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Exclusively Yours - Episode 63



Exclusively Yours - Episode 63

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV

I have always thought that I was strong and can overcome anything the world throws my way, but being pregnant is one of the hardest things to ever happen to me. 

I honestly pity and envy those women who have more than one child, because why the fúck did you pull that off? 

Anyway, here I was on a video call with my grandparents, telling them that the baby is all nice and snuggly while I am not because he keeps kicking me. 

Like calm down, I'm not a football. PS, he didn't listen. 

"Are you eating your fruits regularly?" Grandmother asked with her usual sternness that makes one think she's scolding.

"Yes, I am. Infact, I was about to make one before you called." 

"Make what?" 

"Fruit salad." I replied. "Or should I just pick some Nutella?" 

"Olivia." She did it again, causing me to groan. 

"Fine, fine. I'll just make the fruit salad." 

And maybe the Nutella after. 

I bit down on the implicating smirk that nearly touched my lips and asked, "how is granddad?" 

"He's fine, busy being a King." Grandma said with a sullen voice. "Have you thought about rethinking your decision?" 

The decision to leave everything I have here, move to Switzerland just to rule the country I know nothing about and didn't even grow up in? No, thank you. 

But I couldn't tell her that. I know that my grandparents are now old and looking for a replacement—sorry, I mean an heir—to take over from them, but I am simply not the right candidate for it. 

"We had a talk with the parliament a few days ago and we all came up to an agreement." She broke the new, calm and slow, purposely building the suspense and tension in me. 

"What agreement?" I played along because I am indeed curious. 

"You don't have to leave the States to be the Queen. Although, you will have to come here for your coronation. We decided that since you can't leave the States, Switzerland should come to you." 

"I don't understand." I said truthfully. 

"After your coronation and swore-in, Harry will be like your messenger per se, relaying everything Switzerland to you in the States. Whenever you're needed urgently, you use the royal plane to and fro." She explained. "What do you say?" 

What do I say? 

I don't know. 

But once again, I don't say that. "I'll think about it." 

My grandmother sighed softly. "Please, do think about it. You're our only hope since your sister doesn't want in too." 

I don't blame her honestly. Being a Queen sounds and looks like hard work. No wonder Mum left...sorry, I meant ran away. 

"Sure thing, grandma." I forced a smile onto my face so she wouldn't read my thoughts. She has a way of knowing what people are thinking. 

"Alright, love. We'll talk later." 


Thirty minutes later after I ate my fruit salad, I was still as hungry as I was thirty minutes ago, so I opted to make some sandwiches. 

However, my dearest husband chose the perfect time when I was already done making it to walk in with McDonald's. 

"Sunshine, you hungry?" 

"When am I never?" I replied, hugging him and taking the carton bag from him. "How was your day?"  

"Bàd. Couldn't stop thinking about you and my beautiful, beautiful baby." He said. "How are you?" 

"Pregnant. It's not fun, don't try it." 

He laughed, then placed a kiss on my forehead. "Well, you look ravishing if that helps." 

I felt my heart swell and my lips lift up in a smile. "It does." 

"Good girl. Let me go freshen up before I come and smother you in kisses, okay?" 

"Can't wait." 


I have always knew that one day I'll be a mother, but I never knew that I would be excited to see someone become my baby's dad. 

I watched as the nurse who just cleaned my baby up and put some clothes on him gave him to Riccardo, and I also watched as his eyes watered as he stared down at the little human in his arms. 

"He's so tiny." He whispered, holding onto Kalix dearly. 

"He is." I whispered back, because why not. 

Yeah, I felt like passing out because I just pushed a whole human being out of my vagína, but witnessing this happen is way interesting than that. 

"He's my son." Riccardo whispered again, with so much emotions this time. "Our son." 

Sometimes I think back and ask myself why I didn't fall in love with this man sooner. He is an epitome of the perfect man I thought didn't exist after all of my boyfriends. 

And thank God, he was obsesséd with me and not another girl, if not I would have missed this. I wouldn't be the mother of his photocopy. 

I blinked the tears in my eyes as I continued watching the scene in front of me, wordlessly. Yeah, I might have given him another person to obséss over, and I would do it again if I get to see that look in his eyes. 

"Thank you." Riccardo whispered again, his lips brushing slightly on mine. "You were wonderful." 

Everything morphed. Suddenly, time has sped up to three months and I was standing in the field of flowers, looking and calling out to my son's name. 

I... I lost him. 

Someone took my baby. 

I tried breathing in and out, trying to push away the panic attàck threateñing to overwhelm me in the spot I stood. It didn't help; nothing could help me in the situation I was except to hold my son in my arms. 

"What happened?" Riccardo inquired from me the moment his eyes landed on me in the living room. "Is something wrong with Kalix?" 

Yes, he's missing. 

I can't believe I was so careless with my own son. How could I have lost a whole human being within a few seconds? 

"Olivia?" His voice snapped me out of my racing thoughts. "What is wrong?" 



"He...he..." The words just couldn't leave my mouth. 

"He what, Sunshine? You're scaring me." 

"He is gone..." 

"Gone where? Did my mom take him home?" He asked, making his way to me. "I told her that..." 

"He's missing." I cut his words short and his eyes instantly darkened with anger, making me take a step back. "I lost him." 

"Olivia, if this is a joke, cut it." 

A joke? 

Do I look or sound like I'm joking? 

"It isn't a joke..." 

Suddenly he is in front of me, staring down at me with confusion and most of all, anger. "What are you talking about?!" 


"Stop stuttering, Olivia, and tell me what the fúck happened to the baby I left in your care." 

"I went to the park with him..." 


"Everything was going fine until I heard someone called my name. I looked back to see who it was, saw no one, turned back and he was gone." 


I flinched as his voice boomed throughout the walls of the living room. His anger heating up the whole place. "What was I supposed to know that someone was going to take him?" 

"Maybe you should just have stayed home." He snapped. 

"I was feeling suffocated." 

"Don't you fuckíng say that. You have a whole acre of land to walk around right in front of your house, why go elsewhere?" His question frightened both Shadow and I, earning another shudder from me and a shriek from Shadow. 

"I don't know." 

"What's wrong with you, Olivia?!" 

"Don't yell at me." 

"Don't tell me what to do after you lost my child within the matter of seconds because of your carelessness." Riccardo snapped. 

"Kalix is my child, too!" I equally snapped. "And I wasn't being careless. My eyes were on him the whole time, except for that...that few seconds." 

There was a moment of silence before Riccardo's voice came out again, this time calm and slow. "Which park?" 

I looked up at him. "Sunset Park." 

A sigh slipped through his lips as his fingers brushed through his locks of hair. "Okay. Have you called up the police?" 

"Yes." It was the first thing I did after my very first panic attàck in the park. "They said we have to wait for twenty-four hours before they carry out a search." 

"Héll no. I'm not going to sit here quietly for a whole day without my son." He muttered, turned his back at him, and phoned someone. 

I am guessing it was the head of the USA police because he said he will get on it as soon as possible from the little I could pick up. 

After the call, Riccardo faced me and sighed again. "He said he will get on it now." I nodded. "Are you okay?" Wordlessly, I shook my head, both my heart and head húrting. Riccardo pulled me closer to himself, wrapped his hands around my waist, and pecked my temple. "He will come back." 

I didn't want to ask or think about it. But being realistic, I needed to know, "What if he doesn't?" 

"I promise, he will." 

"I can't lose him..." 

"We won't." 

"I am a bàd mother, aren't I? I couldn't even take care of three months old baby?" My own words stabbéd my heart at its truthfulness. 

Riccardo wrapped his fists around my forearms, pushing me gently to sit down on the sofa. When I did, he went down on his knees, looking into my eyes. "Don't you dare say things like that. I have been here for the past three months and saw how good you took care of Kalix, so don't doubt yourself or your capabilities." His thumb wiped away the tears from my cheeks before brushing the strands of hair behind my ear. "You're a great mother. A good wife. And a lovely human being. I'm sorry if my words made you feel otherwise." 

"You really think Kalix will come back to us?" 

"I know that for a fact." He might just be saying that to soothe me, because I am looking at his eyes and I refuse to admit the dreading truth. "I'll get you some water." 

An exhale slipped through my nostrils as he stood up and left for the kitchen. Immediately his back was no longer in my view, my phone pinged with a new notification I shouldn't bother checking, but something in my head and heart told me to. 

Number - Hi, long time no see *Kalix's picture* 

Another batch of pánic rushed into every part of my body, forcing me on my feet. 

Another message. 

Number - I know you must already know who I am by the first text, but if you don't, come see me. Don't bring Riccardo, and don't dare bring the police. Act smart, he diés.

TBC 📖✍️

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