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I'm Your Doom - Episode 67&68



I'm Your Doom - Episode 67&68

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



"Dissociative Amnesia" The Doctor pronounced. 

Everyone stared at him in total confusion. 

"What does that mean?" Franco asked. 

"It's a type of memory loss where the victim forgets important information about himself,often as a result of traumatic or painful experiences" The Doctor explained and there was silence. 

"He must have really forgotten he has a girlfriend" The Doctor added and Marigold could hear her head banging like it would come off her throat. 

"Then..when do you think he's going to regain his memory back?" Yuna asked. 

"Sometimes it takes weeks,but it might also take few months. But I will advice you not to force it on him,it might be dangerous for his mental health" The Doctor said. 

Tears rolled down Marigold's eyes and she ran out of the office,Yuna ran after her. 

Franco and Xavier went out just after them. 

"Franco" Nadia called from the back. 

Franco turned and faced her,Xavier left. 

"I'm so glad you're totally fine now" She said and ran to hug him,Franco held her as he almost lost his balance with the way she rushed into him. 

He stood still without moving. 

After a while she broke the hug and smiled. 

"When are you getting discharged?" She asked. 

"Tomorrow,but I don't see a good reason why I'm still here,I'm totally fine" Franco muttered as they walked. 

"You scared everyone,totally. I'm sorry I wasn't here when you woke up,I had an important project in school" She muttered. 

"It wasn't necessary you were here" Franco said and she sighed. 

"Son" Mrs Jenkins showed up. 

"You're finally here,I'm hungry" Franco touched his tummy like a child. 

"I know,I prepared a lot" she smiled,showing him the bag in her hand. 

"I love you" Franco smiled. 

Mrs Jenkins looked at Nadia and she bowed. 

"Oh...I saw you once or twice when he was still unconscious" She said. .

"Yes ma'am" She smiled. 

"Would you like to eat together?" Mrs Jenkins asked. 

"I don't mind" Nadia immediately said and Franco looked at her. 

"You're not in a hurry?" He asked. 

"No I'm not,I have a lot of time" She replied and took the bag from his mom,they started going,leaving Franco. 

He sighed and looked around for Yuna but no sign of her.

"Don't show up now...please" he mumbled to himself and followed them. 

They settled in the hospital cafeteria and Mrs Jenkins set the table. 

"Wow...Korean dishes?" Nadia asked in awe. 


"Are you a Korean? You look like one" Nadia said. 

"You have good eyes,and yes I am. I only found myself here because of my husband" She said and Nadia chuckled. 

"You didn't tell me you're half Korean" She said to Franco. 

"Half Korean? When I've never been there before?" He scoffed. 

"Still" Nadia snapped. 

"You two,go on and eat" Mrs Jenkins smiled.

"Thank you ma'am" Nadia smiled. 

Mrs Jenkins watched them eat. 

"Mom? You're not eating?" Franco asked. 

"Don't worry about me,I had enough at home" 

"Wow,now you enjoy eating without me? That's unfair" Franco said. 

"Did your father call you? He told me he might be here next week" Mrs Jenkins said. 

"I refuse to answer his calls,,what if I died?....."

She hit his arm.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Franco shouted. 

"Don't talk about death,do you need beating? You're not going to die,and you shouldn't blame him,you know he would have come if he was able to" 

"Of course,you will defend your husband" Franco scoffed. 

Nadia chuckled and he looked at her,their eyes met and she smiled at him. 

Yuna and Marigold came in together,they are just passing but then Yuna saw Franco and his mom eating with Nadia. She was still staring when Mrs Jenkins saw her too. 

"Oh...isn't that..what's her name again?" She asked and Franco turned,he groaned inwardly. 

"Oh,Yuna" Nadia said. 

"Yuna! Come over and eat something" Mrs Jenkins called her with smiles. 

"I will talk to you later" Yuna immediately told Marigold and ran over to them. 

She sat beside Mrs Jenkins opposite Franco,Nadia was sitting beside Franco. 

"Have you eaten?" Mrs Jenkins asked and Yuna shook her head. 

"You should eat,you've been coming here a lot,I feel so bad. Why don't you come over to my place some other time? What's your favorite food? I will prepare you something delicious" She said as she dished out her own food.

"I will love that,and I don't have a favorite food,I eat anything" Yuna said and Mrs Jenkins laughed. 

"You must be a foodie" 

"You got me" Yuna smirked and she laughed again. 

"I like people who can eat,because I love cooking" Mrs Jenkins said. 

"Then I can come over anytime I want to eat? I'm always hungry,somehow" Yuna said making Mrs Jenkins laugh. 

"You're so funny,are you in Franco's level?" 

"No...I'm his Junior,just one year different" Yuna replied. 

"Oh I see...what about you?" She asked Nadia. 

"She's my senior" Franco said before Nadia could talk. 

"Oh I see....you look so young and beautiful,are you close to my son?" Mrs Jenkins asked. 

"Oh......somehow" Nadia muttered and her eyes met with Franco's own again. 

He ignored it and kept eating. 

"You should take it easy" Mrs Jenkins said when Yuna could,she immediately poured her a glass of water and put it in her mouth. 

"Thank you" Yuna smiled after drinking it. 

She poured for Nadia too. 

Franco was watching everything.

'Wow......this is getting crazier than I thought' He said inwardly and let out a sigh. 



Jericho opened his eyes after waking up from sleep,Sky was sitting next to him on the chair. 

"You're awake" He smiled. 

Jericho groaned and touched his head. 

"Are you okay?" Sky asked. 

"Just,headache. When will this be removed from my head?" Jericho touched the bandage. 

"Not now,until you're discharged...."

"Can't I just go home today? I hate the smell of this place" Jericho said. 

"No you can't,you might be awake but the Doctor saud you're bit strong enough for stress yet so don't try it. Franco's mom sent this over" Sky said pointing toward the table across the room,just the same of meal she prepared for Franco. 

"My favorite" Jericho smiled. 

"Seems like your appetite is finally back,you refused to eat earlier" Sky said. 

"She's the greatest cook alive,can you bring them over here?" 

"Of course" Sky stood up,he carried the table to his side. After that,he helped him removed the chopsticks. 

"Holly dropped by earlier but you were asleep,she was in a hurry because she had an important meeting" Sky said and Jericho nodded. 

"So she's the one who dropped that flower bouquet?" He asked,looking at the flower on the table close by. 

"Yes" Sky nodded. 

"I didn't know you could use chopsticks so well" he said as he stared at Jericho eating. 

"She's been cooking Korean dishes for me since I was young,together with Franco" Jericho said. 

"You two must have come a long way" Sky muttered. 

"He's like a twin brother" Jericho said. 

"What do you mean by twin brother? I'm two months older than you" Franco entered. 

"There he goes again" Jericho rolled his eyes and Sky chuckled.

"You really think that two months is easy? Huh? even if I'm one day older,you should still call me hyung(Older brother),hyung" Franco said. 

"Oh yeah Hyung,you're welcome" Jericho scoffed and Franco laughed. 

"Your accent spoiled everything,you're not fit as a Korean. Marigold can speak the language so well,I wonder why she never tried teaching you" Franco said. 

"Marigold? Who's that?" Jericho asked and drank water. 

Franco sighed.

"Your girlfriend....."

"Stop it,you're messing with my head already. We both know I don't have a girlfriend,I don't. Did I ever introduce a girl to you? I had headache trying to remember,if I have a girlfriend,why should I try so hard to remember her? How!" Jericho shouted in frustration. 

"The Doctor said you....." Franco paused when he remembered the Doctor warning not to force him. 

"Just eat" He muttered. 

The door opened and Clent entered. 

"Young master" He smiled and bowed. 

Jericho almost smiled but changed into frown the moment Mr Brown came in. 

"Son" He called. 

"What is he doing here?" Jericho glares. 

"He's been coming here since you...."

"Who asked him to come? Tell him to leave,I don't want to talk to him" Jericho said. 


Jericho pushed the foods on the table away angrily.

Franco sighed and looked at Clent. 

"The Doctor said he shouldn't stress himself for now,until he's well. Can you please leave this for later? You know how long he was unconscious,please" He said almost angrily. 

"I know...I'm sorry" Clent said and turned to Mr Brown. 

"Who are you?" Mr Brown asked. 

"Oh...I apologize for not greeting you first. My name is Franco,his brother" 


"Yeah,its not a must we are related by blood,don't you think?" Franco asked bluntly. 

Mr Brown nodded and gently walked out,Clent followed. 

Franco turned back to Jericho who was still looking pissed. 

"Do you have to waste food?" He asked. 

"I was almost done eating anyway" Jericho muttered. 

Sky and Franco sighed out. 

"I will call the cleaner" Sky said and left. 

Marigold came in and Jericho looked up before scoffing. 

"It's the tiger girl" He muttered. 

"Tiger girl indeed" Franco scoffed and got up. 

"Where are you going? Leaving me with a strange girl?" Jericho asked. 

Franco ignored him and went out. 

Jericho faced her and their eyes locked,he raised his brows when he saw she was crying. 

Marigold ran to him and hugged him,he tried pushing her off but she hugged him more tightly. 

"I hate this so much....you have to remember me no matter what,,please. I feel like I might die soon,I can't....I can't hold in for too long,I miss you badly,I miss you so much" She cried. 

"It's rude hugging someone without their permission,don't you know?" Jericho asked and she broke the hug. 

"You Will regret saying that...later" she mumbled and wiped her tears. 

Jericho stared at her closely. 

"Are we seriously close? You?" He made a cringy look. 

"Close? Just close?" Marigold scoffed. 

"So we dated? For real? Me and you?" He asked,looking at her from her head down and back again. 

"I don't think you're my type" He muttered. 

"Huh?" Marigold's eyes widened. 

"Are you even up to eighteen? You should focus on your studies and stop trying so hard to flirt with me...."

"Jericho!" Franco yelled as he entered. 

"What!! Does she look like my type of girl at all? Am I stupid to date someone like her? It's looking like child abuse to me" Jericho snapped. 

Franco sighed and turned to Marigold who was already tearing up again. 

"You know he's not in his right sense" He muttered. 

"What do you mean? I'm crazy?" 

"Shut up" Franco snapped at him and grabbed Marigold's hand,he went out with her. 

"What the hell is going on? Girlfriend? That girl?" Jericho scoffed. 



"Wow! Girls!" Yuna exclaimed happily as they eat together in the cafeteria.

"What is it?" Alice asked. 

"Noir will be having a fan meet next month" She said excitedly. 

"Whoa!! Can't wait!" Alice and Sawyer said. 

They suddenly stopped and glanced at Marigold,her face looking all blank,her eyes swollen,she was looking totally different from the lively one. 

It's been two weeks,Jericho got discharged a week ago but he's not been coming to school. He's been busy going for countless interviews and all. He's focused now mainly on his celebrity life than school life,like he doesn't have any reason to be here. He's not even staying in his apartment anymore,He's now living in the mansion he acquired as Noir. 

"Marigold,are you....."

"No I'm not!!! How am I supposed to be okay!! How!!!" She screamed out,tears rolling down her eyes. 

She got up and carried her back,she ran out. 

"Marigold!" The girls ran after her. 


Xavier and Kelly saw as they chased after her and Xavier sighed. 

"She's still the same" Kelly muttered with concern. 

Xavier said nothing,he doesn't even know how to console her anymore,not when he's done all he could and nothing is working. 

His phone beeped and saw a message from Annie. 

"Let's talk later" He said to Kelly who nodded. 

Xavier walked away and went straight to Annie's office,she was already waiting for him because as soon as she saw him,she rushed to hug him. 

"I missed you" She said. 

Xavier chuckled and carried her. 

"Me too" He said. 

Annie smiled and kissed him. 

"What's the news? You look so happy"  Xavier said. 

"I'm just happy to see you" Annie said. 

Xavier dropped her and sat down,he made her sit on his laps.

"I've missed you so much,I wish I can spend every minute with you,but you're even more busy than I am" Annie pouted. 

"Of course I am..I have alot of studies to do,assignments,you're part of those giving me tons of work to do so you shouldn't complain at all" Xavier said. 

"I knew you would blame me" She got up from his laps with a scoff. 

"Who should I blame them? Myself?" Xavier teased. 

"Anyhow" She stuck her tongue out at him and he laughed. 

"You're so cute,but I have to go" 

"You have a class?" Annie asked. 

"Yeah" he winked. 

"Gosh,this is driving me crazy. Remember we planned a trip right? And we failed to go,I understand it's because of everything that happened but honestly.....I still feel sad,don't blame me. I just love you too much" 

"I already told you we are going to plan another one right? "

"Promise?" She asked. 

"Yeah,promise. I Will let you know when" Xavier said,he pecked her lips and was about going out when the chancellor entered. 

Annie's eyes widened and immediately stood properly.

"Hello sir" Xavier greeted. 

"Hi" He smiled at Xavier before looking at Annie. 

"I've been knocking,I almost thought you're not in" He said. 

"Oh,sorry sir,. I was having a conversation with my student" Annie said. 

Xavier went out of the office and exhaled,they almost got caught,just now. 



"Son" she entered Franco's room.

"Your friend is here" She said and Franco raised his brows.

"Why are you announcing Jericho's presence?" He scoffed. 

"But,it's not Jericho" Mrs Jenkins said and went out Of the room,a minute later,Shawn came in. 

Franco frowned. 

"What are you doing here? I believe I made myself clear the last time that I don't have anything to say to you" He said,with anger in his voice. 

"You haven't even given me the chance to explain yet....."

"Explain what? How you planned with your people to kill my best friend? Or how they shot me instead? How they kidnapped Marigold and how they made Jericho lose his memory? What exactly are you trying to explain you murderer!!" Franco yelled. 


"I don't ever want to see you again,the next time you come here I'm going to call the cops on you,murderer,get out" Franco said. 

"I wasn't there that night" Shawn said and Franco glared at him. 

"I know you won't believe me but I didn't follow them that night you got shot,I know I can't defend myself,I should have at least told Jericho or you when they started planning,but believe me,I couldn't have...."

"I don't want to hear it,,the fact that you are Even in that damn cult makes it irritating,how many innocent people have you killed? I don't care about what you do,but I can't be friends with someone like you,that's my point....."

"I would never hurt you Franco,I swear with my life. I know I've done a lot of bad things but......you and Jericho are just as important to me,I joined that shit because....I was among some bad friends back then and....when I got close to you,I started regretting it because,I was just so comfortable being with you,it felt so good that I finally have a friend who's different...I don't want to go back to that lonely time anymore,I don't want to...so can you please forgive me?" He fell on his knees,in tears. 

"I don't mind coming here everyday until you forgive me,I just.....want my friend back" he said. 

"Get out" Franco muttered and he looked up. 

"Get out!!!" Franco shouted in tears. 

Shawn got up and slowly walked out of the room.. 

"I'm so stupid,shedding tears for that murderer" Franco wiped his tears and slammed the door loudly. 



A car stopped in front of the house,a guard came out and opened the back door,Holly came out first,followed by Jericho. 

"Next time,you don't have to drop me home when I have my own driver" Jericho said. 

"I just want to ride with you" She smiled. 

"And...Sky told me you broke up with your girlfriend" She grinned. 


"I'm so happy,she was really crazy that day" She scoffed but Jericho was totally confused. 

Seems like everyone knows about the tiger girl,or what's her name again?

"You...know who she is?" He asked further. 

"Of course,what are you talking about? She hit me that day I visited you,I knew you two wouldn't last" Holly rolled her eyes. 

*He said he's not interested you bitch!!!* the voice suddenly rang in his head but the vision was blank. 

One painful headache hit him and he grabbed his head with a groan. 

"Are you okay?" Holly immediately held him. 

Jericho nodded. 

"I'm fine...." he mumbled. 

"Don't try to think about anything,it doesn't worth it" She said and hugged him. 

Jericho stood still,not moving. 

"Can't you hug me back at least? You don't have a girlfriend now" She pouted. 

Jericho suddenly saw Marigold standing at a distance,staring at them,with teary eyes. 

'She's here again' He thought as he also stared at her blankly. 

Marigold walked closer to pushed Holly off him. 

Her bodyguard immediately held her. 

"It's the bitch again" Holly rolled her eyes. 

"You're the bitch here!!" Marigold shouted. 

Jericho looked at Marigold closely. 

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

"Are you seriously...going to keep acting this way?! It's been two weeks!! I'm literally dying!!" She yelled out. 

Jericho became even more confused. 

"Then die,as you can see he's mine now,so fuck off" Holly said and held Jericho's hand. 

"What...what do you mean...by yours?" Marigold stammered,almost loosing her breath. 

"We are dating,He's my boyfriend" Holly said. 

Marigold looked at Jericho faintly,his eyes also on her. She gulped and her breath seized. 

Her eyes went shut and she lost her conscious. 

"Leave her,let's........." Holly tried saying

"Tiger girl!" Jericho shouted and pushed her away from himself,she fell down. 

Jericho rushed to Marigold and caught her before she could land on the ground. 

"Noir!!!" Holly yelled angrily. 


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