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I'm Your Doom - Episode 71&72



I'm Your Doom - Episode 71&72

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




"I still can't believe you're finally back" Marigold said with her eyes closed as she hugged Jericho from the back,they just finished eating and he's doing the dishes. 

"How about you allow me finish up first before flirting?" Jericho asked and she shook her head. 

"You don't even know how much I miss you" 

"Of course I know,and I miss you too" Jericho removed the kitchen glove and faced her. 

"Let's go upstairs,I will just leave it for the maid" He said. 

"The maid? You finally have a maid?" Marigold asked. 

"I've always had one,I just don't like her living with me,so she comes here to cook and clean,then leaves in the evening" Jericho explained and carried her in a bridal style. 

"Are we seriously going to stay home all day? Don't you wanna go out?" He asked as he started climbing the stairs. 

"No I just want to be here with you,and besides you wouldn't want your fans disturbing us once they set their eyes on you,,your mask wouldn't work you Know? They recognizes you even with the mask on now" Marigold said and Jericho nodded. 

They returned to the bedroom and both lay down side by side on the bed. 

"Should I tell you something?" Jericho asked and Marigold raised her head. 


"The song....NEW GIRL...was for you" Jericho confessed and her eyes grew wide. 

"For me??" She asked again and Jericho nodded. 

"I actually thought you might get suspicious since you're a fan too,but you got no clue at all,,wasn't it obvious?" Jericho asked. 

Marigold grabbed her phone and went to her playlist,she played the song,looking at the lyrics at the same time. 

Then it became dawn on her,,it's actually so obvious but she was too...wait she can't blame herself,who would ever imagined that the singer she was dying for his songs was the same bad boy she was crushing on? Nah!

She dropped her phone and climbed on him,she pressed her lips on his and kissed him slowly.

"You look so beautiful up close" Jericho said in a low deep voice,sounding Sexy in Marigold's ears. 

"You too" She smiled and placed her head on his cheek. 

Jericho started rubbing her back too. 

"Are you sleeping?" He asked after five minutes of silence. 

"No,I'm just enjoying your scent,I missed it so much" Marigold mumbled and he smiled. 

"Oh I forgot to tell you...mom actually wanted me to invite you over to our house...for dinner. You don't mind right?" She raised her head. 

"Don't she..hate me now?" Jericho asked. 

"What do you mean hate you? She doesn't,I'm going to tell her you will come over on Wednesday night,is that okay?" 

"Today is Saturday so...I still have three days to prepare myself,Good" He said. 

Marigold smiled and pecked his lips again before sleeping on him once again. 



Samantha entered Catalina's room and met her already dressing up,she smiled and closed the door back. 

"So are you coming with me?" She asked. 

"No mom please,the only reason why I agreed to follow you to that dinner is because you said the person I'm meeting is important,but I am still annoyed that you refused to tell me who he is...are you trying to get married or something?" Catalina asked. 

"Who knows...but isn't that what you want?" Samantha smiled and Catalina blinked,looking surprised. 

"Really? You finally like someone?" She asked. 

"I've always liked him...let's say,I finally got his attention" Samantha grinned and Catalina covered her mouth with her hand. 

"Mom you have a crush on him?!" She screamed. 


"I'm getting a f+cking expensive dress for that dinner" Catalina said and Samantha laughed. 

"It's still next week Saturday tho" She said. 

"Then,why are you forcing me to buy clothes today?" Catalina frowned. 

"Come on,I'm just too excited,that's why. You don't know how long it took me to finally get him to wanna meet you...he also has a daughter and I think she's around your age" 

"Wow...does that mean I'm going to have a step sister?!" Catalina screamed happily and Samantha nods. 

"I really can't wait,honestly" Catalina said and immediately hugged her mom. 

"Me too,me too" She smiled. 



Franco's car stopped in front of Shawn's house. Shawn got out of the car, smiling. He waved at Franco and blew him a kiss. Franco frowned, looking serious. Shawn laughed. 

"You take me too serious" He said. 

"Goodnight" Franco said and Shawn nodded,he stood there and waited until Franco drove off. 

Then, Shawn turned and walked into the compound,only to find the Alice standing there,waiting for him. She looked happy to see him, with a warm smile on her face.

 "Hey" she said.

"Hi" Shawn replied. 

"The gate was unlocked,so I assumed you were home but I was disappointed" She muttered. 

"Oh...you should have called me" Shawn said. 

"I know,but you weren't looking like someone who was prepared to go anywhere today in the morning when I visited" Alice defended herself and Shawn chuckled. 

"Right" He nodded. 

"So,you and Franco are back together?" Alice asked. 

"Yeah" Shawn smiled and input his passcode,the door opened and they both entered. 

"You must really like him a lot,you're finally smiling,unlike in the morning" Alice said and Shawn nodded. 

"It's my first time having a friend like him" He said. 

"Franco seems like an amazing person,I understand why you and Jericho like him" Alice said and sat down. 

"What should I offer you right now? Did you have dinner yet? I can cook for you" Shawn said and Alice looked up. 

"You can cook? 

"Yeah" He smiled. 

"Then I want to have a taste of your food,are you kidding me?" She stood up excitedly and Shawn laughed.

"I will just get changed,I will be back" He said and Alice nodded. 



Richard sat in front of his laptop, his eyes fixed on the screen with eager anticipation. He had been waiting for what felt like an eternity for HP to come online, and finally, after weeks of silence, he finally came online. 

 Richard's fingers drummed against the desk as he waited for HP's response to his messages. His mind raced with excitement, wondering what HP had been up to and what he would say after so long. Richard's eyes scanned the screen, refreshing the chat window every few seconds, his patience wearing thin. He couldn't help but feel a sense of relief and excitement as he saw HP's status change to "Typing". 

HP: Hey buddy 

BLAZY: Hey!! What have you been up to? I've missed you. 

HP: A lot,and I missed you too. 

BLAZY: I was so lonely,I would have really called but I couldn't even bring myself to do that. 

HP: I wouldn't have been able to answer anyway.

BLAZY; Why? Is something wrong?

HP: not something I can't handle,you don't have to worry. So what about you?

BLAZY: So I finally got an invitation from the company I told you about,I will be going there on Thursday. 

HP: I really wish you luck. 

Richard sighed out before bringing himself to type the next message. 

BLAZY: How about we really meet each other this time? I want to be friends for real,not just here. 

HP: Really? You want to meet me?

BLAZY: You don't want to? 

HP: I just want to be sure if you're ready,what if you don't like me or you don't want to have anything to do with me when you finally see me?

BLAZY: you're talking like you're a devil or something,don't worry,as long as you're human,I don't mind. 

HP: Then how about we set a date,time and location? 

Richard smiled and immediately replied back. 



Annie was standing by the door when Xavier entered,she grinned and hugged him tightly,Xavier frowned a little. 

"You said you want to go to the beach,you scared me!" He said. 

Annie chuckled and broke the hug. 

"Were you seriously scared?" She asked. 

"What sort of question is that? You suddenly called me that you're bored and you will be going to the beach....beach? Did you even check the weather?" Xavier scolded and she pouted. 

"But I'm not lying anyway,I'm bored and you know that,I was missing you the whole time" She said and Xavier sighed. 

"You mean I came here for nothing,I came to stop you from going out,but seems like you deceived me" He muttered. 

Annie hugged him again,resting her head on his chest. 

"Don't leave me tonight,please. I might just do something silly If you go right now,you don't even know how much I want you" she mumbled. 

Xavier broke the hug and cupped her cheeks. 

"I've not seen you all day,and you know how much I always....." 

Xavier smashed his lips on hers,cutting her off. Out of excitement,she kissed him back instantly,she held his shirt and clung unto him like he might suddenly run away. 

A seductive moan escaped her lips when their tongue rolled together in their mouths,the kiss was slow at all,it was passionate,intense and a bit rough. 

Xavier grabbed her @ss cheeks and squeezed them possessively,she started unbuttoning his shirt and he allowed her do that,the shirt fell on the floor and she broke the kiss,her eyes locking with his bare chest. 

He look just too sexy to ignore,she kissed his abs and a chuckle escaped Xavier lips. 


Annie made a cute face and he carried her,she wrapped her legs around him and started kissing him again. 

Xavier took the stairs and began climbing,not caring to break the kiss at all. 

They entered the bedroom and in a minute,the horny couples are already on the bed,the kiss got even deeper. 

Xavier broke it the last minute and stripped her off her nightie,it was so easy to take off and crazily she wasn't even putting on pantie. 

"The fuck" Xavier whispered,almost getting breathless as he stared at her down there. 

"Don't tell me you've been touching yourself" 

"I would have done that if you didn't care to come" Annie rolled her eyes. 

"Don't you dare do that when I'm here" Xavier said and she nodded obediently,already hungry for his touch again. 

Xavier captured one of her erected nipples in his mouth and she moaned out,she was already so fucking sensitive that just too much touch might make her come at this point. 

"Damn,Xavier just fuck me,I can't wait anymore,oh gosh" She grabbed,her hand running through his hair. 

"What the heck were you thinking that got you this turned on? What?" Xavier asked and she looked away. 

"If you don't talk I will stop....."

"I was thinking about you! Stop threatening me with that!" She screamed and Xavier chuckled. 

"You're so cute" He muttered. 

"Xavier....you're torturing me right now please" she said and started removing his belt,she unzipped his trousers by herself and his rode came into view. 

"Fuck....." Annie mumbled and gulped. How can he be s+xy just all over? Is he really human? Just seeing his d+ck,she wanted to feel it in her mouth,but at the point she is right now,she can't,all she wanted his that inside her. 

"Are you done staring?" Xavier smirked. 

"Damn you....f+ck!!" She let out a loud moan as Xavier drove right inside her without any warning. 

Her eyes went shut,feeling the big rode inside her,Xavier inhaled in sweetness too. She was insanely hot inside and tight,one would have mistook her for a virgin. 

He started moving slowly,his thrusts hitting the right spot,Annie moaned breathlessly,He's just too good to be true,,no wonder she's been dreaming about him for weeks now.

"Shit.....when last did you have s+x?" Xavier was forced to asked. 

"You should ask me the first time I had s+x...it was the last too" Annie replied,trying to keep her breath.

"What? When was that?" Xavier asked. 

"Convocation after party.....at the hotel...with my....damn Xavier" She screamed as Xavier thrust in all of a sudden.

"I don't want to hear his name" He said. 

"That was....six years ago" She concluded before throwing her head backward. 

Xavier increased his pace,screwing her even deeper. 


"Oh gosh"

"Yes baby....Ouch!" 



Marigold entered the dining room and met Kate already setting the table,Marigold exhaled,checking out all the meals on the table. 

On the table was laying a sumptuous feast. Golden-roasted turkey br+ast, smothered in a rich cranberry sauce, sat alongside succulent lobster thermidor, flaked and flavorful. Velvety-smooth mashed potatoes, infused with a hint of truffle oil, complemented the tender filet mignon, cooked to perfection. Fresh steamed asparagus, drizzled with a zesty lemon butter, added a pop of color and freshness to the plate. 

The pièce de résistance was the decadent chocolate lava cake, oozing warm, rich chocolate sauce onto the plate. 

"Mom is really something else" Marigold chuckled and went back to the living room 

"Have you called your boyfriend?" Mr Scott asked as he came downstairs with his wife. 

"Yes dad,he will be here soon"Marigold replied,checking out her dress and touched her hair. 

"What about your brother? Don't tell me he's not planning to join us" Mrs Scott said. 

"I told him but...I don't know if he would come down" Marigold muttered. 

Her phone suddenly buzzed,a message just entered,from Jericho. 

"Oh..he's here" She said and immediately went out. 

"Seriously,my baby is in love" Mrs Scott smiled. 

"I don't understand what your son is still doing,I've never heard him talking about a girl,is he gay?" Mr Scott asked. 

"My son is not gay,please,my son sure have good eyes,a well endowed lady would do" Mrs Scott said and they both laughed. 

"You know your son too well" Mr Scott said and she chuckled. 

Outside,Jericho was already out of the car when Marigold showed up,she hugged him tightly and he carried her in the process then dropped her again. 

"Are you ready? They are waiting" Marigold said and Jericho swallowed. 

"Honestly....I'm dying inwardly" He muttered. 

"Huh? Why?" 

"What if they don't like me? What if they already know me and don't want someone popular for their daughter? I can't stop thinking about,and I'm f+cking nervous,it's my first time meeting a girl's parents,I just......."

"They don't have a choice...I love you and that's what matters" Marigold cut in and he sighed out. 

"Let's go" She connected their hands and they both went inside together. 

Marigold's parents were already sitting on the couch when Marigold came in with Jericho. 

"Okay dad mom...meet Jericho,my boyfriend" Marigold introduced in the best way she knows. 

"Good evening sir..and Ma" Jericho said with a smile and bowed respectfully like a gentle man. 

"Young man...you look so handsome,really handsome,how are you?" Mr Scott asked. 

"Oh,thank you sir,I'm fine" Jericho smiled. 

Mr Scott stood up and brought his hand closer for a shake. 

"You're welcome to the family" he said and Jericho immediately shook his hand. 

"Thank you sir..."

"Wait" Mrs Scott stood up and all eyes fell on her,waiting for what she was going to say. 

"Your face looks....wait...aren't you..Noir? The popular......"

"No I'm not...we just look alike,that's not me" Jericho denied immediately and Marigold bashed her lashes. 

"Oh really?...I wanted to say I'm a fan" Mrs Scott muttered. 

Jericho's eyes widened.

"Seriously? You think that superstar will be here in our house?" Mr Scott asked. 

"But they look alike,,I was so convinced,thinking my baby brought a celebrity home" Mrs Scott muttered. 

Jericho just froze,not knowing how to react or what to say. 

Marigold gulped,trying hard not to laugh. 


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