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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 27 & 28




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 27 & 28
( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


Genny could feel her cheeks almost burning with red blush the moment Thane's lips landed on hers,He's really..kissing her again?!! For real?!!

The kiss was shorter than the last one,Thane broke it before she could even go deeper into it. She looked at him and it was as if he had a little regret on his face. 

"What...is something wrong?" She asked and Thane shook his head then his expression changed to normal again. 

"If you want me to be your trainer...cool" He muttered and she smiled. 

"Thank you" She said excitedly and nodded. 

"That will be all for today" Thane muttered and the sword he was holding disappeared. 

Genny was amazed and a smile escaped her lips. 

"Aren't you leaving?" He asked and she raised her head. 

"Oh...goodnight" She mumbled and picked up her hoodie,she wore it over her tank top and kept the sword back where she found it. She turned to glance at Thane one more time only to find him gone. 

"Wait....gosh I keep forgetting he can teleport" She muttered and without wasting more time she also ran off. 


Thane appeared back in his quarters and the guards immediately bowed,one opened the door for him and he entered. 

"You're finally back" Orion stood up from the couch he was sitting on. 

Thane rolled his eyes and went in,ignoring him. Orion followed. 

"Are you still mad at me?" He asked behind him but Thane said nothing,he kept on trying to talk to him but Thane didn't reply him once. 

They got to the cellar and Thane grabbed one of the wine,a strong one and a glass,Orion immediately took the wine from him and the glass. He opened the wine and poured a little into the glass. 

Thane dropped another glass on the table too and Orion glanced at him. 

"I thought you're still angry with me" He muttered. 

"What will I do when you keep following me like a lost puppy?" Thane snapped and Orion chuckled,he filled the second glass up a little also and dropped the wine bottle. He sat down opposite him and watched Thane gulp down everything in the cup then he filled the glass up again. 

"Did something happened?" He asked. 

Thane sipped from his glass again and sighed out. 

"Not something I can't handle" He said. 

"I still want to know anyway" Orion muttered after drinking from his glass also. 

Thane started by narrating exactly what the alpha told him.

"That's some...history" Orion muttered and Thane nodded. 

"So...does that mean...it's possible you might really get your mate on the full moon?" He smiled. 

"It depends on what the Shaman says,I don't want to give myself hope...."

"What do you mean by you don't want to give yourself hope? I believe you will meet her that day,for real" Orion said. 

"Same with you too" Thane said and Orion chuckled dryly. 

"What,aren't you excited?" Thane asked. 

"I don't know if I'm ready for that" Orion shook his head and bit his lips. 

"Not ready? What does that even mean?" Thane chuckled. 

Orion sighed and said nothing else,Thane didn't bother asking further also. 

They both continue drinking in silence. 



Ophelia was still awake,she was waiting for Astrid to return,she was so worried as she paced to and fro in the room expecting the door to open any moment from now. 

Minutes later,the door opened and she immediately turned,Astrid entered looking so weak and tired. 

"Babe!" Ophelia screamed and rushed to support her. 

"Oh my goodness" Ophelia mumbled,looking at Astrid with pity as she helped her to the bed. 

"You know I would have checked on you if I could right?" She asked,removing her shoes for her. 

"You don't have to explain anything,I deserve the punishment" Astrid muttered. 

"You look so cold" Ophelia mumbled,covering her up with the duvet as soon as possible. 

"Aren't you hungry?" She questioned again and Astrid shook her head. 

"I just want to sleep,you don't have to worry about me,I will be fine" Astrid said and closed her eyes. 

Ophelia let out a sigh and she went to lock the door,she checked Astrid again and she was really asleep,she also climbed on her bed too. 



It was about 7am in the morning,according to the masters,there's no training for today and Genny made a good use of the sudden break,she's not the type who would enjoy sleeping on the bed at all. 

She was jogging through the field, her feet pounding the grassy terrain in a rhythmic cadence. She wore a sleek black sports bra and matching leggings, her athletic wear accentuating her toned physique. Her long hair was tied up in a high ponytail, with a few stray strands framing her face. 

As she jogged around the field, Genny noticed a group of male students watching her from a distance. They whispered to each other, their eyes fixed on her with a mixture of admiration and curiosity. 

Just as she was hitting her stride, a figure emerged from the sidelines and joined her on the field. It was Kymani, his tall frame and effortless stride easily keeping pace with hers. He flashed her a warm smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners. 

"Mind if I join you?" he asked, his voice low and smooth.

 "Not at all," Genny replied, her voice barely above a whisper. 

Together, they jogged in comfortable silence, their footsteps synchronizing as they traversed. 

"Are you seriously here for exercise?" Genny asked. 

"No,I came here because I saw you" Kymani replied truthfully and Genny glanced at him shortly. 


"Because I don't like the way those guys are staring at you" He responded and Genny stopped,making him stop too. 

She inhaled and exhaled tiredly,she was sweating so hard and the morning breeze was also hitting her body together with the sweat,giving her chills. 

"Wanna get water together?" Kymani asked and Genny looked at him. 

"Not like I have a choice right now,I'm tired" She said and they started walking together. 

"So you do this everyday?" Kymani asked. 

"Before I came here..but now I don't really have enough time to" She replied. 

"I see...reason why you're s+xy" Kymani said in a low voice but she heard him. 

"Stop it" 

"What you must have heard that countless times so don't act surprised,it doesn't suit you" he winked and Genny chuckled. 


They got two bottled water from the vending machine,Genny drank down the whole liquid all at once,Kymani staring at her. 

"Whoa" He said in amazement. 

"I love drinking water,just the way you love drinking blood" She muttered and Kymani groaned. 

"I won't deny that,but not yours okay? I already told you it was a mistake and it's never going to happen again. Can't you just trust me? Please" he said. 

Genny stared at him. 

"You look sincere" She muttered. 

"Because I am,Genny" he said and she smiled. 

"I wish you don't suck the innocent students blood too....."

"I won't,if you don't want me to" Kymani sighed. 

"How will you survive? I've read alot about vampires and,you really need that blood,you can't help it. That's the reason why I still talk to you right now Kyman" Genny looked at him and their eyes locked. 

"I spoke with my dad,so I won't be doing that shits with the students here,you don't know how worried I was,thinking you're going to hate me forever" He said and Genny chuckled. 

"You're talking like I'm that important" 

"Yes you are...to me" Kymani said,staring into her eyes. 

They were still in that position when Orion came over,they both faced him. 

"Your training starts in two minutes..." he said and Genny's eyes widened. 

How come she totally forgot she was supposed to start training with Thane today? 

"Thank you!" She said and Orion walked away. 

"What training?" Kymani asked. 

"Private one...see you around" She said and ran off immediately. 

Kymani's eyes followed her till she was out of sight. 

"Seriously? You're still trying your luck?" He turned back to see Indigo,folding her arms together after saying that. 

"What do you want again?" Kymani asked. 

"Don't be a daft vampire and make her yours,you're wasting time...."

"Indigo,we both know you're doing this for your own personal desire..."

"Yes I am! I'm not like you who gives up easily!" She snapped and Kymani scoffed. 

"Does it look like I've given up?" 

"You're acting like a lover boy and I hate it" Indigo said. 

"Well,we can say I'm in love with her,I can't deny that" Kymani said and Indigo frowned. 

"What? Love?" She was shocked. 

"You must have thought I'm only after her blood,but like I said,that was a mistake. So keep me out of whatever you're planning" Kymani said and walked away. 

Indigo fold her fists. 

"Love? What the hell is so special about that bitch that everyone likes so much? What" She gulped angrily. 



By the time Genny ran in,she was breathing so hard and loud,She saw Thane at the last end of the arena,his back against her,she started walking closer and Thane turned. He was smoking and looking pissed that she couldn't help but hope he wasn't mad at her for being late. 

"Morning" She greeted. 

"I thought you said you want to be serious with this" Thane threw the question at her,he didn't sound nice at all. It was as if someone made him mad. 

"I'm sorry...I just forgot." She said. 

"Forget about me training you if I arrive here before you next time" Thane uttered and walked out of her sight,she turned again,watching him dispose his smoke. 

"Are you mad at me?" She asked,how's she going to think straight and do well with the grumpy attitude of his this morning?

"Did you do anything to make me mad?" Thane faced her again. 

"Of course not,that's why I'm asking,you sound angry and you're acting grumpy toward me,you're scaring me...I thought we've passed this level" She muttered with sad look on her face. 

"I don't know what you're talking about,let's start" Thane said and his sword appeared. 

Genny sighed and went to grab the same sword she used last night,she was already getting used to it so it's only makes sense if she keep on using it. 

"I'm sorry if I did anything,so please keep on being nice to me,I just don't like it when you're like this to me" She said after facing him. 

"I'm not mad at you....."

"Then why exactly are you looking at me so coldly?" Genny asked. 

"Genny,you should understand I'm like this okay? Just because of some little plays and talks with you doesn't mean I want to act like that every time,I prefer being in my space....."

"Then put me in your space too!" Genny said loudly and Thane furrowed his brows. 

"I want to be in your space,so even if you're angry and you don't feel like talking to anyone,please talk to me" she said,looking right into his eyes. 

"So stop acting coldly toward me,I don't want it" She added and Thane sighed. 

"Let's start,I will be teaching you some moves and skills different from the silly ones you were showing me last night" Thane muttered and Genny nodded. 

Thane stood facing Genny, his eyes locked on hers as he began to instruct her in the art of sword fighting.

 "First, you must stand tall, feet shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed between both legs," he said, adjusting her stance.

 "Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and your grip firm on the hilt."

Genny nodded, her eyes focused intently on Thane's movements as he demonstrated a series of swift strikes.

 "Now, watch closely," he said, "as I show you the basic slashes. Start with a diagonal cut, from top left to bottom right. Remember to keep your wrist flexible and your arm straight."

Thane guided Genny's hand, helping her practice the motion. 

"Good, Now, try it on your own. Keep your eyes on your opponent and focus on your target."

As Genny swung her sword, Thane corrected her posture, adjusting her footwork and arm positioning. 



Sage was standing beside the river,his hands inside his pockets as he,stared at the flowing water in front of him. 

"So you were here all along?" He heard Beorn's voice and he turned to see him now beside him. 

"I've been trying to connect with you but I couldn't,don't tell me you did it on purpose" Beorn frowned. 

"I did" Sage muttered. 

"Why? You don't want to talk to me? Mood swing again?" Beorn asked,sounding somehow angry. 

"It's not you specifically,I just want to be alone" Sage said. 

"I don't think I should among the people you don't want to talk to right now" Beorn said and Sage chuckled. 

"We are talking already" He said. 

"You've been trying to escape from me all day and I keep searching for you" Beorn said and Sage sighed. 

"Is there anything you want to do right now? I thought you were having a conversation with those guys earlier" 

"Is that why you left me in the dinning hall? Without telling me where I can find you?" Beorn asked. 

"I just...didn't think it was necessary" Sage replied. 

"You get mad If it was me but you keep doing the same then get offended when I complain,wow" Beorn muttered and he faced him. 

"I just needed some minutes alone....."

"Because I stopped to talk to some friends?" Beorn cut in and Sage looked away. 

"Look Sage...you can just tell me if anything is bothering you so much,aren't we best friends? I'm sure you left because of those guys I was talking to,if you don't want me to talk to them anymore,at least give me some reasons....."

"Why would I stop you from talking to anyone? I always leave because I just don't like being around too many people and you know that,it's not a big deal,we are just different in that aspect" Sage said and Beorn sighed. 

"I would have believed you If only you don't look angry" He scoffed. 

"I'm not angry" Sage muttered. 

"Let's go to our room then,it's kind of cold" Beorn said. 

"Okay" Sage smiled. 



The darkness of the night shrouded the institute, its walls gleaming with a faint, otherworldly glow - a testament to Thane's powerful barrier still strong as always. 

Thane's eyes scanned the shadows, his gaze piercing the night. He moved with fluid grace, his boots barely making a sound on the damp ground. 

 His hand rested on the hilt of his sword, ready to draw at a moment's notice. He was inside his room when suddenly he caught a strange smell and he immediately knew it was the black blades,probably they've been trying to mess with the barrier he created just to come in to attack as usual. 

But he was ready for them tonight. 

Suddenly, a figure materialized before him. A girl, clad in black, her long hair billowing like a dark cloud. Her eyes gleamed with an unnatural light. 

Without a word, she charged at Thane, her sword flashing in the moonlight. Thane drew his own sword, its blade shimmering with a faint blue light. The two clashed, their blades meeting in a shower of sparks.

The girl's movements were swift and deadly, but Thane's superior strength and skill soon became apparent. He parried her attacks with ease, his own strikes landing with precision. The girl snarled, summoning dark tendrils of energy to ensnare Thane.

He laughed, his eyes blazing with a fierce light. With a flick of his wrist, he summoned a burst of holy energy, dispelling the darkness and sending the girl flying across the courtyard.

As she struggled to rise, Thane approached her, his sword poised for the final blow. 

"You shouldn't have come here," he said, his voice low and menacing. 

The girl let out a deadly laughter and glared at him. 

"Such pride you've got right there your highness" She said and Thane scoffed,letting her get back on her feet but she groaned again almost falling back which she prevented from happening. 

"I'm not here for you" She said. 

"I don't care whoever you're here for,this is my territory and I protect everyone here,you should tell that to your dumb umbrella queen or whatever her name is" Thane said and she glared. 

"I'm here for that seer,she stepped on the queen's tail and the only thing she deserves is death!! Stop protecting Her!!" She shouted. 

'Genny?' Thane said inwardly and frowned,she started laughing again. 

"Aren't you curious if we've gotten her?" 

Thane grabbed her neck and smashed her back on the nearby tree,his hand still around her neck,waiting for her to say something to get him more angry and he wouldn't mimd penetrating his claws inside her. 

"What did you do?" He asked. 

As he was interrogating her,he was also communicating with Orion with their link. 



Genny pushed open the door to Thane's bedroom, her eyes scanning the dimly lit space. Orion's urgent message had left her confused and worried. She wore a pair of black biker shorts and a fitted white tank top, her long hair tied in a messy bun as usual.  Her feet were bare, her toes curled in anxiety as she stepped into the room.

She walked around the bed, her eyes darting towards the empty chair, the unmade bed, and the open window. The curtains billowed in the night breeze, casting eerie shadows on the walls. Genny's brow furrowed, her lips pressed together in concern.

Thane isn't in the room so what exactly is going on?

Suddenly, the air seemed to shift, and Thane appeared before her. His eyes locked onto hers, his gaze intense. 

"My prince....." She didn't finish when Thane pulled her into a hug,getting her unaware,but she hugged him back,he smelts so good for her not to hug. 

She realized it's this first time hugging and she already loved his warmth,he's really so masculine and tall compared to her own height even though she's also called tall when she's among other girls. 

She didn't even know when she started touching him,feeling his s+xy body on hers,it was as if she wasn't controlling her own body. 

"Genny......you're suffocating me" Thane's voice brought her back to reality and she immediately stepped back. 

"I'm sorry" She apologized in embarrassment. 

"I didn't mean to......"

"Forget it" Thane cut in and she bit her lips. 

Thane walked away from her,taking off his top as he went into the dressing room. 

Genny gulped and sat down on the couch,her body almost shaking from what just happened. 

She would really swear that if she spends more time with Thane,she might do something stupid,with the way her body always react shamelessly anytime she's close to him. What the f+ck did she just do? He only hugged her and she almost ate him up raw. 

'What's happening to me? What' she asked inwardly and pressed her hand together,waiting patiently for Thane to show up so she can tell him she needed to leave,or she might just disgrace herself once more. 

Minutes later,Thane came back,he just had his bath obviously and now looking even more hotter in Genny's eyes. 

Thane wore soft gray sweatpants and a loose-fitting black henley shirt, a comfy and ruggedly handsome sleepwear that showcased his broad shoulders and toned arms.

Genny gulped,trying not to stare but that was when her eyes fell on his wet hair,clinging on his forehead,then down to his red lips. 

'I'm dying' Genny said inwardly and got up from the couch. 

"So..I will just leave" She stuttered. 

"Leave where?" Thane asked.

"Huh?" She glanced at him. 

"You're sleeping here tonight" Thane said and her eyes widened. 


"You heard me,,if you've had your bath,you can go ahead and climb on the bed,I will join you soon" Thane said nonchalantly like it was nothing. 


"You think I'm going to touch you?" Thane asked. 

'No!!! It's because of me not you!!!' Genny imagined herself shouting back but she kept mute. 

"Sleep Genny,go on" Thane said,gesturing to the bed. 

'Someone tell this hot Wolfie I might just rape him!!!' Genny screamed inwardly. 


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