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I'm Your Doom - Episode 73&74



I'm Your Doom - Episode 73&74

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



The whole family are now in the dinning room,including Xavier who finally decided to join them after countless calls. 

"So,you're in the same department as Xavier? Same year?" Mrs Scott asked. 

"Yes ma'am" Jericho said. 

"But I don't think you two are friends" Mr Scott said,looking at them. 

Jericho looked at Xavier who just ate,acting like he doesn't care about what was going on. 

"We are......"

"We just talk,we are not that close" Xavier spoke up,saving Jericho from the awkward moment,his eyes met with Jericho's own and he sighed out,thanking him with his eyes. 

"But why? You two would look good as friends" Mrs Scott said. 

"Yeah" Jericho smiled. 

"He's the best in the department...my rival" Xavier said. 

"Oh wow,so that's why you two aren't friends?" Mr Scott asked and Xavier nodded,Jericho's eyes still on him. 

"Don't mind him,He's always been the best in his class since elementary school,even in high school. You must be really intelligent and smart for him to admit that you're the best" Mrs Scott smiled and Jericho chuckled. 

"I guess" He muttered. 

"So...you really like my daughter?" Mr Scott asked and Marigold drank water,she's been expecting those questions and now she feels uneasy.

"I'm in love with her" Jericho muttered,enough for them to hear. 

"It's obvious" Mrs Scott chuckled. 

"What about your parents,what they do and who they are" Mr Scott said. 

"Mom's dead.....since I was a kid" Jericho said. 

"Oh,sorry about that" The couples said at once. 

"It's fine" Jericho mumbled. 

"And my dad....." He paused and sighed. 

Marigold touched his lap to stop him from being nervous. 

"My dad owns a company...BK group" Jericho said. 

"BK group?!" The couple said unbelievably,Xavier also looked up but as predicted,he just stared blankly. 

"Yes" Jericho muttered. 

"Does that mean...Your Dad might be the president? He's participating in the coming election" Mrs said and Jericho nodded. 

"Whoa,that's amazing" Mr Scott nodded. 

Jericho said nothing after that,he drank up his water and exhaled. 

"But I heard he has just one son....what's his name?" Mrs Scott asked. 

"Felix" Mr Scott said. 

"We aren't close" Jericho cut in and they stared at him. 

"My dad and I....aren't close,he doesn't see me as his son and I don't see him as my dad either" Jericho muttered. 

"Then,how do you survive on your own? Do you work?" Mrs Scott asked,staring at him with pity in her eyes. 

"He's rich,you don't have to feel sorry for him" Xavier muttered and Jericho chuckled. 

"Really? What work does he do?" Mr Scott asked. 

"He lied to you earlier...He's Noir" Xavier said and they made a shocking look on their faces. 

"I didn't mean to lie,I was just nervous and scared you might not want a celebrity for your daughter" Jericho said. 

"I knew it,I wasn't convinced enough that he's not the one" Mrs Scott said. 

"Forgive Me" Jericho bowed. 

"If you're going to marry my daughter,,I'm in full support" Mr Scott said and Marigold gasped. 

"Dad,you sound like you're selling me off" She pouted. 

"As if she doesn't want it" Xavier scoffed and they laughed. 

"Thank you sir" Jericho said. 

"Now we have Xavier left,I wonder when he's going to bring a girl home" Mrs Scott sighed. 

Xavier scoffed and Jericho looked at him. 

The rest of the dinner went on and on with different conversations. 



Xavier was on the bed,his laptop in between his legs,he was on a video call with Annie. 

"I miss you" Annie pouted. 

"You will see me in school tomorrow,don't be dramatic" Xavier muttered. 

"I'm not being dramatic! You're annoying" Annie scoffed and Xavier chuckled. 

"I know what you want,but I'm not ready for argument right now" he said. 

"Whatever,goodnight" She rolled her eyes and hung up. 

"Wow,now she's hanging up on me?" Xavier muttered. 

He was about calling her back when the door opened and he looked up to see Jericho walked in. 

"Did you miss way?" Xavier asked. 

"No,the maid told me this is your room" Jericho said and closed the door. 

"Why are you here? I don't think we are......"

"Close enough for me to come here" Jericho finished it and Xavier frowned. 

"That's going to be your next words,I know you so well" Jericho said and Xavier scoffed. 

"Good for you" He said. 

"Nice room" Jericho said,looking around. 

"You can leave when you're done" Xavier said,focused on the laptop screen. 

"So you haven't told anyone you have a girlfriend?" Jericho faced him and Xavier raised his head. 

"What,are you surprised I know?" Jericho smiled and sat down on the chair next to the bed. 

"Did my sister tell you?" 

"Oh,I didn't know you told her. I just found out on my own..."

"How?" Xavier snapped. 

"Before you started dating her...I knew you liked her,you were always staring at her and your eyes always soft anytime you see her,hiding your cold and icy self for a while. And when you started dating her....i discovered right away,isn't it strange? I seems to know you even more than your best friend" Jericho said 

"I don't have a best friend,Kelly is a good friend,but I can't say we are best of friends,we hardly know anything about each other,not just me,I don't know a lot about him either,so stop talking like I'm a bad friend" Xavier rolled his eyes. 

"You and I are quite similar but I'm better anyway" Jericho said. 

"Good for you" Xavier scoffed and Jericho chuckled. 

"Thanks for all the visits when I was still in the hospital,I heard you came everyday" Jericho said 

"It's because of my sister...."

"Of course you would deny,I know" Jericho laughed and Xavier rolled his eyes. 

"Would you like to be friends? With me?" Jericho asked. 

"I don't need friends,especially when it's you" Xavier said. 

Jericho got up and walked to the table,he saw a pen and took it,he wrote down his number on a piece of paper and dropped it on his lap. .

"Call me if you need anyone to have a drink with" He said and Xavier looked at him. 

"Bye" Jericho smiled and went out. 

Xavier picked the paper and dropped it again. 



Franco sighed out loudly,he was so nervous,he could feel his breath increasing abnormally every second. 

He was pacing in the empty class waiting for Yuna to show up,he never planned this but it was as If he wouldn't get his sanity back if he doesn't confess his feelings for her today. 

The door suddenly opened and instead of Yuna,Nadia came in. 

"Na..dia?" Franco called. 

"I was walking and I saw you in here" Nadia said. 


"You've been snubbing my messages,ignoring my calls and you refused to see me too...did I do something wrong?" Nadia asked and moved closer to him. 

"Nadia,I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry for ignoring your calls but that's the only way I could think of,I just want to think about the situation I'm in,I can't be talking to you and...."

"And my sister?" Nadia cut in and Franco sighed.

"You make it sound like I'm the bad person,I thought you liked me! Isn't that why you approached me?!" 

"But you weren't interested in me Nadia...."

"Says who!" She snapped. 

"You can't keep on telling me you did it for your sister Nadia.... Anyone might think Yuna is a bad sister,but Yuna is not like that Nadia. She knew I liked you and decided to stay away,I was the one who got close to her again....."

Nadia grabbed him and slammed her lips on his',shocking him. 

Before he could push her off,the door opened and Yuna entered,her eyes widened. 

Franco pushed Nadia off. 


Yuna immediately ran out. 

"Yuna?" Franco followed her,he caught up and grabbed her hand but she threw it off. 

"Seriously?" She asked,tears dropping from her eyes. 

"Yuna I'm...."

"You finally made your choice...I'm not even mad about that but why did you call me?!! Why?! So I can see you two together?! Just why!!!!" She screamed. 

"Yuna,you misunderstood the....."

"Fuck you!! Don't talk to me again!!!" She yelled and ran off. 

Franco couldn't even think straight,he took his lips in,roughed his hair,punched the wall and groaned out. 

"Franco" Shawn popped up but paused when he saw Fanco's expression. 

"What the hell happened?" He asked. 

"I'm doomed" Franco muttered and Shawn raised his brows. 

"Yuna rejected you?" He asked. 

"She fucking met Nadia's lips on mine" 

"What?! I thought you said you were going to confess to her,how come you kiss Nadia again?" Shawn asked. 

"She kissed me,it was too sudden and that was the moment Yuna entered,I feel like I might go crazy,she was in tears and I hate myself right now,she's going to hate me,fuck...."

"Can you just calm down? I will talk to her" Shawn said and ran off in the direction Yuna went. 

Franco roughed his hair and sighed out,he saw Nadia coming,her eyes filled with tears too. 

"So...you really love her that much?" She asked. 

"Nadia...I'm sorry,I just....love her alot more than I've ever liked you,I'm sorry,you can call me a jerk if you want,I can't betray my own heart" He said. 

Nadia wiped her tears and walked away. 


"Yuna" Shawn grabbed her hand as she was about entering the taxi,he followed her all the way till they got out of the school. 

"Leave me alone Shawn" Yuna said. 

"Let's talk,please" Shawn said,breathing heavily. 

Yuna sniffs and told the driver to leave. 

"Why are you here? He should have sent you first to tell me he's going to date my sister,why allowing me to see that?! Why?" She started crying again. 

"It's a misunderstanding,trust me. He was waiting for you,not Nadia" Shawn said. 

"What are you talking about?" Yuna asked. 

"He wanted to confess his feelings for you...he told me that. But your sister suddenly showed up and she kissed him,it's not Franco's fault,you just entered at the wrong time" Shawn explained. 

"How am I supposed to believe that?! How?!" 

"He told me...wait..I recorded our conversation on phone last night,by mistake I guess" Shawn muttered and immediately brought out his phone from his pocket,he played the audio where Franco was telling him how nervous he is to confess to Yuna today. 

"What If she rejects me? I might go crazy,I'm in love with her,she got me trapped,for real" Franco's voice. 

Yuna swallowed and Shawn turned it off. 

"You misunderstood the situation like I said,He's in love with you" he muttered. 

Yuna wiped her tears. 

"Tell him to call me,I just want to go home right now" She said and Shawn nodded. 

Yuna took another taxi and left. 

Shawn was breathing tiredly by the time he got back into the school and met Franco waiting in the same empty class. 

"Hey,where the f+ck are you coming from? Did you run?" Franco asked. 

"Forget about me...she said you can call her" Shawn smiled. 

"Yuna?" Franco got up and Shawn nodded. 

"How did you convince her so quick?" Franco asked. 

"I have super powers" Shawn winked. 

Franco hugged him without thinking. 

"Wow this is new,Franco hugging me first,not the other way round" Shawn teased and Franco pushed him off. 

"I'm going to call her right away...."

"Let her get home first,come on" Shawn laughed. 


"Yuna said she went home" Sawyer announced,looking up from her phone as she they walked to the cafeteria. 

"Why? We still have one class for today" Alice said. 

"She said she's going to tell us later" Sawyer muttered. 

"I hope she's fine" Marigold said. 

They got their food and found a place to sit. 

"So how was last night's dinner?" Sawyer asked Marigold and she smiled. 

"It was fun..my parents like him" She said. 

"Obviously they would,who wouldn't?" Alice asked and Sawyer laugbed. 

"I know right? But he's not in school today" Sawyer said.

"Yeah,alot to do" Marigold muttered. 

They saw Catalina came in with her friends. 

"Our school Queens are quiet these days" Alice muttered and Sawyer laughed. 

"Jericho humbled them obviously" She said. 

"Our exams coming In two weeks,I hope you guys are preparing well" Sawyer said. 

"Yeah I can finally focus" Marigold muttered. 

"I'm trying...I was thinking maybe we should come over to my place on Saturday to study together" Alice suggested. 

"I love that idea,I will inform Yuna" Marigold said. 



"Your ratings keep going down everyday,are you sure you want to give up on Jericho? With this ratings...you're even qualified among the other contestants" Clent said to Mr Brown and he sighed out loudly. 

"Let's take it as my punishment,abandoning my own son. Maybe it's my punishment" He said. 

"If it's a punishment,then losing in this election isn't enough" Clent said and Mr Brown looked at him. 

"What Jericho passed through can't be compared to you losing in this election,so this isn't a punishment at all. You should find and think of the best way to apologize to him,even if he doesn't help you like we planned,still you should apologize to him" Clent said and walked out of the office. 

Mr Brown  sighed out,he opened it back and took his bottle of pills,he took four and threw into his mouth then drank water. 

He groaned and loosen his tie a bit and closed his eyes. 



Richard walked out of the building in a hurry,he checked the time and groaned. He's supposed to meet HP in just ten minutes,he knew he was late,the drive from this place to the park where they are supposed to meet is about thirty minutes drive. 

He got into his car and drove off in full speed. 

Instead of thirty minutes,it took him twenty minutes to get there,he parked his car in the lots and started sending a message through his phone. 

💌 Sorry I'm late,are you still here??

💌 Come to the rooftop

He sighed out and got down from the car,he looked around and saw the rooftop from afar,he asked someone the way to get up there and he was shown the staircase. 

He climbed almost nervously,what If it's someone he can't really be friends with?? Is he expecting a girl? Not at all. Their conversation was plain,the anonymous never sounded like a girl at all,even though they never told each other their gender,Richard knew he's been chatting with a boy all these months. 

Getting to the rooftop,he saw an image,standing with his back against him. He was looking tall,about his height or a little taller,and judging by his back structure,He's not an old man,he looks young,around his age too. 

Richard cleared his throat and the guy turned,he was using a mask and a face cap,Richard could hardly see his face but somehow he saw the shock in his eyes. 

"I'm here......are you HP?" Richard asked but no answer came from him. 

Is he nervous?? 

"Can you..remove your mask and cap?" Richard asked. 

Slowly the guy removed his cap and Richard raised his brows,the guy before him was looking familiar but he wasn't ready to jump into conclusion until he removes his mask. 

And he did....he removed his mask and Richard's eyes widened. 



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