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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 29 & 30




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 29 & 30
( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


'Someone tell this hot Wolfie I might just rape him!!!' Genny screamed inwardly. 

Thane looked at her weirdly and she gulped. 

'Don't tell me he heard me...I might just die' she thought again. 

"What are you still waiting for?" He asked when she didn't move. 

"Oh....yeah" Genny mumbled and slowly walked to the bed and sat down on it,she looked up again to see Thane but he was gone. 

Genny heaved out a loud sigh of relief before laying on the bed,her body already calmed down at this point,then she started thinking,what was that? What crazy feelings and adrenaline rush was that? It's strange,she has never felt that before. 

She hugged one of the pillows to herself and tried to close her eyes,another question suddenly popped into her head and she opened her eyes again. 

"Why is he letting me sleep here?" She asked no one in particular. 

"And he hugged me......"

"Can you just stop over thinking and sleep?!" Thane shouted at her immediately he entered the room,closing the door loudly behind him. 

Genny gulped and bite her lips hard,she wouldn't deny that she was scared,anytime he uses that voice,she gets scared. Obviously because he's an alpha,it's normal! She could see he was really angry,he has a blunt of weed in between his fingers,he was actually smoking. 

"I'm....." Genny tried to apologize. 

"I brought you here because those demons are after you! Shouldn't you use your brain to reason sometimes? Huh?! You saw it too,black blades or whatever damn name they are called,and f+cking thanks to you I was able to make the barrier stronger,but we can't say,those people are patrolling the institute and ready to attack nobody else but you so can you stop those dry thoughts of yours and sleep?!" He said in an authoritative voice. 

"I'm sorry" Genny mumbled and took her lips in. 

"Sleep or leave if you want" Thane said lastly and went out again. 

Genny hugged the pillow back and closed her eyes,she can't even mention what she was feeling right now. 

Does that mean...he heard her thoughts? It seems like it,if this is true then.

'I want to scream' she said inwardly. 

If he really heard those n+ughty thoughts of hers.......

*He said you should stop thinking!* the voice in her head suddenly yelled out at her in frustration and Genny blinked. 

She tried replying but never got a response,it's just like the last time too. 

"Okay, Just sleep Genevieve" She sighed out and closed her eyes deeply,looking for the sleep. 


Sage and Beorn were just approaching their room after Beorn made them stop to eat the meat he was suddenly craving for. 

"I feel so full" He groaned,touching his tummy then ate out of the ice cream he was holding. 

"Do you have a basin in your tummy? When did you get the ice cream again?" Sage asked,looking surprised. 

"Every wolves I know have wild food cravings and you know that" Beorn replied and Sage scoffed. 

"But yours is becoming too much,don't die of food....meat in particular" 

"Yes boss" Beorn bowed jokingly. 

They continue walking and Beorn finished up the ice cream in no time making Sage shook his head but he said no word. 

"Hey Beorn!" Two boys called and ran to them. 

Sage wanted to leave him there but Beorn quickly grabbed his wrist,holding him tightly as he spoke with the boys. 

Sage sighed out,trying to hold down at least but the boys keep on talking and talking and he was getting fed up,he wanted to move again but Beorn didn't release him,he pushed his hand off and walked away. Beorn's eyes followed him and sighed. 

After waiting for about ten minutes talking,they finally left and Beorn also went straight inside his room. 

"Hey,what was that again? If you had waited,they would have at least left me early enough!" Beorn said almost angrily as he entered. 

"I already told you to learn how to say no when you're not interested in things,why can't you just tell them you can't wait to talk to them? Just why?" Sage snapped. 

"You think everyone is like you? They were so happy talking to me,you saw that in their eyes,everyone can't be as cold as you are...."

"Then why not just let me be with my cold attitude and deal with yourself talking to everyone in the world? Why bringing me into that? I'm not like you, who cares about the heck people think,I f+cking don't like talking or keep people by my side,why can't I just stay like that? You can't change me" Sage said. 

"Like hell,I hate your attitude" Beorn muttered. 

"If you hate it then you can stop being friends with me,not like I care" Sage snapped and Beorn fold his fists. 

Sage run his hand into his hair,regretting that he said that.

"I'm just......."

"Keep it to yourself" Beorn said and stormed out of the room,closing the door behind him loudly. 

Sage sat down on his bed and buried his face into his palms. 


Orion was just coming out of the bathroom when he heard a faint knock on his door,he furrowed his brows and walked to the door,he opened. 

"Beorn?" He called,looking pleased to see him. 

"Can I spend the night here?" Beorn asked. 

"Of course" Orion smiled and Beorn entered. 

Orion locked the door back and turned to him. 

"Did something happened? You fought with Sage?" He asked. 

"I won't call it a fight,he just piss me off right now" Beorn rolled his eyes and Orion chuckled. 

"I thought you two finally stopped your couples fight" He teased and Beorn glared. 

"What" Orion laughed. 

"What silly couples fight? It's more like unreasonable fights,He's always at fault" Beorn scoffed and pulled off his shoes. 

"As always,you will never accept that you're wrong" Orion said,he was already putting on some clothes. 

"Why should I be at fault,I don't know why he's always so grumpy to everyone...."

"You should know Sage already,He's always like that,remember how I always fight with him back then in the pack because I thought he was being rude to Thane" Orion said. 

"Well he got even worse" Beorn rolled his eyes. 

Orion walked closer and sat down on the couch. 

"How worse?" He asked. 

"Why are you so interested? It's annoying" Beorn said. 

"I'm trying to know what I can do to help" Orion muttered. 

"Help? Why?" 

"Because you can't live without Sage" Orion muttered and Beorn frowned. 

"That's insulting,says who?!" He shouted and Orion laughed. 

They heard the door and they both turned,Orion stood up and went to open the door. Odessa entered. 

"Oh....Beorn" She grinned and immediately went closer. 

"What are you doing here? Dear princess" Beorn asked and then looked at Orion. 

"Why are you looking at me?" Orion frowned and Beorn coughed. 

"What are you thinking" Odessa hit his arm. 

"That hurts!" Beorn shouted. 

"Why are you here? Is there something wrong?" Orion asked. 

"Indigo and I...had a misunderstanding and I swear I don't know what can happen anytime if I don't leave,that's why I'm here,I went to Thane but Genny was sleeping innocently on his bed" Odessa grinned. 

"What?!" Orion and Beorn shouted. 

"They are sleeping together?" Orion asked. 

"No,he's in the living room" Odessa said. 

"Since when did he start allowing people sleep in his room? I thought he's irritated when touched or close with" Beorn said. 

"That's what we thought" Orion sighed out and Beorn laughed. 

"What about you? Why are you here?" Odessa asked. 

"He fought with Sage" Orion replied and Odessa shook her head. 

"A never ending saga" She mumbled. 

"I just don't understand why two people who are opposite in every way would decide to be friends,the only similarity between them is that they are both wolves" Orion sighed. 

"Actually two" Odessa said. 

"What again?" Orion asked. 

"They can't live without each other" She muttered. 

"There you go again,says who exactly?! I can do without talking to him...."

"I can't count how many times you've said this Beorn,but in the end you're the first to run after him,I give you tonight,by tomorrow,you're whipped again" Orion muttered and Odessa laughed. 

"You two are being annoying right now" Beorn muttered and kept quiet. 

Orion and Odessa coughed and he scoffed. 

"How are we going to sleep?" Odessa asked. 

"I will just sleep on the floor don't worry,you can share the bed with Beorny" Orion said. 

"Don't start Oriony" Beorn snapped and Odessa laughed. 

"Stop calling yourselves those annoying names please" She said. 

"And....I will sleep on the floor with Oriony,you can have the bed all to yourself dear princess" Beorn smiled and got down. 

"I feel like a bad person" Odessa muttered,watching Orion spread the big thick blanket on the floor and they both lie down with pillows beneath their head and duvet on their bodies. 

Odessa took her own pillow too and jumped in between them. 

"What!" Beorn shouted and she slapped his mouth playfully,which made Orion laugh. 

"Are you seriously sleeping here?" Beorn asked. 

"It's going to be boring sleeping alone on the bed" Odessa groaned,covering herself with the duvet also,she was in the middle. 

The three of them lay down,facing the ceiling. 

Beorn was the first to sleep off,Odessa turned her face to Orion and found him also staring at her. 

"Hey" She smiled. 

"You should sleep,don't talk" Orion muttered lowly,not to wake Beorn up. 

Odessa shifted closer and he raised his brows. 


She pecked his lips and Orion's eyes widened. 


"Goodnight" She cut him off and turned her back on him immediately. 

Orion sighed and also closed his eyes. 




Beorn heard someone called him,he was on his way to his room,he paused and turned back to see Astrid and Ophelia,Astrid walked over to him. 

"Morning" Beorn said and she bit her lips. 

"About what happened....."

"Let's not talk about it anymore,I'm totally fine" Beorn said and Astrid looked at him with guilt in her eyes. 

"Believe me,I've really forgiven you" Beorn said,sounding more convincing. 

"If you're like this,how do you expect me not to fall for you?" Astrid asked,in tears. 

"It was so annoying that you didn't even know,were you just pretending not to know or what?!" She cried. 

Beorn looked around to see if anyone was staring,he faced Astrid again and wiped her tears. 

"Don't do that,people are watching" He muttered and she sniffs. 

"I still like you,and I don't know when I'm going to get over you,,I know I was wrong,but I just allowed my emotions to win over me,I never meant to hurt you,I wouldn't hurt you" she shook her head. 

"I'm sorry" She sniffs and ran off before Beorn could say anything else. 

He sighed and roughed his hair,he turned to walk away but stopped again when he saw Sage in front of him,he also stopped walking and they began staring at each other,Sage was already dressed up,maybe going for breakfast or class. 

Beorn was planning to walk away first but Sage beat him to it,he left without saying a word to him. Beorn turned with a glare,watching Sage walk away. 

"Did he just....ignored me?" He scoffed and also left,looking freshly annoyed by what just happened. 



"Hey Sage" Lila and Luna called as he entered. 

"Join us" they said. 

Sage didn't decline,he walked over to the booth and sat down,the servers came with his food almost immediately. 

"What about Beorn?" The twins asked. 

"He will be here soon" Sage muttered and started eating. 

"Can I join?" Kalysta asked,standing with her food tray in her hand,her eyes on Sage who didn't bother looking up. 

"of course" Lila and Luna said. 

Kalysta smiled and sat down next to Sage. 

"Hi" She smiled. 

Sage sighed and replied with a nod. 

Kalysta bit her bottom lip and started eating,she was trying hard to start a conversation with him but he never seem interested in anything she says. 

"Wow,you're still in this school?" Atticus teased Maren as he joined her,she was eating alone. 

"Like you care" Maren rolled her eyes. 

"Of course I do,nobody is coming to me to booast about their new spells anymore" Atticus chuckled and she scoffed. 

"What,is something wrong?" Atticus asked and adjusted his glasses. 

"Just eat,you're annoying me" Maren mumbled. 

"Wow,are you mad at me? Really? Did I do anything wrong?" Atticus asked seriously this time around. 

Maren was about replying when she saw Astrid entered with Ophelia and she scoffed. 

"Your favorite is here" She said. 

Atticus raised his brows in confusion,he turned and his eyes met with Ophelia. 

"Hi Atti" She waved at him and he returned it. 

Ophelia and Astrid sat down somewhere else and Atticus faced Maren back. 

"Wait....don't tell me...you're jealous?" He asked. 

"No I'm not!!!" Maren screamed and all eyes fell on them. 

Maren stood up and took her book before running out,her hair flowing behind her. 

"What the heck" Atticus chuckled unbelievably and bit his lips. 

"Such a drama queen" Ondine said,still laughing about Maren who just ran out. 

"Sure she is" Juna said. 

Genny chuckled and said nothing,she took the cup of water to drink but suddenly someone smashed the cup out of her hand and the glass broke into pieces on the floor. 

Genny gasped and looked up to see an angry Indigo,all eyes now on them. 

Ondine and Juna looked at Indigo with confusion.  

"What was that?" Genny asked. 

"Stop pretending you bitch! I saw you this morning,sneaking out of Thane's quarters!" Indigo yelled angrily. 

The students gasped. 

"Wait,don't tell me you're into hookup" Indigo said. 

"Not everyone is like you Indigo,not everyone" Genny said. 

"Then...can you tell us why you slept in his room?" Indigo asked,a smirk visible on her face. 

Genny sighed,she could hear everyone whispering among themselves,waiting for to answer.

The worst part is that she didn't actually tell Ondine and Juna that she had slept in Thane's room.

"Is that really....true?" Juna asked in a whisper and Genny nodded,they gasped. 

🗣 Wow,I've never seen anyone sleeping over in the Prince's room

🗣 Who the hell is she?

"Seriously? Is Thane fucking your crush? That's bad" Zarek chuckled and Kymani glared at him. 

"Sorry" Zarek muttered. 

"We are still waiting for your answer" Indigo said loudly. 

Kymani was about standing up to defend her when Odessa stood up from where she was sitting and kicked the table loudly,everyone turned,including Indigo. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are to ask her that question?" Odessa asked and everyone gasped. 

🗣 What's going on?

🗣 Are they having a misunderstanding?

🗣 Odessa is not supporting Indigo?

Indigo laughed.

"Seriously? Now you're supporting her....."

"Hell no I'm talking because you're trying to talk down on my brother like they are hooking up or something,what's wrong with your brain? And even if they are,Genny doesn't owe you any explanation,at least you will kill to be in that position to get to hook up with my brother,isn't that what you've been after for years now?" Odessa asked and the students covered their mouths with their palms. 

"So leave Genny alone,if you have a problem with my brother,go meet him and stop bullying her,unless you want to face me" Odessa added. 

Indigo fold her fists as the two of them glared at each other,Indigo stormed out of the hall,pushing Odessa out of the way with her shoulder. 

Genny looked at Odessa to say a thank you but Odessa walked away also. 

Everyone in the hall staring at Genny,and she hated it. She hated being the center of attention,and their looks aren't pleasant at all,they are probably hating her right now,,,she just made two best friends fight in front of the whole students. 

Their eyes on her only reminds her of her old school....is this what Indigo wanted,her smirk earlier wasn't normal,she was after something. 



Genny walked into the restroom and turned on the tap,she washed her face and stared at herself in the mirror. 

Since the morning incident,she have been quiet,maybe because she's been having classes without any break and none of her friends are in her class,it's a very busy day for her,and also so lonely. 

She repacked her ponytail and suddenly remember Thane telling her he loves her hair down,a smile appeared on her face and she removed the tie,she arranged her hair and walked out of the restroom. 

As soon as she stepped out,she saw some groups of girls pointing at her and she swallowed,looking confused. 

🗣 is she not the one hooking up with the prince?

🗣 She must really think she's a goddess or something

🗣 She actually look like a bitch for real..

🗣 I'm sure she seduced the prince with her body. 

🗣 I just don't like her. 

Genny gulped and grabbed her chest,it's the same feeling...from her old school,and then this. 

She hated people pointing at her,saying mean things about her,it makes her breathless,it's suffocating. 

"Hey! Bitch! Stay away from the alpha prince!" One of these girls said and in a minute they already surrounded her. 

Genny was shaking,she couldn't breathe,she grabbed her chest,gasping for breath in their middle as they continue bashing her,she could see Indigo from the upstairs smiling,it's obvious she made them do it. 

"Please....stop it" Genny said faintly. 

It was like a deja vu in her body,the memories of how she always get bullied where she came from filled her mind,those mean words started playing in her head,it's traumatic,she was definitely traumatized by those words. 

"I hate her"

"So ugly"

"A monster"

"How could she turn two best friends against each other?" 

Genny covered her ears,tears rolling down her eyes and her vision was beginning to get blurry. 

"Hey!! Look at us!!!" Three girls shouted and Genny managed to open her eyes. 

The girls smirked and opened their palms, white stones appeared on them and they threw it directly at Genny,targeting her head. 

Genny closed her eyes,expecting the pain,it's not like anyone would save her,nobody ever did,back then,and even now,nobody.....

She was still thinking when she felt a shadow in front of her and gasps followed. 

Thane appeared in front of Genny,covering her up and two stones hit his back,the third one hit his head. 

Loud gasps covered the air. 

Genny opened her eyes and looked up in a slow mo,her eyes locked with Thane's own,he was also staring at her. Then she saw blood running down his head,beneath his hair. 

🗣 He's bleeding 

🗣 The Prince's head.

🗣 Oh no. 

Thane ignored the blood in his head and carried Genny in a bridal style,a gasp escaped her lips and she immediately held him tightly,then he turned,the girls immediately moved back,they all fell on their knees. 

Indigo who was watching from upstairs was boiling in anger already. 

🗣 Your highness,please forgive us

🗣 We are so sorry...

"Orion!!" Thane called and Orion appeared within a blink of an eye. 

"Into the cell....all of them" Thane said and Genny's eyes widened,she raised her head. 

"Yes your highness" Orion bowed and Thane stared walking away. 

Genny could hear the girls crying and she saw some guards walking to them,probably to take them to the cell like Thane commanded. 

She looked up at Thane,his head was still bleeding. 

"You can just get down if you want to....."

Before Thane could finish,she shut her eyes and her head hit his chest and she held him tightly. 

All eyes on them. 


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