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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 25 & 26




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 25 & 26

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"Then can you....." She paused and removed her hair tie,letting her hair fall behind her and on her chest. 

"kiss me?" She asked slowly and their eyes locked. 

"A deep one" She muttered. 

Thane gave her a look. 

"Why should I do that? He asked. 

"Just......asking" She mumbled. 

"You want just the kiss? What about the hickeys?" Thane asked and chuckled. 

"You can say no if you don't want to,don't make fun of it" She scoffed. 

Thane grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. 

"You really want this? You won't regret....." 

She found her way to his face and slammed her lips on his own,cutting him off, the kiss was soft and gentle at first. But as their mouths touched, a spark ignited, and the kiss deepened. Her lips parted, inviting him in, and Thane's tongue swept in, claiming her mouth.

The kiss was long and languid, their tongues dancing in a sensual rhythm. Genny's arms wrapped around Thane's neck, pulling him closer, their bodies pressed together. Thane's hand slid up her back, cradling her head, his fingers tangling in her hair.

Their lips danced in perfect sync,Genny let out a moan as their wet tongues curled against each other. Thane opened his eyes in between the kiss,staring at Genny as her lips devoured his,hungry and demanding. 

She broke the kiss shortly after and opened her eyes,she met Thane staring at her and she looked away almost embarrassed.

"What" She mumbled. 

"What was that?" Thane asked. 

"A kiss,what else? Goodnight" She said and immediately went out.

Thane chuckled and shook his head,then fell on the bed loudly,trying not to think about the kiss they just shared. But not to lie,that's like the best kiss he's ever had. 

"She was looking so innocent when she came here,what the hell happened?" He mumbled. 

*Stop thinking,I'm having a rest here* Thorne groaned. 

*Sorry sorry* Thane apologized. 

Meanwhile,Genny was still running to her room,almost regretting her action. 

"I was too hard on it,did he noticed? Did I look desperate for the kiss? Oh great!! Genny you're so silly,you should have controlled it better,he might think I've fallen for him!!" She groaned inwardly. 

*That's not a lie though* she heard a voice in her head and she paused. 

"Huh? What's that?" She asked but never got an answer. 

"I can swear I heard a voice in my head just now" she mumbled and continue walking till she entered their room. 

Ondine and Juna aren't sleeping yet,probably still waiting to tell her the full gist they started. 



Beorn release a groan the moment he opened his eyes,after the long sleep. Sage immediately turned from his bed. 

"You're awake" he said. 

"What the f+ck happened? I feel so weak,the hell?" Beorn sat up on the bed. 

"Why did you follow that bi+ch called Astrid?" Sage asked and Beorn glanced at him. 

"Astrid?" He asked and tried thinking about it but his brain was empty. 

"I don't think I followed......."

"You followed her into her room and she almost had s+x with you!" Sage snapped. 

Beorn's eyes widened. 

"Wh.....what did you...just say?" He asked. 

"If I was a minute late,she would have succeeded,how could you have been so weak for her to manipulate you so easily? Were you drunk?"

"I think I drank a lot,but.....this is so....unexpected,I never imagined her using her powers on me" Beorn muttered and run his fingers through his hair. 

"Maybe you should try to be less cute and stop flirting with everyone,that might work" Sage scoffed. 

"I don't really flirt......"

"What do you mean by don't really? Do you even remember anything? The girls were all over you inside the pool,and you kept smiling happily at them,allowing them touch you anyhow,is that not flirting? You enjoy every fucking thing,that's why Astrid haven't gotten over you yet since you never told her you aren't interested in her,you're making me so mad and I hate it!" Sage yelled at him and stormed out of the room. 

Beorn batted his lashes in confusion
"Is that it? I didn't know that's flirting,I was just being nice and....but wait,why is he so mad about it?" He asked no one in particular. 

His mind went to Astrid and he shook his head,he didn't even think of doing anything,without anyone telling him,he knows Sage would have taken care of it since he's the one who saved him. 

"Where did he go to? It's already late....." 

The door opened again and Sage entered,their eyes locked. Sage ignored him and got on the bed. 

"Are you mad at me?" Beorn asked. 

"You should learn how to say no sometimes,you should stop acting nice to everyone,letting them get the wrong idea,next time I won't do anything" Sage muttered. 

Beorn nodded. 

"Thanks for saving me" He smiled. 

Sage rolled his eyes and covered himself with the duvet. 

Beorn sighed and stood up,he went into the bathroom. 



All the students at the pool party last night were present,only Thane wasn't there,,,,they formed two lines,Master Nyx and Master Casen in front. 

Master Casen was walking left and right slowly,his sheathed sword behind him as usual while his long robe was being carried by the morning breeze. 

"Astrid...come out" He called after he stopped moving. 

All eyes fell on Astrid as she walked forward from the back,her head down. 

"You all know the rules here,never let your emotions win over you,Astrid,you dare try such horrible thing on a friend?! Why!!" He shouted. 

Everyone was quiet,nobody dare moved. 

"Without any long talk,here's your punishment.....you are going to break twenty out of the rocks in the Garden Of Stones" Master Casen said and everyone gasped. 

Garden of stones is one of the cruelest place where school offenders get finished,it's a magical garden only covered with big hard rocks,aside that, the temperature is abnormal,different from the normal one,it's freezing both day and night...Astrid wouldn't even be able to break two rocks before she loses her strength. 

"The rest of you can continue with your training"  Master Casen said and left...Astrid followed him,she was already in tears,filled with regrets. 

"Beorn,are you okay?" Lila and Luna asked. 

"Don't ask me,it's embarrassing" Beorn mumbled. 

Genny sighed out where she was standing,her eyes fell on Odessa standing beside Indigo. She caught Kymani staring at her and when their eyes met,he smiled at her which she returned. 

'Where's Thane?' She asked inwardly. 

The training session started as always,everyone performing and using their own abilities,then martial arts too. 

She was already trying to maintain better composure on her sword handling. 

You learnt that fast Genny" Master Nyx said when she got to her side and she smiled. 

"Thank you master" She smiled. 

But she was wishing she could learn more faster,she wouldn't like just sitting back anytime the intruders comes into the institute again,she wants to be able to fight them too at least. 

After about two hours of training,they were dismissed. 

"Gracious,I'm so f+cking tired" Ondine groaned,using her hand to fan herself. 

Genny exhaled,she was also sweating and her body was dripping,her tank top was so wet that her ni+ples were almost showing out of it. 

"Are you guys going to the room?" She asked. 

"I'm having breakfast first,I don't think I can walk to that room without eating" Juna said. 

"Okay,let's meet later. I can't eat like this" Genny mumbled,staring at herself. 

"Oh oh...you must have trained so hard...cover your chest with this before you make our boys faint" Ondine gave her a scarf.

"Thanks" Genny chuckled and immediately covered herself. 

"See you later prettiest" Juna waved. 

"Stop it" Genny whispered and ran off. 

She entered the room and locked the door,she didn't waste time before getting rid of her training outfit and went into the bathroom. 



Orion opened the door after the second knock,revealing Odessa,she let out a smile and he opened the door wider to let her in,she entered and he closed the door. 

"So I was...." She faced him to talk but paused half way as her eyes fell on his chest. 

He was shirtless,he has just his pants on,probably just had his bath,his hair was still a little bit wet,Odessa swallowed and looked away from him,biting her lips because she stared way too long. 

"Why are you here?" Orion asked. 

"I....wanted to ask about Thane,He's not in his quarters" Odessa said. 

"He didn't tell me anything either,I was there this morning and couldn't find him also" Orion replied,throwing on a sweatshirt. 

"Did you two....like fought?" Odessa asked. 

"I should have allowed him kill Indigo without interrupting,not like she's a good one to begin with" Orion scoffed. 

"Oh" Odessa mumbled. 

"Is that all?" Orion asked her and she nodded. 

"Breakfast?" She asked. 

"Not yet,I was planning on going now" Orion replied and she smiled. 

"Let's go together" She said. 

"Okay" Orion nods and they walked out of the room together. 



Alpha Raven rode into the palace courtyard on his majestic horse, its hooves clattering on the stone pavement. The guards, stationed at attention, watched as he dismounted with grace and precision. As he stepped down from the saddle, the guards bowed in unison, their heads dipping in respect.

"Welcome back, Alpha!," one of the guards said, straightening up from his bow. 

"The prince awaits your presence in the palace."

Alpha Raven nodded curtly, his piercing eyes scanning the surroundings before focusing on the guard. His rugged features remained stoic, but a hint of acknowledgement flickered in his gaze.

With a subtle gesture, he handed the reins to a nearby stable hand and strode towards the palace entrance, his long strides eating up the distance. The guards fell into step behind him, their footsteps echoing off the walls as they followed him into the palace.

Inside the palace,Thane was in the alpha's chamber,busy searching for the sign he saw back in the institute,he was so sure he had seen it once around this place but now he comment find it. 

"Where is it?" He mumbled and bit his lips. 

He reopened all the drawers he had checked and started checking over again. 

"Son?" The alpha entered and he immediately turned. 

"Oh....welcome back father" He bowed. 

"Looking for something?" The alpha asked,moving closer to him,his hands behind him. 

"Yes..but I can't find it" Thane replied. 

"What is it?" Alpha Raven asked. 

"Don't worry father,I might have been wrong thinking it was here" Thane bowed. 

Alpha Raven sat down and Thane stood before him. 

"Why are you here exactly? About the last time? We couldn't finish our conversation" Alpha said. 

"We couldn't finish because you refused to tell me the secret behind the curse" Thane said. 

"Even if I explain,you still won't understand son....."

"Even If I don't understand,it's my right to know the reason why I wouldn't be having a mate father,don't you think? If it was you,wouldn't you ask the same question?" Thane said and Alpha Raven sighed. 

"Fine...take a seat" He muttered and Thane sat down. 

"The curse....was because of my inability to protect my pack" He said and Thane raised his brows. 

"How??" He asked curiously. 

Alpha Raven's eyes clouded, his voice laced with a mix of pain and regret.

 "Thane, my son, it's a tale of failure and betrayal. I was cursed by the moon goddess for my inability to protect our pack. I trusted those closest to me, but they conspired against me, weakening our pack and leaving us vulnerable to attacks."

He paused, collecting his thoughts before continuing. 

"I had appointed a group of trusted advisors to assist me in leading the pack. But they had their own agenda, seeking power and control. They manipulated me, using my trust against me. I was blind to their deceit, and our pack suffered greatly."

Thane's eyes widened, shock and disbelief evident on his face.

"The moon goddess, in her wrath, cursed, declaring that my heir would never have a mate, and that our line would end with you, without a Luna by your side," Alpha Raven continued, his voice cracking with emotion. 

"She foresaw that without a mate, our pack would eventually turn against you, and our lineage would crumble. I am ashamed to admit that my weakness led to this curse, Thane."

Alpha Raven's gaze dropped, his shoulders sagging under the weight of his past mistakes.

 "I had failed in my duty to safeguard our pack, and the moon goddess deemed me unworthy. I fear that if you do not find a mate, the pack may indeed turn against you, and our legacy will be lost forever."

Thane's expression softened, his eyes filled with a deep understanding.

 "Father, I understand. Your mistake was not in trusting others, but in not trusting yourself. I will not make the same mistake. I will find a way to break this curse and secure our pack's future."

Alpha Raven's eyes lifted, a glimmer of hope flickering in their depths. 

"I have faith in you, Thane. You are strong and wise beyond your years. I know you will find a way to overcome this curse and lead our pack to greatness."

Thane nodded and sighed out. 

"I'm sorry for having a negative thought father....I can't believe I thought you did something really bad" He muttered. 

"I understand how you felt,I wouldn't dare get mad at you,,I was just ashamed,telling you how unworthy I was to......"

"You're not unworthy father,neither are you weak. You've been ruling over this pack before I was born,and to me,you're the strongest alpha ever" Thane said and Alpha Raven smiled. 

"I hope when it's your own time,you find people trustworthy enough,but I know you're too smart to be deceived" 

Thane stood up. 

"I'm going to visit Ravenna by myself" He said. 

"Ravenna wouldn't help,sometimes I wonder if she's on my side or not" Alpha Raven said. 

"Then...Is there anyone else you know?" Thane asked. 

"Balto already summoned a well known Shaman from another pack,she returned her words that she will make sure she shows up before the next full moon,probably something can be done" Alpha replied and Thane sighed. 

"But then.....what happened to those people? The traitors?" He asked. 

"They are locked into the deepest dungeon" 

"Here in the palace?" Thane raised his brows. 

"No....it's in the institute,but no one can go in,except royalties" The alpha responded and immediately Thane remember Genny telling him about the people crying for help. 

'She was right' He said inwardly and smiled. 

"Why are you smiling?"

"I'm just wondering if that punishment is enough...being kept in there......"

"You wouldn't be saying this if you know about the dungeon son,only those with sins that doesn't deserve mercy are thrown inside ..it's called TOMB OF TORMENT, for a reason" the alpha said. 

"Tomb of Torment?" Thane asked again and he nodded. 

"You said only royalties can enter,can I?" Thane asked. 

"Unless you get to know the spells to unlock it,you won't be able to....but the barrier sorounding it wouldn't hurt you since you have the alpha's blood in you" 

"Spell....." Thane mumbled. 

"You and your sister were born on a full moon festival" Alpha Raven said and Thane looked at him. 

"You will be twenty on the next full moon......You should make sure you're here a week before that" Alpha Raven got up and Thane frowned,he stood up also. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"I was told by a seer back then...you will be able to unlock your source of energy for your other sides" He faced him. 

"Other......sides??" Thane was confused. 

"You're not just a wolf son,you're not just the future alpha of this pack,you're special,you have other sides of you that are yet to manifest" 

Even after the explanation,Thane was still confused.

Other sides? Like is he supposed to be a vampire or what??

"You will understand better soon...just make sure you're here a week before the full moon" The alpha said. 



Genny was alone in the vast training arena,practicing the sword fight. 

As a learner she is, she was extra cautious, her movements slow and deliberate. She held her sword with a firm but gentle grip, her eyes fixed intently on the blade. Her stance was balanced and poised, her feet shoulder-width apart. 

As she continued to practice, her ponytail, tied high on her head, began to unravel, her dark hair cascading down her back like a waterfall. The strands framed her focused face, her eyes never wavering from the sword. With each strike and parry, her hair danced around her, a dark halo illuminating her dedication.

"Gosh!!" She groaned tiredly and stopped. 

She was sweating and breathing hard,she walked to the bottle water she brought along with her and drank from it. 

She thought about Thane and scoffed.

"Can't believe he left since morning and he's not back yet" She mumbled. 

She wouldn't deny the fact that she missed him. 

She turned again to return to her old position but almost screamed out when she saw Thane standing there,his two hands tuck in his pockets. 

"When...did you get here?" She asked with a smile. 

"I see you're happy i'm here" Thane said blankly and she took her lips in. 

"I've not seen you all day" Genny said. 

"Training alone?" Thane asked..


"Wanna train with me?" He asked and her eyes brightened. 

"I would love to" 

"I don't go easy on people even if you're a learner" He said and She blinked. 

"Are you scared?" Thane asked and she slowly shook her head. 

"Then,let's do it" Thane said and a sparkling sword appeared in his hand. 

"Wow" Genny breathe out. 

"After this,you might have to graduate straight to rank B" Thane teased and Genny looked at his face.

"What?" She chuckled. 

"I have the ability to boost energies,you should know that now" 

Genny smiled and nodded. 

"Right" She muttered. 

Thane suddenly auctioned his sword toward her unexpectedly. 

"Ahh!!!" She screamed in fear but she was able to dodge it.

"My prince!!! That was scary!!!" She screamed. 

"Prince?" Thane raised his brows. 

"That's what everyone calls you...I've never mentioned your name and you never made me do it either" Genny mumbled. 

Thane nodded and attacked again,he was trying to come down to her level,as they fought. 

Their swords clashed, the sound of steel on steel ringing through the arena. Thane's blows were gentle, controlled, allowing Genny to defend herself without feeling overwhelmed. Genny's sword trembled, but she refused to back down, her eyes fixed intently on Thane.

The duel continued, the only sounds being the soft whoosh of swords slicing through the air and the occasional clang of steel meeting steel. Thane's expertise was evident in every move, but he held back, letting Genny learn and grow.

The training session ended with a final sword clash and Genny fell on the ground breathing loudly. 

"Lazy @$s" Thane said. 

"I'm not lazy" Genny groaned and managed to get up and stood in front of him,their eyes on each other. 

"I love your hair down this way" Thane muttered and Genny's cheeks turned red. 

"Thanks" She said. 

"Will you be my permanent trainer then? Please?" She pouted. 

"Why?" Thank asked. 

"Because,I always want to learn faster when I'm with you...I will do anything you want...."

"Do you say that to everyone also?" Thane frowned. 


"You will do anything they want,if it was Kymani,would you say the same?" He asked and Genny immediately shook her head. 

"No.....it's only you" She mumbled and bite her lips,her face down. 

"Then....only me can do this also" He said and Genny looked up,wondering what he meant. 

"What?" She asked. 

"This" Thane's hand grabbed her @s$ and pulled her to himself,a light gasp escaped her lips. 

She haven't adjusted to the position when his lips slammed against hers,taking her breath away at once. 


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