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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 19 & 20




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 19 & 20

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"Noooo!!!!" Genny's scream hit directly into Thane's eardrum and he paused. 

Indigo turned and looked at him. 

"What's wrong?" She asked but Thane said nothing. 

*That's Genny's voice,sounds like she's in danger* Thorne said to Thane and he scoffed. 

*Not like I care* He replied. 

*Me too,why should I save someone who called me a monster?* Thorne scoffed and went quiet. 

Thane continue walking again and Indigo raised her brows but she didn't utter a word,she just followed him. 

Back in Kymani's room,Genny was in tears and Kymani's fangs almost in her neck,he was totally out of control,his eyes bloody red. 

All of a sudden the door opened and Odessa entered,he pushed Kymani away from Genny. Kymani faced her with a glare and,he used his eyes to control one of the furnitures in the room and threw it at Odessa. 

Genny screamed in fear as the table almost slammed on Odessa but she punched the table right in the center and it broke into pieces. 

"You bastard!" Odessa yelled and jumped up high,throwing a heavy kick right on Kymani's neck, he fell roughly on the floor,passing out right away. 

Genny gulped in shock,Odessa grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the room,she released her hand outside but Genny kept following her,she was still shaking in fear. 

"I guess you know who the real monster is now" Odessa said without looking at her. 

Genny bit her lip and wiped her tears,Odessa got her water. 

"Thanks" She muttered and drank everything at once. 

"I'm sorry for saying that,I hope you forgive me" Genny said. 

"I'm good now,if I was mad I wouldn't save you from him,you should have learnt your lesson" Odessa said. 

"I'm sorry" Genny mumbled. 

"Like I said,I'm good now. You're someone I like from the moment I saw you,,I don't want to dislike you for no reason,but don't mess with my brother,He's the only one I've got,I don't joke with him. And also,you should be careful before taking some decisions,or you won't last here,not everyone smiling at you loves you" Odessa said. 

"I understand" Genny said. 


"Thane....Is still mad at me..what should I do?" Genny asked. 

"I don't know,do it your own way" Odessa replied and Genny twitches her lips. 

"See you around" Odessa said before walking away. 

Genny groaned and roughed her hair. 

"What do I do?" She asked herself and started walking. 



Sage came into the room and met Beorn still sleeping,he was hoping he would wake up and they go to eat dinner together. 

He walked over to his bed and bent,he gently touched his leg and exhaled out in relief to see that the swollenness already gone. 

Beorn opened his eyes and let out a smile. 

"Don't tell me you're worried about me" He said and sat up,Sage also joined him on the bed. 

"I feel guilty,it was my suggestion to......."

"Why are you talking like you forced me? And besides I'm all good now" Beorn said looked at the window. 

"It's quite late...."

"It's time for dinner,can you walk to...."

"Stop it,I can walk of course" Beorn snapped and Sage chuckled. 

"Why are you getting worked up over it? I'm just worried,like you want me to" he said in a teasing voice. 

"Don't hype yourself up just because you choose to be kind this time around" Beorn scoffed and left the bed to get dressed. 

"Where were you before? I woke up once and you weren't in the room" Beorn said. 

"I just...went to get fresh air,it was boring" Sage replied and Beorn faced him with a smile. 

"Let's go" 

Sage moved closer to him and touched his forehead to feel his temperature. 

"I said I'm fine" Beorn muttered. 

"Thank goodness" Sage sighed. 

Beorn smiled at him when he didn't drop his hand. 

"Are you just going to keep staring at my face? I know I'm handsome" Beorn said. 

Sage pushed his chest and he laughed. 

They both walked out of the room after that. 



Thane just finished dressing up when he heard a knock on the door which made him turn. 

"Come in"

The door opened and a guard came in,Thane was expecting Orion but he suddenly remembered that he gave him a free day because Odessa kept asking if they can hang out together. 

"Your highness" The guard bowed and moved closer to hand over a piece of paper to him. 

"What's this?" 

"A girl dropped it and said I should deliver it to you" The guard replied. 

Thane took it from him and the guard left after being released by Thane. 

Thane slowly opened the wrapped paper,it's a letter::

Dear Thane,

I was wrong to lash out at you, and I'm truly sorry for my mistakes. You've always been there for me, and I repaid that kindness with hurtful words. I promise to do better in the future and to appreciate you more, Please forgive me and let's move forward together.

P.S. I'll try to be less of a handful, but no promises - you know I can't resist pushing your buttons sometimes. 


Thane chuckled at the P.S . 

"Thank goodness she knows she's a whole handful and can't stop pushing my buttons,so annoying" He scoffed and dropped the paper somewhere. 

*Are you going to accept that?* Thorne asked. 

*Odessa said she regrets what she said* Thane replied.

*What,are you still angry?* Thane asked when Thorne didn't say a word again. 

*I can't wait for our mate to finally appear,I won't leave her for a minute* Thorne said,ignoring Thane's question. 

Thane smiled. 

"Me too" He mumbled. 

After spending another minute in the room,he went out. As he walked out of his quarters,his eyes fell on Genny somewhere,like she was staring but she immediately turned and walked away when he caught him. 

"Don't turn into a stalker" He chuckled and went his own way. 

"Gosh,,,he saw me" Genny slapped her head and took her lips in. 

She turned again and found him gone. 

"Maybe he didn't" She sighed. 

"Genny" She heard Kymani's voice and her heart skipped a beat,she turned and saw him standing with pleasing eyes and guilt. 

"I know I made you scared,but trust me it wasn't my intention..I just kind of...starve myself all day and ended up losing control,I'm sorry,I would never hurt you,trust me" Kymani apologized. 

"Its.....it's....okay,I'm fine,...I understand" Genny said gently. 

"Are we still friends?" Kymani asked. 

Genny said nothing. 

"I'm sorry,I have a class" She mumbled and walked away 

Kymani sighed and roughed his hair. 



The door to Alpha Raven's chamber opened and Ravenna entered,she's the most powerful seer and witch in the pack. She was wearing a red robe,flowing on the floor along with her butt length hair,her lips also painted with deep red color,she's a beautiful lady. 

She walked somehow closer and stood in front of the alpha. 

"Good evening,Alpha" She bowed low. 

Alpha Raven simply replied with a nod and gave her a sign to sit down. 

"Thank you Alpha" Ravenna said and sat down. 

"You know the reason why I called for you" Alpha Raven said. 

"Yes alpha and I won't waste your time" Ravenna replied which made the alpha nod. 

"Alpha....I'm afraid the prince might never get to meet his soulmate" Ravenna said. 

Alpha Raven sighed and sat down properly. 

"You know why your majesty,,it's possible you might be the last one to get on the throne in your lineage" Ravenna said. 

"I have a son,why would I be the last one?" Alpha asked. 

"You know about the curse your majesty,I'm afraid that's the cause of the prince's misfortune" Ravenna replied and the door opened. 

The Luna,Liyana walked in with her dress screaming luxury and authority. 

"What do you mean by misfortune?" She sounded angry. 

"Liya,,,you're not to interrupt......"

"She just called my son misfortunate just because of a mate!!" She yelled at the alpha and he sighed. 

Ravnenna smiled and stood up. 

"Your highness" She bowed for the Luna. 

"What was that statement of yours about?" She snapped. 

"Your highness,I'm sure the alpha have a better answer to that...."

"Ravenna,leave" Alpha Raven said. 

"What is she talking about?" Liyana faced the alpha. 

"The prince might not be able to get a soulmate" Ravenna replied. 

"Your majesty!!! The prince is here!!!" They heard that announcer and almost immediately the door opened,Thane entered. 

"Oh...his highness is here" Ravenna smiled. 

"Is that true?" He asked his father. 

Silence followed. 

"Why are you so quiet? I heard everything you've been saying,it's obvious everyone knows about it and I'm the only one in the dark,is it really true I am cursed and I would never have a mate? Is it true?!!!" He yelled angrily. 

"Son...."  His mother touched him. 

"Don't touch me" Thane snapped her hand off,his eyes on the alpha. 

"That's right" Alpha Raven finally said. 

"Raven!" Liyana shouted. 

"I should tell him since he's curious to know" The alpha said and Thane shook his head. 

"And you choose to hide it from me?? Silly me waiting senselessly......"

"But it's not permanent,,I heard the moon goddess might choose to change her mind later on and....."

"Change her mind for what exactly? What's the curse about? I'm very sure this is not even about me,I can't remember doing anything to deserve that silly curse you're talking,what did you do father" Thane asked.

"Son.....you can't question him that......"

"What do you mean by I can't question him?!! If his past mistake is going to mess with my life I have every right to question him,he might be the alpha but he's also my father and I deserve an answer!!" Thane snapped and his mother was quiet. 

"Thane....listen,this isn't what you think. Like your mother said,the moon goddess might..."

"Fuck the moon goddess,I don't need any damn mate anymore from her" Thane muttered and stormed out of the chamber. 

"I will rather take my leave" Ravenna bowed and walked out,she could hear the voice of the Luna and the alpha. 

She smiled knowingly and vanished,she reappared in Thane's suite,inside his bedroom. 

Thane turned and faced her immediately he felt her presence. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked. 

Ravenna walked closer. 

"Are you sure you don't want a mate anymore?" She asked. 

"None of your business,get lost" Thane said. 

"The reason behind the curse,don't you want to know?" Ravenna asked. 

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Thane glared. 

"You're the future alpha of this pack,it's possible to rule without a Luna,but it might be difficult to get that position also,,the curse is as big as that" Ravenna said. 

"And what is it about?! What fucking curse!" 

"Ask the alpha,he knows better" Ravenna said. 

"Tell me if you know!" Thane shouted. 

"Did he tell you??" Ravenna asked. 


"You're not destined to any girl at all because of his ......." 

The door opened loudly and the alpha entered looking angrily,he sped over to Ravenna and grabbed her neck. 

"What do you think you're doing?!!" He growled. 

"Your son requested for an answer" Ravenna replied and coughed. 

"Get lost" The alpha ordered and she left. 

"Father....what was that? Why are you so angry because I want to know the truth...  "

"There's no truth anywhere!!! Forget about it!" The alpha yelled. 

"How can I forget about it if it's affecting me this badly!! What did I do wrong to deserve that!!!" Thane shouted back. 

"Are you blaming me....."

"You're acting like you're hiding something father,like I said I won't forgive anyone involved if I find out the reason why" Thane threatened and stormed out of the room,bumping into his mother. 

"Son..it's late,you can't return to the...."

"Don't act like you care when all you do is lie to me my whole life" Thane muttered and left without turning back. 

All the guards shifted back in a hurry as he showed up,they could sense the anger all over him. Their heads remained bow until he went far. 

He approached the woods,the longest path that leads to school,he needed enough time to vent his anger out before he get back to school. 

Thane's body began to contort and shift, his muscles bulging as he transformed into his wolf form. His fur stood on end, a thick coat of gray and black that seemed to bristle with his anger. He let out a mighty roar, the sound echoing through the woods like a thunderclap.

As he ran, his paws pounded the earth, sending shockwaves through the forest floor. Birds took flight, squawking in terror as they fled from the enraged wolf. Small animals scurried for cover, their tiny hearts racing with fear.

Thorne's growls were a constant, menacing rumble, a warning to any creature in his path to get out of his way. His eyes blazed with a fierce intensity, his teeth bared in a snarl. He was a force of nature, unstoppable and wild.

As he ran, the woods grew quieter, the only sound the pounding of his paws and the occasional snapping of a branch. 



Odessa got down from the car with Orion,they just returned back from their outing. 

"I can feel my brother's anger" Odessa said worriedly. 

"Anger?" Orion asked with wide eyes and Odessa nodded. 

They both appeared in front of Thane's quarter. 

"The prince is not in school" One of the guards told them. 

"Not in school?" Orion asked and they nodded. 

Odessa tried connecting their link. 


*Can you hear me??*

"He won't talk to me" She looked at Orion who already have a worried look on his face. 

"But he's fine,I can feel his....." She touched her chest. 

"His heartbeats.....fast.....I think he's running" She muttered and Orion sighed out. 



"Why are you looking so nervous?" Odessa asked Genny who kept looking at the door. 

"I'm scared....what if he gets mad that I'm here?" Genny asked. 

"I just want to train you here because I'm waiting for you,he will understand" Odessa replied and Genny sighed. 

Orion came to join them. 

"So in conclusion,after analyzing all your abilities....it's obvious that you have both abilities of a wolf and also a seer" Odessa said and Genny's eyes widened. 

"I'm a....wolf?" 

Odessa nodded. 

"Then,why am I not feeling anything yet?" Genny asked. 

"Soon...it won't happen suddenly,,,until the full moon rises" Odessa replied. 

"What will happen during full moon?" Genny asked curiously. 

"Your first shift" Odessa replied and Genny gulped. 

"First...first shift?" 

"Yeah,but you need to prepare yourself...first shift is horrible,painful and agonizing" Odessa said. 

"You don't have to scare her that way" Orion said and Genny's heart beat increases. 

"I'm just telling her what to expect,,in that aspect,after your first shift,you gain all your powers as a wolf and can at least do some of the things I do,but not all...because I'm not just a wolf" Odessa said and Genny looked at her. 

"Huh? Not just?? Then...what else?" She asked. 

"As you can see,my brother and possess alot of powers,Orion too. But for my brother,He's a mixture of many....some he doesn't even know yet,He's yet to unleach most of his other forms" Odessa explained. 


"But for you,...you're a seer too,that doesn't need training,you see what you're supposed to see. As for the wolf part,I will give you enough books to read about us..the full moon,the first shift,and every other abilities that comes with it..like your super strength,super hearing,speed,mate and others" Odessa said. 


"Yeah,every wolf have a mate,why are you asking me when you know?" Odessa chuckled. 

"If your mate is in this place,you will know once you become one" 

"So what about you two?" Genny asked. 

"Don't worry about me,I don't think I need one anyway" Odessa said. 

"What do you mean? It's obvious he's not in the same pack,why not wait for the Full moon Festival? I'm hoping to meet mine by then too" Orion said and Odessa gulped,she bit her bottom lip and Genny saw that. 

"I...see" Odessa mumbled. 

"Wait,,it's raining and Thane is not back" Odessa said. 

"It's been raining a lot these days....." Just as Orion was saying that,the door opened and an angry looking Thane entered,looking wet from the rain. 

"Thane!" Odessa called and rushed to him. 

"Leave...let's talk tomorrow" He said. 

"But you don't look well...."

"Leave Odessa,I'm not in the Mood....you too Orion,everyone,go" He said icely and walked toward his room. 

Odessa and Orion exchanged glances. 

"Let's go...." 

They walked to the door and turned back when Genny didn't follow. 

"What's wrong?" Odessa asked. 

"I will leave later,you can go" Genny said. 

"You can see he's angry,he won't like it if you disturb him" Orion said and Genny shook her head. 

"Don't worry about me" She muttered. 

"Let's go Orion" Odessa said and they both walked out. 

Genny moved closer to the bedroom door,she could hear him throwing things loudly,sounds of glasses breaking. 

She got the courage to open the door,it was just as she imagined,the room was upside down,everything on the floor,broken glasses and bottles on the floor,his eyes sparkling with anger. Thane paused and looked at her. 

"What are you doing here? What" He asked. 

"I'm just.....worried....you're angry" Genny mumbled. 

"So what?" Thane's voice came out deeper. 

"I want to.....make you calm and......"

"Who do you think you are to calm me down?!!" Thane growled and she flinched. 

"Who are you? My mate?!!! You think you're that important for me to calm down when I see you?!!! Are you my mate?!!! Are you?!!!!" Thane shouted. 

Genny gulped. 

"Not like I even have one" Thane mumbled and let out a cranky laughter. 

Genny started walking closer to him. 

"Don't come....stop where you are!!!" Thane shouted. 

Genny ignored his yells and ran over to where he was,,some broken glasses entered her foot through her shoe. 

"Ouch!" She yelped. 

"Get out" Thane said. 

She ignored her leg and moved closer. 

"What do you think you're doing?! I said get lost!!" Thane grabbed her neck and slammed her back against the wall. His claws came out all at once and his eyes color change,he was breathing out angrily. 

Genny coughed out,slapping his hand to let her go. 

"I warned you,I warned you!! Do you take me for granted?!! How dare you!!" Thane shouted. 

Genny raised his hand,finding her way to his hair. 

"Don't touch me...don't......" He stopped the moment Genny started patting his hair,her eyes red from his strangling. 

She continue patting his hair,stroking them,like a puppy would love it. 

Thane slowly released her neck and she coughed out. 

"What was that?" Thane asked. 

"Calming you down" Genny replied,she went on her toes again and continue patting him. 

"I'm not a dog......"

"You're a cute wolf" Genny said. 

"Calling me cute is annoying,do you want to see the scary part of me? I'm not cute" Thane said and she smiled. 

"You're cute,I don't care whatever you say" She said and continue patting his hair,and slowly his claws went back in,his eyes became normal. 


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