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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 23 & 24




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 23 & 24

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"Your b👀bs are s+xier" He blurted out without blinking and Genny gasped. 

She gulped,her heart beating fast and it was as if she was going to collapse if he doesn't stop talking. 

Thane let out a smirk and placed his two hands on the counter,caging her there,he leans his face closer and she stopped breathing. 

"You're not breathing" He said in a low voice. 

"What....what are you doing....move back" She mumbled and Thane chuckled. 

"Hey!!!! You bitch!!!!" Indigo shouted as she entered,seeing the scene in front of her made her angry,she rushed to them and grabbed Genny with her hair,throwing her on the floor. 

"Ahh!" Genny winced as she fell. 

"I told you to stay away from him slut!!" Indigo yelled with dark eyes,her fingers grew longer and she almost rushed to her on the floor,Thane appeared in front of her and her finger slightly scratched his skin. 

"Stay away!!!" She yelled at him,glaring angrily. 

Thane ignored her and turned to Genny on the floor. 

"Leave" He muttered. 

Genny got up and glared at Indigo before going out. 

Thane faced Indigo back,meeting with her angry face and they both continue glaring at each other. 

"Were you trying to kiss her?" Indigo asked,her eyes still dark. 

Thane looked at the cut on his arm and the wound closed up,then faced her again. 

"Next time you do shit like that,thinking you're something special to me,I will kill you" He said calmly and turns to leave. 

"You're making me worry!" Indigo screamed and almost grab him. 

Thane faced her back and just the spark inside his eyes threw her off her feet and pinned her on the wall. She couldn't move any part of her body as she stayed pinned up on the wall. 

"Hey!!! Let me go!!! Thane!!!" She screamed. 

"I believe I said something about you not trying that with me again" Thane said. 


"Call my name next time and I will dry up your fucking energy" He said and she gulped,she wouldn't dare utter any word again. 

"How else do you want me to tell you to back off?" He asked,looking up at her. 

"Forget about those kisses,they mean nothing to me,they are just few things I do to get some things out of my mind,you and I...will never happen Indigo,no matter how hard you try,I don't give a fuck about you" 

"I won't give up!!" She shouted. 

Thane glares harder and she gasped for breath,an invisible force choking her neck. She couldn't breathe,neither could she move. 

"You still don't want to give up?" Thane asked. 

Indigo's eyeballs disappeared,remaining white but Thane didn't release her,he slides his hands into his pockets. 

Orion entered and his eyes widened,he immediately extended his hands toward Indigo,unleaching out some energy which released her from Thane's own and she fell on the floor,coughing out. 

Thane faced Orion with a glare. 

"Why did you do that?"

"She was dying" Orion muttered. 

"So what?! Who said you can interrupt in what I do?!" Thane yelled and he immediately bowed. 

"I'm sorry your highness,I just...."

"Get out,don't show me your face until tomorrow,get out!!" He shouted and Orion went out. 

Thane looked at Indigo and controlled her with his eyes to come closer,she stopped in front of him and he touched her neck,she got her breath back. 

"Don't dare me next time" He muttered and went out. 

Tears dropped out of Indigo's eyes,two guards came in. 

"We are sorry but the prince said you are not allowed in here again" 



Genny sat down on a bench,a frown on her face,she released a scoff again,watching everyone having fun. 

"Hey Genny" Odessa waved at her from inside the pool,she rolled her eyes and looked away. 

"What! Are you mad at me?" Odessa swam close to the edge. 

"That was a lie right? You set me up!" Genny shouted and Odessa laughed. 

"So what happened in there? Don't tell me nothing happened" She grinned. 

"Of course your friend came in and dragged me with my hair and push me to the floor,happy now?" Genny scoffed and Odessa's eyes widened. 

"What about Thane,what did he...."

"He told me to leave,what do you expect?" Genny snapped. 

"Oh....I'm sorry about that. I was hoping for something different" Odessa mumbled and came out of the pool. 

"Something different indeed" Genny scoffed. 

They suddenly saw Indigo running off,wiping her eyes like she's crying. 

"Oh oh...I think something really happened" Odessa muttered. 

"Let's talk later" She said and grabbed a towel on the bench,she ran after Indigo. 

"What happened in there?" Genny mumbled,looking confused. 

"Hey" She heard a familiar voice and she looked to her right,Kymani standing. 

"Oh....I was just about leaving" She said and stood up to go but Kymani grabbed her hand,she gulped. 

"Do I really....don't have another chance?" Kymani asked and Genny looked at him. 

"I told you that was a mistake,I mean it. I would have done something if I want you to forgive me at once,but I'm really sorry as you can see,can you please stop running away from me? I won't hurt you" Kymani said. 

"She's with me" Thane came over,Kymani and Genny both gazed at him. 

"What do you mean? I met her here alone" Kymani glared. 

"We were in between a conversation" Thane said to Genny,ignoring Kymani. 

'Seriously? He thinks he can just come here after sending me out for Indigo?' Genny scoffed inwardly and faced Kymani. 

"Let's get a drink together" She and and walked away without sparing Thane another glance. 

Kymani gave Thane a bad look and followed Genny. 

Thane sighed and pushed his hands into his pockets,then walked away. 

"Hey Lila!" A guy suddenly called Lila from where she was having fun with her sister,they both turned. 

"Oh...I was calling Lila" he said. 

"What is it?" .the twins asked.

"I just...wanted to say you look hot" He directed his compliment to Lila. 

"Thank you" They both answered and turned away from him again. 

He blinked and his friends bursts into laughter. 

"You seriously don't know those twins?" One asked. 

"I know...I just...thought it would be different" 

"I bet they might have to f+ck the same guy in future" 

They all laughed. 

Maren was swimming with Ondine and Juna,their laughters echoing in the air. 

"It's my first time seeing you without your book" Ondine said and Juna laughed. 

"Your hair,oh my goodness. You're like a mermaid right now" A girl commented as Maren's long hair covered a certain space in the pool. 

"Can you bring out your hair like a swing? This way?" Another girl asked,showing her and example,flipping her head to the back and her hair splashed water around. 

Maren chuckled and did exactly that. 

"Whoaaa!!!!!!!" Everyone in the pool exclaimed. 

She smiled and turned around,only for her to see Ophelia and Atticus sitting next to each other on the pool edge,their legs inside the water. 

Her fists clenched and she immediately looked away from them. 

Sage returned to the pool area after going to the restroom,he got there and found no traces of Beorn in the pool again. He looked around but still the same. 

"Hey,have you seen Beorn?" He asked Kalysta,she was the sitting beside him earlier. 

"Oh..he left with Astrid a while ago" Kalysta replied and Sage immediately grabbed his shirt,he ran off. 

"Fuck that bitch" He cursed,letting out his speed ability. 

He tried to get his smell and.....it led him toward Astrid's room,an angry growl escaped his lips and he increased his pace. 



Astrid's lips grazed Beorn's, her kisses soft and tender. Yet, beneath the surface, she felt a sense of power and greed filled her up, as if she was drowning in her own desires. She had confessed him, and now he was as powerless as he could ever be. 

Beorn's eyes were glazed, his movements lethargic, as he responded to her kisses with a dreamy, far-off quality. 

Astrid pushed him on the bed and climbed on him,their eyes locked and she felt a kind of guilt rushing in her blood,but it was too late,she couldn't control her longings and lust for him. She can't even forget the numbers of times she had dreamt of having sex with him but he kept on pushing her away,and now she can have him all to herself. 

She resumed kissing him,more deeper and controlling this time around. Her hand run through his bare chest and she broke the kiss,she started kissing his neck,down to his chest. 

She was about unzipping his pant when the door bursts open,revealing Sage,looking so angry that he might kill her if he got the chance. 

"You fucking damn bitch!!" He growled,he vanished from there and appeared right in front her,targetting her neck. 

Astrid left the bed in ease and threw a punch on his face,another one on his chest making him land on the wall and he fell to the ground. 

"I hate people interrupting me when I'm wild!!!" She yelled and a heavy breeze blown from her mouth,covering Sage up. 

Her eyes turned blue,connecting with the breeze and they caged Sage up where he was. 

She used her eyes to close the door and climbed on the bed again,obviously she had totally lost in and wasn't thinking again. 

Sage used all his strength to remove the boundary she set around him,he got up and immediately shifted into his wolf form,the wolf jumped on her back and she screamed as she was thrown across the room.. 

He jumped on her again with an angry growl,tearing her face with its claw. 

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!" Ophelia screamed as she entered. 

Astrid already lost her consciousness,blood covering her face. 

Ophelia swallowed hard. 

Sage shifted back and she almost fell on the floor,seeing his red eyes,his claws still visible. 

"Change him back" He said in a cold voice. 

"Change...change...what happened?" Ophelia asked. 

"She fucking confessed him!!" Sage yelled and Ophelia gasped. 

She quickly ran to Beorn on the bed and run her fingers through his face. 

"Don't touch him that way,don't" Sage snapped. 

She removed her hand and locked her eyes with Beorn's own,she uttered some words and immediately his eyes changed back to normal. 

"Beorn!" Sage ran to him and pushed Ophelia out of his way. 

"What...happened?" Beorn asked. 

Sage blew air into his eyes and he fell asleep. He immediately carried him on his back and turned to Ophelia who was trying to wake Astrid up. 

"I'm going to really kill her next time she try this shit,tell her that" He muttered and walked out of the room. 

"I warned her" Ophelia bit her lips. 



📨 Have you heard? Astrid confessed Beorn and tried having s+x with him. 

Genny's eyes widened as she read the message from Juna on her phone. 

"Why would she do that?" She mumbled,another message entered. 

📨 It was obvious she's been crushing on him but he never looked at her that way....I heard Sage came before she could do it and he torn her face with his claws. 

Genny gasped and immediately replied. 

📨 I will be there. 

She closed her books and walked out of the library. 

The school light was still on so she wasn't scared,she passed through the hall way,it was quiet,only the sound of her sneakers could be heard. All of a sudden she heard a glimpse sound which made her pause. 

She turned to the direction where the sound came from and frowned when she saw another staircase,leading down. 

"I didn't know this was here" She muttered and slowly,she began going down the stairs. 

She came to the end of the stairs and looked around,it was strange,she have never been there before,it was like another place entirely different from the school,it was dark,no light at all,she was supposed to turn back and leave but her curiosity wouldn't allow her. 

"Where is this place?" She mumbled,looking around and she kept moving. 

She stopped in front of a big door,in the middle was a big sign with a pyramid shape,at the center,written some words she couldn't read or understand. 

Suddenly she heard some cries,it was like it came from a distance,it sounded like cries for help. 

Genny's heart skipped a beat and she moved closer to the door,the moment she touched it,a blue flame mixed with wind blew her off,and she could have broken her back if only her back hit the pillar but she felt someone caught her in their arms. 

She immediately turned and her eyes met with Thane's own. 

"What are you doing here?" Thane asked,looking around. 

"You've never been here before?" Genny asked,reading his expression. 

"Didn't you read the rules? This place is restricted" Thane said. 

"Something just...kind of called me. I think there's something behind that door" She muttered and they both stood next to each other,staring at the door. 

"Do you know that sign? Can you read what's written there?" She asked. 

"That looks like some spells.....like it was used to lock the door and a barrier was created around it,if just anyone goes close,they might die" Thane said and Genny glanced up at him. 

"Meaning there is something in there...like..people" She muttered. 

"People?" Thane raised his brows. 

"I heard cries...I don't know if they are not people but I'm sure I heard cries" Genny said. 

Thane started walking closer to the door,but stopped when he got somewhere. 

"What's wrong?" Genny asked from the back. 

"There are some energy here......." He paused and touched the door,nothing happened. 

"You touched it" Genny said looking surprised and walked over to him. 

She tried touching it again but it was the same as first. 

"Ahh!!!" She screamed as she was thrown away again. 

Thane appeared behind her and caught her once again. 

"I think it's a secret place....that sign.....I've seen it once" Thane mumbled and dropped her. 


"At the palace, father's chamber" He replied. 

Genny said nothing. 

"Let's go,you shouldn't get hurt because of that" He said and they both left,but Genny was still curious. 

They were both walking in the passage way leading to Genny's room when suddenly she heard a snap sound in her head,noises in her head. 

"Genny!" Thane called but stopped when her eyes changed color into black and her body became still,her face up. 

Thane stood there without saying a word,it took about three minutes before she returned back to normal,she was breathing heavily. 

"Thane" She grabbed him. 

"Who are....black blades?" She asked. 


She nodded. 

"They are like our opponents,enemies...they are demons disguised as humans,you once saw the vision about them attacking" Thane said. 

"They will be here again...."


"I couldn't get the time but...I saw them killing a lot,is there a barrier around this place?" She asked. 

"Sure,they can't break it if it's strong enough" Thane said. 

"I don't think it's strong right now,they really attacked us....in my vision" 

They suddenly appeared somewhere else...it's outside the school,the walls surrounding the entire school building. 

"Why....why are we here?" Genny asked. 

"To make the barrier stronger" Thane muttered and opened his palms,Genny watched as he summoned something like a bulb in form of fire mixed with water,rolling in his palms. 

"What's that?" She asked curiously. 

"Something you don't know" Thane mumbled,the bulb turned into a sword and it sparkled in blue and white,lightning everywhere up,Genny covered her eyes,preventing them from it. 

Thane plunged the sword deeply into the ground and Genny could see the energy glooming around the walls for a minute before it became invisible. 

"Wow" She muttered. 

Her body suddenly began to heat up,it was as if she lost her strength all of a sudden. 

Thane faced her and she staggered but he caught her. 

"What's going on? Why am I suddenly weak?" She asked. 

"Since you're not strong enough,you get weak each time you see visions like this" Thane replied and she swallowed. 

They appeared in Thane's room. 

"What are we doing here?" She looked around.

"Don't you think you have an explanation to do?" He asked her. 

"What explanation?" She asked. 

"You followed Kymani earlier,why?" Thane asked. 

"You threw me out for Indigo too and you suddenly showed up again,do I look like a puppy?" She scoffed and rolled her eyes. 

"Wow,now you can roll eyes at me?" Thane asked and she immediately got her sense back. 

"I'm sorry" She bowed. 

Thane chuckled and took off his shirt,her eyes widened. 

"Oops,sorry,I forgot I always make you breathless" He smirked,walking toward the dressing room. 

"You're a flirt!" Genny yelled after him.

She sat down on the couch,waiting for him to get back and soon he did. 

"You said you want to apologize to him" He said and Genny looked up. 

"What's his name?" 

"Thorne" Thane smiled. 

"Yea...I..should do that" She stuttered and stood up. 

She cleared her throat to talk. 

"You should do it directly" Thane said and she raised her brows in confusion. 

Before she knew it,he shifted and the big gray and black wolf was standing on his four,right in front of her. 

Genny shifted back,her heart almost leaving her for a second but she grew some coursge and moved closer again. 

She knelt down beside him and tried rubbing his fur but Thorne moved away from her. 

"Dear Thorne,I'm really sorry" She pouted and shifted closer again,this time he didn't move away. 

"I know I hurt you but...I was not even thinking when I said what I said,as you can see,I'm silly sometimes and....how could I have said you're a monster? You look cute,really really cute. I wish I can touch your fur all day" she chuckled and started rubbing his head. 

Thorne howled lowly and wagged his tail,Genny immediately smiled. 

"Finally you've forgiven me? Thank you Thorne" She hugged him and he lick the side of her face,surprising her. 

"Wow Thorne you are so......" 

The wolf melted and turned back into Thane. 

"So what?" He asked,twisting his neck a bit. 

"I'm not done yet!!" Genny shouted. 

"Oh wow..you expect me to stay quiet and watch him lick off your face?" Thane asked. 

"It was a kiss,I guess" Genny mumbled and stood up. 

"You want a kiss that bad?" Thane teased. 

"Asking like you're going to kiss me" She scoffed. 

"Why do you sound angry about that?" Thane asked. 

She took her lips in. 

"Tell me" Thane said in a commanding voice. 

"I...I..saw,Indigo's neck once..you gave her hickeys" She mumbled and Thane raised his brows. 

"Then??" He asked. 

She swallowed. 

'Gosh,I'm insane' she said inwardly. 

"I hate being kept in suspense,what do you want?" Thane asked. 

"Then can you....." She paused and removed her hair tie,letting her hair fall behind her and on her chest. 

"kiss me?" She asked slowly and their eyes locked. 

"A deep one" She muttered. 


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