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Exclusively Yours - Episode 64



Exclusively Yours - Episode 64

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV

Number - Hi, long time no see *Kalix's picture* 

Although my head was busy panicking about what situation Kalix could be in right now, it still managed to quickly dissolve the anonymous texter - Jade Rodriguez. 

She is back, yet again. But this time will be her absolute last comeback. I'd have let her go, but she decided to bring my flesh and blood into the matter, she will pay a deàdly price for that. 

I waited patiently for another one of her text, because I know she will definitely send another and she did. 

Another message. 

Number - I know you must already know who I am by the first text, but if you don't, come see me. Don't bring Riccardo, and don't dare bring the police. Act smart, he diés. 

A maniacal smile feathered itself on my lips as I reread the text. Dúmb of her to think I'll actually listen to her threàt and no tell Riccardo, my husband about it. 

And like acting like the frightened dumbàss I appear to be in her eyes, I typed back a reply. 

ME - Who are you? 

UNKNOWN(Jade) - Give it a guess. 

I scoffed at her lame attempt to play psychopàth with me. Not bragging, but I have spent a lot of time around Harry and he must've rubbed off on me, and I'm not saying he's a psychopàth but he is, so.

Shh, don't tell him I said that. 

ME - I don't know. 

UNKNOWN(Jade) - Too bad. I should feel insultéd on how quickly you forgot me. 

No, I don't blame her, it's because I let myself slip the last time that makes her think she got some sort of upper hand against me. 

Just when I was about to type back my reply, Riccardo strode back to me with a glass of water. He stopped just when he got to me, his brows scrunching up when he saw my phone in my hands. 

"It's Jade." I told him even before the undeniably approaching question left his mouth. "Jade took our Kalix." 

And just like as if the weather changed, his dark eyes darkened with a storm ready to wreck everything standing in its way. "Jade took my son?" 

I nodded. 

"How are you so sure about that?" 

Without a word, I gave him my phone and I watched his eyes read through our conversation. A hum so dark and brooding made its way out of his tight-lipped mouth. 

"You're not going there alone." He said, or more like ordered. "There's no way on Earth I'm going to let you go alone." 

"I know that, but..." 

"No 'buts', Olivia." Riccardo snapped, handing my phone back to me. "Don't even try arguing with me right now." 

"I am not..." 

"Yes, you are." He cut me off again. 

Taking the glass of water from his hand, I placed it on the nearby table before holding his hands in mine. "Baby, can you let me talk, please?" 

"Fine, that's if you have something not annoying to say." He mumbled like a literal child.

"Jade is obviously mental, and crazily obsesséd with obtaining you. She has tried to kíll me before, and now, she's with our child. We can't let her húrt him, not even in the tiniest bit..." 

Shaking his head, he cut in once again. "I know that, but I can't let her húrt you too. We will go together with the police and get our son back." 

"She might try something cràzy." 

"Won't be the first time." I heard him mutter under his breath as he raked his fingers through his hair. 

"Yeah, it'll be the last." I nonetheless replied. 

"What do you want to do?" I know it took him a lot to hear me out and I gave me a little smile. "What do you have in mind?" 

"Let me go to the address with my car, you'll call the police and both of us will follow me at the back. If I don't come out in twenty minutes tops, come find me in the building." 

Riccardo let out a breathy sigh. "But it's way too risky to wait for a whole twenty minutes." 

"Fifteen then?" 

"Ten tops?" 

"Too short. I'm there, I can take care of Kalix if trouble arises." 

"Then who takes care of you?" His question took me unawares, but with an exhale, I let myself calm down. "You need me. I need you." 

Standing on my tiptoe, I wrapped my hands around his neck in a much-needed hug. Inhaling his scent, absurd peace and calm settled itself in me. "Fifteen minutes. I'll be fine, trust me." 

Riccardo's chest rose and fell against my body as he circled his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to himself. "I can't lose you. I can't bear the thought of life without you, or Kalix." 

"Neither can we." I whispered in his ears, placed a kiss on the side of his neck, and another to his forehead. "We love you a lot, too." 

"He hasn't said it." 

"I'm sure he feels it." 


Squinting my eyes through the sunglasses on my eyes, I stared at the highest building I've seen in my life that seemed to also be an hotel. 

I didn't know that this building existed before now. It was even hard to locate it, but thankfully, I did it in record time. 

I exhaled, trying to put together all the strength and determination lurking inside of me. No hàrm must come to my child at any point in the time, even if I have to get húrt in return. 

After I felt like my emotions and everything is in check, I sent a quick text to Riccardo to let him know that I'm going in now. Stepping into the threshold of the building, I'm met with the workers decked up in uniformed outfits, pacing to and fro, busy with one thing or another. 

Making my way to the front desk, I tapped my fingers impatiently on the desk as the girl was busy on a call. As soon as she finished, she threw an apologetic smile my way and I, of course, acknowledged it with mine. "I'm here for Jade Rodriguez." 

"Oh, right." The words flew right from her mouth. "She has been waiting for you. She's in room 666, that's in the last floor." 

Confusion washed over me in a second. "Last floor?" 

"Yes, the top floor." 


"Here is the key card." She added. Her hands went to retrieve something from under her desk, causing the confusion to linger as I held the key card in my hand. "Complimentary bottle of water." 

I smiled, taking it from her before dashing to the free elevator. I pressed the floor her room is on and started another round of impatiently waiting for the ride to be over. Not even up to four minutes later, a little girl of around seven or eight joined the ride. 

"Hi." The girl waved, a polite bow followed. "Are you having a good day?" 

"No, not really." I don't know what made me just say that. "You?" 

"No, me too. My mum just left to get something, and she told me to go back to our room; it'll be so boring without her." 

"Watch some TV." 

"TV is boring, too." 

"Read a book." 


"Take a nap." 

"Boring." She dramatically drawled out, rolling her eyes. I chuckled at her display before crouching down to her level. "You're really pretty." 

"Thank you. You too." 

"I like your necklace." 

I like it, too. My mom gave it to me on my seventh birthday and it has been on me since then. I allowed my fingers brush against it. 

"Yeah? Thanks. What's your name?" 

"Willow. What's yours?" 


"Do you have a sibling?" 

Without hesitation, I nodded. "I do. You?" 

"A baby sister. Her name is Oakley." 

"Your parents must love trees a lot to choose those names." 

"My Mom does." She smartly replied. "She's a flowerist." 

Another laugh from me. "Er, I think it's called florist, Willow." 

"Oh, you're right." 

"I am glad you see it, too." I brushed her jet-black hair behind her ear. "Are you alone?" 

"Yeah." A sad pout took spot on her face. 

"Which room? I'll come keep you company after I'm done with what I want to do." 

"What do you want to do?" 

"Save my son." 

"You have a child?" I nodded. "How old is he?" 

"Three months old." 

"He's such a baby. My sister is also a baby, she's a few weeks old." 

"That's nice. You're so smart." 

"Thank you. Bye, Olivia." She said and ran out even before the elevator could open completely for her. I shook my head at her cuteness. 

She didn't even tell me her room number. 

But it looked like she also remembered because the doors of the elevator opened again, revealing her small figure. 

"Forgot something?" 

She breathlessly nodded. "Yep. My room number is 606. And I pray for you to save your son, you'll be his very own superhero." Her words already greatly ruffled my insides, alerting my floodgates, and she just had to make it worst by hugging me. 

The bottle water rolled out of my hands as I crouched down to hug her well. Tears already stained my face as I whispered a thank you to her. Her smile was the last thing I saw before she ran off again. 

I promise you, Kalix, I won't let anything bàd happen to you. 

Finally, it got to the floor I'm needed and I shot yet another message to Riccardo to tell me that I'm about entering Jade's room. Ignoring my parched throat, because unfortunately, I wasn't with the bottle water anymore, I retrieved the card from my jean pocket and unlocked the door. 

"Well, well, well, look who we have here." Her annoying voice that I seemed to have forgotten scratched my ears as soon as I stepped in. "Long time, no see, am I right, Mrs Torrence?" 

My eyes scanned the room, in search of my son and when I didn't find him, I took another step forward. "Where is he?" 

"Who's he?" She tried playing the clueless card, and she did it with a big grin on her face. 

"Kalix." I replied. "Where is Kalix, my son?" 

"Oh, him." I'm already getting bored and it hasn't even been a full five minutes, yet. "He's hanging around." 

"Hanging around where?" 

"Why do you think the window is open in an air-conditioned room, especially when I'm this high up?" Jade Rodriguez's response sent a shitloàd of terror straight up my heart. 



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