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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 21 & 22




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 21 & 22

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"You're cute,I don't care whatever you say" She said and continue patting his hair,and slowly his claws went back in,his eyes became normal. 

*liar* Thorne scoffed in Thane's head,surprising him. 


*She's a liar,don't fall for that,how could she change her mind all of a sudden? Move away,I don't like it* Thorne said. 

Thane bursts into laughter and Genny blinked,she dropped her hand,still staring at him. 

"What's funny?" She asked. 

"He said you're liar" Thane replied. 

"Huh? Who?" Genny asked,still confused. 

"Thorne....my wolf" Thane muttered,trying to find the best way to tell her not to sound confusing. 

"What? I'm not a liar" Genny said. 

"He's probably still mad that you called me a monster" Thane said. 

"How can I see him?" Genny asked. 

"Why do you want to?"

"What do you mean? I need to apologize properly,but If he can hear me now....what's his name again?" Genny asked. 

*Don't say my name* Thorne snapped and Thane chuckled. 

*What's with you? I thought you liked her* He said. 

*I'm not really in the mood for this,stop it* Thorne snapped and went quiet. 

"The name...."

"Maybe later,He's not in a good mood right now" Thane told Genny. 

"Oh" Genny bit her lips and Thane sighed. 

Thorne is probably still angry about the mate stuff,,He's also mad but curious and confused at the same time. His father is definitely hiding something. 

"You should leave Genny" Thane muttered and moved away from her. 

"Be careful,the bottles and...."

"You got hurt earlier" Thane faced her back and she gulped. 

"Don't worry about me,I will be...."

"Sit down" Thane said,pointing to the couch before going into another room. 

Genny looked around and sighed,it's a really big suite that she wanted to take her time to walk around. 

The door opened and three maids came in,they started cleaning up everywhere and they arranged back all the scattered things. Genny used the opportunity to stand up from the couch,she saw a transparent door with a nice view outside and made a "wow" with her lips. 

She looked back to see if Thane wasn't coming yet,the maids already left too. She gently opened the door and went out,revealing a wide balcony with a sparkling neat blue swimming pool at the middle. 

"Whoa!" Her eyes widened and she was almost tempted to jump inside. 

"Control yourself,you can't be apologizing two times in a day" She mumbled,staring at the water for almost five minutes before going back inside. As soon as she sat back down on the couch,Thane showed up. 

Seems like he showered, his hair still dripping wet and....wait....

Genny's throat dried,Thane was shirtless,he was only in sweatpants,he was looking so hot that she couldn't even hide the fact that she was drooling. 

The s+xy body!! 

'Damn you Genny,look away! How embarrassing' she scolded herself. 

"You won't swallow me right?" Thane asked bluntly and she immediately looked away. 

"I wasn't staring" She mumbled. 

"I didn't ask" Thane said and she took her lips in. 

Thane bent in front of her and her eyes widened. 

'Is he proposing??!!' She screamed dumbly in her head. 

Thane took her leg and removed her shoe and socks. 

"Ouch" She screamed,finally realizing that she got hurt from the broken glasses. 

Thane scoffed. 

"Dummy" He muttered. 

"I'm not a dummy!" Genny snapped. 

"Only a dummy would come close to me even when I was so angry,you clearly saw those glasses" Thane said. 

"I told you I was going to do better,,,I'm sorry for calling you a monster" Genny mumbled,playing with her fingers. 

"Learn how to write better letters at least,it was horrible" Thane said and her eyes widened. 

"You're lying,I'm the best in English in my school....former school rather. I'm really good in writing,letters,poems,and others,what are you even talking.....ouch!!!" 

Thane just pressed the glass wound under her foot. 

"That hurts!" 

Thane rolled his eyes and blew a little breeze on it with his mouth,the glass came out and the cut closed up. 

"Wow" Genny muttered. 

Thane wore her shoe back for her and got up. 

"You can go" He said. 

"It's still raining...."

"Go out,the guards will give you an umbrella" Thane cut in. 

Genny nodded sadly and went out. 

Thane released a sigh. 

*I know you're sad,but can you at least take it easy? My heart is breaking even more* Thane said but Thorne remain silent. 

*Would you like us to shift and run in the rain? Or.....*

*Syla* Thane said. 

*You want Syla?(Odessa's wolf)* Thane asked. 


*Shifting?* Thane asked. 

*No* Thorne replied. 



Odessa was laying on the bed,her eyes opened and bright. She was worried about Thane and she could feel the sadness in him making her curious more,what happened at the pack? 

Indigo turned from where she was sitting. 

"You started training that bitch again?" She asked and Odessa looked at her. 

"It was the master's request" She said. 

"You don't have any excuse,you can simply say no to the master if you want,not like you're that humble" Indigo scoffed. 

"Are you picking a fight with me now?" Odessa asked. 

"Like I have time" Indigo rolled her eyes. 

Odessa sighed and ignored her. 

A knock came on the door.

"Who?" Odessa asked. 

"Your highness,we are here for you" 

Odessa immediately snapped the duvet out of her body and rushed to the door,she opened it. 

"Why are you here?" 

"The prince wants you in his quarters" The guards said. 

"Why would he send y'all? He can just mind link me,did he really blocked me?" Odessa frowned a little. 

"I will just put on something" She said and went back in for dress up. 

Minutes later,she entered Thane's room and met him already on the bed,pressing his phone. 

"Why am I here?" Odessa asked after closing the door,she walked closer.

"Thorne wants to sleep beside you for tonight" Thane muttered without looking at her. 

"Thorne? Not you?" Odessa asked. 

"Why would I want that?" Thane faced her and she raised her brows. 


Thane rolled his eyes and faced his phone back. 

"Are you going to talk to me or you want me to leave..."

"If you want" Thane cut in. 

"Did something happened? Why giving me attitude right now? I hate that" Odessa snapped. 

Thane dropped his phone and faced her. 

"You are aware right?" He asked. 

"Aware....of what?....."

"That I don't f+cking have a mate" Thane said and Odessa's eyes widened. 

Thane chuckled. 

"Just like I guessed" He mumbled. 

"It's not what you're thinking,I just....."

"We sworn never to keep any secret!" Thane fired at her with red eyes and she flinched. 

Thane run his fingers into his hair to calm himself down. 

"I didn't mean to yell at you I just....."

Odessa sniffs in tears and turned to run out of the room,Thane appeared in front of her immediately. 

"I'm sorry" He muttered and wiped her tears then pulled her into a hug. 

"You think I was happy when I found out? How could I have brought myself to tell you such heartbreaking thing? I was hoping I heard wrong,I don't want to believe it,that's why I couldn't tell you,I'm sorry" Odessa cried. 

"Stop crying,my eyes are watering too" Thane said and Odessa immediately wiped her tears. 

He broke the hug and kissed her forehead. 

"So...it's true?" Odessa asked as they walked to the bed. 

Thane nodded. 

"A curse" He mumbled. 

"Curse? What curse?" 

"Father refused to tell me anything,but I'm sure he's hiding something,he must have done something really bad for the moon goddess to curse his heir,and unfortunately,it happened to be me" Thane muttered. 

"There must be a way out,a way to appeal to the goddess,at least. We can't just keep quiet this way,I can't watch you live on like this" Odessa said. 

"Unless we get to find out the truth" Thane said. 

"How about we talk to Beta Balto?(Orion's father) he should be able to know the history...."

"You should know he wouldn't help,he does whatever father says,that's all" Thane replied and Odessa sighed. 

"I want to forget about it for now,I will look for solution later,how about a glass of wine?" Thane asked and Odessa nodded. 

"I'm going to get changed" She said and walked into the dressing room.  

Thane also went for a bottle of wine and two glasses,he was already pouring the liquid when Odessa returned,she was wearing Thane's shirt. Thane looked up and stared at her. 


"How was your outing with Orion?" He asked,giving her a glass. 

Odessa sat down beside him on the bed and they clinked their glasses together. 

"I had fun" She smiled. 

"You should take it slow,I don't want you to cry" Thane muttered and sipped from the wine. 

"I won't...."

"He doesn't feel the same way Dessa,,He's looking forward to his mate,just like me..you should do the same" Thane said. 

Odessa kept quiet,she gulped down the wine and dropped the glass,then wiped her lips. 

"I will think about it" She mumbled and Thane chuckled. 

He also finished his own and they got on the bed. 

"Oh...it's been a while" Odessa smiled,shifting closer to him. 

"Just sleep" Thane said and closed his eyes. 

Odessa placed her head on his arm and also closed her eyes. 

Thane opened his eyes,he pulled her closer by the waist before covering their bodies with the duvet.



"So you finally got Thane to forgive you?" Ondine asked Genny as they ate breakfast together. 

"Yeah,just his wolf...He's still mad at me" Genny mumbled. 

"You can do it,you're Genny anyway" Juna winked and she smiled. 

They saw Odessa and Indigo entered and the boys started staring at them. 

"Odessa is so pretty" Juna said. 

"Even though Indigo is a bitch,I can't deny that she's hot" Ondine shook her head. 

Genny was quiet as she stared at the two girls,Indigo in particular,she was putting on a tight short,almost revealing her butt cheeks,over a tanktop,her legs are long and straight,her hair behind her looking shiny. 

"But I think Genny is hotter" Juna said,bringing her back to reality. 

"I feel like if you dress really s+xy like Odessa and Indigo,the guys will run wild" Juna said. 

"Why?" Genny asked,not convinced enough. 

"You have a perfect future come on,do you check yourself out in the mirror when you're naked?" Ondine asked and Genny blinked. 

"What? Naked?" She asked. 

"Wait,don't tell me you've never done that...I thought everyone girl does that" Juna said and Genny shook her head. 

"Well I've seen you in just your pant and bra,you're hot and s+xy,your @ss is not big but looks good,and your..."

Genny shoved in a piece of meat into Juna's mouth and she blinked. 

"Let's stop talking about my body" She said and Ondine bursts into laughter. 

After eating,they left the dinning hall,they noticed some students students gathering and checking out something,they immediately moved closer to check. 

"Wow! Thane is hosting a pool party tonight? At his quarters" Juna read out and Ondine gasped. 

"Only eighteen people are invited,plus Thane,that's nineteen" Ondine mumbled. 

"I don't think our names will be there" Juna shook head. 

"But I can see your names there" Genny said. 

"Huh?!!!" Their eyes widened. 

Their names just at the last two bottoms. Genny's eyes roamed through the list and found her name in number five. 

"You're there too" Juna said. 

"It's gonna be hot,I can perceive it" Ondine mumbled. 

"He even invited Zarek and Kymani,why? Is he planning something?" Juna chuckled. 

"They might not attend" Ondine said. 

They walked away. 



The door opened and Kymani frowned,he was on the bed already. Indigo entered and closed the door. 

"Why are you here?" Kymani asked. 

"You tried to bite Genny right? And now she's avoiding you,who spoiled the moment?" She asked. 

"None of your business" Kymani snapped. 

"I know you like her and you can make her fall in love with you within a second,what are you waiting for? You should erase her memory and manipulate her to fall in love with you" Indigo said. 

"And why should I do that?" Kymani glares. 

"Because you're good in doing it,why is she different?" 

"Because me thinking of biting her was a mistake,so whatever you're thinking,keep it to yourself" Kymani said. 

"Don't be boring....she might end up falling for Thane and you will regret it" Indigo smiled and winked at him before going out. 

She came in again. 

"And don't think of missing that party tonight,you might change your mind you know" She winked and went out again. 

Kymani sighed out. 


A girl was on the floor,blood flowing out of her tummy,she's a rank D. She got injured while training with sword and she ended up stabbing herself. 

"Everyone make way!!" Beorn shouted,leading Lila and Luna forward. 

They did as he said and shifted back. 

Lila and Luna fell on their knees immediately,Lila pulled the girl's blouse up,revealing the cut in her tummy. 

"Can you heal that? Should I call master?" Beorn asked. 

"We can" The twins said at once and Beorn exhaled. 

Lila and Luna held each others hands,just one of their hands. Their second palms pointing directly at the cut,their eyes closed and soon their locked hands started brightening up. It was so bright that the students had to back away even more. 

They placed their palms on the open cut on her tummy and almost immediately the girl coughed out,coming back to life. 

👥 Oh thank goodness!

👥 She's back. 

Lila and Luna opened their eyes and unlocked their hands,they looked at the girl and helped her up. 

"That was perfect girls" Beorn said and they smiled. 



The atmosphere was electric, the pool night party in full swing. The air was alive with the sound of laughter, music, and splashing water. The space was dimly lit, with colorful string lights and lanterns casting a warm glow over the party. 

The girls were dressed in tiny bikinis, their bodies glistening with oil and sweat as they danced and lounged by the pool. Some were in the water, splashing and playing games, while others lay on sunbeds, soaking up the party vibe. The guys were equally impressive, their chiseled physiques on display in their swim trunks.

The pool was the center of attention, with the students dancing and splashing around in the water. Some were even doing flips off the sides, cannonballing into the pool with a splash. The music was pumping, a lively mix of beats and rhythms that kept the party going.

Maids in their uniforms flitted around the party, carrying trays of colorful drinks and snacks. The drinks were flowing, with cocktails and beers being handed out left and right. The smell of alcohol and chlorine filled the air, mingling with the sound of laughter and music.

Genny and her friends are also inside the pool having fun,dancing. 

"Whoa! Genny,didn't know you could whine so well!" Juna said staring at Genny as she moved her waist slowly in the pool. 

"I told you I was lonely back home,I had no friends so I spend my free time working out and dancing" Genny winked. 

"Damn you're hot" Juna muttered and she chuckled. 

"Kymani is staring at you" Ondine whispered stylishly and Genny turned,Kymani was sitting on a bench,his eyes firmly on her,she looked away from him and looked around. 

Thane is nowhere in sight. 

'Why is he not coming out since?' She thought. 

In the middle of the pool,about five girls surrounded Beorn,flirting with him. Sage was sitting at the pool edge drinking,his eyes on Beorn who seems to be having fun. Astrid was also glaring at the girls around Beorn,she was boiling with anger and she can't even predict her next action if those girls wouldn't stop touching him that way. 

Orion was also sitting somewhere,alone,drinking,his eyes roaming all around,like he's making sure nothing strange happens. 

He saw Odessa standing and talking to a random girl in the pool,Orion looked away from her before thinking of checking her out,he just didn't. 

Odessa saw him sitting and almost walked over to him but she changed her mind,Her eyes fell on Indigo staring around,obviously searching for Thane. 

"Not today girl" she mumbled and found Genny inside the pool,she smiled and moved closer. 

"Hey Genny!" She called and Genny turned. 

"Come out,come on" 

Genny didn't waste time,she climbed up,out of the pool,suddenly feeling all eyes on her. 

👥 Damn hot

👥 Isn't she the new girl?

👥 She's sexy. 

"Keep your eyes off her perverts!" Odessa shouted at them and they all looked away. 
Genny smiled

"Thanks" She muttered. 

Odessa removed the small scarf she was tying around her waist and tied it for her instead. It's hardly covering her butt properly though. 

"Can you please help me get something in Thane's kitchen? I left my phone there and I have something to do here,I can't go inside" 

"Oh...I don't really know the way to the kitchen....."

"Just go inside,pass the living room and you will find your way,I left it on the counter,go on" Odessa said. 

"Okay" Genny replied and went in. 

Indigo saw Genny going inside and she frowned,Odessa smirked inwardly and dived into the pool,secretly staring as Indigo also find her way inside. 


Genny entered the kitchen and searched on the long counter,no phone. 

"It's not here" She mumbled and bit her lips. 

She continue searching somewhere else,she was still there when suddenly she heard footsteps,before she could turn,someone spanked her @ss and her eyes widened in shock,she could feel her butt bounced and she was almost breathless. 

She turned angrily but her eyes locked with Thane's own. 

"That wasn't cool" She said. 

"Oh sorry" Thane muttered. 

"You didn't know it was me?" Genny asked. 

"I know" He said and Genny glared. 

"Pervert" she said. 

"I'm not a pervert,you just...have a small pretty @ss" Thane muttered and she batted her lashes in shock. 

"W....wha....what?" She stuttered,forgetting how to breathe for three seconds. 

'How can he say that so bluntly without any expression?! He's killing me!!' Genny screamed inwardly. 

Thane moved closer,she made to step back but her back was already hitting the counter,she swallowed. 

Her eyes followed Thane's eyes and they fell on her chest. 

He was staring at her chest,she couldn't even cover her chest in that embarrassing situation,she was wearing just a bra and obviously easy to see her br+ast. 

"But....." Thane mumbled. 

Genny looked at him immediately....but what??

"Your boobs are s+xier" He blurted out without blinking and Genny gasped. 


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