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I'm Your Doom - Episode 65&66



I'm Your Doom - Episode 65&66

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}




"She's here with us...and I have just ten minutes to spare,if you don't show up,you will meet her wasted body,your time starts now,check the address on your phone...."

"Don't touch her....don't!!!" Jericho shouted and ran out immediately. 

He entered his car and was about closing the door when someone grabbed the door and he looked up. 

"Have this" Felix said,giving him a bulletproof wear. 

"Why are you giving me this?" He asked.

"It's all I can do to help" Felix muttered and threw it on his face before leaving. 

Jericho closed the door and drove off roughly,in full speed. He could see his  map beeping green,he just got to the said place. He stopped his car few distance away and almost get out but then he looked at the bulletproof vest again. He sighed and immediately took off his own shirt,after wearing the vest inside,he put on his shirt back and got down from the car. 



"I said don't move!!!!!" Knife and Viper shouted at once and at the same time they both shot their guns at him. 

"Jericho!!!!!!!!" Marigold screamed inwardly as she watched Jericho being shot right in her face. 

Tears rolled down her eyes and she stopped struggling with the rope around her neck too,her hands dropped and her eyes shut. 

Jericho only fell on his knees before he remembered he has a bulletproof on,he looked over at Marigold,her eyes already went shut. 

"Kitten!!" He screamed,getting up immediately. 

"You bastard!!" Knife yelled and almost shoot him again but instead two bullets entered right into his head from nowhere and he dropped dead on the floor immediately,Viper also turned to shoot,he got shot too and he collapsed on the ground. 

Jericho already untied Marigold and now carrying her in his arms. 

"Marigold!!! Mari please please!!!" He continue shaking her and screaming in tears. 

Marigold coughed out and opened her eyes weakly. 

Jericho breathe out and sniffed in his tears. 

"Tiger" Marigold mumbled tearfully and touched his face,Jericho pulled her into a tight hug before turning back to see another mask guy in,with a gun. 

He stood up and gently placed Marigold on the ground to stand. 

"You.......you.......He....lix" Viper struggled to find his voice on the ground as he coughed out blood. 

"Who are you?" Jericho asked. 

Helix said nothing and walked over to Knife's dead body on the ground,he removed the mask on her face and Marigold screamed out,she immediately hugged Jericho,burrying her face into his chest. 

"Reid" Jericho mumbled and swallowed. 

He faced Helix back. 

"And you? Aren't you one of them? Why did you save us?" He asked. 

Slowly,Helix removed his mask too. 

Jericho's eyes widened and his blood ran dry within a second. 

Marigold shook her head in disbelief. 

"Shawn.........Shawn?" Jericho called. 

"Let's talk later,......."

"Talk later?!!!! You're one of those trying to kill me?!! And even ended up shooting Franco?!!!!" Jericho yelled,his eyes filled with anger,Marigold held his arm tightly. 

Shawn stood there,gulping without finding a word to say. 

"Aren't you going to answer?....even If....even if you hate me too....just if you do.....but....why Franco? He trusted you,he trusted you bastard!!!" Jericho screamed,tears flowing out of his eyes. 

A tear dropped out of Shawn's eyes too. 

"Jericho....." Shawn was about talking when they heard the police siren. 

Shawn gulped. 

Jericho immediately ran to him and removed the mask completely from his body,he threw the gun away too. 

"I didn't see anything" He muttered and held Marigold tightly. 

"Let's go" He said and Shawn nodded. 

They were already walking out when suddenly...

"You bastard!!!!!!!!!!" They heard Viper's yell from the back,they forgot he's still breathing. 

 Before they could turn,a metal plank landed on Jericho's head hardly,Viper hit him with every strength remaining in his body,throwing Jericho off his feet,his back hit the wall and he fell back heavily on the ground. 

"Jericho!!!!!" Marigold screamed and rushed to him. 

Viper tried hitting Shawn too with it,Shawn held his hand and kicked his leg. 

"He's not breathing!!!!! Shawn!! Jericho isn't breathing!!!!" Marigold screamed out breathlessly ,Jericho was bleeding from his mouth,nose,head and even eyes. 

Shawn took the plank from Viper. 

"Yaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!" He growled and started hitting it on his face,continuously. Viper's blood splashed all over Shawn's face but he didn't stop,he continue hitting it hardly on and on until his own palms torn,blood covered his body. 

He dropped the plank and rushed over to Marigold and Jericho. 

Just then,the cops ran inside with their guns ready in the air,but was surprised to see everywhere empty. 

Xavier and Annie ran In too. 

"Mari!" Xavier called. 

"Ambulance please!! Someone call the ambulance!!!" Marigold cried out before loosing her consciousness,she fell right in Xavier's arms. 



Marigold opened her eyes and her vision was blurry,she felt weak that her eyes almost closed back. 

"My baby,you're awake!" Mrs Scott immediately rushed over to her on the bed,Xavier was also there. 

"Jericho" Marigold mumbled and tried getting up. 

"You can't get up that way" Xavier stopped her and she faced him. 

"Where's Jericho?" She asked in a low voice and Xavier was quiet. 

"Why are you not saying a word? Where's Jericho? He got hurt,is he okay??" She asked,grabbing him. 

"He's.....He's in.....Coma" Xavier tried to speak up. 

Marigold froze. 

"That's...not possible....Tell me you're joking...."

"He hardly survived Mari,it was like a miracle yesterday" Mrs Scott said. 

"Where is he?" Marigold immediately removed the drip on her wrist and got down from the bed,ignoring her weak legs,she ran out of the ward in tears,Xavier ran after her. 

"Jericho!!! Where's he?!!" She cried when Xavier caught up with her. 

"Come with me" He held her hand gently and started walking toward the ward where Jericho is. 

Marigold could see a lot of people,some she doesn't even know,but all she wanted to see was Jericho. 

She released herself from Xavier's grip and ran into the ward,Jericho was on the bed. Like Xavier said,he was on life supporting machine,peeping crazily into Marigold's ears. 

Oxygen passed through his nose and mouth,his head wrapped with heavy bandage,half of his face covered with bandage too. 

Marigold lost her balance and fell on the floor,she managed to get up again and rushed to tbe bed. 

"Jericho!! Hey!! You can't be laying here!! Wake up!!!" She cried out loudly. 

Two nurses entered,trying to take her out but she clung unto the bed,refusing to leave as she cried bitterly. 

"You are causing him more harm than good miss,please" The nurses pleaded. 

Xavier entered and carried Marigold,he threw her on his shoulder and went out with her. 

"No!!!! Jericho!!! Ahh!!!!" Marigold continue crying,throwing her legs in the air then she passed out again. 

Xavier stopped walking when he noticed she wasn't moving again 

"Shit! Doctor!!!" He called,running with Marigold in his arms. 

"Who...is that?" Mr Brown asked Clent beside him. 

"That's Jericho's girlfriend" Clent replied. 

Sky let out a sigh out and rubbed his face in frustration. 

A Doctor walked over to them. 

"Doctor,you haven't told us yet...how's my son doing? When is he likely to wake up?" Mr Brown asked. 

"Can't say......I really can't say sir,I'm sorry" The Doctor said. 



Annie joined Xavier on the dinning table after setting the table. 

"Why are you still staring at the food? You haven't eaten anything since last night,come on" Annie said in a pleading voice. 

"I honestly don't have appetite" Xavier mumbled. 

"Your sister is awake,I understand you're worried about her and Jericho,but you need enough strength to be able to think about all these things,you're not even thinking about me,I'm super worried about you right now,looking at your sad face,I'm scared,so....."

"It's okay,I'm going to eat" Xavier said,picking up the cutlery. 

Annie stared at him until she started eating before she joined. 

"So...have you heard from the cops yet?" She asked. 

"Sorry for asking,I'm just curious" She said. 

"The other members in the same cult got arrested,Reid is dead" Xavier muttered. 

"Then.....what about Shawn?" Annie asked and Xavier sighed. 

"He's home....fortunately,the members doesn't really know each other's faces according to what he said,only the boss knows but he tried escaping from the cops and was killed in the process,So Shawn is safe.  That doesn't mean he's pure from all these shits,aside the fact that he went for Jericho and Marigold to save them,,he knew they were going to kill Jericho in the first place but he didn't say a word,I don't know....is he an enemy or a friend? Now,Franco is lying down there,half dead,Jericho too,we don't even know when they might wake up.." Xavier sighed out and dropped his cutlery. 

Annie stood up and went over to his side,she wrapped his arms around her and he hugged her. 

"They will be fine...really" She said. 

Xavier sighed and closed his eyes without saying a word. 



Richard stared at the message he received from FREQ. His meeting date was postponed...obviously because of Jericho who's still lying down on the hospital bed. 

He sighed out loudly and went through his texts with HB.

Its been two weeks since they last chatted and he was more worried that he had imagined. Definitely he already grew to like his anonymous online friend so much that he missed whoever it is. 

His life became even more boring these days,just too boring and lonely. 

He stood up from where he was sitting and closed his laptop,he fell on his bed and managed to close his eyes. 



Outside the hospital, a somber gathering of Noir's devoted fans had assembled, their faces etched with concern and worry. News had just spread like wildfire that their beloved idol lay in a coma within the hospital walls. The crowd stood vigilantly, some sitting on the pavement, their eyes fixed on the entrance.

Many clutched small boards and signs, hastily scrawled with heartfelt messages: 

"Get well soon, Noir!",

 "Stay strong, we're with you!"

 "Come back to us, Noir!". 

The fans' anguish was palpable as they murmured words of encouragement to one another, their voices laced with hope and desperation.

However, hospital securities were, attempting to keep the crowd at bay, lest they overwhelm the hospital's capacity. The guards politely but firmly turned away fans who tried to push past them, urging the crowd to disperse and respect Noir's privacy.

Melissa slowly walked into the hospital,her eyes totally red,she haven't stopped crying since she heard about what happened to Jericho. 

All she wanted at the moment was to see him,even if it's just for a minute. As she walked,she saw Marigold and Yuna outside Jericho's ward,staring at him through the glass door. 

She immediately stopped and turned back to leave,she bumped into Kelly. 

"Oh......sorry" She mumbled. 

"Aren't you hear for a visit?" Kelly asked and she swallowed. 

"I...I will come back.." 

Kelly made her face forward again. 

"Stop acting like you're scared" He muttered and started walking,pushing her forward. 

"Hey,who do you think you are to....."

"Shut up" Kelly muttered and she swallowed. 

They both met Yuna and Marigold and they turned. 

"Where's Xavier?" Kelly asked. 

"He left,some hours ago" Marigold replied and looked at Melissa then away. 

Melissa walked closer and placed her palm on the door,while staring at Jericho's unmoved body from there. Tears rolled down her eyes and she immediately ran out,her heels making sounds. 



Franco slowly walked into Jericho's hospital room, leaning on a nurse for support. Just three days ago, Franco had woken up from a coma, but Jericho still lay motionless, asleep. The nurse helped Franco sit beside Jericho's bed, then left them alone.

Franco gazed at Jericho with sad eyes, his emotions heavy with worry. He looked at his friend's pale face, willing him to wake up. Franco's eyes welled up with tears as he thought about how he might be discharged tomorrow, leaving Jericho behind.

Just thinking about everything he's heard since he woke up,he got emotionally stressed out. From Shawn,Reid,to Jericho falling into Coma just like him. 

He sniffs and wiped his tears,he took Jericho's hand and continue staring. 

Suddenly, Jericho's hand twitched, and Franco's heart skipped a beat.

"Jericho?" Franco called. 

 Then, Jericho's eyes slowly opened, and he looked straight at Franco. Franco's tears of sadness turned to tears of joy, and he smiled weakly at his friend. Jericho's eyes were cloudy, but they locked onto Franco's, and a faint smile crossed his lips.

"You dummy....you're finally awake" Jericho mumbled. 

"Idiot,how could you end up the same way too" Franco said in tears which he immediately wiped off. 

Jericho released a faint smile before closing his eyes again. 

"Doctor!!" Franco called loudly. 



Marigold was just forced to eat two spoons out of her food,she was about getting up when her phone rang,a call from Yuna. 

"Marigold!!! Jericho just woke up!!!!" 

"What?!!!! I'm coming!!!" Marigold screamed. 

"What happened?" He parents asked,Xavier also looked at her. 

"He's awake,Jericho" 

Xavier immediately got up. 

"Let's go,I will give you a ride" He said and immediately the two ran out of the house. 


It took a shorter time for Xavier to drive into the hospital,They both got down from the car and ran inside. 

They rushed into Jericho's ward to see people inside,and Doctor running some tests on him,Franco was sitting on the seat next to his bed. 

"Marigold" Yuna smiled at her. 

"You're here" Franco also smiled. 

Xavier stood by the door,watching as the Doctor checked on Jericho,the bandage still wrapped around his head. 

"Tiger" Marigold called since Jericho didn't look at her side. 

Jericho's head turned and their eyes locked. 

"You're finally awake...I missed you" She said in tears and ran closer to hug him but to everyone's surprise,he used his hand to stopped Marigold's head from touching him. 

Everyone blinked in confusion. 

"Who's she?" Jericho asked Franco.

They all gasped out at once. 

"Huh?" Franco's eyes widened and Marigold felt like she just heard wrong. 

"Who's she? Why is she trying to hug me?" Jericho asked,staring at Marigold like he's trying to remember her but his head was blank to process it. 

"What do you mean? Marigold...Your Girlfriend of course,guy are you joking?" Franco let out a chuckle. 

Jericho looked at Marigold again and she gulped,but then Jericho spoke up. 

"I don't remember having a girlfriend" He said and everyone's eyes widened. 


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