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Story: I WANT A HOME- Episode 10


I want a home- Episode 10

Written by

Ireti Adedipe

“Steve” she called out his name and tried to touch his wounded chest as blood weave out but he made no movement.
“I’m sorry” She pleaded and withdraw her hands with an absorbed feelings.
“Its okay Viv, I wanted to tell you about my past but I was scared you’d not give the chance, all I wanted was a family and I dreamt of having one with you but you never wanted me, you’d turn me down even before my composed words, Viv I..”
“Steve I wanted you” She interrupted.
“I meant…. It’s was only a pretense on my part, your only flaws is that you have no flaws, you are too extra safe and I wish you were a little type of a man I desired but Steve its been truly 31 months we’ve been friends accordingly and you’ve done a lot for me whereas I did nothing to help you out in any situation and it always made me feel attached and have this strong sympathy and an unnecessary feelings for you even though we cannot be together… for goodness sake we can’t co-exist no matter how you and I feel towards ourselves” Vivian added louder and turned away from him almost instantly she felt a sharp headache and took in a breath after a surge through her heartbeat immediately they suddenly heard a rough loud bang on the door and someone shouted outside.
“Steve there are some strange men outside, I think they are here” Joel shouted out behind the door, he could have barged inside instead but the door was locked.
“Who is here?” She whispered as Steve immediately rushed towards the window, he drag one side of the curtain aside and beep through when he saw six gun-men came down from a black jeep and three from a van. He turned back quickly and rushed to open the door for Joel who also rushed inside and stretched out a gun for him to take.
“I’ll not have Nathaniel’s men on my soil, none of these men will leave here alive I swear” Joel uttered in anger immediately Steve collected the gun from him, he walked also directly towards the window and saw the men already taking strategic positions and one of them holding a phone.
“Vivian we have to leave now, lord Nathaniel’s men are here” Steve said hurriedly and grab her arm.
“No wait” Joel said and turned back to them before they could rushed towards the door.
“How did they locate you here Steve?” He asked.

“He’s still inside the building, check everywhere and leave no one on sight alive” Jenson shouted and returned his phone into his pocket as the men have their way in differently despite the heavy rain.

“Vivian I’m sorry for getting you involved in this, these people can go to any extent and I don’t want you to get hurt” Steve said to Vivian and moved behind her towards the back route of the building.
“Do you have to go back? Lets run together” She asked him worried and stopped moving.
“I can’t keep on running forever Vivian, these men will not stop until they find me, I started this carelessly and I’m going to put an end to it once and for all” Steve said and withdraw his hands on her arms before Vivian jump on him instantly for few seconds and hold him so tight before she turned to leave through the back door after breaking from the quick hug.
“Stay alive and maybe we could both figure this out” she added and rushed out when the first gunshots sounded.


“Then who exactly is this drug lord?” Uzza stared and stood before the big screen as he listened and watch his men posed guns on one of Mishra’s men.
“Uzza I swear you gonna regret this” The supposed Mishra’s man shouted in anger after a brief look at the five dead men laying on the floor in their control room.
“I only asked you a simple question that demands a simple answer Arjun, I have nothing to gain by killing you so just answer my question now” Uzza said and smiled mockingly as he turned briefly from the screen.
“Cut the crap, I have nothing to say to you for your act of betrayer, just kill me now and get over with” Arjun shouted and tried making a movement despite the heavy rope used on him.
“Good. Kill him Benjie and get here as fast as you can” Uzza ordered and turned away from the live stream.
“Sir !! he’s our only hope of finding the tablet and knowing the identity of the drug lord ” Benjie exclaimed in shock.
“I said kill him and get here now. Do I need to repeat myself?” Uzza shouted and walked out from the control room almost immediately gunshot followed completely before the men standing in the control room had their various seats and the dead body of Arjun fell on the floor, everything showing on the big screen.


Margot watched through the car window as two of her men took down three men in Uzza’s compound after disrupting the camera footages in the front entrance. She took in a breath and turned on her communication device after they successfully entered the building.
“Pooch what’s your status? Two men already entered now” She called out through the mouthpiece but there was no response after she repeated the same words twice.
“Pooch what’s your status?” She shouted louder before she heard Pooch panting echoes.
“We are under attack your lordship, some unrecognized men attacked us and they’ve took most of our men down” Pooch voice came through in mumbling as he panted heavily.
“what !! Bulls***” Margot cursed, taking aback with shock as she stared a look at the two men seated at the front seats in the vehicle.
“Who are they?” she asked, forgetting he already said he doesn’t recognized them due to her phobia state.
“I don’t know who they are your lordship, I don’t know who they..” he repeated twice but couldn’t end his words when gunshot sounded and the communication went off.
“Pooch… pooch.. !!” she shouted but there wasn’t any response from him.


Sunny fired twice into pooch legs and fired another bullet into his right arm before the gun he held dropped. He pushed the gun aside with his foot quickly and pointed the gun on his forehead immediately after one of Margot men ran into the control room.
Sunny sent an heavy kick into his chest and sent him straight on the floor immediately he rushed inside through the door. He charged towards him when he sprang up and grabbed his arm, he sent an heavy attack with his elbow into his chest again and twisted his arm backwards, he rushed him towards the wall and smashed his face on it before he sent a bullet into his skull.
“Control room clear” He said into his mouthpiece device instantly.
“Back door clear”
“Inner rooms clear, We’re clear” different voices came through the connected communication piece.
“Good. Tell Lord Nathaniel its clear and he can come in” Sunny ordered and walked back to Pooch, he drag him up with his shirt and raised him on one of the tables before one of their men walked inside.
“Take him out, he’s going to answer our questions” Sunny ordered him and release Pooch shirt.
He brought out a flash drive from his pocket immediately Pooch was drag outside when he sighted the main computer on a desk in the room and he connected the drive with the system.
He drag one of the plastic chair to himself and sat on it as there was a pop up from the screen before he began to input some commands through the keyboard.


Steve landed a quick attack on the second intruder that bumped into him quicker than the first man after he made an attack on his knees and twisted his neck backwards. He fired a bullet into the second man’s chest and re-cocked the gun in anger almost in three minutes before moving out from the corridor to join Joel.
Jenson shouted louder in pains as Joel broke his left arm forcefully even though he swiped quickly away from him because of the short sharp knife he brought out from his jacket.
He swing it instantly with pains but Joel dodge it easily as he swing right and left but none of his attack was quicker to that of Joel who contrarily had upper hand than him. He moved back quickly and tried to use the door when Joel took up one of the guns on the floor but just immediately he could turn, Steve rushed blows into his face and smashed his head heavily on the door before he could regain himself and before turning his right hand backwards to collect the knife.
Steve grabbed him instantly without letting him have a breathing pace with his shirt towards the door and pierced the knife into his chest straightforward before pushing him back inside.
Jenson shouted again as blood rushed rapidly from his chest and all part of his body, he couldn’t believe he acted so stupid and over confidence for appraisal from lord Nathaniel really made him more stupid and he moved quickly rather in an irrational way. Their defeat was too quick and they had no chance at all especially from Joel who attacked them outside even before they could get any chance to do anything.
“Please don’t kill me.. Please don’t kill me” He stammered and pleaded but Joel didn’t wait to listen as he pushed the knife deeper into his chest, he removed it almost immediately and stab him differently on his body as life dwindled from him.
“We are just getting started, don’t get soft now Steve” Joel uttered and drop the knife as Jenson lifeless body fell with a thud. He knew Steve initial intention was to ask Jenson some questions but he doesn’t think they needed to before he walked towards one of the dead bodies on the floor and carried one of the long guns on one of the men.
He rushed outside the door quickly when he heard more vehicles crazy speed inside the compound and heavy footsteps of more men trooping up the stairs.
“I think Nathaniel really want you dead Steve, pick up a gun now if you don’t want to end up dead” He finally added before rushing out completely.


“No. Proceed with the mission, let the rest of the men joined them” Margot announced contrary to what her men at the front seat thought.
“Uh.. this is confusing, That’s an unwise decision your lordship, we cannot have our men proceed with the plan if we are under attack by men we don’t know their identity and if our men can’t be backup from our control at the base. Its too dangerous and..”
“We are staying too long in this area Frederick, why talk as if we’ve never been attacked more multiple times than this?” She commended and asked.
“That’s because we know who we are dealing with your lordship. We can’t proceed with a mission like this to get Uzza”
“Yes of course but we could play our last two cards and finish this now. Remember who I was in this drug business Fredrick, Uzza should be no problem or concern for me”
“And what’s our last card?” Fredrick asked thoughtfully as she brought out her phone.


Uzza walked back inside the room with the two Chinese hackers as one of them continued his explanation after his question.
“I have no idea, Abdul himself was too discreet and he hide a lot away from me and any of his men, Margot and I made a deal. She asked me to change a drive with another drive in possession of Abdul Rauf in exchange to make me the controller of all the drug business and all the money Abdul owned. I accepted the offer without asking her more questions on the content of the drive. So. That means only Margot has full information on the drive” He explained.
“Okay. I think there is another way we can get all we need Alternatively if we could hack into Margot control servers and her personal phone” one of the Chinese was explaining when the door banged opened in distraction.
“Boss, we have intruders in the building, we are under attack”


Different gunshots suddenly came from different angles of the building as Detective Cougar and his partner joined the fierce shooting. Some part of the building was already in flames along one of lord Nathaniel’s drug vehicle and everything had totally turned mess as different police vehicles were already in front of the building. Detective Cougar charged forward immediately he sighted Steve as he fired a bullet into one of Lord Nathaniel’s men right arm and another into legs.
“Place your hands on your head now” Detective Louis shouted too and fired a shot after running towards another direction of the building and took cover instantly before some police men joined the shootings.


“What !!” Uzza exclaimed surprisingly immediately he walked into the control room.
“Its Margot and her men boss. They’ve already penetrated from the back tower and killed all the men in position” one of his men uttered as he rushed inside.
“Margot” He called out with a smirk as he sighted her on the surveillance footage and some of her men entering the building on some part of the places where surveillance cameras were still working.
“How many are they?” he asked in anger.
“I’ve calculated more than 17 men already before we start losing our signals boss. I think there are more of them in the building”
“Good. Bravo. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, Margot finally made the wrong move I’ve been expecting so lets show her the stuffs I’m made of and see who’s the smartest” Uzza added and smiled weirdly.
“What do we do boss? We are losing our servers” one of his men in the same control room asked as he turned towards the two Chinese men who entered behind him.
“Let me have the drive” he ordered them instead and pocketed it immediately its was handed over to him straight forward.
“Get a call through to Benjie and Instruct our men to leave their respective places and positions right away for the underground passage, gather the rest of the ammunitions we acquired together and the necessary equipment we may need or the one’s we have left and turned on the explosives you already set in all part of the building. Let’s roast Margot and her men totally together in fire and we’ll leave the building through the underground passage” He instructed, emphasizing the word ‘Roast’ and walked out from the room as some of them quickly rushed out behind him.

“What about the hostages? What do we do with them?” one of his men asked as they rushed behind him.
“Let them burn along” he answered.

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