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I'm Your Doom - Episode 75&76



I'm Your Doom - Episode 75&76

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



"Jericho??" Richard mentioned with shock written all over his face. 

"Richard" Jericho also called as if to clear his doubt. 

"What are you doing here?" Richard asked. 

"I should be asking you too" Jericho said. 

"Wait...don't tell me you're HP" 

"I am and you're Blazzy? Seriously?" 

"Does this sound like a joke to you? How can you be HP for heaven sake!"

"I can say the same,stop acting like I knew it was you all along,we are both shocked and confused here,not just you okay?!" Jericho snapped back and Richard sighed. 

He run his hand into his hair in annoyance and sat down on the bench close by,he couldn't utter a word,it was as if everything was against him that moment,when he finally thought he could have a friend to call his own,then it turns out to be someone he doesn't even like standing beside. 

"Look..I know you're disappointed okay? Since you don't like me..."

"You don't like me either! Don't paint me as the bad person here,we don't like each other!" Richard shouted. 

"Well at least we like each other as HP and Blazzy" Jericho said. 

"Is this a joke to you?" Richard asked. 

"Who said it's a joke?" Jericho frowned. 

" You're obviously making fun of me,because you have a lot of people surrounding you..you have friends but for me it's different. You don't even know how I kept anticipating all night just because I was going to meet a friend! When you went offline for weeks,it was as if I was going to die of loneliness because the supposed HP is the only person I talk to! You can't understand the pain I'm feeling right now. The app must have being a joke to you,maybe you created it by mistake and just played along,but for me I created it because I was dying inwardly...you can't even understand,since your life is perfect" Richard said and got up. 

Jericho sighed speechlessly,watching Richard as he turned,ready to leave. 

"So you're just going to leave because I'm someone you don't like?" Jericho asked and Richard paused. 

"You don't like me either and probably you are angry too because it's me" He muttered. 

"Well I don't hate you either,and I don't think we have a particular beef to hate each other. You can't just throw the friendship of months away because I turn out to be Jericho" Jericho said. 

Richard faced him. 

"And you think it's ever going to be the same? It was me who always tell you shits,I told you when I was crushing on a girl,I told you how my parents are,I even told you about my interest in music and all that,but you....."

"If you want to know about me I can tell you" Jericho cut in. 

"Are you serious right now? Don't play with me" Richard scoffed.

"You like HP,you seem to like him alot" Jericho teased and Richard glared at him. 

"Can I ask about the audition you went for?" Jericho asked. 

"I don't think I did well....I was asking nervous as hell....it's my first time singing in front of more than five people,,I've never even sang with one person in the same room with me,I messed up" Richard said. 

"Well I can help you get in no matter what" Jericho said and his eyes widened. 


"If you still see me as your friend,I will do that" Jericho looked away. .

"So now you bribe people?" Richard frowned. 

"It's for your own good,you still call it a bribe? Are you a girl?" Jericho chuckled. 

"Fine,let's exchange numbers" Richard said. 

"Cool" Jericho smiled. 

"I'm making so much friends these days" He shook his head and Richard scoffed. 



Jericho came down the stairs and entered the dining room, he met Clent coordinating the maids setting the table. 

Clent stood tall, his eyes scanning the table setting with a keen eye for detail.

 "Place the silverware to the right, Emily," he instructed, his voice firm but polite.

 "And make sure the glasses are polished, Sarah."

The maids scurried to obey, their movements swift and silent. The table was set with fine china, adorned with intricate patterns and gold trim. The centerpiece featured a majestic candelabra, its candles casting a warm glow over the proceedings.

The aroma of roasting meat wafted through the air, teasing Jericho's senses. His stomach growled in anticipation as he surveyed the feast spread before him. Platters of succulent roasted beef, glazed ham, and steaming vegetables vied for space alongside bowls of creamy mashed potatoes and fragrant stuffing. A majestic turkey, its skin golden and crispy, sat proudly at the table's center.

Clent turned and faced Jericho. 

"All done as you requested" he said. 

"I can see" Jericho nodded. 

"Sky just left,he got a call from the company" Clent told him and Jericho nidded. 

"Are you having a special dinner with Marigold?" Clent asked. 

"No,for my friends" Jericho replied. 

"Friends? I thought you only have Franco,didn't know you finally moved on to having friends" Clent teased.

"Well,Franco and I are like brothers,I won't say we are just friends" Jericho said and Clent nodded. 

"Have you finally decided to meet Mr Brown? He won't stop disturbing me since you aren't picking his calls,I told him he should come over to your place" 

"No,I will go there....maybe tomorrow,tell him that" Jericho said and Clent smiled. 

"Good of you,don't worry. I'm sure he regrets everything" 

"But he shouldn't expect me to announce to everyone that he's my dad,if he's going to use me for his rally,it's never going to happen. Everyone knows he has just one son,it should remain like that forever" Jericho said and Clent sighed. 

"He won't be so shameless to ask you to do that Jericho,I'm so sure" Clent said. 

"So...I will leave you to enjoy your dinner" He bowed. 

"Thank you" Jericho said. 

"I will drive the maids home,they will be here early tomorrow morning to clean up..sleep well" Clent said and Jericho replied with a nod,watching as the maids followed Clent and they left. 

Just two minutes later,Franco and Shawn arrived. 

"Whoa,I can perceive that perfect aroma in the air" Shawn said happily. 

Just Thursday night,he was here with Franco to make up with Jericho and now they are cool. 

"You came with him" Jericho said to Franco jealously and Franco chuckled. 

"I was with him so we came here directly" Shawn said. 

"So now you go to his house everyday?" Jericho scoffed. 

"You two,don't start. I'm hungry,let's go" Franco said,inhaling the food aroma. 

"I'm expecting two more" Jericho said and they faced him. 

"What two?" Franco asked. 

"You will see,my two new friends" Jericho smiled. 

"Seriously? Who are they?" Shawn asked. 

"It's a surprise,don't worry" Jericho replied. 

"Wow,when did our precious Jericho started making friends?" Franco asked in a teasing voice. 

"Coming from someone who is ditching me now because of another person" Jericho said. 

"I'm not another person,we are friends,don't be annoying" Shawn snapped. 

"You should focus on your Olympic competition coming" Jericho said. 

"Gosh,you just remind me I'm for training tomorrow again" Shawn groaned. 

"When is it?" Franco asked. 

"It's next month,you will be there right?" Shawn asked. 

"Of course,I have to. So you should make sure you win that golden medal or forget about me" 

"Stop talking like you're my girlfriend" Shawn said and they all laughed. 

"You two are crazy" Jericho said. 

They heard the door bell and stopped laughing. 

Franco went to open the door and he almost couldn't believe his eyes when Richard came in,he turned back to Jericho with a...'how come' look in his face. 

"Richard?" Shawn called and also looked at Jericho. 

"Am I a ghost? Why are you acting so shocked?" Richard asked in a low voice. 

"I'm confused here,what's going on? I thought you two can't stand each other,someone should explain" Franco said impatiently. 

"Well we are best friends....."

"Best friends online" Richard immediately corrected Jericho. 

"Online?" Shawn and Franco asked in shock and the both nodded.

"Jericho,I can't believe you are into things like that too,were you planning to ditch me after making an online friend?" Franco asked seriously. 

"Yeah,but it didn't work,I love you too much to ditch you"  Jericho said and Franco scoffed. 

They were still talking when the door bell sounded again. 

"It's not Reid this time right?" Franco asked.

"Bastard" Jericho said and Shawn laughed. 

"I don't trust you again Bro" Franco said and went to open the door,revealing Xavier. 

"Whoa..is that our in law?" Franco asked and Xavier shook his head before coming inside. 

"I thought you won't show up" Jericho said. 

"You wouldn't let me rest with your texts" Xavier said. 

"I remember you texted me First" Jericho snapped. 

"Because you told me to" Xavier snapped back. 

"You had a choice,I didn't force you to send a message,you should have just torn that piece of paper and I won't force you!" Jericho half yelled. 

"You shouldn't have given me in the first place! I never asked for it!" Xavier shouted back. 

They kept on arguing for almost ten minutes while the other three boys watched them,all looking confused and dumbfounded because what they are arguing about is almost senseless. 

"Please can we eat now?" Shawn yawned. 

Jericho and Xavier stopped and scoffed at each other.

The five of them walked to the dinning room. 

"Are you proposing to all of us?" Richard asked Jericho with wide eyes when he saw the delicacies on the table. 

The boys burst into laughter. 

"It's because I don't know what you guys like dummy" Jericho scoffed,they sat down. 

"These look so good" Shawn said,going for the turkey first. 

Jericho and Xavier slapped his hand at once. 

"What,are you two using the same brain cell?" Shawn asked but still cut out of the turkey anyway. 

"I can't believe in sitting here" Richard muttered. 

"I'm confused more than you" Franco said. 

"Let's forget about the past,eat away the past" Jericho grinned. 

"You have three lives dude,are you a wolf?" Shawn asked. 

"Tiger" Jericho winked and Xavier scoffed.


"She saved your name as Lion on her phone,do you know?" Jericho asked and Xavier coughed. 

He drank water and looked up. 

"What? Lion?" 

Jericho chuckled. 

"I'm Tiger and you're Lion,does that even make sense? I think we should fight in front of her so she can know who deserves to be a tiger and who should be the Lion" Jericho said. 

Franco scoffed and continue eating. 

"You're crazy,who said I want to be called a Lion?" Xavier asked. 

"Maybe because she haven't seen a lion laughing before" Richard said and they laughed. 

"Who said I don't laugh?" Xavier asked. 

"You only laugh when you're with your girlfriend" Jericho said 

"What?! Xavier has a girlfriend?" Shawn asked. 

"Yeah" Xavier muttered. 



Melissa fidgeted with her napkin, her eyes fixed on her dad, Mr. Josh, as they sat in the private lounge of the restaurant. The table was set with delicious-looking food, but neither of them had touched it yet. They were waiting for his date to arrive.

"Dad, I'm so nervous," Melissa admitted, her voice barely above a whisper.

 "I can't believe you're finally dating someone. It's been so long since Mom passed away."

Mr. Josh smiled softly.

 "I know, sweetie, But somehow, I really like this woman, and I think you will too. She's kind, smart, and beautiful."

Melissa nodded, her eyes shining with excitement. 

"I can't wait to meet her! What's she like? What does she do?"

Mr. Josh chuckled. 

"You'll see soon enough. Just be yourself, and let's have a good time. And don't worry, I think you'll really like her."

Melissa nodded, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Her dad had been single for so long, and she was happy to see him finally moving on.

Just then, the door opened, and Samantha walked in with....wait..Catalina?!!

Melissa's eyes widened in shock as she took in Catalina's presence. What was she doing here?! She couldn't believe that her dad's date was Catalina's mom!

Samantha smiled warmly at Mr. Josh, and he stood up to greet her.

 "Samantha, this is my daughter, Melissa."

Samantha's eyes lit up.

 "It's so nice to finally meet you, Melissa. I've heard a lot about you."

Melissa's eyes darted to Catalina, who looked just as shocked as she did. This was not what she had expected! She couldn't believe that her dad was dating her enemy's mom!

Catalina's eyes narrowed, her voice dripping with sarcasm. 

"Yeah, I can't believe it either. What a coincidence."

Melissa chuckled,trying to control her anger

"Melissa,Samantha is saying Hi" Mr Josh said. 

"Thank you,nice meeting you too" Melissa smiled shortly and sat down. 

"This is my girl..Catalina" Samantha also introduced. 

"Hello sir!" Catalina went to hug him excitedly and Melissa frowned. 

"Thank you so much for inviting me over to this dinner,I've always wanted to meet you,my mom have told me a lot about you and I'm just so excited right now" she gushed. 

'Such a pretender' Melissa thought and let out a loud scoff. 

"You're so beautiful Catalina" Mr Josh said. 

"I took after mom" Catalina said and Samantha smiled. 

Melissa rolled her eyes as her dad kept talking to Catalina,they seem to be bonding so well. 

"Melissa,you're not eating? Don't I meet your expectations?" Samantha asked and Melissa looked at her. 

"What are you talking about? Aren't you the popular actress everyone's dying to meet?" She chuckled. 

"I'm just wondering because you're not talking to me" Samantha said. 

"Melissa" Mr Josh frowned at her. 

"I'm sorry" Melissa muttered. 

Her eyes met with Catalina's own and she smiled. 

"I'm going to use the restroom" She got up and walked away. 

"Me too" Catalina said and followed. 

"I think she doesn't like me" Samantha sighed. 

"Come on,Melissa isn't like that,I'm sure she's just nervous,she's been talking about how nervous she is,she will come around" Mr Josh said. 

"I hope so" Samantha muttered. 


"So you and I will end up as step sisters? Isn't this amazing?" Catalina asked. 

Melissa faced her. 

"I guess you're enjoying this" 

"Of course,why not?" Catalina smiled. 

"My mom like your dad a lot,I love seeing my mom smile,I don't care about you..don't spoil my mom's happiness because of our own life. They both like each other and that's all that matters,I'm going to be a good daughter too.. Your dad is rich,I know him" Catalina grinned. 

"Silly" Melissa rolled her eyes and left the restroom. 

"Come on" Catalina whined and grabbed Melissa's hand with a pout. 

Melissa's eyes widened,she knew Catalina was faking it.

"Wow you two seems to like each other already" Samantha smiled. 

"Of course mom,we attend the same school,we are in the same department too" Catalina said. 

"Really? That's amazing,then let's enjoy our dinner while we talk" Mr Josh said and the family sat down properly. 



Marigold was inside the kitchen,she was putting on Jericho's hoodie as she prepared two mugs of hot tea for them,the rain was falling heavily,the night is so cold and freezing. 

Jericho came in,smiling as he stared intensely at her from her smooth straight legs up..the hoodie stopped just on her butt making her look fucking sexy. 

He hugged her from the back,snuggling her like a teddy bear. 

"Come on,I thought you wouldn't come down,I'm almost done" Marigold said and Jericho kissed her cheek. 

"You're so cute kitten,so damn cute" He said and kissed her neck. 

"Thank you" Marigold chewed on her bottom lip. 

Jericho kept hugging her. 

"Ever had a boyfriend?" He asked. 

"That was just....in high school...it didn't really last though,we did not even kiss" She scoffed. 


"Yeah,but Jay really liked me so much,he was so caring,handsome too,he always buy me cheese cake and ice cream and....."

"Stop it" Jericho said and stopped hugging her. 

She turned to see him frowning. 

"I didn't mean to get you mad,you asked me....."

"You should have just answered yes or no,why telling me how handsome and caring he is? Why would you be praising another guy when I'm right here?" Jericho snapped and Marigold blinked,she was almost confused,she never knew Jericho would get mad at such little thing. 

"I'm sorry,I was just...I'm sorry" She said and went for his lips. 

He kissed her back almost immediately as if he was expecting her lips on his own already. 

The kiss got deeper every second,Jericho slides his tongue inside her mouth and she gasped. She felt his hand slides inside the hoodie and captured her boobs. 

"F+ck" she moaned into the kiss and that sound drove Jericho crazy. 

He carried her and placed her on the kitchen center table,he was kissing her harder and harder,making her lose her breath but she didn't push him off. 

He was devoring her like some kind of candy,his grunt and soft mo@ns filled her mouth as he lick every part of her mouth. 

"F+ck,you're so damn delicious kitten" He said finally moving back,Marigold caught her breath but he started kissing her again,even more rough. 

His hand went down to her pantie and he started taking it off. 

"Tiger...let's get to the room...the ....tea...." She couldn't finish when Jericho shoved two fingers inside her pussy. 

"Ouch!! Jericho!" 

He kissed her again,his fingers swimming Inside her,he was f+cking her hole,her mo@ns covering his mouth. 

"Jericho" She threw her head back when he finally stopped kissing her. 

Jericho slides off her p@ntie and inhale the smell before throwing it off somewhere. 

"I'm going to f+ck you....." He lean closer to her ear. 

"Until you forget that stupid name of your immature high school boyfriend" He whispered. 

"Jericho...you can't..punish me for what you asked me....f+ck!!!" 

His tongue already torturing her honeypot. 


"I prefer tiger though" Jericho said,biting her p+ssy. 

"Gosh!!! I'm gonna....f+ck!"


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