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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 9


I want a home- Episode 9

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“Cougar we cannot give this gun runner our top-notch weaponry, that’s not gonna happen” Detective Louis voice came through Cougar earpiece as he stared at the tablet handed over to him.
He stared a look at the one picture the device displayed with bewilderment immediately the live stream with Uzza stopped before more pictures pop up.
“Louis” he called out.
“Yes Cougar.. I’m with you”
“is Max in town?” the detective asked through the mouthpiece after the first sight at the picture.
“What !!” Louis exclaimed
“Max, is Max in town?”
“No Cougar, Max is not even in the country not to talk of been in town. What’s the issue?”
“Louis I think you need to come down here now… we have a little goddamn problem” Detective Cougar said and made a quick glance at the van behind them.
“You are wasting our precious time Detectives, we aren’t got all day. Let’s make our proposed deal now. Where are the guns?” one of Uzza’s men shouted at Cougar.


GMT 8:00 am

“Yeah I was kidnapped, they had me go with them and dropped me off later with no explainable reason I see or I could fathom” Charles explained to inspector Kelvin who was staring him a look and the officer seated beside him. He never did understood why he had to lie and change the whole story to the cops as Vivian told him instead of saying the truth and maybe the police could help them.
He and Vivian had to path way somehow after few discussions she had with him contrary to what he expects and somehow both find their way to the police headquarters differently after following Alex men instruction to dispose off the car they ran with. He still find It hard to believe Vivian told him to change the whole story and lie to the cops instead of explaining how the whole thing started and what transpired on the long run despite what they went through but deep down he wished to say the truth contrary and maybe save himself from danger but her sharp arrival before him to the cops headquarters made him finally accept her decision with fear and hope that things won’t turned out bad and he wouldn’t end up in trouble with the famous Drug Lord and his gun-men.
“What about Steve Jones? What happened to him?” Inspector Kelvin asked, disrupting his thoughts.
“They took him off with them, I absolutely don’t know what must have happened or what they did to him after they dropped me off” he replied the inspector who nodded in response as if he didn’t believed him.
“Okay then. Please come with us” the inspector said and walked out from the office after the officer and Charles followed.
“Mr./Mrs. Kruger… I think I need to ask you few more questions, please come with me” the inspector called out as Vivian and Charles stared at another, Vivian hoping Charles hadn’t say anything contrary to what she told him out of fear.


Lord Nathaniel re-cocked the Glock pistol in anger and pointed it on one of the five men left on their knees. Sunny was standing behind him and he held a gun likewise, his wound has been taken care of and that of lord Nathaniel along some of the men who got wounded somehow.
“You’re next Albert” the drug lord snared and pointed the gun after killing the first man on the row.
“Nathaniel you don’t have to do this, I can get you a way to retrieve that data” The supposed Albert pleaded.
“How was the data shared in the first place Albert? And what happened to my Drive? It was totally supposed to between the late Clay, you and I alone”
“Nathaniel I don’t know how it got leaked and” he couldn’t finish his words when the drug lord sent a bullet into his skull and fired another into the next man following the next.
“It’s Margot Nathaniel, Margot is behind the whole set-up and how you lost the data in the first place, please do not kill me” Viktor, the last man on the roll quickly shouted before lord Nathaniel could shoot.
“Margot” He exclaimed and made his brow in confusion.
“Yes Nathaniel, Margot is behind it and I can help you find the Drive you want if you let me live”


Margot walked into the control room with a guard walking behind her, the three seated men working on different computers stood up at once immediately they saw her walk inside along her personal guard.
“What’s the status?” she asked and turned to one of them.
“The whole Tower is equipped with cameras and there’s no hidden place the surveillance doesn’t cover in the whole building, and with the heavy measures of security installed. I think its impossible for anyone to penetrate any part of the building without getting caught easily” one of them answered her.
“Then are you saying it’s impossible to penetrate and we need to back out?” She asked.
“I never said so your lordship, I’m only explaining the security technical structure of the building and how intruders can’t penetrate without been caught or seen”
“Good. Then if we can’t penetrate the building or have our men inside, we’ll have to take Uzza from the outside somehow”
“How your lordship? Uzza is always surrounded by guards that are armed even to the teeth everywhere he goes and I’m surprised with the rate capacity level of security he kept around himself this few weeks, it’s too strong and cannot be bridge easily. He travels with an armored car equipped with security systems itself. We can’t do that either, it’s too risky for our men and for our incoming products”
“Then are you saying I should let Uzza have what belongs to me? Are you saying he has become powerful and there’s no way I could get to him anymore?” Margot shouted in anger and grabbed a gun from the guard behind her.
“No your lordship, what I meant to say is….” He couldn’t finish when she fired a shot into his skull and pointed the same gun instantly on the two left who raised their hands quickly in fear.
“We can hack the security system your lordship, there’s a way our men can enter without alerting their control men and there’s even a way we can direct his armored car if you want him upfront” one of them quickly shouted loud.
“Good. Now get to work, some reinforcement will join us soon and we need to take down Uzza quickly before he’ll have my plans destroyed totally” She ordered them and lowered the gun in relief.


Uzza dropped his tobacco and sits behind the two Chinese men working on two different laptops. He saw them connecting the Drive with the laptop and they’ve began to access the content immediately. He stared at the laptop screen even though he couldn’t understood what they were doing yet but he knew they were hacking the encrypted codes first and he was getting tired and impatience of staring at the laptops screen after 30 minutes.
“How much time do I give you to finish up quickly?” he asked, startling them.
“Huh We need about 3 hours, what we have here cannot be undone faster without the tablet we requested” one of them answered with his Chinese accent.
“3 hours is too damn long. I’m giving you 2 hours to finish this on time and figure out what is truly inside the Drive” Uzza ordered and stands tiredly to leave before the door to the room opened and one of his men entered before the Chinese men could object.
“Sir, we now have the guns in our possession” he announced.
“Good. Was there any casualties?”
“Not at all sir, the detectives made no wrong move”
“Excellent. I knew they wouldn’t wanna compromise things. Anyways Gather the guns and ready the men, we have some brutal war ahead to fight” Uzza added and started walking out as he followed behind him.
“And Did you keep close watch on Margot?”
“Yes sir, we are watching her closely and would see any move she makes before anything”
“Good” Uzza uttered and started walking away.


“Viktor I thought I killed Margot that night at the party 12 years ago”
“Yes You did shot her but she didn’t die, she survived and not long ago she had become powerful than anything else and she did compromised Albert and the rest of us, including your late brother into betraying you and made us disconnect business paths with you”
Viktor answered and Lord Nathaniel nodded immediately after what he heard and made a chuckle, he walked round Viktor in anger and smiled. “And she’s here to take revenge on me right” he whispered.
“I do not know what her mission is or what she planned to do but I do know she desperately wanted the Drive in your possession” Viktor answered him.
“The Drive”
“Yeah. I find out she made deals with Clay, these dead drug lord and some other unknown ones including your late brother”
“Including you”
“Nathaniel I never wished to betray you but Margot has her way of making anyone do things she wants”
“Margot deserves to die another couple of times over and over again for betraying me in New York city Viktor, she turned my men against me, she took all I had and everything I’ve worked so hard to get, she took my money, she made an attempt to steal the Drive that almost cost my life to acquire, I shot her but she survived and now she has gotten stronger according to you” the drug lord said and stopped moving after making a smirk.
“Now you gonna tell me the location of the duplicate Drive and how to retrieve it” he ordered and made another wicked chuckle.
“The duplicate Drive Is at Metlife, New York city”
“Metlife?” Lord Nathaniel rephrased after him.
“Yes Nathaniel, the data you consolidated when you were working as their employee was also in the Metlife servers”
“And how did you know it’s was?
“I found out through my investigations”
“What about the real Drive? Where is it?” Lord Nathaniel asked again.
“The only person in the world right now that should have the Drive in possession is Margot”
“Yes Nathaniel, I can file out the list of the drug lords she made deals with recently and get you what you want”
“I don’t think Margot has the drive in possession Viktor, if she is, she would have made her presence known and come to me because That Drive can never open without my finger prints” Lord Nathaniel said and walked back directly to face Viktor before the door opened and Sunny stepped into the room.
“Have you found Steve?” he asked Sunny in anger after turning to face him.
“Yes your lordship, the tracker I kept on his cloth is still working, we now have his location” Sunny answered.
“Good, send Jenson and some men over to him. You and I need to check on a supposed powerful old witch first Sunny, have the men prepared, we move in 12 minutes and untie him, he’s coming along” Lord Nathaniel ordered and walked out from the room, referring to Viktor.


“I still cannot reach him yet Vivian, what could have happened?” Mrs. Kruger complained worriedly the uptenth time and dropped the spoon she held along her phone.
“Darling I think you need to calm down now, the cops already assured they’re gonna handle it” Mr. Kruger stopped eating with concern and tried to calm her nerves as Vivian and her aunt watched.
They had to stop eating when the woman seemed reluctant and the shock of the incident was still vividly re-bouncing a strong effect on her. Vivian continued eating without minding the old woman as several thought ran through her mind, maybe Steve is dead, she thought. Maybe she could have told the cops exactly what really entails and maybe the police might be able to handle the whole situation like Charles suggested but she wouldn’t have it, her perplex mind and what she heard from the gun-men made the whole things looked indifferently and uncertain she wasn’t doing the right thing before she was distracted by her vibrating phone. She glance at her foster parent quickly immediately she sighted the unsaved contact and her aunt before moving away from the sets, certain they didn’t see her move.
“Hello” She whispered into the phone in order not to gain their attention when she heard the caller’s voice.
“Vivian” Steve called out her name.


Uzza opened his lips sluggishly in enjoyment as he lean back on the big sofa, he slapped the butt of one of the ladies in the room and told her to go deeper into him before he heard a loud interrupting sound on the door repeatedly and the two ladies stopped what they were doing.
“Who the hell is that?” he shouted in anger due to the interruption.
“It’s Benjie your lordship”
“And what the hell do you want?” Uzza shouted louder.
“The two Chinese men demanded for your presence, seems they found something on the drive” Benjie announced behind the door.

8 minutes later.

“So gentlemen, what did you found out in the Drive?” he asked immediately he got into the control room with Benjie.
“Nothing !!”
“Yeah lord Nathaniel, it’s took us long to hack it to this state and now its required a fingerprint to unlock it finally” one of them said and turned to face the drug lord.
“Fingerprints… fingerprints of who?” he asked.
“We don’t know who, that is why we need the tablet device connected with this Drive. We can easily found out what’s left and whose fingerprints we need to have in order to open the Drive or if we can hack it directly without the fingerprints even though the chances are slim but either ways, neither can be done without the tablet device”
“What is the Drive all about?” Uzza asked impatiently less concerned and saw them take a look at each other.
“As far as we’ve seen, This Drive contains consolidated abnormal data of illegal financial transactions, kickbacks worth billions between Metlife and some secret organizations with details of some accounts offshore. This is a secret data that should not roam anywhere or be in the wrong hands, we need to have the tablet as soon as you can” one of the Chinese man explained.


“You mean you’re a killer, a murderer all this while Steve? You mean you work for a Drug Lord who now wants something not in your possession? You mean you’ve killed lots and lots of people? Innocent and guilty?” Vivian cried out all in shock after Steve explanation and moved back quickly from him at the very sight of the tattoo on his body.
“Vivian listen to me, listen to me… I have come this far in search of a normal life, a normal Job, dreamt of having a home, a family, all I wanted was to have a home and a family with you and nothing else Vivian, I had no family, I had no parents or relatives nor friends, I was just a child when lord Nathaniel brought me up, I had no one to tell me the difference between wrong and right. Do you know that I’ve worked very hard to get here? All I ever wanted was to live as a normal human, I didn’t choose a life of destruction myself Vivian, please listen to me” Steve pleaded and moved closer to her when she moved backwards.


“Excuse me miss Mary” inspector Kelvin said and rushed out from the car he stayed inside quickly before she could entered her car.
“I’m inspector Kelvin, special investigation team” he brought out his identity card and showed her.
“I see you’re one of Steve Jones colleagues at the part company he works for”
“Yes inspector”
“Then you must have heard about the recent incident”
“What incident?” Mary asked.
“His home was attacked and he’s missing”
“Yeah miss”
“I’m just here to ask you few questions” the inspector added and watch her make a face in confusion.


Five men stood akimbo before Margot as they listened and watch her give instructions to them from the projector after one of them asked her a question.
“The red dots are positions of the cameras and the blue are few places inside and outside the building where surveillance cameras isn’t, the green dots are lasers position and the activating point, the only way to get into Uzza’s residence is through one of the towers at the top of the building here and through the ceiling which is only capable of taking one man. The whole place is a five story building and the control room is on the third floor, the security system in the building can not be breached easily and impossible to hack from the outside without help from the inside and That is why one of you will have to go on through to help the others inside while Pooch will direct you from our control room here. The possibility of Uzza’s knowing about our move is extremely high, that is why we would be going with a different method and discreetly. Any further questions?” She asked but there were none from the men before she continued after 60 seconds.
“Good. If there is none, The rest of our men will join you soonest, Get me the Drive and bring me Uzza’s head.. Now move” she ordered.


Sunny stepped back into the vehicle immediately he saw three vehicles came out from the building after the gate opened along one of the boys with him. The first vehicle proceed forward and the second followed before the third, Lord Nathaniel adjusted his seating position immediately he sighted Margot at the back seat of the third vehicle. He felt a powerful surge through him the moment he sighted her but he managed to hold his stands.
“Should we send our men after them?” Sunny asked startling him as the third vehicle moved.
“No Sunny, send some men into the building now” He ordered.


The atmosphere got darker in due time and covered the bright view of the day, the breeze went hastily signifying a sign the rain was gonna pour soon enough. Vivian stood by the window side of the room unable to hold her stands, she took in a breath and heaved a deep sigh after, her heartbeat began to raise suddenly and her lips dry and weave with the breeze coming through from the window.
She had her back turned to Steve who had kept quiet as he bleed due to the effect of the knife Vivian had stabbed him with, the knife had dropped from her hands, along her weakling stands and she was unable to move when she stabbed his chest with the tip of the knife unknowing out of anger and walked directly towards the window.

Thunder strikes almost immediately she turned back from the window and the rain began to pour heavily, she managed to move her legs and walk closer to Steve, she took a brief look at the wound on his chest and called him.

To be continued


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