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I'm Your Doom - Final Episode



I'm Your Doom - Episode 77&78

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




Inside the packed auditorium, the music industry's elite sat poised in their seats, their eyes fixed on the gleaming stage. The lights dimmed, and a hush fell over the crowd. The presenter, a stunning superstar, stepped up to the microphone, her sparkling gown shimmering under the spotlights.

πŸŽ™And the Artist of the Year is... Noir!! 

she announced, her voice electrifying the room.

The auditorium erupted into cheers and applause as the crowd leapt to their feet, their faces aglow with excitement. Noir's stunned expression was captured on camera as he made his way to the stage, the audience chanting his name in a frenzy of celebration. 

Noir smiled brightly as he was given the award,getting louder claps and cheers from the audience. 

πŸ—£ Noir,you're so handsome!!!

πŸ—£ I love you!!!!

Noir smiled and began his speech in front of the microphone. 

"Wow, this is just... surreal! Thank you to my incredible team and to the fans who've supported me every step of the way! Your energy is what fuels my passion and creativity. Let's keep vibing high, making music that touches hearts, and spreading love and positivity everywhere...I love you guys" 

More screams and cheers as he finally decended from the stage,the camera flashes never reducing,they were capturing every little breath and steps he takes. 

Obviously he's a big star everyone's crazy about, a bright shining star. Noir,that name is literally on everyone's mouth,I mean..who wouldn't like him? 

πŸŽ™ The best new male artist goes to......

The announcer waited,keeping everyone in suspense before he dropped the bomb

πŸŽ™ And that's....Richie!!!!!!!

πŸ—£ I knew it!!!!!!

Right beside Noir,Richard stood up,smiling brightly and handsomely,he walked over to the stage to collect his own award. 

Just as Jericho had promised him a year ago,he helped his way in the industry and as the talented singer Richard is,it was easy for him to capture the hearts of his fans. 

After the whole award show,Jericho and Richard walked out together,their bodyguards surrounding them and protecting them from the fans waiting for them outside. 

And as soon as the duo appeared,it was the beginning of commotion,as always 

πŸ—£  oh my gosh!!!!!!

πŸ—£ My Noir!!!

πŸ—£ Richie!!

πŸ—£ Noir I love you with my whole heart!!

πŸ—£ You two are so handsome!!

πŸ—£ Richie!! You're my favorite

πŸ—£ Noir you're the best

Richard and Jericho waved at the fans and interacted in a way they could before getting into the car. .

"That was so perfect,like so perfect. I wasn't expecting this award,I thought Huston would get it!" Richard said excitedly. 

Huston is another new artist...different company tho. 

"So you think Huston is better than you?" Jericho asked. 

"He's quite more popular tho" Richard said,arranging his hair.

"Any plans for tonight? It's just 7pm" Jericho said. 

"I'm meeting with Franco and Shawn,to celebrate a little" Richard smiled. 

"Without me?" Jericho frowned. 

"Xavier won't be there either,He's with his precious girlfriend and you know how whipped he Is,definitely wouldn't even care about us tonight,until tomorrow. So I'm gonna drink with Shawn and Franco tonight and..tomorrow we can all hang out together" 

"Not tomorrow though,I have a plan and I won't be back until Saturday,so count me out or you postpone the hang out" Jericho said and Richard scoffed. 

"Vibe killer" He rolled his eyes. 

"It's not my fault that you don't have a girlfriend dude,spare me" Jericho mocked and Richard chuckled. 

"I hate you" 

"Hate you more" Jericho smirked. 



Mr. Brown's face lit up with a warm smile as he watched Noir accept their award on TV. It was a moment of pure joy, a reminder that good things happen to good people. He couldn't help but think back to his own recent setback - losing the election. But he was determined to try again, to learn from his mistakes and come back stronger.

As he sat in his living room, he thought about his estranged son Jericho, who only visited occasionally, sometimes going months without stopping by. Yet, despite their distant relationship, Jericho had made sure to call and offer words of encouragement after the election. Mr. Brown had apologized for his past mistakes, and Jericho had accepted, along with Ember and Felix, who had also reached out to make amends. It was a small step towards healing, but it was a start.

The bad energy that had lingered in the family for so long was finally beginning to dissipate, replaced by a sense of hope and renewal. Mr. Brown felt grateful for this new chapter, and as he watched Noir's acceptance speech, he felt inspired to keep moving forward, just like the talented artist on TV.

"Honey! Have you watched the TV? He won" Ember said excitedly as she appeared in the living room. 

"Yeah,I just finished watching. Maybe I should call to congratulate him?" Mr Brown asked. 

"Maybe later,he said he would come here later,heard he's going on a short trip with Marigold" Felix said,also coming downstairs.

"Tell him to invite her over when he's coming,it's been a while" Ember said. 

"Sure...I'm starving mom please" Felix said. 

"Honey,let's eat,come on" Ember said and Mr Brown got up from the couch,the family walked to the dinning room. 



Xavier sat on the pool edge, his shirtless torso glistening in the sunlight as he gazed lovingly at Annie. She was a vision of beauty, her bikini-clad body moving sensually through the water. His eyes adored her, drinking in every moment. He moved out of his parents house eight months ago,just the same time as Franco. 

As if sensing his intense gaze, Annie turned to him with a playful smile. "Hey, handsome," she said, her voice sweet to hear.

 "Why are you sitting all the way up there? Come join me!"

Xavier's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't resist the invitation, or the sparkle in her eyes. With a smile, he slipped into the pool, the water enveloping him like a warm embrace. 

He hugged her from the back and kissed her neck. 

"I was satisfied just by watching you" He said in a flirting voice and Annie laughed. 

"Don't fucking start! I love you!" She said loudly and Xavier went for her lips. 

"I'm staying here all week" Annie said after the short kiss. 

The school is on break by the way and they have all the time right now,but still not enough,definitely. 

It was just about six months ago when Xavier finally decided to introduce Annie to his parents,to his surprise,his parents love Annie so much that he couldn't even believe it,the age difference meant absolutely nothing to them. 

Annie's parents too fell in love with Xavier at first sight and now the two love birds have nothing to fear. Not like they care before anyway. 

"So If you're spending all week here,what are we gonna be doing?" Xavier asked in a whisper. 

"Sounds like you have a plan already" Annie glanced at him,of course she know her boyfriend. 

"Sounds like you know what I'm planning already" Xavier smirked and she pushed him,he laughed. 

"I will be on my period......"

"Who cares about blood? I love blood,I will fuck you like that...."

"Eww! Xavier!" Annie screamed. 

"And I know you're lying though,that thing isn't gonna come until two weeks after this,I know the date" Xavier said. 

"Now you're bragging about it" She rolled her eyes. 

"It's not my fault I'm too perfect as a boyfriend,I should be your husband already" Xavier said and Annie laughed. 

"Well,I'm ready. You're the one still in school" She pouted and caress his chest. 

"Maybe we won't have to hide to make out in school if we get married,I just hate that stupid chancellor with the stupid rules,like do you know how I always try to control myself in the class? Seeing your @_s without spanking is....."

"Stop!!!! You've told me this countless times! What is it about my @$s,come on" Annie screamed out a laughter,swimming out. 

"It's not my fault you're too sexy to ignore" Xavier said and followed her. 

"My room straight away doll" He said after her. 

"Let me see you catch me" She stuck her tongue out at him and ran off. 

Xavier chuckled and took his phone on the close bench. Countless messages from the group chat. 

FRANCO: Is Xavier dead??

SHAWN: bet he's busy f+cking Annie,dude take it easy. 

RICHIE: Can we stop talking about Xavier,that dude is oppressing me

JERI: Xavier,check your DM,bastard! How dare you snub my messages! I will kill you,just avoid me when you see me.

Xavier left the group and went to reply Jericho tons of messages as always. 

JERICHO: I f+cking won,did you watch me?

πŸ’¬ So you didn't? Wow I just hate you,frog. 

πŸ’¬ Are you seriously too busy on a night like this?

πŸ’¬ Should I just unfriend this idiot?

πŸ’¬ You won't see me until Saturday,don't miss me

Xavier chuckled and dialed his number instead,Jericho answered after the second ring. 

"Where are you going till Saturday?" Xavier asked. 

"Are you going to miss me or not,admit it,no lies" Jericho said. 

"How about you don't come back?" Xavier teased. 

"I'm going with your sister remember?" 

"Damn you" Xavier laughed. 

"The guys want to hang out after I'm back,precisely,they are going to have fun in Richard's place tonight" Jericho said. 

"Sorry,I can't leave my girlfriend...."

"Yeah me too,but they also have girlfriends,stop acting like it's just you!!" Jericho shouted. 

"Stop shouting,it's annoying,I'm hanging up...."

"Hang up and forget about talking to me forever" Jericho said and then laughed wickedly when Xavier didn't hang up. 

"Sometimes I feel like killing you" Xavier said in a low tone. 

"Sometimes I feel like kissing you" Jericho said in Xavier's voice. 

"Fuck you!" Xavier yelled and Jericho laughed before hanging up. 

"Gosh" Xavier scoffed and went in. 



"I thought we are just here to drink,is Richard messing with me?" Shawn asked,throwing the plastic arrow into the dart board. 

"Drunk@ss,,so you can't do anything aside drinking?" Richard entered. 

"I think the award messed with your brain,you shouldn't be talking to me like this dude,who's the record owner of the golden media in the Olympic right now?" Shawn asked. 

"It's you buddy" Franco hyped and Shawn blew him a kiss..that never gets old.

"You two can just get out of my house if you will be acting this way" Richard scoffed. 

"You don't have to be jealous,and also you're stuck with us because Xavier and Jericho aren't showing up until weekend" Shawn smirked. 

"I got a bottle of wine....it's expensive as you can see" Richard said in a silly voice. 

"Yeah I can see it's expensive" Franco mocked and Richard laughed. 

"Honestly,I'm super happy tonight. I still can't believe it" Richard said 

"Did you parents called you yet?" Shawn asked. 

"Not like they care about my career" Richard muttered. 

"Do you need a comfort hug?" Franco spread his arms. 

"No,I disagree with that hug of a thing...." Franco pushed Shawn off and Richard hugged him. 

"Thanks" He smiled. 

"I think you should get a girlfriend,I don't like Franco hugging anyone else aside me" Shawn said and Franco groaned. 

"You're annoying" Richard said. 

"So where are your girlfriends?" He asked further. 

"Probably together also" Franco replied. 

"I hope Yuna and Alice knows that you are silly when they are not with you?" Richard asked,pouring the wine in the glasses. 

"You're just jealous you don't have one,I was planning to help you get together with Sawyer but unfortunately she decides to leave the city,are you sure you have a soulmate?" Shawn asked and Franco laughed out loudly. 

"I won't blame you,I blame Franco who laughs at your silly jokes that aren't even funny" Richard said. 

"I'm not trying to be funny but you should try to loosen up,who would talk to you when you never smiles unless you're with your fans? Think about it..just an advice from a relationship expert" Shawn winked. 

"I concur with Shawn though" Franco said. 

"As always Franco,it's not new that you always agree with him,so just leave me alone. I'm not ready for any relationship,I just want to focus on my career for now" Richard muttered,handing the glasses over to them. 



Catalina and Melissa were like two peas in a pod, bouncing around the house with uncontainable excitement. 

"I knew they would win,I was routing for Noir" Melissa said after they settled on the couch.

Their parents got married few months ago and the step sisters life isn't as bad as they imagined,they got along so well. 

"You should stop this fangirl over Noir,you have a boyfriend" Catalina said in a teasing voice. 

"Don't remind me that,I love him and that's it. Same way you are suddenly obsessed with Richard" Melissa rolled her eyes. 

"Well at least I'm single,Richard is single too...who knows...maybe one day he might decide to,you know?" She winked.

"Dream on" Melissa scoffed and stood up. 

"So is my dress okay? Kelly will be here soon" She said and turned around. 

"You're always hot,stop asking" Catalina groaned. 

Just then,they heard the door bell and Melissa immediately ran to open.

"Hey babe" Kelly smiled and she kissed him. 

"Let's go" 

They walked to the car for their date. 



"Girls,are you sure I'm looking hot enough? It's like he's planning something but he's not telling me shit" Marigold said after dressing up. 

"I love surprises anyway" Yuna smiled. 

"Me too..and after getting that award tonight,I'm sure he's planning something big" Alice winked. 

Marigold smiled,staring at herself in the mirror. She was looking hot and at the same time cute in her red mini gown. 

They were interrupted by her phone ringing and she checked,it's really Jericho. 

"Girls,I'm leaving. Mom wants you to stay for dinner so..you don't have to see me off...."

But they did...they followed her outside the house,but Jericho wasn't there,instead it was one his driver and a bodyguard,Marigold is familiar with them anyway,she entered the car and waved at the girls before the car took off. 



Marigold stepped out of the car and onto the sleek tarmac of Vantage Point Airport, her eyes scanning the unfamiliar surroundings. She had expected a bustling terminal, but instead, she found herself in a quiet, private hangar. Confusion etched on her face, she looked around for a sign or a familiar face.

Just then, a tall, imposing figure emerged from the shadows. He was dressed in a crisp black suit and sunglasses, his expression stern. "Miss Marigold," he said, his deep voice firm but polite. "This way, please."

Marigold hesitated for a moment, unsure what to do. But the bodyguard's confident demeanor put her at ease, and she followed him across the hangar. As they walked, the sound of engines roaring to life grew louder.

Suddenly, they turned a corner, and Marigold's heart skipped a beat. There, standing in front of a sleek private jet, was Jericho. His eyes locked onto hers, a warm smile spreading across his face. The bodyguard nodded discreetly and stepped aside, allowing Marigold to approach Jericho alone.

"Hey," Jericho said, his voice low and smooth.

Marigold's confusion melted away, replaced by a thrill of excitement. She smiled back at Jericho and ran to him,he grabbed her at once,carrying her as they both hugged,the bodyguards turning away from them as the lovers kissed. 

"You didn't Tell me anything about this" Marigold pouted. 

"It's a surprise" Jericho winked. 

"Where are we going? Are we finally going on a trip? I didn't bring clothes...."

"That's not even necessary,don't bother about it. Shall we??" Jericho asked and Marigold nodded,their hands locking and they both went into the jet,Marigold gasping in awe and excitement. 

The luxurious private jet's interior was a masterclass in elegance and sophistication. The soft, creamy leather seats glowed with a subtle sheen, inviting us to sink in and relax. The warm, golden lighting cast a flattering glow on the rich, dark wood accents and polished chrome fixtures, creating a sense of refined luxury.

The plush carpets beneath our feet felt like a gentle caress, while the large windows offered breathtaking views of the clouds below. The cabin was adorned with a stunning floral arrangement, its delicate petals adding a touch of femininity to the space. Soft music played in the background, the gentle melodies weaving a soothing spell that seemed to melt away all tension.

A chilled bottle of champagne chilled in the ice bucket, waiting to be savored as they both sat,facing each other. 

Jericho was smiling with the water Marigold kept staring around. 

"You're so cute kitten,damn cute I want to smooch you right here" He said and her face flushed. 

"Don't tease me" She said. 

"I'm not teasing you,come here" He said and Marigold got up,she walked over to him snd he made her sit on his laps.

"Sorry I haven't congratulated you yet....I got you a gift back home,I should have brought it with me" She pouted.

Jericho ignored what she said and started kissing her,which she reciprocated to at once. 

"I just want to spend some time with you privately before we come back to this place" He said,still cupping Marigold's cheeks. 

"I will love it..where are we going?" She asked. 

"You said you love Island houses right?" 

She gasped. 

"With blue lake water? Where we can swim?!"

Jericho nodded,grinning,seeing her happy face is all he wanted,nothing else. 

"I can't wait Tiger,I love you so much!" She said. 

"I love you more Kitten,more more" 

The pilot announced the take off and Marigold had to sit properly. 

"I wish everyday is like you honestly..I can't wait for you to finish up with college so we can get married and I will have you all to myself,I can't wait" Jericho said and kissed her hand. 

"Me too..imagine how cute our kids would be" Marigold chuckled. 

"I want a girl first though,cute like you" Jericho said. 

"I want twins,no cheating,a boy and a girl" Marigold said and Jericho nods. 

"I'm a sharp shooter,I can even make it four" He winked and Marigold blushed. 

"I love you kitten" Jericho said again,it's like he can't stop saying it and confessing. 

"You know I love you more" 

"I will rather die a painful death than leave you Kitten,I swear"

"Till death do us part,I can't imagine my life without you anymore,I just...."

Jericho leaned closer at once,smashing his lips on hers,she let out a sweet moan before kissing him back,their tongue battling for their taste,so sweet to have each other..all alone. 

"Shit...." Jericho groaned into the kiss

"I wish I can f+ck you right here" He said,biting her lips. 

"Me too" Marigold moaned. 

"Naughty kitten" Jericho smiled. 

"You taught me" she replied and their lips connected again. 

And as they soared into the sky, their love reached new heights, destined to forever change the course of their lives. 



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