She smiled regrettably and walk to sit down opposite Uzza after making a smirk and after considering that her men won’t have the best chance.


4 minutes had passed already and the ventilation blade at the passage wasn’t likely to stop anytime soon.
“You guys should go on without me, I’ll meet you up somehow” Steve shouted out to Vivian and Charles who were already at the other side.
“Why is it moving again? Why won’t it stop?” Charles shouted back to him.
“There must be some problem upfront, you guys go ahead. I’ll meet you outside or along the way. Go now, go.. Go.. Go” Steve shouted and immediately turned back to see three gunmen already behind him, he quickly rolled over to take cover and fired a shot into the chest of one of them almost instantly before they started shooting back.
He took a look at Charles and Vivian through the rear view of the blade if they were far away but they were still very much close even though they were running. He re-cocked the guns with him instantly and rolled over to his previous position when the gun-men faced the direction he rolled to as several shot went into the two of them unexpectedly. He stood up instantly and sent a shot into the surveillance camera after he checked for Charles and Vivian who were now out of sight already before he moved back to the previous passage they came from and likewise after a glance at the fast speed of the blade as he collided with another gun-man.


Lord Nathaniel was quickly taken away by one of his boys with the bullet wound on his shoulder, he winced back in pains as he held the wound and rushed away quickly.
Alex had no chance to turn again or to take cover from the bullets as Steve and the two others ran through, he shot sporadically as several bullets hit his body and chest.
Sunny didn’t scape through likewise as a bullet hit his chest after the three men with him fell dead and Alex followed dead. He winced back and lean on the wall angle unable to move.
“Bulls***” He cursed out painfully he hadn’t expected such occurrence at all or any cause for alarm, the whole action was so swift and quick there was no chance for any of them to take cover.


Steve grabbed the gun-man tightly due to their close range and attack him instantly, he pulled his arm closer and smashed his face twice on the wall after a quick punch into his chin and tried to rolled him over quickly but the gun-man dodge his quick attack and kicked Steve so hard in his belly.
The two of them moved backwards painfully and raised their gun almost the same time, Steve dropped one of the pistols with him and that allowed him have a proper view of the gun-man he was fighting. He looked huge and very muscular he wasn’t the one Steve could beat in few seconds and the impact of the kick made him realize the level of his strength.
“Where do you think you are going uh? Trying to escape through that thing?” he said mockingly and spat out blood from his mouth due to the impact of the punch Steve gave him likewise.
“I shot your man at the control room and start this heavy blade before you could scape through even though your love birds already did. How is it gonna be Steve? You and I here alone and it’s not gonna be like last time. I’ll make sure I kill you definitely this time around” he shouted and tightened his grip on the gun.
“Who are you?” Steve asked him as they move clockwise in their close range, both fingers already placed at the trigger point.
“You don’t need to know about that, all that matters to me is killing you” He replied Steve and suddenly stopped roaming.
“I’d say we fight young boy.. What do you say?” he made a smirk and asked Steve who nodded in agreement after 60 seconds.


Vivian rushed into the driver side of the car quickly as Charles jump into the car under the instructions of Alex men that were positioned outside immediately they got out from the passage.
She didn’t wait to hear more instructions from them as she ignite the car and speed off crazily with rush.


Steve sent another kick but he dodged it easily, he swiped a punch almost instantly but the gun-man dodge it likewise and sent two more punches into Steve belly and another one into his face. He grabbed Steve before he could land on the floor and sent a kick to his foot, thereby making his fall harder.
Steve landed face flat on the floor with a thud in pains, the gun-man was getting upper hand contrary to what he expected and the fisting battle he thought wouldn’t take longer when they both dropped their guns was taking more time contrary. He stood up immediately but not as fast as the first time he fell and quickly moved backwards to dodge the swift attack the gun-man sent, he swiped quickly left and right to dodge his punches likewise and block another punch with his arm before the gun-man sent another one into his face and kick him almost immediately he rolled over on the floor again.
“Look at you Steve, you have become weak.. You have become so homely I wonder how Sunny could not take care of you easily, you are such a b****** son of a b****” He shouted and spat on the floor when Steve stood up the third time with his back turned was very close to the ventilation blade.
He began to walk towards Steve with confidence and smiled when Steve made his fist without talking or replying any of his questions. He charged towards him with the same techniques he used on Steve earlier but was surprised Steve moved some inches closer to the heavily rolling blade backwards and grabbed his arm, he twisted it behind like he did earlier before he could attack and he stretched his arm again, he sent several blows on the same chin he punch earlier and into his belly after he sent a kick likewise to support the heavy attack.
The gun-man fell on the ground immediately in shock and managed to quickly be on his feet in shock but Steve back-flipped instantly and sent another kick on his face, he rushed towards him immediately he tried to stand again and sent another blow on his same face but he swiped back almost instantly the gun-man brought out a short knife and swiped it out from his jacket.
Steve stepped back when he sighted the knife and move closer to him again with his back turned against the blade and was now very closer. He dodge the swift attack and the knife by blocking the gun-man with his hands left and right. He sent a sharp kick into his chest harder and charged towards him quickly before he could gain his strength and grabbed his left arm again, he twisted his hands and sent different blows like he did previously before he drag him forward with the arm towards the rolling blade and pushed him into it. It’s was so quick the gun-man hadn’t realize it on time as the blade crushed his body to pieces.
Steve stepped back instantly as blood weaved out from the heavy machine, he walked towards the gun and picked it up before rushing out from the passage when he heard more footsteps coming that way.


“They are here Vivian. where the hell have you been?” Margaret shouted with annoyance hearing Vivian voice so elevated when they’ve been deeply searching for her.
“OH my God Vivian will you just listen” Margaret said and was already on her feet as Mr./Mrs. Kruger was also on theirs with Rhoda and two officers with them. They could only hear Margaret voice as response but they couldn’t hear anything else from the phone.
“Then where were you?” Margaret said as they listened.
“The club? Vivian I looked and searched everywhere round the club, you weren’t there”
“Yes. The police are already on the search for the stranger you went to dance with, my goodness it’s been over 9 hours Viv”
“Yeah. They checked the surveillance camera in the club and they saw you moving out with him but you were never seen outside or anywhere else around the club, the camera didn’t capture anything else or where you went to”
“Good. I think you should do just that quickly now” Margaret said and the call ended instantly.
“What did she say? Where did she say she is?” the couple asked repeatedly and differently.
“Please stay calm ma/sir. She’s on her way here to better explain herself” Margaret said and heaved a deep breath in relief following the worried couple.


Detective Cougar stepped out from the same Van he was inside earlier with the same disguised officer with him at the driver side.
“Roof Status report” He said into the wireless communication device on him.

“Ariel 1 clear”

“Ariel 2 clear”

“Ariel 3 is clear” he heard the officers stationed at different angles and position respond and he nodded after a brief glance at his wristwatch.
“Okay. In order to catch the guy, we’re going to have to mess with him first, everybody stay calm” he said into the mouthpiece again and took a look at his wristwatch, it was 10 minutes already 9pm and there was no trace or sight of Uzza and his men.
“What’s the status again?” he repeated into the mouthpiece after 60 more seconds.
“Ariel 1 is still clear”
“Ariel 2 is also clear” the response came again but there wasn’t response from the third man.
“Ariel 3, what’s your status?” the detective had to asked before there was immediate response.
“He’s here, a Mercedes Benz E63 S AMG wagon is driving towards your route”
“Good. Everybody stay calm and be in position. We have to catch him without causing much casualties anywhere here, What about Louis?” he asked and signaled to the officer in the car to come down at once when he sighted the wagon afar.
“I’m in position Cougar, I’ll join you once the show began” Detective Louis voice came through the all connected piece.
“Good. Everybody be alert, target moving up to the Van” Detective Cougar added as the car approached him.


Steve came down from the commercial car and thanked the cab man as he dropped.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home? I only want to help you out sir” the cab man repeated again with a sincere look.
“You’ve been a good boss to me in the company and I owe you a lot” the cab driver still insist trying to persuade Steve.
“OH No, thanks Mr. Rodriguez. All I need from you is to keep to your word of not telling anyone about this anywhere or at work, where you met me and what you saw me doing when you did”
“You surely have my word Mr. Steve. I won’t tell anyone, you can be rest assured” the cab man said and nodded as Steve closed the passenger door and watched him move.
He adjust the face cap on him and walked directly towards the public payphone at his opposite direction, he stepped into it when he got there and pressed some numbers to make a call and wait few seconds before its was answered.
“Hey Joel, it’s Steve, where the hell are you?” he said quickly into the phone.
“What sort of question is that Steve? I’m right in my home of course”
“Joel I think I may need your help” Steve announced after a faint sigh.


Two men came down from the Benz E63 S AMG wagon immediately the car stopped unfortunately contrary to the what detective Cougar expected, he walked closer to the men and made a brief look at the back seat to check if Uzza was seated in the car but he wasn’t.
“Good day Mr. Kieran” one of them greeted as they met up with the disguised detective and the officer behind him.
“Good day gentlemen” he greeted them and made another glance at the car behind them but he didn’t made it so obvious he was looking for their boss.
“Uzza sent us to make the deal with you and we are here with the money in the car. So where are the guns?” the second man added without any further greetings.
“Why isn’t Uzza here himself? I have other things to directly inform him before the deal” supposed Kieran said and took a look at them after confirming no one else was in the car.
“Uzza won’t be coming to make the deal contrary to what you expect detective. He found out you are a real con Detectives and not the real Kieran he wants to make a deal with, so he sent us instead. You can have the money and we take the guns with us and the deal ends without having to cause any clash between us”
“Detectives !!”
“Yeah. We know your men are all stationed round this vicinity and they are fully alert but I think they need to be careful because of the explosive on our body” one of them said and they both took off their shirt to display the bomb attached on them immediately.
“We all go boom if they shoot or you try to do anything funny. Plus Detectives, we have a message from our boss and Here it is” the same man added and stretched out a tablet displaying an already live stream and Uzza appeared on the screen.
“Hey Detectives, how’s the deal and How did you find the turn of events? You must be so unhappy I’m not with those men right?” Uzza said and displayed his white teeth in disgust as Detective Cougar watch him from the tablet.
“But hopefully I wish you could do as I say and give them the guns before I show you something else far more worse” Uzza said and smiled again.

To be continued


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