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I'm Your Doom - Episode 69&70



I'm Your Doom - Episode 69&70

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




Jericho came downstairs and met Marigold still sleeping on the couch,a Doctor already came to check her after she fainted and it was confirmed that she will be awake soon. 

"Why is she not waking up?" Jericho muttered and dropped the glass of wine in his hand on the table,he moved closer and sighed when he saw that she was shaking,he touched her body and she was so cold. 

"Hey...What's her name?" He bit his lips and suddenly remembered. 

"Marigold? Marigold" He called,trying to wake her up but she didn't open her eyes. 

There's no heater in the living room,so he had no choice than to take her upstairs. He carried her in a bridal style and stared at her face closely. He went upstairs with her and entered into his bedroom,he placed her on the bed and turned on the room heater,he covered her up with the duvet and tried moving back but her hand grabbed his joggers. 

His eyes fell on her hand and he pulled it off but she grabbed him again and he heard her whimpering in her sleep. 

"I miss you....I miss you so much....Tiger" Her voice came low but he heard everything. 

He saw as tears rolled down her eyes even with her eyes closed. 

Jericho sat down next to her on the bed and wiped her tears,Marigold slowly opened her eyes and they locked with Jericho's own. 

"Tiger" She called and sat up immediately,she hugged him tightly,sobbing. 

Jericho said nothing,not when she's crying so loudly that he was feeling guilty even without knowing what was going on. 

"Do you...finally remember me?" Marigold asked after breaking the hug. 

Jericho shook his head but wiped her tears. 

"So...I'm really your boyfriend?" He asked and Marigold nodded. 

Jericho sighed and roughed his hair. 

"If that's true...then..." He shook his head. 

"I'm not mad at you,I just.....want you back. Honestly I feel like I might just...stop breathing If this goes on" Marigold muttered,trying not to tear up again. 

Jericho stared at her quietly then Marigold looked at him. 

"Would you like to.....kiss me?" She asked and he raised his brows. 

"Kiss? You?" He asked and she replied with a nod. 

"Why? You think I will remember by doing that with you?" He asked. 

"No,I'm asking because I miss your lips on mine" Marigold replied and shifted closer. 

Jericho sat down there without moving,his eyes on her lips,is she really his girlfriend? That means,they've kissed countless times right? 

"Have we done anything aside kissing?" He asked. 

Marigold took her lips in,why would he ask that question? 

"Hmm" she nodded. 

"Really?" Jericho sounded more interested and she looked up again. 

"You...you...disvirgined me" She mumbled and Jericho shifted back in shock. 

"I did?" 

"Yeah....and it was amazing." She smiled. 

"You even jumped into my room throw my window once,because you missed me" She said. 

"You always call me kitten...you confessed your love to me publicly,in school. You told me you will protect me no matter what,then....you came to save me once when your brother kidnapped me,,," she continue to tell him about their sweet moments. 

Jericho could feel his head banging and again those voices screaming inside his heart,the visions flashing and snapping. 

He let out a groan and Marigold's eyes widened. 

"Hey! Are you okay?" She asked and touched his head. 

Jericho's eyes went shut and his head fell on her. 

"Jericho!!!" She screamed,she was so scared as he collapsed on her. 

She swallowed and immediately jumped down from the bed. 

"Gosh,it's almost midnight,I can't call anyone,I can't" She said and immediately ran into the bathroom,she returned with a wet towel and placed it on his forehead. She used all her strength to adjust him well on the bed,she checked If he was breathing well and let out a sigh out. 

"He's going to be the end of me,really" She mumbled and touched his lips. 

She swallowed hard,she badly wanted to kiss him and bite those lips off if that doesn't hurt. 

"Please....get well soon" She mumbled and sat down on the bedside stool,his eyes on her until she also started getting drowsy. 



Shawn walked to the door and opened it,he wasn't expecting anyone and was quite surprised to see Alice at his door. 

"Alice?" He called. 

"Don't tell me you've been drinking,you look dead" Alice said. 

Shawn chuckled and closed the door back when she entered. 

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

Alice stared at him with sad expression on her face,his eyes looks like he's not been sleeping well,his hair was looking so rough and she could perceive the smell of alcohol mixed with smoke on him. 

She didn't know when tears dropped from her eyes. 

"Hey,why are you tearing up........"

"Because you've not been coming to school!" She shouted.

"Are you going to keep on hiding here?! Huh? Are you a coward or something?! Do you think getting drunk and smoking crazily will solve anything!! Do you!!" She cried. 

"You don't have to pity me,I deserve it" Shawn muttered. 

"What about me then? I miss you badly already,you think nobody cares? You're so selfish I can see! Bye!" She yelled and turned to leave. 

Shawn immediately hugged her from the back,she stared crying loudly. 

"I want the old Shawn back,please. I miss you so much,I can't even stop thinking about you,not seeing you in school for more than two weeks feel like two years,so please stop suffering on your own" she said. 

Shawn moved away and she faced him. 


Shawn managed to smile and nod. 

"Thank you" 

"I was on my way back home,I got some groceries for mom...I might come back tonight" She said and Shawn nodded again. 

"Bye" She smiled and waved at him. 

He opened the door for her and she went out. 

Shawn fell on the couch and buried his face into his palm,he sat down properly again and took his phone. 

He checked to see if Franco replied to his texts this time but nothing like that,he checked Jericho's own too,he didn't even read it. 

He dropped the phone back and fell on the couch,then closed his eyes. 



Jericho opened his eyes slowly and the room brightness made him close them back,but then memories of last night suddenly flashes through his brain,his eyes widened. 

"Kitten" He called and sat up as if to jump out of bed but his eyes fell on Marigold who was still sleeping,she was sitting on the stool,her head on the bed. 

Jericho swallowed hard,he was almost in tears as he stared at her. Of course he remembere everything he said to her and made her pass through,the way he made her cry and faint,,,,all because of him. 

"Don't forgive me easily....don't" he shook his head and gently carried her,he put her on the bed and covered her body with the duvet then placed a kiss on her forehead. 

He entered the dressing room and from there to the bathroom. He was there for almost thirty minutes,as the water poured all over him from the shower,he could only think of how bad he had treated her ever since he woke up. 

He didn't even care about her for two straight weeks. 

"I'm a bastard.....a total bastard" He muttered and punched the mirror,blood dropping from his fist even after washing it. 

He walked out of the bathroom and met Marigold already awake,she turned and faced him but she saw his bloody hand instead. 

"Oh my!" She gasped and immediately ran to him..

"What happened?! Why hurting yourself! Why!" She cried and dragged him to the bed,Jericho followed her like a puppy,she made him sit down. 

"Where's the first aid kit?" She asked and Jericho pointed,she immediately ran to bring it. 

She was already dressing his hand with bandage when Jericho spoke up. 

"Aren't you....mad....at me?" His voice came out brokenly. 

"Huh?" Marigold looked at him in confusion.

"I'm asking why you still love a jerk like me even after all I made you pass through! Don't you have shame!" Jericho shouted at her. 

Marigold stood up properly and swallowed.

"Do you....remember me now?" She asked. 

"Yes,but why are you still here? Why? Why must you still care about someone like me,just why are you......." A slap landed on his face before he could finish. 

He glanced at Marigold,she was in tears. 


She slapped him again and he bit his lips. 

"You're really......a jerk like you said!!!! A complete jerk!!" She yelled and started picking up on her shoes on the floor. 

Jericho stood up and grabbed her. 

"Let me go!!! Don't touch me!!" She cried. 

Jericho hugged her forcefully as she cried loudly. 

"Just hit me all you want,but don't leave,hit me hard,I will take everything" he said and broke the hug. 

Marigold glared at him angrily,tears falling down her cheeks. She started hitting him,it was loud since he wasn't wearing clothes,just towel around his waist. 

"That hurts,badly" Jericho muttered and bite his lips hard. 

His back was all red by the time Marigold was done,he pulled her into a hug,she wet his chest with her tears but he didn't mind. 

"I'm sorry kitten...just...give me another chance,you know how much I love you,I don't even deserve your love,I'm such a bastard forgetting about you,I'm sorry" 

"I miss you so much....I miss you,I was dying,I thought you won't ever remember me again,I thought I've lost you forever,I thought....."

"That's never going to happen kitten,I love you so much,more than I can explain" Jericho said. 

She sniffs. 

"Carry me" She mumbled and Jericho immediately did,her legs curled around him tightly,she wrapped her arms around his neck,looking down at him,his eyes also on her. 

"Kiss me...I missed those" She said. 

"I should get dressed first,I don't know what might happen if I don't" Jericho said. 

"I want something to happen......"

"I will be a bastard if I have sex with you right now Kitten,that's not the reason why I'm dating you or the reason why I got my memories back" he said and Marigold blushed. He dropped her and went into the dressing room but she followed him. 

"I feel like this is still a dream,I don't want to wake up" She kissed his chest. 

Jericho smiled. 

"You can stay here then and watch me dress up" He said and she blushed. 

"Your brother must hate me more now" He said and Marigold shook her head. 

"He knows it's not your fault,and he's still grateful you saved me...."

"It was my fault,the reason why you're always in trouble,is all because of me,that's why I said I don't deserve you" Jericho said. 

She hugged him from the back after putting on his trousers,he was still shirtless and she rubbed his chest. 

"Do you want me shirtless?" Jericho asked. 

"Yes,don't put on a shirt,please" she muttered and Jericho laughed. 

"Naughty kitten" 

"I should take my bath too" She muttered. 

"Do you need my help?..."

"You're dressed already" She pouted. 

"Then,next time?" Jericho asked and she nodded. 


"What? Tonight?"

"I'm spending all day here,I'm going to tell my brother and my parents,don't worry about me" she said. 

Jericho smiled and carried her. 

"So you've forgiven me already?" 

"Not like I was angry,I was dying just by missing you,what do you expect?" She rolled her eyes. 

"I will make it up to you,I promise" Jericho said and she smiled. 

"I love you" Jericho muttered. 

"I love you too" She said. 



Franco smiled as he listened to Jericho's voice message,telling him about how he finally reconciled with Marigold. 

"What's that? You're smiling so hard" Mrs Jenkins said,while setting the table for breakfast. 

"That idiot is finally back,Marigold should beat him up" Franco said. 

"Oh thank goodness,why don't you invite them over?...."

"Let them have fun alone today mom,I will invite them over later" Franco said and Mrs Jenkins nodded before sitting down. 

"What about that friend of yours that came here?" She asked and Franco said nothing. 

After eating,he went upstairs and he finally decided to check Shawn's texts. He read everything and listened to the voice messages too. 

As soon as he finished listening to them,another one suddenly came in and he clicked on it,Shawn's voice came up. 

"Should I just shoot myself in the head too? Maybe you will forgive me then" 

Franco's eyes widened and he immediately dialed his number...Shawn answered the second time. 

"Hey! Are you crazy? What is that voice message about?!" He shouted. 

"Finally......you called" He heard Shawn sniff.

He sighed and roughed his hair. 

"Don't do anything stupid,I will be there....."


"I'm on my way now" Franco replied and hung up. 

He dressed up and went downstairs. 

"Going out?" His mom asked. 

"Yes mom,I will tell you if I'm gonna be late,take care of yourself" He said and almost opened the door. 

"When are you going to invite Yuna......"

"Mom please stop!! Are you the mother of all Nations?" He groaned. 

"Seriously?" Mrs Jenkins laughed. 

"Bye" Franco went out. 

It didn't take him thirty minutes of driving before he arrived at Shawn's place. 

Shawn opened the door and a bright smile flashes all over his face. 

"You really came" He said. 

"Maybe I should go back" Franco scoffed. 

Shawn immediately hugged him. 

"I never said you're allowed to hug me" Franco said. 

"I missed you,don't blame Me" Shawn said and pulled away from the hug. 

"Are you going out? You're dressed" Franco said. 

"Oh...I just......had my bath because you said you were coming" Shawn said. 

"Have you eaten?" Franco asked and he shook his head. 

"Let's go out.....it's on me" he said and Shawn smiled. 

"You know I love you right?" He teased. 

"Don't start" Franco said and he laughed. 



"Hmm!!!" Marigold moaned when she had a taste of the pasta on the table. 

They ordered different set of meal and the dinning table is a full with delicious delicacies,the aroma hitting directly into the nose. 

"The pasta is so good! Honestly" She said. 

"I told you" Jericho smiled. 

They suddenly heard that door bell and their eyes met. 

"I will check" Jericho stood up and left the dinning room. 

He got to the door and opened. 

He sighed out when he saw Holly. 

"Noir!" She called and immediately hugged him. 

"You still have time to leave now" Jericho mumbled. 

"Why? I'm glad that crazy girl from yesterday is gone" She said,and touched him. 

Marigold suddenly showed up with a USB cable,a thick one. 

"I told you to stay away from my boyfriend!!!" She screamed,running towards Holly,whose eyes widned. 

"I warned you" Jericho mumbled and left her sight for Marigold to see her well. 

"Ahhh!!!" Holly screamed and immediately ran out before Marigold could get to her.